Preparing for battle in The Witcher - Preparation

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    There are two types of players in The Witcher...
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    1. IAmPegasus

      Awww, that dragon looked cute

    2. Celaena Sardothien

      Rodney's here to collect the dragon scales needed to craft the next Playtech uniform of power.

    3. John Ts

      Rowan clearly has that "drunk's luck" perk, and he spent all his skill points on it. They called him a madman lol

    4. Alex

      Wow! you guys actually got Netflix's Witcher FX department to help you create this one. Well done!

    5. Domitori P.

      Morning! Nice day for killing dragons, ain't it! Hu ha!!!

    6. Mech Labs

      o´valley of plenty....

    7. karlin finder

      Bro that dragon looks insane

    8. Aric Thoresen

      A witcher wouldn't normally fight a dragon.

    9. Illumin4t

      the acctual problem is more like a witcher would never attack and kill a dragon for contract or something like that, only when the dragon attacks them they would defend themself

    10. s p o o k

      I cant beleive they actually made the potions for this video

    11. Chris tian

      Toss a coin to your Witcher!

    12. Medium

      when you go farming and your noob friend start to role play

    13. Spawn Of slipknot

      Killing a dragon with button mashing is super easy barely an inconvenience.

    14. игорь бонд

      разные уровни сложности.

    15. M Kamal

      Witcher : "frost attack" Potions : "green colored" Me : fake potions, that's not frost attack, that's poison

    16. Mudit Bansal

      But witchers Don't kill dragons. They are highly intelligent and respected race. Poor dragon!

    17. Oğuzhan Çeşmeci

      Absolutely that is😂😂

    18. nomine, terra mea, religionis

      The first one was The witcher the second one Monster Hunter

    19. Herman HAIDASH


    20. ELAD

      Im the only only who fight with no aromr and fists

    21. Michael Gonzales

      Same thing for school. I study and i study bot got less score than the one who didnt study 😂

    22. Cherry Boom

      That was such a cute dragon!

    23. ISKRA

      I miss "I need to drink" at 2:00 :D

    24. Pandam0nium

      Basically Geralt meets Sandor Clegane XD

    25. Cepilek.

      Smoku jesteś piękny

    26. tuakra yee

      My tactic hit(or sometimes run) like there is no tomorrow

    27. The Soviet Onion

      Ummm. The Witcher code forbids for witchers to kill dragon

    28. john bickle

      Cutest dragon evar.

    29. Edward Snowden

      That dragon CGI was so cute, I felt bad for it.

    30. Dan Hamlish

      Honestly, in Skyrim I SHOULD be repeatedly switching armour between stealth missions and battles but, eh. Can’t be bothered. Just put stealth enchantments on my Daedric armour and start killing things.

    31. PolemiGames

      I kinda expected him having to pee after all that.

    32. Peterson Hang

      I chop. I stab. And I.. do a one like this!

    33. Mike Weilgart

      I LOVE the "Dinkledork" accent! More of that please! :D

    34. mac Beeler

      Kinda felt bad for the dragon xD

    35. Ashbury

      Nice day for Slaying ain't it?!,... Uh Ohh

    36. Gurtington

      0:51 what chu doing? LMFAO

    37. Shae Stroup

      If that were an actual dragon from the Witcher, that guy with the greatsword would be dead.

    38. Elven Prince

      I’d be mad. There goes xp and gold

    39. Dodadeus

      I was almost expecting the dragon to already flown away by the time he was done with the oils and potions.

    40. Chady Ways

      Wind's howling

    41. GreenTea

      That dragon looks pretty cute.

    42. WJ ZAV

      I wonder if there is also a potion to make leather squeak whenever he moves.

    43. Im Fu

      The toxin build in TW3 is strong af ngl

    44. A-media Group

      My husband and me 😂

    45. Blackfeathers

      That witcher must have crazy high toxicity resistance.

    46. Hiddenus

      To be fair I always I was that kind of Witcher who relied on agility to dodge and slice as fast as possible before next dodge. I think I'd be a Cat Witcher.

    47. Gorkie

      yeah!! dragon bbq

    48. MKGAMER 110

      I'm looking at rowan and I'm thinking ”thats about right”

    49. Greg DeVille

      Delphine: “We remember what most don’t: that the Dragonborn is the ultimate dragon killer. See, other people need potions and oils. The Dragonborn can just...chop.”

    50. Danny Schoofs

      Wondering what happens when he drinks the wrong potion, by accident... :p

    51. Tanuj Kumar

      Poor dragon I felt so bad for it.

    52. Clarence Wilson

      Very funny!

    53. giriraj mantrawadi

      This could be an ASMR video

    54. KG Guitar

      I was just expecting him to eventually get drunk from all the potions and pass out before getting to fight dragon :D

    55. Jock McBile

      That was the cutest dragon, I have ever seen. Who cloud harm, such a wuvable creature.

    56. Narsuaq

      My potions are too strong for you, traveller.

    57. MrMentalflossed

      omg i just realized im the 2nd guy ,..i never use potions and stuff. lol

    58. Ganesh Harley Chinnaiya

      What is the name of the game?

    59. Sovann Thach

      For him to be able to sneak up on you like that shows he’s OP

    60. Adriwalkgames

      npc: that camp is full of enemies they outnumber us we have to make a plan I: ok, I go there and kill them all and you stay here and do not hinder me

    61. Mark Mool

      Confess warrior, you have a drinking problem...

    62. Ikmalreza 1998

      Wish real life was that. Apply stuff and it happens.

    63. Морган Мэган

      Геральт не убивал драконов..

    64. Selami

      when you prepare to exam from weeks ago and your friend gets higher points without even working.

    65. kswiorek

      The CGI dragon is still better than the one from the old polish series...

    66. Cringe Theory

      Spyro ain’t playin around no more this shit ain’t rated E no more i’m rated M now Y’all made fun of me when I was just a weak little dragon cub well guess what this little dragon grew up and now he gunna eatchya *IS what HE WOULD say if this game was balanced correctly* Spyro can’t catch a break ;)

    67. Kyle Middleton

      Kind of feels like they forgot to put a joke in this one.

    68. cor cron

      При чём тут ведьмак?

    69. Adam Pluta

      Witchers are not killing dragons my friends ;)

    70. Collin Watt the minecrafter and music sorter

      1:41 That's how it is done in skyrim. Keep spam swinging your one handed sword until the dragon is dead.

    71. Valkires1

      No dont kill the dragon! He's so adorable and looks friendly...ish...

    72. Kharnes warhammer.

      witcher 3 easy vs normal

    73. Niemniej

      OMG, you went fot it. This dragon was like the one from the old Witcher movie, realy amazing.

    74. FXD

      Basically Dragonborn vs Witcher.

    75. Hellsong89

      Aa the strategic genius in work! This one is known as: HIT IT UNTIL IT DIES!!!

    76. SirTopHat

      i think this can also apply to terraria to an extent

    77. Meekys

      Nope, inaccurate, should’ve passed the game and scrolled through the bestiary to find the monster’s weakness before applying the potions/oils. Also this Geralt looks like he’s new to white orchid. Therefore, I believe that his maximum toxicity cap is at 100 or something? it is just enough for a few potions and oils, which he cannot possibly use due to the lack of alchemy ingredients in his inventory.

    78. Vaggelis Sigalas

      With so many potions I thought that he would threw up😂

    79. ej! ty!

      Rowan was a witcher

    80. Eray Özer

      I did not use any potion besides health in witcher

    81. Michael Denison

      THIS is why I'm not into "The Witcher", because there's just SO MANY different tonics, potions, oils, and more oils that all require ingredients from 101 different locations that only grow at 3 pm on a Tuesday. I have no problem with needed to prepare for a fight, but when it take 5-8 business days to do a 10-minute fight that only results in your armor getting destroyed, the town out for blood, and the real villain getting away... Yeah, not my cup of hot chocolate.

    82. Arash snai

      was that dragonborn from skyrim? :))

    83. Patrick Juderjahn

      Imagine Adam as Lambert for witcher season 2

    84. Lucas Pessoa

      He was raising his toxicity to get more damage... I know this build...

    85. Jonathan Matthews

      Dragon was cute!

    86. Rakhim, Abdul

      Ready perfectly.

    87. Metladanco

      Witchers don't kill dragons

    88. Larkspur

      Yeah I remember I didn't bother with the intricacies of the game on my first run at normal difficulty. Just brute forced my way through. Then came death march difficulty and the prep through each battle. I really enjoyed that though you know? Gave so much more depth and thought to the experience. I had to learn about the monsters and it made me just know what was needed through memory. Made me feel like an experienced witcher.

    89. Sky TG

      625 gold were wasted in the preparation..

    90. Ghost Nappa

      That dragon must be low level

    91. Bra-Ball Legend

      Dragon should've flown away just as the character finished preparing.

    92. Pedro Juan

      The other guy is that player that only uses Swallow potion and the power of meditation

    93. Noah emmet Hayes Bauer

      It sounded like he said "ston skin" and not Stone skin.

    94. Joey B

      "no dragons were hurt in the making of this video"

    95. Simon Håkansson

      This is inaccurate, you should have seen the blood veins very clearly on his head

    96. J. just J

      Haha this preparition is similar to Outward. Buffs with some boons, spells and potion. At least around 10 buffs. And then fight against a boss. Just u really need it in Outward. :D

    97. DudeMan 3

      I honestly prefer to fight monsters without using oils and potions. Really helps me hone the fighting skills and signs

    98. Jack Mason

      Yeah you can do that in Skyrim. I just started playing Witcher 3 had no idea what I was getting into.... defeated a few bosses at the beginning pretty easily no potions or oils. Then I got to the part where your looking for Ciri following her tracks in the caves got my ass whooped once I got to the Wild Hunt dude, then I figured yea the oils and potions are important aren’t they...gunna have to go back a few saves and do some side quests and level up get some supplies and stuff

    99. Jakub Derda

      this is fucking briliant!

    100. Hunter DidSomething

      I beaten the Witcher 2 and 3 without potions... I'm a masochist... I played both of them using potions and it was so so so easy.