Ridiculous costumes in PUBG Mobile - Costume

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    You want to play a serious game with realism at every corner? PUBG Mobile yo.
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      Pac man accidentally ate Mrs pac man

    2. Darkwear GT

      Other people will think they love halloween

    3. Clinton Elliott

      That m249 is so tiny! 0:24

    4. Sanket Gupta

      Pubg mobile sucks so hard. Worthless copy of a great game. Really China , you suck. Nothing of your own, just copy

    5. Julio Mejia

      Imagine realizing getting killed by a bee, a bunny and a frikin clown XD

    6. To hell And back

      That bee costume just does it for me

    7. Mikael Morand

      1:08 no mag in the gun

    8. Sajjad Sajjad

      so fuckin real ...

    9. Adam Davenport

      Yes, Rowan, that is, indeed, your squad. 😆

    10. Incom!ng Op

      Lol .... Wtf.. dude... 😀😀😃😄😄😄😄😄

    11. HaloGalaxy

      Pac-Man accidentally ate Mrs. Pac-Man

    12. Raino Rains

      the bee suit is terrible !

    13. REY HADES

      I doubt anyone used the x4 scope on an akm

    14. Amine BOUABID

      Rowan shooting the M416 without a Magazine at 1:09 I'm really disappointed VLDl

    15. CJ Satnarine

      No one: I am normally the player without a costume...

    16. vHyPxrZ-

      Anyone else notice how when Allen’s Canada switches his gun one scene then the next the mag is gone and then back

    17. turbo investigator gamemaster

      Am I the only one that noticed Alan's m416 missing the magazine in 1:08?

    18. Rex4600

      Why don't you guys make on cod warzone

    19. meredocu

      Adam constume won.

    20. Xylaax

      why is his lmg so puny? are their really lmgs that small?

    21. E G Mars

      The realism is just so... REAL!!!

    22. Jonathan Abood

      We get this straight first of all the shooting without mags in their guns and then the shooting without their fingers on the triggers what has pub G come to

    23. Ryan Roe

      Where's the doinosour costume😂😂😂

    24. Rizzian Game yt

      It's so "REAL"

    25. Ervin Nur Rahman

      That's great 👍👍👍

    26. Ghost Reccon

      that honey bee guy😂😂😂😂

    27. Daellex

      Should have reloaded ages ago I'm weak lol .

    28. Beezy Rios

      1:08 uhhhh how is he shooting with no mag in his rifle?

    29. John J

      I know it's kinda necroposting (necrocommenting? lol). But it's one of the reasons I stopped playing PUBG, on PC, not mobile.

    30. Skringård Hildegård

      These ridiculous skins on shooting games needs to stop

    31. Feko Kéké

      "Clever girl killed Muldoon with big ol' teeth and fangs" Or how to bring 1993 straight back from the past.

    32. Colter Draper

      1:08 he didn't have a mag in his rifle and fired multiple rounds.

    33. Susovan Mishra

      "so real"

    34. Harry Pooper

      One tine i had won the costume of Mr Kitty something like that 😂😂😂😂😂

    35. werewolf rung

      Hahahahahahah 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    36. Grn Dvl

      Adam's costume then the look on Rowans face, priceless 🤣

    37. MANGƠ Dakimakura

      01:08 He shot with no mag

    38. Kervin Go

      And that is why I prefer wearing Ethan Hunt's Mission Impossible Fallout outfit.

    39. BakıR Tv

      1:08 XD


      ''Adam killed DARKSHADOW although he should have needed to reload ages ago'' Lmao😆

    41. jskv7eujxbx stcni7rdcj

      Pubg mobile in a nutshell

    42. Heinz Janssen


    43. Kunal Mazumdar

      BR rule number one: in a team mode, never stay close together. A single granede or fast sniper can wipe your ass in few seconds all along.

    44. Kunal Mazumdar

      PUBG is shitty as hell. First, too much hackers. Second, too much distracting stuff like these annoying costumes. I was never a regular in PUBG. But since the COD: Mobile arrived, I am just crazy about it. Pure millitary game, millitary costume, tons of guns, one BR map with different terrains. Trust me I couldn't survive 5 months of lock down mentally, if I was not hooked to the game. It has make me a different person now in a positive way.

    45. Sun Sakelly

      Adam u so pretty at that bee costume LoL


      My friend - how u get that costume ? Me - the guy u killed

    47. Mahendhar Srisailam


    48. Sombersin

      Hahaha as a bright colored fox with a baby blue m4 I say look out for me and my squad 😏

    49. TheSaint 452

      Love your videos,please do call of duty mobile

    50. Yakup Alparslan Fidan

      1:08 Where is the magazine ?

    51. John Mssika

      Adam killed Darkshadow although he should have needed to reload ages ago 😂😂

    52. Merami

      Thats just bassicaly pubg mobile

    53. Alex Zer0

      Everyone here’s talking about how Alan doesn’t have a mag inserted in his pretty pretty pink gun, but everyone seemed to miss that he didn’t even pull the trigger during the slo-mo section. I’m glad that they finally use trigger discipline, but this is pushing it. In others words, 10/10 very realistic.

    54. CommodoreKurt2 of the Cobra Kai

      This video is fucking hilarious!!!! Those suits are funny as hell

    55. Trash_At Life

      Make fun of ridiculous costume. Ridiculous costume: *Kills half of the players*

    56. Elle RJ

      There are good costumes, and then there are bad costumes. I have a cute pink pig pajama outfit, but every time I wear it, I get shot constantly because I stick out like a sore thumb. There was also that guy that I saw from way farther than I should have because he was wearing neon green.

    57. Chris Loew

      No joke, Once got taken out by the Ginger bread man, was a holiday special costume, along with a carrot...

    58. Dusica Jovanovic

      Just imagine in pubg you see a guy in a bee custume a guy in a bunny costume and a guy in a clown costume firing at you and one of their teamates looking at them disapointed lol.

    59. Hibbou

      01:07 haha, no clip :D

    60. GOKU

      Pac-Man ate Ms Pac-Man 😂

    61. Yu Sochin

      Them: Full Customed Me: NAKED

    62. Predator GaminG

      now there is a pharaoh X-suit LOL

    63. Ante Đumić

      1:08 where is the magazine

    64. Талюстан Малхозов

      1:08 Where is the magazine?)

    65. boum _clapz

      Yes that is real. Iike PUBG pc better

    66. Ben Gaming

      Realistic but they have kiddy costume

    67. Sasha Makeev

      1:08 LOL shooting without mag)

    68. Arnaud Lamer

      1:09 he doesn’t even have a mag in his gun

    69. KidHasBlades

      I really hate when you dress in greens and khakis and your team is in bright yellows blues etc.

    70. Christian Mazzoni

      1:08 no magazine

    71. rush

      Pac man accidentally ate miss pac man🤣

    72. Centauri A

      Or when the armor gear doesn't match, but has the best stats...

    73. Nebuerys

      Epic Bunny Man, the King Bee and Bennywise.

    74. -SMP- scientific method perspective

      Can we take a moment to appreciate the funny stuff they had popping up in the corner of the screen?

    75. Pete Jones

      Fucking brilliant.

    76. Christopher Thompson

      You got to love shooting without a magazine in the gun 1:08

    77. GreenGravyGaming ً

      PUBG pc and console: serious shooting, our outfits are cool and not flashy, and we are one of the most realistic battle royale available. PUBG mobile: hey uh so we released these 4 characters along with your custom one, you ever think of buying Sara for a bunch of unknown cash? We purposefully went and tried to make her look hot, oh and we also released a super skimpy outfit too, it’s in the premium crate, and if you did get Sara that would be great beat-meat material, buuut you’ll just get useless stuff. Oh and here’s a bunch of gun skins. Enjoy!

    78. Chid Gaming

      am i the only one reading those kill messages again....

    79. Kazitoki Silent Killing

      🙂Because this why I hate Pubg mobile The custom really weirdo

    80. Finn Hoffmann

      What realistic you are a rabitt with a gun dude

    81. ChaiseL-aw

      Rowans nightly cheese dream.

    82. Johnny boogalo

      Playing squads and dude's be dressed in green ass dino costumes then complain how we got spotted easy by snipers smh

    83. LanderGaming

      At 1:08 alan has no mag 2 sec later he has

    84. fishBAY _

      that's what I really, really, really hated from pubg mobile

    85. NPC J

      Damn bumblebees!

    86. RACKUUN

      Me first time playing pubg:Why are they buy those idiot costume,is this what do we call a war Me on high rank:I wanna cute outfit like my teammate

    87. TalosIsOurSavior

      0:41 clever girl...

    88. Joseph Keller

      I never see them reload. 😁

    89. John Samuel

      Pac man accidently/ killed Mrs Pac man

    90. Lauren & Rachel

      so real...

    91. Dryed Hunter

      Did someone saw the M4 has no magazine in one shot? 1:08 then the M4 mag is back 1:10

    92. Albanian Fox

      Who the fuxk plays this shit lmao

    93. Deave Edis

      I love bumblee Adam, soo adorable 😂

    94. Fighter 2012

      2020 costume Normal clothing BUT there’s a hole to put the dick outside

    95. FBI Openu appu

      Rowan at 0:14 🤣🤣

    96. Bernard van der Esch

      1:08 Alan has no magazine...second later he has. Quick reload master!

    97. Anonymous Libertarian

      Perfect! Died laughing AGAIN! You guys are good at this!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    98. Fèîťäň 2

      I want those gun😍

    99. Paige Arena

      Seeing your customizable character in a serious cutscene

    100. Zebra Electron

      everything would be fine if not for SG for cs:go, her life is not in