Baelin's Route Kickstarter Launch

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    1. Viva La Dirt League

      Even if you only have a few bucks to spare it all helps :)

      1. Alex Mort

        Annoyingly, by the time i found you guys, you weren't accepting pledges any more. But i will be around for the next one :)

      2. Griffin Johnson

        Is balens route still coming? I want to see it so bad he's my favorite hu huh

      3. Cedric Hatego

        Please make the actuall game in the future. I know that would be even more expensive, but I think with Kickstarter you guys could do it. That'd be amazing!

      4. Red T

        Good morning nice day for fishing ain't it haha

      5. Brandon Harrold

        You should pick a random donator to put in the film

    2. Anna Keineahnung

      Hey guys, are there any news about Baelins Route? Any updates about it? I remember I read a while ago, it would start in october 2020? You all are great! ;D

    3. João Rebelo

      Any news on this? :D

    4. Sam Stocker

      My latest Skyrim character is Baelin.

    5. Chamith Shehan

      What happened to this???

    6. Dayta

      is the map available at 1:06 to be used as desktop background

    7. Кубический Чёрт

      Wide Baelin walking...

    8. Robb Bloop

      I’m donating money just Bc Ben is in it.

    9. In Flames

      İf im not kid i can donate but im a kid

    10. Hannah Kanzaki

      Omg omg I hope the characters from isolation games d&d gets a cameo. Its not really in the route but I hope still

    11. Angelo

      What's the music they used here? I want to know so I can feel like an epic NPC man.

    12. ToxiPhoenix

      From two minute videos to a short film. This is really an amazing job guys. I wish that one day you guys starts making fully commercial movies which i can go and watch on theaters. Lots of love and support. ❤️️

    13. Mist_toon

      When are we gonna be able to watch it I'm super excited

    14. ManicPandaz

      So will Baelin have more dialogue than just “Mornin’. Nice day for fishin, ain’t it? Huhhuh”? I guess it worked out for Groot lol

    15. mordreid26

      Надеюсь ребята из чипсаундстудио озвучат!

    16. Ceno HD

      this got me really hyped

    17. Griffin Johnson

      I want Greg's timberland hoody is that on kickstarter

    18. PrismTyk

      When will this video be released?

    19. Mr. I.D.C

      Iconic dialogue 😂🔥

    20. 4leafy

      Oh my God I can't wait take your time man I'm waiting!!

    21. Mikosch2

      Saved, but also escorted by Baelin? Nice day for suicide ain't it...

    22. Jake Desrosier

      Still want this to come out ASAP

    23. Balint Marton

      Baelin's name almost sounds like mine. 😂 Huha!

    24. Berkeley Pickell

      >:( This isn't REKT season 2. This isn't REKT season 2 at all.

    25. Julio Miguel Salazar

      I just saw that the goal was reached and you deserved, I'm kinda sad I couldn't help you, love you all huh hah


      its been 4 months where is the the show?

    27. C.V.L.

      Is this still on? Or did you guys stop with it

    28. Marco VChB

      What happened with this?

    29. Maladras El Lorien

      Just contributed! Can't wait to see this! Thanks for your fun content!

    30. Dark Sade Beats

      We need a MMORPG with you guys! :D

    31. Cody Marro

      Omg please do expand!

    32. Random Things

      if you guys turn the story of this channel into a game, I'm gonna freaking support it all the way!

    33. kainpwnsu

      OH NO! How did I not see this until JULY? The Kick-started is funded, but I didn't get to toss a coin to my Fisher. Welp, here I come, Patreon!

    34. Junaid Keraan

      Awesome, this is great, would love to see a video game of this as well

    35. BlackBrain45

      I'd pay gold to watch it in a cinema

    36. lostMind Shoes

      I want to give you all my gold

    37. niewidzialny

      WOW! Cant wait guys!

    38. Lin Aran

      they really doing an ENPCM extended universe huh


      Hey when will it be published!!!!

    40. Seumas MacKinlay

      🌄 👌📆 🎣👍?

    41. Jocose Sonata

      I am fully expecting that he has no other lines.

    42. molichpoka

      20 minute? ☹☹☹☹

    43. Sr.bubbles 888

      Nat pagle 2.0

    44. Abdul Aziiz


    45. Саша Ястребов

      Сколько тут нас, россиян? Hello everyone I am from Russia, even here they love you, you are great!

    46. Noir Li

      shit got real

    47. Galantero

      3 months later....

    48. HandsomeKim

      so im gonna wait if its in the cinema!

    49. Alvaro Miranda

      I sometimes wonder if Baelin was once an wandering adventurer or warrior who took fishing as a hobby but then began to immerse himself into it wherever he went and decided that being a fisherman felt more satisfying and was content to master his craft. It's like one of those books you read about a character who's outward appearance doesn't seem threatening due to their carefree attitude but are ridiculously skilled in combat depending when the situation calls for it which would make him an Epic NPC Man...

    50. DPir2013

      At some point in the journey, I need to see Greg the Garlic Farmer in the background, dragging someone along fast travel style

    51. Avee GESIU

      I cant want :) respekt from Poland

    52. Adrian Catimbang


    53. Lynchpin TM

      Is progress on this still being made, or did it get corona'd?

    54. Andrian Hiew

      This ain't no April's fools right ; -;

    55. Cedric Hatego

      After they expanded the world enough, they should actually make the game.

    56. Fork

      Kinda sad because I can't donate...

    57. glitch gamer

      Rowen how about epic NPC man game

    58. TJoKeR Arklife

      I WANT TO SEE THIS Great Movie Its gonna be OutRagious!!! Huh ha 🤣

    59. Legate El

      I wish I had a job and money, just to fund this. oh wait, you see that rich dude over there.... Let's mu...

    60. Justin Jones

      I cant wait any longer for this haha

    61. Belor Frey

      This makes me want to be apart of ur crew.

    62. Norbert Őszi

      So Britt is back too?

    63. Hunter Kirtzinger

      Good shit

    64. Darkforce O

      You guys should hire a developer to make an actual epic NPC man video game

    65. Deathy Kat

      I always knew the fisherman had epic adventures

    66. Hollow

      I went to look at it and saw it was 165% funded nice job

    67. Nicolás

      Como se llama el juego q le hacen parodia??

    68. Nicolás

      Nombre del juego?? Cual es?

    69. xxlCortez

      I'm a bit worried about a movie where Baelin will keep repeating his line for 1+ hours.

    70. Emma East

      hope you guys come down to Dunedin. love ya videos

    71. Raptor066

      I cant wait to see this ! : ) will be awesome.

    72. Apex Centrist Vox

      Baelin's Rought: the awakening

    73. Tdawg Luxor

      I always wanted to be an executive producer. I think I have what it takes.

    74. Sergeant Gunny Gaming

      Go tell a 1000 of your friends to donate $1000 to the Kickstarter! Let's get this funded to Netflix mini-series status!

    75. The Critic

      Morning, nice day for kickstarter, ain’t it? Hu huh!

    76. Shah Hurrem

      20 min. Wow looking forward to it.. shouldn't have spoiled it the story though.


      5,000 BUCKS

    78. David Kuhn

      Guys your vids have been so enjoyable I'm going to break my "just say no to kickstarters" policy... JUST FOR YOU.

    79. Shane Daniel

      Seriously... this dude has never said anything more than ...mornin nice day for fishin aint it huh uuhhh... hope they dont forget the video where he kicks everyones ass... I'd like to see them explain where he gets his ridiculous rage strength from

    80. Jay Jay

      Please please do Eugene!!! 😂😂

    81. Aj Thone Olaño

      I wonder if baelin will become self aware afterwards 😂

    82. Notyouraverage Mentor

      love your skits and scenes, Viva La Dirt League!

    83. Matthew Koller

      Hey any1 got cords on Baelin? I gotta get my Ony neck done.

    84. FurryChopstick

      What I dont understand is why it had to be Baelin. I would have paid for and NPC man show

    85. Showmethosevideos

      First Kickstarter I ever supported (even it's just $7) :D I love all the episodes! It's good that you guy's also are able to create some more touching skechtes like the one with female quest and the one about chopping trees!

    86. Louis S

      You want 1.5 million dollas to make a 20 min short film with graphics that a college grad can do. I like you guys alot but this seems like you're scraping the barrel here.

    87. LoneWolf


    88. Aliphese Fateburn

      The goal was already set Im expecting this so when is the release date?

    89. ZachJ367

      I'm just expecting 20 minutes of Baelin saying "Mornin'! Nice day for fishin' ain't it?"

    90. rebeldann !

      Please! Everyone except for me donate so I can watch this!

    91. RKB Gaming

      Alright here's what I want for the money I'd give, epic npc man movie like a full movie ...And a game .....and t.v. series

    92. Shadow4evr

      With a map like that, it's just begging to be turned into an expanding ACTUAL RPG based on something like the Guildwars 2 graphic engine or (gasp) Unreal 4 engine.

    93. ImViruxx

      I want you guys to make your own elder scrolls game

    94. Mental Enemy

      Would be shame if someone else played baelin, isnt it? :)

    95. Budz buddington

      almost 2 million subs you could fund this video off a single monthly check from youtube and still have enough left over to put a kid through community college.

    96. Allen Ahdokobo

      I don’t have much, but I’ll give you what I can!

    97. Joshua Hoover

      I'm so happy to have found you guys. I think I might use some of my economic stimulus money on this💙❤💜💚💸💸

    98. ouroesa

      Imagine a system where one could actually get a return based of the performance of a project which you funded instead of getting some merch and the creators getting all the profits (all gain, no pain/loss). The party which was funded, will also be kept to some prior agreed terms like having to repay the monies if the product do not come to fruition with added interest/fees. I shall name it 'investing'. I'd gladly invest in this movie but there is no way that I will back anything on Kickstarter or any other similar scheme.

    99. Mathew Culver

      They should just make azerim as a game and make it single or multiplayer

    100. Brandon Harrold

      I just went to the kickstarter and one individual pay $14,000 at least and secured the ability to name Ben's character