That pro gamer friend - Git Gud

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    Sometimes playing with your pro gamer friend just isn't fun. Get good yo
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    1. J2Anime

      Rowan remind me of that anime, " No Game, No Life" lol

    2. Ryan Bell

      Man. Those keyboards and mouses are hideous

    3. Mark Esteves ( Student )

      He can’t hear you guys right lol

    4. Andony

      what game is this prefered to?

    5. TheDark Whisper

      Pretty much my girlfriend when we play COD BO II back then

    6. Bradley Nelson

      I like steel series But ever like see a name of a gaming product someone mentioned in a post online and think that sounds made up? I mean i just got the Steel series Ultra 12x RGB Mouse Pad lol

    7. Bahadır Başer Kök

      Amazing steelseries ad Edit: Hahahha... knew it

    8. Giorgos Samou

      git commit push

    9. Nassim Benghanem

      You're using mods Rowan ! Shame on you

    10. CYNIC 98

      Who even buys Steelseries mice?

    11. SANDRO

      git gud scrub

    12. Kirk Lazarus

      I'm always a Rowan when playing by myself, but when I team up with friends, I'm like a noob all over again.

    13. The Usurper

      The let’s battle each other is so true

    14. SergeySvotin

      Get some steelseries and stay just as bad as you are xdd

    15. Mr. Latrei

      When you join a tf2 lobby and the entire enemy team is made of rowans.... ;´( I just wanna charge my uber, man. But you just gotta stay on that vaxxinator so you can´t drop charges :c

    16. Zek The Penguin

      The whole "git gud" culture has ruined some games for me. I have no desire to be a pro gamer, and there are some that seem to think that certain genres are only for pros and wannabes. It robs those games of any fun.

    17. Fuseteam

      dang didn't recognize alan through that beard

    18. TheXmaxX Max

      git? oh, so they’re aware of version control systems

    19. grabbin a problem solver

      He just bough new chair.

    20. Challangers

      Plot twist: Rowan was useing hack's the hole time

    21. Sean Spahr

      1:38 had me dead

    22. Noble Huang

      Thefirst scene on Series icon and I know this is a commercial LMAO

    23. sethu 869

      he can beat panda and ninja

    24. M-L gaming

      Why doesn't HUgets have "im in this video and I don't like it"? I really need to report this video.

    25. shadowhawk

      I feel this on a personal level. Please do a Rust Logic video.

    26. dantheman007a

      Obviously skill level is determined by the number of monitors you have. Rowan has an unfair advantage.

    27. Uncle Jellyfish

      I regret naming my son Rowan.

    28. Brandon Keidl

      You guys make some of the best gaming videos ever.

    29. Expertbean

      Technoblade in a nutshell

    30. r Baron

      make the pro gammer a 16 year old which would map to my reality a bit more

    31. Some Guy In The Internet

      *He played Dark Souls*

    32. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    33. dRago 114

      He probably has auto aim bots

    34. csn69 Gaming

      Rowan: that's a pay cut for both of you

    35. Bloody Mindset

      its me when i 1v1 me friends:D

    36. Joe Rodriguez

      Does VLDL100 work?

    37. Giraffe PNWfarmer

      It sucks when they dont show the game

    38. Cat on weed

      1:03 I like how the screen is black .

    39. Taranefic Gaming

      "Oh you were playing? I thought you were afk. Thats why I was killing you so much" Gotta use this sometime.

    40. Khaled Robbin

      "I'm playing with my feet" hahahaha

    41. crazy8slayer

      The problem with being on a much higher level of play than your friends in pvp games is they never want to play against you and if you play on the same team they expect a carry everytime

    42. Pasindu Dinusha

      What's great about playing against pro players is you eventually get good at it and be able to take them down. One of my friends was so good at Halo that he kept wiping floor with us every time we played and I am more of an offline player so I'm not very good at competitive play. But I was able to get my win ratio to 60:40 for every encounter after playing few rounds against him. To me it felt like a great achievement.

    43. Ezra Rainstein

      BOOM... HEADSHOT! I love the throwback!

    44. Niku Khattra

      This is me but I try to help my friends get better buy when we do versus I do chall3nges to make it fair like one shot 360 only. I'm talking about r6

    45. Luka Smed Visholt

      Nice beard alan

    46. Daniel Gilleland

      Ah, you drew me in with `git` instead of `get`. You do know `git` is a thing, right? 30 million + developers on

    47. Peter Pacheco

      This video is what got me started on Viva la dirt league lol

    48. MazzeLs GaminG

      I pay more when I use your code, lol from 59.99€ to 62.70€

    49. Matt Hinton

      Not enough rgb

    50. Helo XIII

      with my brother & sister, used to play domination to let them a chance, ofc it wasn't enough :P

    51. Mirza Agha Ali Khan

      *Nice day for gamin', ain't it.. Huha*

    52. Agustin

      You tried to sell me steelseries, but I want doritos instead.

    53. Jay Kay

      Well, cool, now I wanna shoot myself in the head, because I am legitimately that bad, and I've just asked the director, and my life is in fact not a skit, so I can't even get solace from that.

    54. Joel Hunter

      I loved being this guy with my friends with some games. With other games I am the guys getting frustrated lol.

    55. Renaissance Hollows

      😆 lol

    56. muiske41

      Love that dog chilling on the couch

    57. Mr. Smith

      I remember beating my friend in street fighter 2 with one hand.

    58. No.

      im pretty sure all three of them have the same tatto on their arm, cool

    59. Troy Street

      I hope Rowan’s foot really isn’t a hand.

    60. Tasselhoff Burfoot

      Oh dear this was totally me with my friends.. I felt so bad about it after I realized what I was doing. Could reliably win 3v1s and would sometimes go get food in the middle.

    61. Silgid

      Product placement or not. Just awesome!

    62. Muhammad Hafizi

      Should bring Ben

    63. Aimee M

      Rowan is soooooo sexy!

    64. vishwajit lohkare

      Rowan is a hacker

    65. Bim Sim

      I hate when friends ask me for a one vs one especially when they are so much better at the game than me.

    66. Jeffrey Fredricksen

      Lol, sock hand.

    67. Z GaminG

      They're playing warzone but the sound effects are of pubg

    68. Alex Mort

      So... if i buy a load of Steelseries gear i can be as good as that? No dont answer i will still suck like a Noob

    69. Saintbow

      Remember that time Steel series sponsored "Bully Hunters" and later found out that it was a scam...yeah...good times... Least they are throwing their money at better causes.

    70. H Bourne

      "Ahhh it phased me!"

    71. Range2212

      Playing BF1

    72. Meownaa

      Is there a sleeping dog on Adams couch? :D

    73. Xander1097

      The real question is: Can Rowan play Tarkov like this?

    74. Darth Revan

      "I thought you guys were AFK and that was why I was killing you so much." Good luck recovering from that burn

    75. Rafael Vargas

      Gross. How the hell do they advertise a Mac book pro (drop case) on a VLDL video.

    76. xwaltranx

      10 seconds in and i am already triggered by all those wireless headsets. this will be a hard one to finish.

    77. Robert Zimmer

      1:41 hahaha impressive

    78. Zach Murray

      He should have given them pay cuts for being so bad

    79. Dokkasan

      As much as it's considered "selling-out", I love product placement over actual ads!

    80. Eamon Lash

      Steel series is bad but you guys make great content

    81. Bryan Park

      Ill go easy... clap clap and respawn.

    82. Timothy Rodowicz -Ursine Games-

      You can definitely tell something is off. The entire video has a different feel from all the other content. It makes it a bit obvious that something is up, and makes us suspicious of it being an advertisement.

    83. Pidulol

      xD plaing with my feet xD

    84. MangSuannn

      Amazing this shows that the manager always wins

    85. ZebraUp


    86. Joshua Tulong

      hmm... no game no life parody eh? playing with feet

    87. J K

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    88. TheAngryAArdvark

      Rowan bot 2.7

    89. Wooden Monkey Fox

      1:05 the screen is turned off...

    90. Lt.waffle

      Word for word

    91. Lt.waffle

      This is me in cod ww2 customs 🤣

    92. Jeiran Rivera

      Is that cod lol

      1. godsavecanada

        pubg it think

    93. Smuggly McWeed

      I have a friend like this though in real life. They are bigger pricks because they need to dump on you to feel better. Like calling you trash because they compare you to their godly skills. So soooo fun...

    94. PedanticTwit

      I actually used to do the "playing with my feet" thing in Soul Calibur.

    95. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    96. Jackson Smith

      Gorgeous thumbnail

    97. nicolapodgornik

      I guess all that skiving paid off Rowan, eh ?

    98. Михаил Коробов

      тут смайлик ХА ХАХАХАХА

    99. Михаил Коробов

      ХА ХА ХАХА

    100. The Spark

      Never happened to me, I die with dignity.