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  1. daaa neee

    Was suprised to hear the ambiance is from Amnesia the Dark Descent, nice

  2. CptObvious

    Shade away FUQ XD


    Its time to atualize the banner with Ben bro'S

  4. Timofei Gerasimov

    "Yeah, well... I hate me, too" that was deep

  5. Stopenby

    this guy looks like Fence from the tarkov video..hmmm

  6. YoChinto

    Perfect. and Sad Reality

  7. John W

    It really be like that. I have gotten some good stuff from the silver in PUBG Mobile though

  8. M 1

    Bought PUBG in Beta. Found 200,000+ cheaters. Quit PUBG.

  9. TheDark Whisper

    Ahhh yes the repetitive normal cosmetic. Pretty much PUBG economy for free users

  10. Marco Daniel

    Basically Hamish is my spirit animal, my patronus. His entire existence describes mine as well

  11. Romain Savioz

    Pubg is ea now ?

  12. Jack Bingham

    Back to pubG? All these supercuts. Your channel dying or something what happened to the souls and d and d stuff.

  13. Touchnshuv

    I'm so glad I never played this game.

  14. Muhammad Syukri

    When you deal with Rowan 😂😂🤣

  15. Tsubaki13

    2:37 "LOOKING FOR A TANK" I literally laughed out LOUD!

  16. REMEDY

    Nice bro 🥰👏🏻👍🏻

  17. zejfi

    When it comes to in-game currency, sometimes it's cheaper than real-life money. Example from a game I won't mention the name of. Let's call it Swords&Spells (S&S). A S&S DLC (new quest-line, new class, new map) costs around $25 on Steam. By buying in-game currency I got 4 DLCs (three new maps,, three new quest-lines, two new skill-lines, a new race, a new class, a pet, and a cosmetic style) for about $40. And I still had in-game currency for a new mount.

  18. ManLike Leon

    I’m a witness to tHIs murder

  19. V16V Red Underscore

    That was actually funny af

  20. Dilly

    Fence enters pubG lol

  21. Alexey Frolov

    Спасибо за настроение, посмеялся от души. Только что закончил прохождение Red Dead Redemption II 🤝🤝🤝👍👍👍

  22. Mark W

    Yup this is what our economy could look like after our new Chinese masters take over possession of the USA ! Chyynah numbah wahn !

  23. Mike Mccaskey

    Why is this is so fucking true!!!!! I hate how games do that

  24. Logan Darkhorse

    Omg i said it before it happened. A standard white t shirt 🤣 hahaha lmfao

  25. Christopher Gadsden

    Bwahaha Only reason I log onto GUILDWARS2 anymore. 😂😂😂 To FLEX around 😂😂😂

  26. Hokaro Orvana

    The black and gold armor reminds me of when gold trimmed armor first came out in runescape and people with black gold trimmed armor were basically doing the exact same thing in this video The other armor set reminds me of armor I'd love to have

  27. Matt S

    Why not a plain white tank top with mustard and BBQ stains? Possibly even some yellow around the armpit region.

  28. Darkers87

    Ellie got fat.... ;(

  29. NAZAR

    3:56 - best moment 😂

  30. Oliver Steinweg

    after 30 sitting is a matter of how long you want to stay there...... under 20 minutes..... you wanna sit down? nah i just stand here everythings fine

  31. Haragoth

    The guy behind pubg is a lazy, greedy, ahole. So much of the assets in the game come from the unity engine store. Couldn't even be bothered to create his own assets. Lol

  32. Bear Future

    Totally inaccurate, he didn't unlock the dirty tank top!

  33. John Dematis

    This is ridiculously accurate. I think Ben's reaction speaks for all of us. They've basically rendered the cosmetics market useless for those not willing to invest real money. PUBG's economy is downright disrespectful and insulting.

  34. Daniel C

    Hamish steals the show this season :D

  35. Smelter Skelter

    Absolutely brilliant, this made my day!

  36. chenkual69__

    This channel Stays Royal to its Content even when the game is not at its best shape

  37. Clint

    Shady aloof Rowan needs to invade other VLDL series.

  38. Matthew Rivera

    So very accurate

  39. KimJongFun

    I like Foxy94


    666 comments and now i ruined it

  41. Native Soldier

    Rowan: "my name's Bon, James Bon". Lol that would've been awesome if he'd said that.

  42. Wossle 73

    Fucking Loot boxes! I Just play the GAME till there's NOTHING left to Discover! LOL

  43. iDrkTV

    Tarkov vendor started selling stuff in PUBG? D:

  44. DimTGR

    This is the most hilarious video I've ever seen! Peasants

  45. TheWhiteWolf

    I personally don't play any F2P games or games with microtransactions. They are a plaque to the industry and its sad that kids think its normal. This isn't how games should be. It's disgusting. If you play these types of games and buying in game currency or items with real money they you are part of the problem and as long as you are doing it they will not change. Don't support these greedy studios who's no1 priority is emptying your wallet. It's not how games are supposed to be.

  46. XpertGam0r

    Bro I So Knew He Was Gunna Pull Out A White T-Shirt!!!!🤣🤣

  47. Seanzoz VR

    Mornin’ Nice day for shittin ain’t it, HuHa

  48. Harry Hsieh

    "Finefine wut'd ya want from me? The choice is yours" *"A sex transfer surgery literally cost 5000 bp"*

  49. Jestre, Lord of Fools

    Everyone else: This is totally relatable Me: I should probably question why they need bomb disposal. Must be for the Macs

  50. Lass X

    The amount of [email protected]@t I have to dismantle is annoying!

  51. Dastan kadeh


  52. icedsmoke

    They forgot to mention you can use the coupons to buy useless Battle Points lol

  53. Finheim Forge

    Just use cash.....

  54. Jonathan Lautre

    I mean...he is a model

  55. Jinx Dragon

    How long till we regulate in game currencies, as we had Scrip?

  56. Петр Корягин

    Русские тут есть? Боже,что они пишут? Кого лизнуть?

  57. Rajan

    People do in-game purchases because they have trash luck.😂 Lets see how many people like me haven't ever spend real money for in-game purchases: 👇

  58. Sreenandan RJ#007

    Omg Adam is so much of a good actor


    Yeah it's getting a little stupid with most games even the ones you buy full price like red dead redemption the online makes you pay more I'm sick of it I'm not even buying passes or anything anymore fuck it 🙄

  60. F.a H.C

    It is better, but console controls are easier to handle.

  61. Blame USA

    so true... This is more fitting to Rust and steam TBH

  62. Crafting a new World

    The one where he admits he has no friends is deep.

  63. Aaron Dobbs

    When are you guys going to do a fallout series!?!?!?!?!

  64. A. D.


  65. isturbo1984

    And its amazing you guys still play this trash game.

  66. archerer98

    The boots look good, lol.

  67. Aaron Dobbs

    Dont get me wrong I love all your skits but these are not my favorite. Very accurate though.

  68. Taishibi kiqe'

    I'm having PTSD from this video. Fuqn pubg money grabbing dicwards

  69. balamuralikrishnan m

    Can we have a hour long video of Adam writhing bon the floor. For training and quality purposes.

  70. M Kk

    i LOVE psycho alan

  71. Kiwi

    pubg and pubg mobile in 4 minutes and 27 seconds

  72. Number Six

    So basically he can dress as Eazy-E. Except for the shoes.

  73. Zek The Penguin

    The whole "git gud" culture has ruined some games for me. I have no desire to be a pro gamer, and there are some that seem to think that certain genres are only for pros and wannabes. It robs those games of any fun.

  74. Karol Bieleń

    In games very often I just ignore all cosmetics and walk in most standard, plain outfits out there. I despise all those 'wacky' cosmetics that simply look riddiculous

  75. SlipperyBomb_ S

    People care for cosmetic more then content nowadays.

  76. Williams Kappala

    Missing these PUBG series need more from you.......with love........❤️❤️

  77. Gaming 4 Everyone

    wise words: "i dove you......deeply..."

  78. irishmossdubwise

    Glad somebody said it. Pubg you paying attention?

  79. Reclusive Eagle

    Sponsored by EA. Can't wait till Microsoft buys them out. Really only hope at this point

  80. Cristian Alexandru Cojoc

    Your typical free to play games, just under pay to win games