Preparing for battle in The Witcher - Preparation

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    There are two types of players in The Witcher...
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    1. DanKhooProductions

      Just mix all of it , make it into a smoothie and drink all

    2. Capitão Rodrigo

      When The Witcher meets Skirym.

    3. PalleRasmussen

      Love this incarnation of Rowan.

    4. Ironman 668

      i drink everything mid battle

    5. Hit Man

      He should stop playing on the easiest difficulty.

    6. Joseph Mort

      Adam is playing The Witcher, Rowan is playing Skyrim.

    7. MagneHalvard


    8. Rave Ryan Beltran

      For some reason the preparation is an ASMR for me.. am I the only one who listened to it over and over again?

    9. Darth Imperious

      This reminds me of back in DnD, where the rest of the party would prepare for battle each night, while I, the barbarian, was always ready and just charged as soon as he saw an enemy, much to my party's chagrin.

    10. William Peng

      I half-expected the witcher to die from potion toxicity lol

    11. Kenny Berger

      Teacher: you cannot pass this class without prepation, and the textbook. Me: it's worked for me in the past.

    12. Didac Romero

      el juego es tan facil que no hace falta ni alquimia ni pociones...

    13. Bruh_646 eats cheese

      me drinking potions to fight ender dragon some dude managing to kill it with no armor

    14. Lizzy Beka

      But the dragon looked so cute :,,(

    15. Abitamim Bharmal

      You mean spam quen

    16. Angel 2925

      Amazing leather asmr

    17. EZyeeZ

      Is this true?

    18. M O

      Thanks to this video most of my family is back to playing Skyrim.

    19. Berserk_95

      Call me a noob but I never crafted any oils or shit :D I just played the game without oiling the weapon.

    20. Clemente José Martínez Serpas

      I'd love to see it otherwise, the potion Geralt showing the reckless novice how to deal with it, epic Witcher!

    21. BlackPhoenix

      Witchers don't fight dragons ! If you have played the game or even watched the series you would know that...

    22. deejayxcrypt

      For reals, the preparation done by the Witcher and how the potions (other etc.) aren’t just some random “rpg potions” you collect a hundred of and drink up, makes things whole a lot more serious. For starters, majority of humans wouldn’t survive most of the Witcher potions.

    23. Dan S.

      Classic WoW vs Retail WoW

    24. Cruz Bryan

      Alchemy builds are so tedious to use.

    25. Tarron

      When you're leveling alchemy..

    26. Jefi11

      Pues en witcher nunca me prepare, solo en las misiones que te obligaban a hacerlo, si fuera como dark souls de dificil valdria la pena prepararse pero lo cierto es que es bastante facil

    27. MantraHerbInchSin

      I thought he would just continue to drink potions for all various kinds of nonsense in the end

    28. Matthew Rooke

      When are you gonna make a full isekai?

    29. StoryTeller

      Wither is an addict I believe

    30. Alfred The Alpha

      witcher? the easiest game i played ever,this game doesnt need prepare please

    31. Sanford Gray

      Is that a Pokémon?

    32. Rathernaut Blues

      Why didn’t he just toss out his pokeball?

    33. _RussiAn Game

      And then he reliaze, it’s was his dragon.

    34. Kenny McCormick

      whoever drinks potions does not kill dragons - old proverb

    35. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng‌

    36. dyord Martins

      He clearly puts his points on strength and not intelligence.

    37. Jack Black

      *sigh* "Outlanders..."

    38. Bog LGuN

      Учитывая что Геральт(книжный) никогда на драконов не охотился....

    39. Ø _ Lunar _ Lover _ Ø

      I.. Yes.. . . . . . . . .

    40. Mr.Cat_CZ

      0:08 I have feeling I can recognise this dragon model.

    41. Kemzal

      "How about we... hit it till it dies"

    42. Spitfire HD

      This is just preparing for any battle in any RPG

    43. josek CXX


    44. Zionheart -001

      Combat vs alchemy build

    45. tomáš macek

      witchers dont kill dragons :)

    46. Martyn Currill

      Loved the addition of the 'Toss a coin to your Witcher' song!

    47. Xdeadlyxphantom

      He's cheating can't put two oils on a blade

    48. LogoSeven

      Geralt doesn’t prepare to battle dragons. Geralt doesn’t battle dragons.

    49. Anthony Stone

      That might work on a baby dragon when fighting a adult dragon you will want the oils and potions.

    50. The Potato

      You dont need buffs. All you need is to complete more side quests.

    51. Kamina Lateralus

      I was definitely the second guy when I played TW. Making potions and oils seemed like a huge waste of time, even on max difficulty.

    52. Antok kristanto

      Honestly, i never use oil in the witcher. Just play hit and run

    53. yamato

      Well the one with potions was playing on harder difficulty to be fair

    54. Wael Ah

      Its a better looking dragon than the original

    55. Achilleas Kifonidis

      Pfft,you don't need that much preparation to kill a dragon. Just apply quen after each hit received and hack away.

      1. Achilleas Kifonidis

        That being said,you'd normaly wouldn't fight a dragon as a witcher. Not their prey.

    56. TheAntiTrope

      Am I one of the few people who genuinely enjoyed preparing in the Witcher 3? I never used an automatic oil/potion mod.

    57. Goi Dogoi

      Ahh.... the Barbarian.

    58. Gosia Malaczek

      I mean... this fight was still more believable than the Bjorn and a bear one. Aaand on top of that the dragon is cute :D

    59. Gosia Malaczek

      I mean... this dragon was still more believable than the Polish Witcher TV series one. Aaand he's a cute one too.

    60. kgou1

      that was kinda asmr when he was drinkin not gonna lie

    61. Jhutch007

      Cool effect. :) You guys are the ( o Y o )

    62. nethrelm

      That dragon was kind of cute, lol. More Pokémon than The Witcher or Skyrim.

    63. İmam Efendi

      on normal or easy modes yeah potions and oils don't change anything you just kıll it faster it is not crıtıcal but ıf you are playıng ın harder dıffıcultıes yeah you need some potıons oıls and go vısıt a place of power upgrade your stuff from the burnıng vıllage or somethıng

    64. Francesco Chang

      where is my FLAMING HAAAAANDS

    65. Bartosz

      The dragon is still better then dragon in Witcher the movie from 2001.

    66. Babis Ioannidis my anchestors used to say...."..till the wise thinks about it..the reckless has finished it"

    67. Alice Hollend

      Same feeling when you play Alchemist in WoW


      thats why cdpr added intoxication :)

    69. The Mad Asshatter


    70. Arthur Simsa

      Death March meets Just the Story!

    71. Pedro Caballero Clemente

      Morning !...nice day to toss a coin to your Witcher ain’t it? Hu ha!

    72. Wytern Gaming

      There are two kinds of RPG players....

    73. D. Mat

      Best stetch in a long time!!!

    74. Son of Sanguinius

      Im literally Rowan/rodney in this one lmao

    75. Mikhael Billy

      Should be Skyrim vs Witcher

    76. Dan Small

      No magic type witcher? Its kinda like dancing with a bunch of puppets if you go full magic. (Also takes really long)

    77. Mallory SF

      Well, yeah. Honestly, these +10% damage to X type oils are a laugh. So I need to hit my foe 20 times instead of 22, big deal. It's extremely rare that everything is on the edge and this tiny buff makes the difference. Either you can survive indefinitely and the battle will be over sooner or later, or you suck and no bonus would save you, you just die from a few hits. Focus and skill are what really matters.



    79. Felix Scheib

      Witchers aren't allowed to kill dragons. Sorry pal. Had to say it

    80. Prang972

      No fair :(

    81. Jorge Schnitzel

      Adam nameing all potions is the best ASMR I have Ever seen

    82. Hardkor Pdf

      A Witcher would never attack a dragon ;)

    83. Lynx Seraph

      Ok now i need ASMR with those oils and potions. 10 hours of preparation would be enough

    84. DTTZ 9999

      Plot twist: Rowan actually drank 3× as many potions b4 going there

    85. Juda Love

      By far, the most satisfying tank kill ever 😄

    86. Grant Pflum

      Only problem was they had the boss just stand there and take it. Since when does a dragon mob NOT fight back?

    87. The Ropper

      Agelity:being more old

    88. Uzair Haroon


    89. Dustin Platt

      Do we really have to wait another 10 years for Witcher 4? Or Season 2? Dangit.

    90. archam777

      Oooooo........!!! Was that Dinkledorks brother?!?!?!

    91. Kai Wang

      No dragon was hurt in the shooting.

    92. Alex Rankin

      i never used any potions or oils in W3. Advantages in using them are not enough to overcome my laziness.

    93. L Chan

      With all that drinking, thought he was going to take a piss soon.

    94. Ryan Stallard

      Are they on different difficulty levels?

    95. Neptuno Vasto Lorde

      This isn't an exaggeration. I've actually beat higher level monsters by just hacking and wailing on them, and they didnt even fight back. I didn't even prepare. Just hack until it stopped moving 🤣

    96. Cubs Popply

      Let's be real here. This is just the difference between a properly leveled player and a severely under-leveled player who has to use handicaps.

    97. Tyfyh

      When high levels visit low levels dungeons

    98. Dukie Blade

      Bro your witcher looks like the one Geralt catches pretending to be a witcher.

    99. M. v.L.

      This is hilarious xD

    100. Shadow Assassin

      I thought 2nd guy was Dovahkiin From Skyrim..XD my bad..