That pro gamer friend - Git Gud

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    Sometimes playing with your pro gamer friend just isn't fun. Get good yo
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    1. Renaissance Hollows

      😆 lol

    2. muiske41

      Love that dog chilling on the couch

    3. Mr. Smith

      I remember beating my friend in street fighter 2 with one hand.

    4. No.

      im pretty sure all three of them have the same tatto on their arm, cool

    5. Troy Street

      I hope Rowan’s foot really isn’t a hand.

    6. Tasselhoff Burfoot

      Oh dear this was totally me with my friends.. I felt so bad about it after I realized what I was doing. Could reliably win 3v1s and would sometimes go get food in the middle.

    7. Silgid

      Product placement or not. Just awesome!

    8. Muhammad Hafizi

      Should bring Ben

    9. Aimee M

      Rowan is soooooo sexy!

    10. vishwajit lohkare

      Rowan is a hacker

    11. Bim Sim

      I hate when friends ask me for a one vs one especially when they are so much better at the game than me.

    12. Jeffrey Fredricksen

      Lol, sock hand.

    13. Z GaminG

      They're playing warzone but the sound effects are of pubg

    14. Alex Mort

      So... if i buy a load of Steelseries gear i can be as good as that? No dont answer i will still suck like a Noob

    15. Saintbow

      Remember that time Steel series sponsored "Bully Hunters" and later found out that it was a scam...yeah...good times... Least they are throwing their money at better causes.

    16. H Bourne

      "Ahhh it phased me!"

    17. Range2212

      Playing BF1

    18. Meownaa

      Is there a sleeping dog on Adams couch? :D

    19. Xander1097

      The real question is: Can Rowan play Tarkov like this?

    20. Darth Revan

      "I thought you guys were AFK and that was why I was killing you so much." Good luck recovering from that burn

    21. Rafael Vargas

      Gross. How the hell do they advertise a Mac book pro (drop case) on a VLDL video.

    22. xwaltranx

      10 seconds in and i am already triggered by all those wireless headsets. this will be a hard one to finish.

    23. Robert Zimmer

      1:41 hahaha impressive

    24. Zach Murray

      He should have given them pay cuts for being so bad

    25. Dokkasan

      As much as it's considered "selling-out", I love product placement over actual ads!

    26. Eamon Lash

      Steel series is bad but you guys make great content

    27. Bryan Park

      Ill go easy... clap clap and respawn.

    28. Timothy Rodowicz -Ursine Games-

      You can definitely tell something is off. The entire video has a different feel from all the other content. It makes it a bit obvious that something is up, and makes us suspicious of it being an advertisement.

    29. Pidulol

      xD plaing with my feet xD

    30. MangSuannn

      Amazing this shows that the manager always wins

    31. ZebraUp


    32. Joshua Tulong

      hmm... no game no life parody eh? playing with feet

    33. J K

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    34. TheAngryAArdvark

      Rowan bot 2.7

    35. Wooden Monkey Fox

      1:05 the screen is turned off...

    36. Lt.waffle

      Word for word

    37. Lt.waffle

      This is me in cod ww2 customs 🤣

    38. Jeiran Rivera

      Is that cod lol

      1. godsavecanada

        pubg it think

    39. Smuggly McWeed

      I have a friend like this though in real life. They are bigger pricks because they need to dump on you to feel better. Like calling you trash because they compare you to their godly skills. So soooo fun...

    40. PedanticTwit

      I actually used to do the "playing with my feet" thing in Soul Calibur.

    41. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    42. Jackson Smith

      Gorgeous thumbnail

    43. nicolapodgornik

      I guess all that skiving paid off Rowan, eh ?

    44. Михаил Коробов

      тут смайлик ХА ХАХАХАХА

    45. Михаил Коробов

      ХА ХА ХАХА

    46. The Spark

      Never happened to me, I die with dignity.

    47. Leo Mark

      i just realised that adam and alan were telling what they were doing while rowan was in wonder he knew wat they were doing and killing em easy...

    48. Soundwave Superior

      Not sure if regular video or ad

    49. matt lam

      git gud

    50. Triggerboy78

      i mean, i like your videos.. but this was just a steelseries ad... and not even a good one...

    51. Tarun

      Did you forget using these hacks in PGI? Ben saved it anyways so GG

    52. Narcøleptic SkunK

      1:10 is that elon musk?

    53. Herobrine

      I'm rowan when playing with my friend his brother and his brothers friends

    54. Sub 2 Mercenary Live-streams

      I can relate to Rowan in GTA pvp against my friends lol

    55. Evan Daar

      I have a friend with 25k hours in Csgo so this lands close to home with me

    56. Assassinmaster

      Me and my friend on injustice 2

    57. 123 456

      I don’t like how accurate this is 😂 my friends straight up won’t play custom games with me

    58. Matthew Burchfield

      lol who would actually win??????


      Rowan look like hacker but I still like him keep it up

    60. omxls

      They're playing tic tac toe

    61. anchuto

      Don’t be afraid of this guys, playing with people better than you is the best way to get better. I used to play 1v1 with a friend waay better than me and within a couple of weeks I was already beating him.

    62. Ant

      Imagine a dick boss, then getting trolled on your off day lol

    63. Vidhya Shakya

      at 1:04 you can see there is nothing on their screens

    64. Jordan Chandler

      Rowan is a mac gamer..... Notice the iMac by his shoulder! #Traitoroftheteam 😂😂

    65. Dustin Caldwell

      Rowan's just hacking, cause that'd be such a Rowan thing to do.

    66. iksitet Айсен


    67. John Keenan

      You guys are hero's 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    68. Josh Gibbons

      "I'm playing with my feet and I'm still better than U" *Sees thumb move in sock*

    69. DerpyDaringDitzyDoo

      "But I don't understand... there are two of us... and only one of him..."

    70. Uruburus

      Thanks BRO but i prefer Genesis TM only 5$ per keyboard

    71. Extruss _

      I thought they’re going to play a SC2 a two v1

    72. The PUNISHER

      Adam's screen was off

    73. TheHoodiedOne

      I call hax

    74. Matthew Keen


    75. Antmite :3

      What game are u guys playing?

    76. darondax

      The hand in the sock when he's "playing with his feet" just killed me 😂

    77. Theac009

      Yo i love my arctis pro wirelesses.

    78. INDO Official


    79. Lord Draagon

      Git Push

    80. W.D gaster

      And then the absolute worst player somehow manages to kill the best player seriously this happened to me, I managed to kill one of my friends who were really good

    81. TomThai

      i don't give a shit when sponsoring goes so fine.

    82. Yoder023

      If he kills you while he's sleeping yeah, he's cheating. Cheating on games is just the game playing itself. It's not fun and there's no challenge

    83. I made this so I could comment

      Can someone just give me a good setup on the equalizer for the arctis pros because literally I can’t find anything on the internet that sounds good.

    84. I Dabe

      Ummmmm blavk screen nice

    85. __Mort3012__

      Got steel series headphones already. Missus liked mine so much, had to buy her the same headphones ;)

    86. Vine still Flow through me.

      Oh wow I have the same headphones as them... and it's a sponser

    87. Abner Schmidt

      Gay keyboards.

    88. juan carlos

      thats me when i play csgo with my friends

    89. Anon ymous

      I hope you guys start a GET GUD series this was awesome I would love to see you guys teaming up 1v4 2v2 whatever this was just awesome hahahahahaha please do more GET GUD!! LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!

    90. FBI Openu appu

      It's git gud

    91. Dennis maddy

      I love you guys and the work that you do, but your ads and ads and more as that pop up over the so called candidate, Joe Biden all right YOU need to do something about these ads popping up on your page about Joe Biden OK thanks this way I can continue to watch your videos contribute to videos and even keep telling everyone I meet about your videos and to watch or contribute or anything they can I'd like to do with a free and nyce conscience but these ads are getting ridiculous

    92. Ghost Girl

      Bro, they are getting destroyed so bad that their computer screen isn't even on

    93. PIREWOLF

      1:41 ahh no game no life

    94. TheHellsingHQ

      Don't know why, but this took me back to the days of REKT.

    95. Vixey Teh

      Then Ben shows up and wtf pwn Rowan because game logic.

    96. Ugyen Tandin

      What headphone is that u guys use

    97. Shadow YT

      *Insert any Hornet comment here*

    98. Wayne Matsumoto

      May I know what rowan uses mouse is? Which brand

    99. Zach Biggles

      This is Ray vs. AH in 2020.

    100. Nathan Annodius

      “I’m playing with my feet” Rowan is an Archfey and this is only 1% of his power.