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    Art Dept: James Goldenthal
    Camera: Tom West
    Sound: Al Second
    Editor: Connor Ayliffe
    Digital Effects: Lane Carter
    Writer: Alan Morrison

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    1. Leonardo Ala

      bettjeman 😂😂😂 this name is hilarious

    2. Paliv

      "I can't wait to get home to marry Jenny. You're gonna be my best man!" "Wow, you're definitely gonna die!" CLASSIC! Hahaha!

    3. Evil Gopher

      "Wow, you're definitely gonna die" Funnily enough, this reminds me a lot of CoD WW2, and the one character I expected to bite it the most (your best friend) actually didn't lol

    4. Barney

      You forgot about how the allies will take 6000 rounds to the chest and get up like it was a mere kick

    5. E314

      2:55 I have literally stopped on easy and actually watched these motherfuckers fight for 20 minutes, I was so depressed realizing how little developers try to make them actually kill each other

    6. Antek


    7. mip les

      Finaly some videos whitout those stuppid feme nazi thots

    8. Сеня Борисов

      Я написал этот комментарий чтобы русские могли обсудить этот ролик, удачи

    9. PeterTheGr3at

      You guys are awesome!

    10. Grahalt Mills

      This is way better than Dunkirk. Should had won an Oscar

    11. Amir Azraei

      i fucking love you guys

    12. Vince Zheng

      bruh this dude's M1 garand didn't even have a magazine in it

    13. Samuel Silva

      Muito bom ter a legenda, obrigado.

    14. WhosHereIn2020? _

      This is literally cod ww2

    15. like a bosss

      Any of you fellow history buffs notice at 0:06 the 101st airborne patch on his shoulder and a 82nd one in his helmet. It could be a trophy from a friend in the 82nd

    16. E. A.

      The quality is A+ 110%!!! This movie is great!

    17. turtlerr r

      Cool trailer whens the movie

    18. Jim Talbott

      By far the best use of re-enactment gear I’ve ever seen.

    19. D DAVE

      I just saw this channel in FB so i search it in YT so i SUB

    20. Zakariya Imamudin

      I came here just to hear that one guy scream "MANN AM BODEN!!!"

    21. Agra B

      another fps logic, the enemy endless, until you moveout so the scene change

    22. nathan time

      cod ww2 i guess

    23. Nils Risch

      Who doesn't know the guy who's in the 82nd and the 101st airborne at the same time

    24. Man-Ung Yi

      Wow, graphics is very close to modern fps video games!

    25. Francis Albert

      where was this filmed?

    26. Richard Schwartz

      Is that some kind of CoD WW2 parody? Cause it' s perfectly accurate

    27. ぽちぽち

      1:56 フラグってやつねwww

    28. ゲームサバイバー


    29. BurgydaHerky

      Meh... not enough Fortunate Son...

    30. Dmitriy Sitnikov

      Как всегда на высоте! Вы лучшие )

    31. BomxDurt To

      The Npc always miss : We didnt need your help , bitch man

    32. Red T

      Morning nice day for missing every shot ain't it

    33. giriraj mantrawadi

      Best Friends.................with benefits 😉.

    34. Whitedeath24

      Absolutely terrible, didn't even reload his garand

    35. David Sarkar

      Wow the production cost behind this video must be a lot

    36. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    37. matt81093

      Is it bad that this makes me want to play an old school shooter campaign?

    38. muhammad ehtasam

      This reminds me CALL OF DUTY WW2

    39. Josef Slotosch

      Should have knifed them 😂

    40. Dennis3Run

      I still don´t get why the title and description are in German but the video in English.

    41. Captain Surgee

      Damn, the production quality..

    42. アゴなしゲン


    43. Lee Hanson

      Ah, don't let him get to you! "I didn't." We've really been through a lot of stu- "I don't care."

    44. Nagito Komaeda

      Morning! Nice day for deciding to crawl back to the front line, Ain't it? Huh Hah!

    45. LEO the commando

      is it just me, or this is the best german line they make in cod 1 and 2 2:22 LADABOGNNNNNN

    46. Scum Royals Gaming

      2:08 someone should tell Pvt. Numbnuts to load his carbine? Maybe? Because, you know, bullets and stuff?

    47. LotsOfBologna2

      lol... how can the AI possibly be any dumber???

    48. Crayze

      Woow, Call of Duty: United Offensive. First mission. ❤️

    49. Олег Жуков

      ахахахаха "ты определенно умрешь" )))

    50. Zipply

      This actually looks like a WW2 movie...Nice job..

    51. Soundwave Superior

      holy shit this is some seriously good production value.

    52. Brian Blueblack

      This Is What Happens when you Dont Play Higher Difficulty

    53. FakeSmile

      Kocak Parah :V

    54. BobHolly

      What's probably more true is that most of the enemy would target you & you only. Then after the fight, everyone would act like they contributed to the whole victory....

    55. YumYum

      "Oh, it's me?" :D How many times has it happened that you're sitting with your fingers on the controls during the first cutscene, not realizing it already ended? Hilariously funny! :-)

    56. faceles

      Have you play Ro2? if you havent , you never played fps game

    57. f chong

      wow the production on this is effing amazing! GFJ!

    58. Aaron Suzuki

      This should be a movie


      That what you get when you play on easy mode

    60. G Yetti

      After the scene showing how inaccurate his team was he should have shot a friendly to see what would happened only to get absolutely beamed

    61. Alexander Edwards

      Look who finally decided to play on easy difficulty!

    62. Raven 4096

      they shoot worse then me lol

    63. Tee Jay

      This is probably the normal mod, on hardest mod every enemy unit is focus on the player ignoring player friendly npcs and they didn't miss :).

    64. Apollyon

      This game looks really good

    65. Wicked Sick

      I hear some call of duty 2 german sounds and war screams, good job.

    66. I Watch Everything

      Bettjeman = Bitch man lol

    67. Reed Bois

      Cod ww2 in a nutshell

    68. Arto Saari

      This is the best stuff!

    69. The Weekend Warrior

      EPIC :)

    70. Dayon27

      Es bueno que piensen en los latinos Grande viva la dirt

    71. Johnny English

      Better then Hollywood this shit

    72. Alex Navarro

      I don't know if it's fun or sad that I really lived this situation with NPCs XD

    73. Richard Šebeš Onduš

      these call of duty sound are best

    74. RMC Softair


    75. RMC Softair

      Ahahahahahah very good job guys!!!!

    76. Soulz

      This is based off of CoD WW2 right?

    77. Chris Diso

      *company of heroes 2 in a nutshell*

    78. StarSlayer

      I would watch a full 4 hours mouvie made by these guy, its just a masterpiece, the perfect videos, acting, setting, voice lines, everything, from day one

    79. 𝕾𝖔𝖛𝖎𝖊𝖙 𝕵𝖚𝖎𝖈𝖊

      The fact some of them are using German Weapons can class them as a spy, basically saying they can be killed even if they surrender

    80. Eric Lalmuanpuia

      Title of the game please... I would like to play it too ::)

    81. SAM VINO


    82. Dronzer Gaming

      which game is this?

    83. Bradley Popkes

      "the only one who can kill anyone is the chosen one, everyone else just stands there and menaces at each other"

    84. не нарисованный


    85. giriraj mantrawadi

      "who are you?"😂😂😂🤣

    86. Harry1life

      That scene with missing shots.. it reminds me that kind of jobs with per hour based wage.

    87. jirja3

      3:10 3:14 That guy with panzerfaust in the background...

    88. mask face

      Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good the graffics on this game are

    89. 4B1DD3N

      Can i have the music used for the outro??

    90. T-T Productions

      Most of the time teamates run if front of me while im shooting then bitch that i shot them

    91. yEaRiGhTiSSiK

      My new favorite channel as of now

    92. ああ


    93. wojtekpolska

      Cool, but "the player" is a bit too much of a dick

      1. Ken Masters

        For some reason, he reminds me of Dexter Manning.

    94. TheFred'zArt - THE GUEST'S ATTIC

      Literally COD WW2 start


      What is the name of this game

      1. Ken Masters

        Call of Duty: WWII (2017)

    96. aba ksa

      tbh better than fury :D

    97. DragonsOfPandas

      "Wow your definitely gonna die" Games: *yes*

    98. DragonsOfPandas

      0:22 I see what you did there.

    99. tahrah11

      Adams character kinda reminds me legette from brothers in arms

    100. Mark Mool

      now I understand why the Nazis lost ... they worked as stormtroopers before