Mistaking another customer for an employee - Uniform

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    It's a pretty awkward movement when you are in a store and you get mistaken for an employee by another customer.
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    1. Kahn Thorpe

      Wondering how that will work out in the end

    2. j PiCKS

      holy shit rowan is a good actor

    3. Juggy - Pubg Mobile

      i don’t work here, it’s not true, it’s bullshit, i don’t work here. Oh hi rowan

    4. Pierre

      And at the moment he realised he can take whatever he wants and get away with it.

    5. Sparrow Song

      Wow this is Best Buy in a nutshell including the yelling boss!!

    6. Patas em Pauta

      Fake. The guy in red shirt is a paid actor.

    7. Oleg Gromenkov

      I hope he can escape someday.

    8. xxlCortez

      Money is not an issue I spare no expense. Laptop under a hundred dollars.

    9. Bronx Viewer

      I used to work at Ganes Workshop, and we had red shirts. I went into a staples during my break and had a lady chase me around and eventually curse at me when I wouldn't answer her. I was having too much fun to explain the giant 2-headed eagle on my back wasn't a staples symbol.

    10. Darkwear GT

      How they get free salves

    11. Jamal Peoples

      Try wearing a red shirt into Target. This will happen.

    12. Nino Safino Imperio Montejo

      Rowan is getting dangerous every second of his life and he's acting like a canibal because of his canibal noises he's like a walking time bomb so better get away from playtech before he tears everyone of his employees including customers wearing red to shreds or worse than that.

    13. ProtivulyaUA


    14. Ian Hughes

      This is why you dont wear a red shirt in a target store.

    15. Just some random anime fan 1

      Jokes on Rowan he ran out the back

    16. Ivo Kraaier

      i've been mistaken for an employee (mostly at hardware stores, sometimes wearing a colour shirt of a competitor hardware store!) more than once, and seen my opportunity clear to advise against the expensive options too..

    17. Keith Barrett

      That is one way to get a job.

    18. Butters66

      This happened to my friend who wore a bright blue shirt to Best Buy.

    19. Reaper Grim

      Lol funny skit but I woulda low key punched yah Rowan haha

    20. Geoffrey Martin

      Bodger using reckless rage to get results at the end

    21. Buffbud96

      Ben is the WORST customer ever... he's literally every problem rolled into one...

    22. Mark Murex

      This has happened to me.

    23. Andrew Muus

      A customer being held hostage.

    24. Tenesee Swepston

      It would have been hilarious if you saw a crap ton of people that was just wearing red shirts in the back stocking shelves kinda like slaves. Solely because they’re wearing red shirts

    25. edward slay

      I'm kindia mad that the person doesn't do any thing about it

    26. NoPiez4u

      2:00 is that a crow? Edit: Or maybe a duck?

    27. Peter Soumanis

      Wear a red polo shirt at Bunnings and try your luck 🤣

    28. Quentin Styger

      Want a laptop, top of the line and under $100.00 Right this way, you can have these mushrooms and stare at this black case. There ya are.

    29. David Gutierrez Estrada

      Isn't he the DM

    30. MIlo

      This guy has the best facial expressions haha. 🤣

    31. Ronit Ganguly

      I knew he was a worker at Playtech when Rowan showed up

    32. Rebeus Ague

      Rowan is so fucking blind and useless XD It's funny that he lives in his own world all the time XD

    33. Young Michalu

      can i kill rowan?

    34. Vidied

      Im Chinese and this happen when i go to eat sushi

    35. JustA_ShortKid

      plot twist: the guy knew the guy wasn't an employee but got embarrassed and just kept on going

    36. Mr. Latrei

      Thanks for this guide on how to get a job :D

    37. Hidden Desire

      Had a Karen who believed I worked at a Best Buy demand I handle her return. Was wearing a black winter puffy vest, blue button down, and khakis. She then demanded another employee to bring her the manager and then tried having me fired only to have him say “He doesn’t work for us”. She goes “not anymore you mean”. He just stares blankly and her and goes “No, he never worked for us, he isn’t an employee here, just a customer.” Then she claims he is just covering for me and storms off. What a nutter.

    38. Darlan

      Could we get a "what's going on?" shirt with Rowan's face?

    39. Rusty musty

      I feel bad for him lol “I’m gonna go home” i feel terrible for him for some reason

    40. Cute and Fluffy Pikachu

      I agree that the guy doesn’t work there he don’t no that no one games on a Mac book air 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    41. Jackson

      The manager doesn't even know who his employees are😔 that's how you know that's a bad company

    42. icemarle

      I just noticed the video caption. "It's a pretty awkward MOVEMENT when you are in a store and you get mistaken for an employee by another customer." Hm. Definitely awkward movements there.

    43. UwUKushikimiOwO

      The hell kinda gaming laptop are you gonna get for under 100 mine was like $1500 and in my eyes as someone who doesn’t even work that shit is expensive 😂😂

    44. Vivekanand R

      I am never going to playtech wearing a red tshirt..

    45. undying_ _goul

      He shouldve just started acting like an employee for free money

    46. Danny Owens

      Poor Ben, he seems so confused.

    47. poor Rob

    48. Nazono

      customer: i want a gaming laptop top of the line under 100$ Rowan: eazy peasey, Customer: why have you taken me to a trash can? Rowan: because GAMING LAPTOPS DON’T EXIST, WE DON’T SERVE YOUR KIND HERE!!! Adam: *brings out the golf club*

    49. Dalton

      I did that once because the store had no uniform and there were no employees at the time that were not busy.

    50. Wolfheart

      I'm so angry right now. Rowan stop being a Rowan

    51. arya ramadhan

      That's what he get for taking away three free sample from rowan on the previous episode😂

    52. Mr Sir

      After so many of these, by now they are friends for life. Ben is his new Crew Trainer, and comes over after work for a pint. #howfriendshipsareborn.

    53. Stalkerspike

      I just tell them the answer, it gets the awkward over faster

    54. Ethan

      "Easy peasy follow me" Attempt to show headphones

    55. Blei Hagel

      Bens swelling vene is cooling down at 1:15

    56. Abhinav KM

      I'd have punched him

    57. Zora Silver

      Rumor has it... he is still stuck stocking those shelves to this day...

    58. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    59. Antediluvian Atheist

      'Ok.' [Takes expensive PC and walks away]

    60. Maxime Côté Gauvin

      There should be a part 2 where Alan and Adam watch the new guy working and debate if he works there or not.

    61. Gadget

      wait ... its that easy to get a job?

    62. CW

      The customer mistaken for an employee is a brilliant actor plus cute. Bring him back!!!

    63. Korona 110

      The guy in red shirt is so talented man great acting

    64. Vojta Chalupa

      Is it just me, or the end does sound like Bodger going into reckless frenzied rage... :D

    65. I did some stuff

      When Tom Scott goes to Playtech...

    66. Michael Giovinazzi

      Easiest fix ever for this conundrum. *I don't work here guy-* I'll get to work if you can tell me what my name is?!?

    67. phoenix rising

      Well good to know how Rowan hires people...by fekking scaring them into it

    68. FREI HALS

      Rowan: "Outrageous... I´m so sorry! How can I help you?" Ben: "I´m looking for a gaming laptop! Money isn´t an issue! When I think gaming I think Apple!"

    69. Vikhru Rosu

      note - if you are unemployed just wear a red t shirt and go to play tech 😂

    70. doobius

      God I've died inside so many times from that line. Hey man can you build me a top of the line gaming machine, I don't wanna spend much more than the price of an xbox though. Oh and I need a monitor and keyboard with it but don't worry I've got a mouse I stole from work so that should cut the cost down a bit right?

    71. zvxcvxcz

      Just lucky he didn't ask for a gaming Macbook...

    72. Hollow 666

      I wanna go home i think thats what all the staff say at playtech

    73. Cat Person With Anxiety

      "I'm looking for a gaming laptop" "what?" "Sorry, a *GAMING LAPTOP* " Gotta love ben.

      1. I Like Stew

        That's B E N.

    74. Chicken Speed

      Rowan must have kidnapped the others as well 🤣

    75. Spock936

      Ben has a good question, any recommendations for a good gaming laptop that can run warzone at mid to good resolution that is somewhat affordable

    76. AgneDei

      Man, that happens to me like all the time.

    77. Kevin Meisenbacher

      "Top of the line" "Under 100 dollars"

    78. Misses Witch

      I have DONE this for real!!!!! I REALLY HAVE! While I was applying for a job I just like sold myself as best as I could to a random person who was wearing the same coloured shirt and looked like he was working!! Hahaha. You just reminded me of that embarrassing experience!!

    79. Forzsaken Entity

      he did say "I can spare no expense"

    80. chewy gad

      This is a pretty phoned in concept.

    81. P Picaso

      Who needs a interview or a resume, when you can show up with a red shirt the next day and you got yourself a job.

    82. Shurry GP.

      I think Viva La Dirt League universe has no police. Or there maybe is but he can be bribed with monopoly money.

    83. SalveMonesvol

      I'd just wear a red shirt and go there on payday.

    84. Sentinel Mara

      Really? Rowan you forget where you work at. id be not surprise if these shelves will be empties after this or for me i will troll these shelves

    85. o_duubuu u

      Stupid people be like 😂😂

    86. Muhammad Darwisy Irfan Bin Mohd Isa

      being a rowan is so god damn idiot

    87. First name Last name

      He should’ve taken off his shirt

    88. DarkClosetOfTheMind

      I've had this happen to me many many times...now I just help them. ;)

    89. Benjamin Ang

      Looks like a potential April Fools.

    90. Richard Hinton

      There's legit a while subreddit for I don't work here and it's hilarious

    91. robert mccracken

      I had a guy ask me for help in Tesco because he thought I was a manager. I was on my way to a graduation ceremony so I was in a suit and tie... I have never seen one Tesco manager wearing a suit and tie to work...

    92. Jack James

      Id imagine the best actor would be someone with mpd, who do I want to be today?

    93. Nyrael

      This hurts to watch because I meet clients with this level of ignorance like this once a week working for technical support. Like anything you say goes through one ear and right out the other.

    94. HeatherMills' PhantomLimb

      If Ben had asked to see the MAC laptops for gaming, this would’ve been a very different outcome.

    95. Joshua Viljoen

      This is my biggest fear when I go out

    96. Kevin Tenuta

      there is one way to improve this video.. at the end you should have done an extra clip of the warehouse just being full up with people in various red shirts & red clothing.. just looking bewildered & stocking shelves unable to escape...

    97. Nmm

      The way Roman showed up saying what's going on? Is hilarious 🤣


      I like this new guy. Add him to your ranks

    99. Boktai87

      Yeah, no, Rowan would be in trouble with corporate so fast, not to mention false imprisonment/forced labor charges.

    100. Wilson Wallace

      Oy why do you all make difficult face and wear black suits ? Irrelevant !