When mugging gets stupid - Wagon

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    The muggers are mugging a wagon. Not the driver...the actual wagon
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    1. Southern Fried Media

      Im happy that they got a win for once

    2. Alliance Contracting

      Them two belong on a T-shirt

    3. ScorpyX

      im so happy for them xD Finally

    4. Alejandro Mendoza

      Best Freaking actors

    5. Mathias Daugaard

      When the waggon dropped gold i litterally lolled 😂😂

    6. suraj boro

      What is the name of the 80s music played at the last ??

    7. Daniel Carbone

      Bro what wagon is that XD

    8. Justin Lewis


    9. Ani Enima

      я счастлив за этих ребят ! НАКОНЕЦ они это сделали ! =))

    10. Pedro Benites

      I'm so proud of this jerks kkkk

    11. Chocky's Prod

      1:40 such an epic pose xD

    12. Soood Sod


    13. The Crafty Rogue

      I keep waiting for them to mug Baelin.

    14. Dess Imladris

      They finally mugged something! 😄

    15. Castlemania

      Finally lol

    16. Paranormalcactus

      me: hey coffee pot give me all your coffee or ill mug ya! coffee pot: but i thought you were suppose to mug coffee. me: *surprise pikachu face* coffee pot: you humans confuse me sometimes. *proceeds to give all bags of coffee grounds* me: . . . . i should probably lay off the coffee for a while.

    17. Erik Adalbert van Nagel

      Their AI crashed at the and like in gta san andreas when npc wanna fight a dead person who's driving a bike.

    18. medexamtoolsdotcom

      Of course, since they're NPCs, they themselves ARE inanimate objects. So..... does that count as irony?

    19. Divine Falcon

      And then they spent it all on mugs...

    20. Narsuaq

      I beg you, more mugger skits please!

    21. ElSalsaRey

      Having failed against the Watcher, an old lady, a dragon, and a goose, the muggers finally settle for an inanimate object. Story arc successfully complete

    22. Destined2348 Howared

      I get the idea that Rowan is a secret super genius who secretly created covid

    23. Markus Müller

      destruction hugets.info/first/PL7tB6qL0r-AaCPSJYmZIc7r6yMl3gv59i growth hugets.info/first/PL7tB6qL0r-AYcTjwRMJ8E25c4IN83i1at

    24. Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

      And that day... they stopped being muggers... and opened a local Thieve's Union of their own. Now they only mug their own muggers... for their Union Dues. :-P They call themselves The Teamsters.

    25. rafi zaman

      Imagine that they are high or something and didn't actually mug the wagon

    26. Nelson Rubio

      Ben's mugger face is my favorite thing

    27. John Linville

      I figured after all that money they would have mugged each other.

    28. Киану Ривз

      Обожаю этих двух в образе грабителей они очень смешные P.S. Я надеюсь что я не один русский тут)

    29. Liono liony

      hmmm well ...air is everywhere and touches everything thats not in space or underwater....so the air has tons of gold and jewels and thus mug the air!

    30. Colin Park

      Skyrim: Thief appears, says "Give me your gold or else" Me: "Hello let me introduce you to my 13 followers courtesy of EFF"

    31. Riverfox237

      I think Bernard is actually glitched. Someone please contact the development team.

    32. dicky mustafa

      during the entire victory pose, Rowan didn't even blink an eye. That is what you call commitment.

    33. Asaiiku

      Ben is so fucking hot

    34. Dragon Of Berk

      The one time we successfully see them mug something... And its a wagon? I always knew wagons were richer than they looked

    35. Ryan Stallard

      Now they'll have to change it from "they mug people" to "they mug everything"

    36. Evil GM

      Did they ever patch that wagon?

    37. serpenthydra

      Kudos to that ending, but 'Police Sqaud's' freeze frames still have you beat!

    38. Ryan Downey

      I never get tired of The Muggers!

    39. Thirst Fast

      Ending reminds me of Nardwuar.

    40. smallyellow man1

      Daddy mugger will be proud

    41. lamebubblesflysohigh

      When some dev accidentally tagged an inanimate prop as an NPC but nobody reported it because everybody is exploiting it for easy gold :)

    42. Unspokenfor

      epic 80s porn music at the end

    43. Ranisimo

      Saw the title - huh. Sooo all the other times weren't stupid then, aye?

    44. Kevin Tenuta

      thats some amazing standing still in a pose skills

    45. Matheus Soares

      come on, these characters should be featured on some upcoming game

    46. marco polo

      The double groan is golden.

    47. Arron Tavern

      it's like when you move a stone something in a game and it gives you gold.

    48. LT. Leech

      That wagon is very generous

    49. mondrup92

      How have I not seen this video 😂

    50. Pilvi the Parakeet

      Can't wait for Charles to be free of Bernard and start his own adventure...stuck with Bealin lol

    51. Mitsurugi Ryoma Masaki

      *Afterlife* God: Welcome my sons... Muggers: LET'S MUG HIM!!!!

      1. Paul John Agustin


      2. Mitsurugi Ryoma Masaki

        God: MeDammit.

      3. Ryan Downey

        "But...that's Almighty God. Literally a devine being with infinite power." "Yeah, but there's only one of Him and two of us."

      4. Programmer Cat


    52. Patrick Nowak

      Hahahahah this is so funny!

    53. Travis Philip

      Spoiler: No levels of higher brain activity detected!!!!!:(

    54. GodMaster5000

      Imagine holstering your sword and use stick to mug 😆

    55. Super Fire 64 Gaming

      “-and what do we do?” “We mug *people* “ Hmmmm....they need a new catchphrase

    56. medexamtoolsdotcom

      But they answered their own dilemma as to why they shouldn't be mugging a wagon, by saying "what do we do?" and saying "we mug people".... yeah.... PEOPLE.... a wagon is not a person.

    57. Erik

      hey bernard what are we?

    58. Nicolas Yang

      Best bro's ever.

    59. Mark D

      Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are rich.

    60. Elias Mühlack


    61. Jesse W.

      They need to rob wagons more often.

    62. Jordan Verbeek

      0:57 "What are we?" Damn, the sass is strong in this one.

    63. Scott S

      When you're playing a Bethesda game and realise they had to use a hack to make vehicles work, so technically vehicles are NPC's...

    64. Corrupted Defiler

      Anyone know the name of the song at the end?

    65. matty101yttam

      A happy ending...but the follow up is sad, after hitting the jackpot they never got to spend it due to their compulsion to mug everyone they met.

    66. Richard smith

      I tried to mug a wagon in red dead redemption 2 and can confirm this actually works but only if you run at them shouting let's go mugging

    67. Jocose Sonata

      We all know what muggers do, they mug people, and they mug people for their gold, but no one seems to wonder what they do with it. Next skit should be what they do with the gold.

    68. SamuraiSevenBlade

      The plot twists! Oh the plot twists!

    69. Elvarn Eng Hui

      Their first successful mugging.. good for them

    70. Quatschk0pf R.W.

      He just doesn't care anymore.

    71. John Wick

      We need more of these

    72. X X

      What was the outro music?

      1. Yernow

        I would like to know too

    73. rgderen88

      This might've been the dumbest thing y'all have ever made. I love it.

    74. Hel lo

      Want then to mug some trees too next

    75. Darren Lin

      Rowan is right for once

    76. Yasser


    77. Andrew Wutsit

      LET'S MUG EM!

    78. Andrew Wutsit


    79. riven main

      rowan is such a good actor in these lol

    80. The Persian

      For the peace of the kingdom.

    81. markjvp

      XD Next: mug their own stuff

    82. Alex Fontaine

      That's fantastic !

    83. Marckus Pena

      wow!! they actually finally succeed at mugging! haha!

    84. Coke A-Cola

      Legend has it that even until this day, their jaws are still locked in that position.

    85. Darkwear GT

      Wagon Plsno

    86. TheDeathmail

      When you realize that Rowan is actually the smarter one...

    87. xthat 1guyx

      Finally that got one lol 😂 bout time

    88. B G

      - Hey Bernard, what are we ? - we re muggers - Yeah and what do muggers do ? - Oh oh they mug people - But Bernard, this one is not a person (convinces him not to mug not human - they left the place)

    89. Jan Christoffersen

      Patch note: Fixed exploit where wagons could be mugged for massive amounts of gold. Gold removed from anyone that has exploited it.

    90. Adrian Vaduva

      They did it! The mad lads finally did it!

    91. Maksim Sarchevski

      And what do muggers do? Ben: They mug people, Me: correction, now they mug inanimate objects, but who else cares about this comment, even though if I get more then 1k likes, all the haters would say: let’s go mug it

    92. Connor McKenna

      Poor wagon was probably screaming internally. He had lots of gold tho

    93. Nickster

      I just love mugger 1's double take on receiving gold

    94. Axel Lea Reyes

      They finally managed to mug something im so proud

    95. Sage

      I love you guys so much. Absolutely relatable. I wish so much you could make a few videos about LifeAfter mobile Rpg. 🤣

    96. Serena

      The '80s freeze frame made me so happy.

    97. William Mitchell

      I love the 80's style victory at the end.

    98. H MasterChaos

      Mugger #1: - sees two other muggers - “ITS TWO MUGGERS, LETS MUG THEM” Mugger #2: “That’s a mirror” Mugger #1: “oh yea, LETS MUG THEM”

      1. Elias Mühlack

        @peter kalman i was Doing the voice of Bens NPC

      2. peter kalman

        @Elias Mühlack The mirror would reflect both of them tho :P

      3. Elias Mühlack

        @peter kalman There is just one Mirror not two

      4. peter kalman

        There's two of us but only one of them , oh wait.

    99. Malcolm Perez

      I cant just scroll past a muggers video.

    100. JustSaiyanXD

      God damnit, the muggers are the best characters in this series.