Mistaking another customer for an employee - Uniform

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    It's a pretty awkward movement when you are in a store and you get mistaken for an employee by another customer.
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    1. Human_23

      in this way PlayTech gets a new employees

    2. Catseye Siron

      "I'm your employee now but wait till I'm your DM!" :-D

    3. Erlaf

      NO. That one video is NOT really good. Not so creative as usual.

    4. BOB poop

      I’ve kinda done this to someone shopping at target with a red shirt.

    5. smiling assassin

      Sorta had this happen Hey what aisle is blank in Sorry I don't work hear Well can you show me any way

    6. ASL 4 Life

      I would refuse to shop here. That manager is a dick!

    7. Robert Wager

      This video makes me feel bad for Rob. Like, you wanna believe he's this fantastic guy and so it sucks seeing him treated like this. I know its all in good fun though.

    8. NOHA V

      And I imagine that’s how Adam and Allen start to work there.

    9. gloriousholy

      This is how Playtech "acquires" new employees

    10. Nicolás

      Saludos 👍

    11. fradkiller

      When you are lowkey being kidnapped

    12. Hary Akabane

      1:35 woah rowan o.o

    13. Joe

      they need to make a skit of a bunch of people stuck out back that dont work their being slaves lol

    14. LosAngelos

      Hopefully this new guy doesn't drop any Playtech spoons

    15. Meldarion

      What is Tom Holland doing in VLDL

    16. Promise Channel


    17. Asianplague

      Bosses are scary hehe

    18. MrSpooky Spare

      never wear red front of Rowan😂😂😂

    19. C T

      WH WH WHAT ARE WE.. 1:40

    20. TPG678

      This is my nightmare.

    21. joshua suchy

      There needs to be another one where this gent comes back and gets chewed out for not putting in for leave lmao 🤣

    22. Derek 600


    23. Emacster M

      Dude let me know if you find that $100 laptop. I’ve been looking for one too!

    24. Ricardo Alcalá

      Well he foud a job, easy

    25. Sohail Alawadhi

      So that's how the others are stuck here.. They have submitted to their fates

    26. sgthunt118

      Dude needed to just start showcasing all the stuff he dreamed of getting, but centered on Mac gaming, then Rowan comes in, kills him (or fires him) then handles business accordingly 😅


      Only Chinese products can satisfy his needs

    28. FaeraGaelwyn

      "Under a hundred dollars." ooooh that got me good.

    29. Wretch

      Not this extreme, but this has happened to me at a walmart years ago. I got fired from a job I didn't work at.

    30. MQ

      “I don’t work here” “You WON’T be working here if you keep up that attitude!”

    31. XpapaDelicioso X

      I have done that 😂😂

    32. Brick


    33. akshai p

      Is Rowan stupid🙄🙄..... Or acting like one..... Whatever it is I love you guys ❤❤❤❤.....

    34. Bryan Hansen

      His Outfit don’t even match and how does Ron even recognize him even though he don’t even know his name

      1. Bryan Hansen

        Forgot to talk about there’s no employee here who have brown long hair who’s wearing glasses

    35. Aaron LFC*YNWA*

      Damn...they even have a gaming laptop top of the line, just under a 100,, I wish that was easy for me 😌

    36. Annelie Holm

      I'm sorry, Ben, but a gaming laptop (top of the line) under a 100 dollar, not very likely you can get one top notch gaming laptop for that prize. Lol 😅

    37. Anjounet Leavell

      Rowan scares the shit out of me dude. Seriously 😅 he’s like the worst person ever. Even though we can’t help but love him too! Hope that poor unemployee makes it home 😝!

    38. DocBrown

      1:12 Rowan coming out of nowhere just kills me haha.

    39. 12Mantis

      Now I want to see an episode where the other store employees find out that Rowan is BANNED from every clothing shop in that state because he kept claiming that their red shirts were Playtech property......even tried calling the police on the owners. So now the owner(s) of new clothing shops in the area are given a heads up about Rowan. This odd sort of blindness/lack of perception that (everyone who knows) Rowan suffers through has also gotten him permanently banned from every sci-fi/fantasy convention that comes to the area. Granted the youtube videos of him being chased by Klingons (armed with Bat'leths) and Stormtroopers are funny as hell. :P

    40. MaximusGDN

      I would have quit the job even tho I don't work here x)

    41. The Non Smoker

      Plot twist it's a PRANK! see the camera (✿◕‿◕✿)

    42. The Non Smoker

      I think GTA's NPC's are more advanced than Rowan's world

    43. alex king

      @viva la dirt League don't ya want to punch a guy like that!!!!!!! the manager is what i am meaning to

    44. refraction_it_ gaming

      Literally watched it for 20 times, every morning during breakfast!!! Please don’t stop, make more of it!

    45. Ace Wildcat's Adventures

      dock his pay, rowen!

    46. Guardian073

      The sounds from 2:01-2:05 made me die laughing. We need more of that guy!

    47. SiMON

      Rowan is the biggest simp for Ben

      1. Sy A

        It’s because you can’t argue with Ben...and also the customer is always right! 😉

    48. Dakota Dickerson

      I honestly cant gey enough of you guys!

    49. John Flood

      free labor

    50. JeremySolo

      Can I ask what happened to Hamish? Guy was freaking hilarious

    51. church152000

      And then Adam and Alan see a non employee in the back stocking he doesn't know

    52. RJ toby

      Rowan rude

    53. I Got Ebola -

      magine if this were to actually happen liking how, how would this actually happen

    54. San dro

      Should have entered with a white or golden shirt.

    55. Shaun Koutoulas

      Money isn’t an issue. Gaming laptop top of the line under $100 lol

    56. Calisthenics Believer

      Lol one time I mistakes a person for an Apple employee cause the were wearing the same colored shirt so it was just one little moments where he told me he was a worker so that’s what is it

    57. Frvnk Voohrees


    58. Acme

      I will be so happy if he's in the next episode as an "employee" He's been trapped by the Playtech monster. Haha

    59. Stock Junkee84

      Looks like Rowan got a new employee lol.

    60. Sherab Pereira

      Easy peasy

    61. Dylan ONAIR

      Pleasssssse include the cast list and links to their social media:):) love these videos!!!

    62. Daniel

      God that was so good, i love episodes with Ben and Rowan together

    63. pajs88


    64. Esoterick

      My theory is that sometimes people cannot accept that they are mistaken, I've had it a lot with people calling the wrong number. It's as if they make a convincing enough arguement that this is the number for that company that it will change reality. Which is even weird when it has happened because they googled a company with a similar name lol, rather than a digit out.

    65. Devlin Fernaldy

      Does anyone know the ending song?

    66. Haekalsy

      i love wear black shirt if i go to playtech i will fight with karen even i dont work there

    67. Prince Ahmed

      Hey Rowan I need too a gaming laptop under 100 dollars

    68. Eyes Open

      I actually helped a costumer at future shop buy a computer.

    69. Glady Dela Cruz

      What is the brand of the red shirt that is one bright red shirt

    70. Kosdan

      This is no way to treat your DM

    71. Spartan117

      This reminds of when I went shopping for fireworks and this Hispanic guy ask me to help him look for something. I told him we live in El paso TX I should be asking you if you for help mind you I'm a Asian stationed at Ft. Bliss TX.

    72. madzapple

      I swear this is how all of them got "hired".

    73. tementic 1

      I've just binged watched this entire series after it popped up in my recommendations.

    74. chaotic black stallion

      I'm sorry why did no one tell me Ben got a role in Power Rangers Beast morphers

    75. Leevi Heiskanen

      Customer is always right

    76. Rick Ridger

      Poor guy he just came to buy some stuff and now he became one more of Rowan's slaves... UHHH I MEAN EMPLOYEES

    77. King Schultz

      Yep...Rowan the Manager is a butthead.

    78. Joshua Hallmark

      Ugh, I despise the Rowan character in Bored.

    79. Petr Hlaváč

      This is what it feels like when you're explaining why you hit the bully back in school

    80. Acopolypse2K

      Damn that's a great episode!

    81. Bill Faulkner

      “Sometimes I hate working here” 🤣

    82. Ignas Ž

      Looks like you had no idea what to shoot, so you provided us this. And this is sh*t.

    83. barricade146

      And crazy manager award 🥇 goes to Rowan at the 1:59 mark.

    84. PZ Floppy

      Viva do a part 2 about this

    85. IRON V8

      Rowan always takes the customers side whenever a problem comes up between an employee and a customer except with Karen.

    86. IRON V8

      I have been asked for customer service at stores that I don't work at so many times that it's not funny, so I make sure I don't look like an employee.

    87. Rami Emad

      "Top of the line under a hundred dollars"

    88. Collin Keener

      Next video your going to see he's been stuck there ever since lol

    89. Chickenlad

      I’d be calling the cops and get him arrested finally

    90. Anthony. M

      Jeez Rowan sucks

    91. d schnitzel

      They should of added him to the end screen

    92. Sgt. Sherman

      Surprised Ben didn't ask for a Mac gaming laptop.

    93. Lone survivalist314

      This just makes me hate rowan more...

    94. Gbraith

      Did you make my fracking mug yet? Coffee mug with "were muggers" or "what are we"? Damnit do it, i just want a free mug for the idea.

    95. Werewolf Master

      Top of the lines gaming laptop under $100 -EZ PZ

    96. Werewolf Master

      Of course Rowan had to enter and rekt the red shirt customer

    97. White Suit

      Rob is the best. Straight up legend.

    98. SwordsmanMercenary

      And that's how he got a job

    99. LanticFishy ΖΟφξε

      lol atleast he gets paid

    100. Anton Lavrentiev

      Happened to me couple times. I used to buy T-shirts from thrift store. People from Panda Express really enjoyed when I came to pick up order in "Making Happy" short.