Teammates in FPS campaigns are invisible - Hitting Back

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    How can they not see them!?!?
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    1. Marco Ulbricht

      Its like Jackie try to stealth in the arasaka escape mission xD

    2. Robby Antonius

      Sniper elite 3 be like

    3. Alex Spa

      So happy I found this channel, I love it

    4. Henry Stickmin's Twin

      “Must’ve been the wind.”

    5. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    6. i i

      thanks russian subtriti

    7. Metal Spork

      Lol.. the loud music on top of it all. 😄

    8. Pietro Salomone


    9. Mad Ziam

      That's the case in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

    10. Raiders nation For life

      Hahahahahaha that was epic hahahahaha COD, Brothers in arms... etc hahahahahaha

    11. Ikmalreza 1998

      Damn. In every production. Adam is always bashed. Man.

    12. MrFunguspower

      Shoutout to that one guard standing around, holding an MG42 he's definitely planning to hip fire.

    13. Yurii Herbenko

      100% scene from Cyberpunk 2077

    14. sleepy snoring puppy

      This is fucking spot on

    15. Karthik Bharath

      Coming back after playing a mission from cyberpunk 2077, where Jackie does the same shit trying to be stealth. Can't stop laughing 🤣🤣😂

    16. Chr0nos

      This was so incredibly accurate that I could predict almost everything that was going to happen. Thanks boys, you had me in stitches xD

    17. Frank Sz

      You guys gotta do one video with the tall grass trick a la Assassin's Creed.

    18. hunter steel96

      what about the time when you kill an enemy from a distance, others find the corpse and that immediately gives your location no matter what

    19. MrHoradreams

      Ghost Recon Breakpoint, is that you ?!

    20. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for sneakin', ain't it? Hu huh

    21. Happyk1nGG

      This was a BIG problem for battlefield 4

    22. Stealth Attack

      Bravo!!!! LOL

    23. J_C_CH

      1:58 I love Private King's gormless expression XD

    24. Raj Aryan Agrawal

      Is there some place where we can listen/buy the soundtracks during the end credits

    25. ゲームサバイバー


    26. ARG Explicit

      "pick a tree..." Best advice in 2020

    27. C T

      This is the Viva all-star episode. ;D

    28. KN-1712

      Everyone is talking about the lines, but someone could tell me the name of the song at the starting?

    29. Antek


    30. Zativech

      I NEED COVER FROM THE LEFT FLANK **goes in there without shooting** *ALRIGHT, WEST FLANK IS CLEAR*

    31. Marat Yuldashev

      Press "LIKE" for a beautiful PINE FOREST!

    32. Gambiteer

      Invisibility is their superpower. That's why the mission fails if they get killed.

    33. turtlerr r

      Farcry 5 is a pioneer to this

    34. Kscreamcore Vicerra

      I love your video guys keep it up :D

    35. Alex Cheremisin

      2:44 Flannel daddy

    36. GPAKOS


    37. lumineesh

      LMAO the suspicion bar. So accurate. You guys should do a serious about some stealth games like Hitman, where the enemies are completely oblivious.

    38. PalmQuigley

      I'm pretty sure it's literally impossible to sneak into that incampment.

    39. TotallyNotAFox

      They have a cool mechanic in Sniper Elite 4 - if you kill somebody his unit will notice that someone is missing

    40. Vin Diseraad

      This is too good

    41. adipati penangsang

      Whoa 👍 very accurate lol

    42. Delus10nal Gamer

      Ghost recon breakpoint right here, my incredible a.i teammates would be aimed in on an enemy inches from their face while walking around them

    43. PP TBC

      Wha hahahahahahaha

    44. The Cat Man

      The muzzle flash on the machine gun in the outro is a better effect than everything in Money Plane.

    45. Piyush Attri

      I am watching all the videos even after watching the one whole video which they made on FPS shooter games coz they spent so much making this video and I want to support as much as I can for the good work the doing 😃✌🏼 watched the advertisement till the end aswell 😄 please make apex legends video’s aswell like you made of pubg

    46. Michael Ray

      2:03 payday 2 guards in a nutshell.

    47. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    48. Станислав Шайдуров

      Ха ха ха точно! Все так и работает! Не хватает только финального момента: весь лагерь перебит и последний солдат противника это замечает!

    49. 최유민

      0:23 ~ 0:24 Who's that guy on the right side of Alan..??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Saint Slayer

      My guy has his difficulty on very easy

    51. Иван Фролов

      Прикольные у вас ролики)

    52. Марсель Даутов


    53. 白滝にゃっく

      これが100$のクオリティか? が最高に好きw バグしかないじゃん…xD

    54. janjan irl


    55. Putte MacGuff

      Are any real fps game like that?

      1. Michael Ray

        Payday 2, call of duty World war 2 other CODS, there’s a lot more I think but I just don’t remember them, but almost any mission on any call of duty that’s stealth based, your NPC teammates are invisible and never get spotted.

    56. Rendarth1

      Watched Dina walk right up to infected in Last of Us 2 without any reaction, and immediately thought of this video...

    57. LEO the commando

      whoa i like that german accent 2:20

    58. Exill -7

      Loved the vid Btw Nice Outfits And Gun Props!

    59. Iron Cross666

      Kill All That Sees All! LoL It A Game! Love the Work! LMFAO

    60. Chris O'Donnell

      It's true! Completely invisible!

    61. ヒューラーマイン

      mgs like

    62. Sanat Sahrawat

      When you shoot a person in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and they say “must be my imagination”

    63. Verloren

      this demonstrate that getting war weapons and gear is waaaaaaay easier than medieval stuff XD

    64. Si Adot

      Assassin creed lol

    65. ᴅɪɢɢꜱɪᴇ

      literally dying at 3am this is fucken hilarious

    66. Tamojit Basu


    67. 名無しのキャス子

      unsubtle reference to standard skyrim npc dialogues

    68. boringstuff

      Must be my imagination dishonored guard

    69. Alexander Edwards

      He should’ve been wearing a ghillie suit!

    70. Tihich

      Stelth in Pay Day 2

    71. Leonard Fidi

      on German it means Was War das

    72. Varis

      ARMA3 version: - SUSPICION - Oh the players are behind that 30m thick woods! BRT-TK-TK-TK!

    73. דמיטרי דמיאן סרין

      give ur sound man a huge..... he is the best !

    74. A noice person

      Feels like Payday 2, although there if a guard spots a body, for whatever reason, they'll know where you are

    75. Like an animatoh

      almost same sh*t in STYX 2014

    76. Baguetes Francesas

      Enemy npc gets shot: must be the wind

    77. Ben The Sodaman

      The first time I sneaked around in the Last of Us, my suspense was killed when no one cared about the other allies being sneaky.

    78. Garth Fairfield

      You dudes are funny.

    79. James Filho

      Português from Brazil please

    80. ヒロ

      At least the graphics are great.

    81. Jaime Martinez

      This was like a movie no 🧢


      Also metal gear solid 1 be like...HUH!? What was that noise?....hmm


      Your costumes are awesome idk this game but there is such a battle of the Ardennes (bulge) (ww2) vibe going here

    84. Stefan Alenius

      "Must have been the wind..."


      WHO still remmember the time they won the PGI 2018 MEMORIES

    86. Sam Ronco

      I couldn't stop laughing! Great parody.

    87. Michael Abbott

      The Music Feels Like MOH Frontline Miss That Game

    88. Kevin Parsons

      Ghost recon be like

    89. TheGamingMan

      hahaha so true

    90. MalcolmCooks

      me in fallout: shoots a super mutant in the head from across the room with a high-powered rifle super mutant: "I think I heard something!"

    91. Anonerak

      The game is pretty good but the graphics are awful, the models look so fake they are creepy... ugh.

    92. не нарисованный

      These are : The last of us 1 😂😂😂😂

    93. m d

      Plz make videos on call of duty.....

    94. Kenn

      wait, was that Rob

    95. Rocco Vercetti


    96. Pwnage

      you know when enemies continuously shoots u even when youre hiding behind cover, and your npc teammates are in the open without getting shot ONCE.

    97. CCuber

      This game has great graphics

    98. Равиль Кадашев

      Да точно😆😆😆😆