Teaching your girlfriend how to play - Guardian

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    Protecting your partner as they learn a new game aww
    Thanks to Roxie for playing our wonderful girlfriend roll. Instagram: bit.ly/31YuB8r
    Massive thanks to Alex and his crew for the awesome fight choreography. Instagram: bit.ly/333uE27
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    1. Abhinand Jaikishan

      That....was actually really wholesome

    2. sence11

      I loved this... But am really hoping to see more vids on Adam and his smoking hot new girlfriend Rowan.

    3. Dongjing HE


    4. Dequerk


    5. ANF GamerYT

      Games maked for boys, no girls🤣

    6. ReturnofBenjamin

      Awww, this one made me very happy.

    7. Ahsan Akhtar

      That fight scene was awesome

    8. EliteXander

      That is the most wholesome relationship ive seen

    9. Adam 420

      This video is so damn wholesome! Lucky guy to have someone so amazing!

    10. Panda三さん

      This should get its own series!! And at the end she ends up waaay more powerful them him 🤣🤣

    11. rolfoster

      It's so cute)

    12. sykocode

      Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh (voice lowering down).....

    13. Gaming With Mercy

      Lol Romantic😂

    14. TurboVelocity

      That....was so wholesome!!

    15. Faiz Zeo

      Lv 100 Rowan at Lv1 map.

    16. Raycheetah

      Awww... That's sweet. =^[.]^=

    17. Dhiya Ulinnuha

      1:56 "So Welcome to Azeroth... Azerim"

    18. Michael Whitcomb

      Need more

    19. Zubayr Bhyat

      That's actually quite sweet.

    20. Yui

      This is so wholesome

    21. AlKim1st

      Welcome to Azeroth🤣🤣🤣

    22. Ferenc Lippai

      This one is very cute !

    23. Noob From Afar

      That lady is stunning

    24. Sora Kuzunoha

      0:58 That's a quality

    25. AhmadHassan Seven F

      These subtitles are terrible af

    26. RobotShield

      This was so wholesome. I love it

    27. Big Potato

      YES! this is so true, lol

    28. Ally B

      So freaking cute! We need more of their relationship!!!

    29. paran44

      Nobody: Rowan: Jis (it sounds like that when he says Yes)

    30. Huskey Kaito

      My gf doesn't want to play Pso2...just .... :(

      1. ThePunisher014

        You deserve better :/

    31. Samantha Viberg

      Ahhhhh sooo cute!!!! 😍

    32. Sam Pharma

      The most romantic date ever, playing together online ... it was so cute him fighting, protecting her while she is taking her first steps in the game.

    33. Spysideways

      I love her smile

    34. Rainbowgaming47

      this... was strangely wholesome

    35. Adam Davenport

      I wanna see his back now. 😆

    36. DrugDuckz

      What type of game is this, i want to play it

    37. The Mighty Sparrow

      This is the reason why I find the skit unbelievable....

    38. Kosdan

      I really thought a hot girl character was going to go past in "high level female armour", causing her to get annoyed at him for enabling the patriarchy.

    39. Robert Morrissey

      That’s wholesome

    40. John Carlo Marquez

      This is kinda wholesome hahaha

    41. Tom Tharp

      Fake! Where is that part where she walks into a tree while staring at the ground or the sky and yelling that she doesn't get it? That's how it always went with me and my gf (now wife)

    42. Yustaz

      1:36 song name please!)

    43. Absintheinfevor

      I love everything about this.

    44. ElementalAdept

      Rowan Getting attacked like that reminded me of a scene from SAO Abridged. "My numbers are bigger that yours, You Get to a high enough level and your basically untouchable". Rowan getting shot by arrows and not noticing was perfect lol.

    45. Anonymous_Buddha

      Can we get a continuation of this? I would love a whole ark

    46. Robbie

      Or just get a gamepad :-) Wonder what level Rowen is

    47. Leo Perez

      When you find the perfect girlfriend...

    48. Alexandros Gkikas

      Something tells me she still tries to find the way

    49. xXMagicRabbitXx

      Awwww. So wholesome

    50. AetheusZX

      im not used to feeling all warm and fuzzy inside from VLDL lol... this is weird... and usually even when they make us feel warm and fuzzy, theres usually a twist of hilarity, but this is just too wholesome

    51. Kristin FROST Lazerbeams

      That was uncomfortably wholesome for the videos you guys normally create. 🤣

    52. David Carter


    53. Dimiturs Gremory

      Champion of Azeroth

    54. Dimiturs Gremory

      Did you just say AZEROTHHHHHH :D

    55. Quentin Mercier

      just rewqtched it, this is genuinely the cutest video I ever seen! thank you guys you're awesome !

    56. Kyle A

      This is adorable it reminds me of when my wife tries old games I love she’s playing the original dragon age as we read lol

    57. Captain Seawolf

      How much longer until they make an MMORPG based on this series

    58. OrangeLightning Gacha

      Now this is nice

    59. ThatDamnedTurk

      One of my favorite videos to date.

    60. Nathan Gordon

      I wanna see a series of this!!!!

    61. BesterKING

      Are these videos based on a real game or am I really dumb

    62. Darkest Argentum

      rowan having the patience to teach someone how to play is the real miracle here

    63. ReZhorw

      Me: It's not wholesome, something bad is gonna happen... It's not wholesome It's not wholesome... *Video ends* Naaaw that's wholesome

    64. Mysterious Flame

      Simp I wish I had a relationship like this though

    65. xsvrrx


    66. Chain Reaction

      IRL: hugets.info/show/pKiBYqe-16N4vII/vide.html hugets.info/show/y6Kbi7jSuoJr2oI/vide.html

    67. Rapixxx

      Is Rowan the new NPC man? (I know that he plays a player here, but) it’s just that we see so rarely our garlic seller these days. I miss the village and Baelin XD

      1. Rapixxx

        Rowan looks really cool in this getup though XD and the recent fight scenes with him have been really tight XD

    68. Ocean Son

      Where is Part 2

    69. ElectroNeutrino

      Morning! Nice day for spending time together, ain't it? Hahuh.

    70. Ipeter747

      I am not crying you are...... what a great girlfriend. it is a two way street.

    71. Brian Bru

      Rowan the max level hanging out at the level 1 zones lol

    72. Alex Mort

      So know how that feels :)

    73. Abdullah Al zobayer

      Let's take her to Souls games!

    74. Successfulness

      This is so wholesome and I LOVE IT!! Keep up the great work guys! Love your content! :D

    75. Aaron8672

      This was...actually kinda wholesome...didn't expect that.

    76. Ahsan Wasif

      I'm actually surprised that rowan didnt scream saying YOU'RE A GIRL

    77. Tsaghira


    78. cezar sova

      The choreography in this is 👌

    79. David S.


    80. UGNAvalon

      When the Virgin & Chad are best friends.. :’D

    81. Lakus231

      1:44 360 baby

    82. psychic2021

      mmm...wholesome :)

    83. Bruno Santos de Almeida

      We need more this girlfriend in next videos, please continue doin

    84. Cyber Punk

      So yea i won't get over that spartan spear throw

    85. Reuben Klein

      too real

    86. Lina A. Haugen Herstad

      This is so cute and heartwarming

    87. Jeremy Alexander

      The video is so cute and she's stunning.

    88. Samcherien

      Omg this is so cute, they would've had the best date night ever.

    89. Ian Kikel


    90. Luna Margaret

      shorturl.ca/allsex උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග3

    91. salah salah


    92. salah salah


    93. tpespos

      Wow this relationship made me realize how bad my last relationship was

    94. Kyle Ross

      Wow, wholesome

    95. Lesly


    96. kiran muralee krishnan

      awsome.. and wholesome...

    97. Peter Frankemölle

      So why is he invincible right now...?

    98. ThePretentious Gentleman

      I’ve never been so turned on by Rowan.

    99. zanpaktou9

      True autumn love!

    100. Lakhvinder singh

      Makes me so happy, a way for a introvert to express his feelings♥️♥️