Teaching your girlfriend how to play - Guardian

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    Protecting your partner as they learn a new game aww
    Thanks to Roxie for playing our wonderful girlfriend roll. Instagram: bit.ly/31YuB8r
    Massive thanks to Alex and his crew for the awesome fight choreography. Instagram: bit.ly/333uE27
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    1. Average Joe

      AWWWWW! Both of them are SO cute :)

    2. Nos Rin

      This was actually really sweet.

    3. Gamerloaders & Co.

      Remember the girl who broke PS controller on rage and yelled that she won't have sex with her boyfriend, who was beating her every time.

    4. Steven Soliman

      I don't have a girlfriend but I been teaching my friend to play minecraft

    5. Luan Mello

      Fav vid from you guys! So wholesome and epic!

    6. The World

      Isn't this the turtorial guys job

    7. Александ Молодых

      Am I the only one who's seeing d'harian soldiers from legend of the seeeker?

    8. Erick Martin Sucre

      That was wholesome!

    9. Mr135Jonathan Bow

      too Wholesome for this world

    10. Orlando Vazquez

      if women really did this....there would be no wars 🤣

    11. Adrian Romaniuc

      Hacker detected... Javelin, sword, unarmed and magic as well? Impossibru!

    12. Chris K.

      That was wholesome

    13. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    14. robo spike

      0:41 this is so true like whenever i show my sis a new game some low levels think shes an easy kill but then they see me and basically send everybody and also i feel 1:26 shes like hey theyre attacking you and im like yeah lemme just use my weakest fireball on them and shouts out basically half of hells fire a them

    15. Buffbud96

      Yeah, like that'll ever happen

    16. Rajan Thaker

      Somehow this was very romantic :))

    17. Basta Bey

      That will the quest of a lifetime

    18. Michael McDonald

      One of your best! Nice

    19. Patrick Fogarty

      Awwwww so sweet

    20. AM22

      Wholesome :)

    21. Lin Lin

      So cute

    22. Jason Mack

      My wife and I play FFXIV together and she regularly makes me--and most of the other people we end up in groups with--look just sad at the game.

    23. Abner Schmidt

      That was a very nice episode. Refreshing.

    24. Tony Alvarado

      This is one of my favorite guys. I certainly wish I could find a woman that would love to play with me.

    25. Apollo John Jose

      That moment when you're max level and return at the start.

    26. mdredheadguy1979

      I like how he is taking damage and doesn’t even care!

    27. Chaone | Games and more

      This This is nice

    28. Daniel Francisco Arias

      This love story made world cry hahahaha.

    29. Kevin May

      Rowan is a god in this. I love it

    30. Raghu Veer

      This was so wholesome

    31. Danny Ohio

      Some time later: She has a best armor/ best weapons/ /leads faction of the best and badass warriors.

    32. Gabetech Inc

      so wholesome

    33. Nikhil K Sam


    34. BMAN 1989

      This video is so innocently calming

    35. Arka Azizul

      What's her name?

    36. Necrophite78

      This can't be real. Everyone knows women like this don't play games.

    37. nethrelm

      That was cute.

    38. Theodore Roosevelt

      That was so wholesome.

    39. Martin W

      Introduce your gf into dark souls as first game is strange but ok cause it is the only game I could imagine you are attacked like this..... or a pvp server which makes more sense.

    40. sleepy snoring puppy

      When you have a max level character and you meet a noob... And those low-level monsters to no damage to you

    41. Olivier Pelletier

      I found the girlfriend, now I need to know how to make her take interest into gaming. Wheres the manual? Or is that a cheat?

    42. The Dingodile

      This is a Shrek reference? :D

    43. ELAD

      teaching your what now?

    44. Dan Michaud

      Next time we see her, she will be wearing Epic gear and have a top endgame mount and he wont even be there.

    45. German puppet man


    46. LENTOR

      Where this girls ? :(

    47. Marcel Mojžíš

      I am a bit moved. Reminds me of my fiance. She never played much until I showed her WoW. She know the game better than me now. :D

    48. StonewallCSA

      Lol my wife gave up after getting very frustrated not being able to get the hang of using the mouse to rotate while moving, i tried to encourage her but she decided video games are too hard and not interesting enough to be worth the effort... to learn how to move... Rip

    49. Kolby Williams

      You left out the part where she is stuck, looking straight at the floor, and won’t stop jumping. Lol.

    50. roadhouse699

      That was almost uncomfortably wholesome wtf

    51. Erduk

      I have no trouble getting my wife to play a game, it's getting her to keep playing that is the problem. She only seems to really like phone games...

    52. Lizzard King

      Finding a girl that will play games with you is like a match made in heaven...

    53. Cheshire

      so wholesome and awesome!

    54. Ben Dol

      WSAD triggers me more than it should

    55. Osamu Dazai

      So wholesome!

    56. Julio Mejia

      Professionals have standards 😌

    57. Денис Горбушенко

      шикарные скетчи про игровые ситуации.

    58. Patrick Collins

      Yep, when you level so hard and now you practically immortal. This looks like a Kerito moment.

    59. MrElionor

      This is surprisingly wholesome

    60. Doro Niang

      Why was that so wholesome lol

    61. xemmythedrummer

      This channel just keeps getting better. Your videos never fail to entertain and make my day better. Love you guys!

    62. Anonymous Unicorns

      This woman's smile is everything in life.

    63. Karl Miller

      Lmao this is accurate & sweet af

    64. Robert Main

      welp my heart is now a melted puddle of blap... thanks guys.

    65. Psi Q

      So, since it's the first onlinedate, he holds back on the ragemode and cursing... - Hun, did you activate Blood&Gore graphics ? Yeah, i think.. ...**[Here comes Ben exploding enemies from inside]** **SPLAT!**

    66. John lawrence Fernandez

      His fighting skills are dope, can't lie about it

    67. Matthew Sheridan

      Lmao reminds me when I tried to get my wife into Ultima Online.

    68. Marnungsang Imsong

      like How tf is this a happy ending..

    69. wyvern723

      That's really sweet. Now I miss playing Diablo 2 with my husband.

    70. Антон Харченко

      This is so cute)

    71. Robin L

      Teaching Tarkov to a friend: rglrglrgaaaaaarrrr... You're gonna have to escape without me man... sorry...

    72. Cassie Smith

      I really hope VR can get to be like this in my lifetime. Imagine just popping into a game and being able to immerse yourself even more in these worlds. :)

    73. Eduard Ciurea

      this one was good

    74. Alexandria Stark

      Rowan's armour *MUST* be like : *+Receive +950 additional armour when near girlfriend* *+Unlock passive skill King's Reflect when near girlfriend* *+Receive additional 69% damage cancellation when near girlfriend* *+Activate Instant Block when near girlfriend* *+Receive constant regent of HP when near girlfriend*

    75. dzerkle

      I see you hired a stuntman for this one.

    76. BunnyFett

      As a woman, I can't imagine dating someone that isn't a PC gamer. *Cringe*

    77. sirhana

      And month later she is stronger and better than him...

    78. Aung Thu Hein

      This NEVER happens. This is fake. Fake news! Sad

    79. Marcin Olszewski

      True story... :D 10/10!

    80. Power Penguin

      WSAD or WASD keys? I am confused. >_

    81. Hazim Shakri

      The power of a girl

    82. Yoshi Dinono

      And they lived happily ever after. THE END.

    83. Doc BooM

      Unexpectedly wholesome

    84. Raymond Yeo

      First time I like Rowan. He had been such an bad boss before . .

    85. HolandaChiquita

      A perfect depiction of my boyfriend and me. We just finished playing ''BattleBlock Theater'' by me dying every other step, and my boyfriend gathering almost every gem. Sure occasionally I get lucky or master a certain move. But the phrase ''just suicide so you can get here'' was said way way to often. XD He still loved playing with me, and I loved it too. Although I prefer to watch him playing since he moves through games a lot faster.

    86. Draco Vasile

      My husband and I when he was teaching me WoW.

    87. Uma Uma


    88. Jason Sin

      still a better love story than twilight

    89. Mehdi Aqayani

      She is so beautiful!

    90. Kent Hambrock

      Now that was wholesome

    91. HCL991

      She's gorgeous! 😍😍😍

    92. Nobody Nothing

      A CC rogue in WoW running dragonsbreath chili, pre nerf and low level guildmates through instances. All after ganking the entrance clear of Horde griefers.

    93. TheViking Hermit

      Missed this part: “ok babe so the way you play this game. This is move, and this is attack...and this is block.... ok yeah, you just killed my character, um... good job, but I wasn’t at the keyboard. Ah yes, that’s inventory...ok um... that’s my stuff, babe what are... ok that’s my gold. Stop, babe Stop!” Girlfriend: *squeals in excitement and goes to town to buy stuff*

    94. KasperKnas

      The perfect Rowan :-D I LOVE THIS EPISODE!

    95. 47 ARENA

      Rowan's fight scene was really cool

    96. Jay Kay

      This was surprisingly wholesome, and I really like it.

    97. Chris winters

      She's a girl. She's a girl!

    98. Dan Privat

      I actually met a girlfriend like this (finally) and this video just made me appreciate her more. I will take her out to dinner today to show her how much I love her.

    99. Lord Humungus

      If she doesn't even knows what WASD means... She's not even worth it

      1. nobody

        nah, just means u get to teach her from scratch

    100. Ishvari Milan

      My boyfriend did it, it's so funny playing with him😊