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  1. イ入 Asdrion TM

    69K likes noice.

  2. Pitur

    i love how rowan only uses his front sight to aim

  3. Gobby 212

    My cousin tried to spoil a movie for me once I punched him in the face now he believes that spoiling movies for others is bad.

  4. Anto Himikaru

    Rowan is a model!

  5. robert kosina

    BuFiCZeK ... SOUNDS like greetings to your Czech fans

  6. Jonathan Stobiecki

    They need to do a part2 of 8 pool story of the past.

  7. Vincent Chapman

    OMG I thought I was the only person that does this!

  8. Antonio Sonntag

    1:15 for those who wish to use the sound for their own purposes.

  9. SumDeafGuy

    I have OCD Reloading... :3

  10. Brandon Anders

    Anyone wanna team up and play some Pub today??

  11. Aryan Banyal

    If I make a diagnosis here the ram connecter was just loose

  12. Tyrant-Den

    I do hate a happy ending for Rowan.

  13. Siergeo Orlando

    So How much huha and nice day for fishing ain't,At this movie?

  14. Incursion

    This got me lmao

  15. AtlasBlue

    I thought they were gonna pull out lightsabers XD

  16. Niles Knives

    I plead guilty on that habit.

  17. Blue

    Rowan is an a...

  18. A. H.

    Nah, Adam would have straight up beat the living crap out of rowan for this.

  19. Sarkast

    Guys, could you just hit the subscribe and hit the bell. I really need this...or are you too stupid? I mean I don't even understand how you were able to register a HUgets account if you are this stu... No, this is BS!

  20. DeadmanDave

    You should've seen me pay $20,000.00 for my Subaru Forester entirely in pennies.

  21. Red Eye

    Thats something when i played game back then killed me lot of times. Jsut shooted like 5-10 bullet and reload and they surprised me xd i though like even 1+ bullet will save me xd

  22. Anonymous Annoying Mouse

    I am surprised they have established a connection with these options from the get go But yes Console cheats to the rescue

  23. DeadmanDave

    Stuff like this happens sometimes in Elder Scrolls.

  24. Gendenjamts Batbayar

    This coalition of males don’t go nowhere with if the dominant male is Rowan 😅 I meant LOOOSERS!!!! EE-OO 😂😂😂 love these guys


    This happens to me every time

  26. Вадим Хлевной

    Мне кажется, что если снять с большого рыцаря шлем, то окажется, что это Майкл Майерс.

  27. James

    that look like a very delicious candy

  28. jkincaid582

    I'll admit it, I'm generally the guy who reloads constantly, want a full magazine when it's time to fight.

  29. A. H.

    That blink when he hugs her... Almost...

  30. Quinten Castro

    I feel attacked

  31. N. N.

    Who is she? I wanna follow her on social media.

  32. romzen

    Not only accurate in video games but also irl.

  33. M.R. P

    Hey Viva, would you say it's family friendly? I know your skits run the gamut of appropriateness.

  34. Mandy Paulissen


  35. jeff eadie

    dont play war frame or Destiny or anthem. or the division or pubg or anything with loot boxs

  36. Cambesa

    This ruined some games for me xD


    12:55 I really wish PUBG add this burning effect when we're in the blue zone... it looks hella awesome

  38. Ric Grim

    No way that's 150 buck worth in pennys.... Dude you shoulda counted td ds like 30 buck tops

  39. PolarPixl

    :O Is that an FN Herstal Scar-L Airsoft gun? I ordered one yesterday.

  40. The DonutKillerMan Dude

    It's so veridical that it's scary

  41. Dumble King

    I do have the tendency to reload my weapons even when I know the enemy is around the corner, but... I don't reload after every burst or "firing session" when I'm expecting an enemy.

  42. Madashell1200

    I've done this. Paying up a bet I made with my enemy

  43. Madashell1200

    When I play a FPS this is me

  44. jeri Ngatai

    Money counters exist. Just put the coins on the counter and itll do the work. Theyre all 10c coins. I wouldnt have let Ben leave without making sure it was all there either.

  45. 0grilo0

    the only reason i come here from time to time is to lessen the dark eugene laugh xD

  46. daddy slat

    Please for the love of god flip the rear sight up. Thats all my brain sees in this video lol

  47. 111 111

    Rowan's hype 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Jace Mangum

    Lol he turned into a box 😂🤣😂🤣

  49. Holymolie

    Adam - <Eugene_pathetic_cry.wav>

  50. Dubious Brick

    Rowan: “Skip” Rowan: “Skip” Rowan: “Skip” Rowan: “Skip” Rowan: “Skip” Rowan: “WAIT NO”

  51. Jace Mangum

    Is it bad that I blew up a twitch streamer that was on my team and then put in their comments on that video that I was the one that blew him up for talking 🤣😂🤣

  52. Mr Awesome

    Just Rowan being Rowan I guess :-D

  53. Fla Fla Bored

    Graphics: plus ultra

  54. Kastor 459

    This looks better than anything I saw on fandango just now

  55. homie the third

    then the sniper reports the whole team

  56. Olafur Jon Bjornsson

    only 1 sleep!!!!!!!

  57. Nur Iqbal

    Has the Lord of The Rings vibe

  58. Jeff Dugger

    I laughed so hard at this

  59. neyamatullah tanim


  60. Crimson Sea

    You are friendly until you play games on a Mac.

  61. Steven Green

    I wonder how many times this has happened on an MMO? Also i wonder how many times it was a female character but a male player. 😄😄😄

  62. Hamada Kenji

    This clip is brilliant 😂😂😂

  63. tj simpson

    This is almost ff level of lore

  64. Trollocs

    This is me. I die alot reloading....

  65. Je Toro

    I’m going to call the police

  66. SpeedStrengthJames

    The sound effects of Rowan’s voice and the guns is amazing