Getting a USB in first time - USB

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    The feeling of getting a USB in first time is actually the most pure form of ecstasy. Nothing else compares
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    1. Silver

      Idk what u guys means... You know your ports, you know your usb disk and just get it 90% of the time right...

    2. Mac Books

      0:20 pause and see the cursed image

    3. DONKAGE!

      0:50 - "Moments captured before disaster"

    4. Grunday Yang

      That's why USB Type-C will eventually replace all Type-A sockets.

    5. Innateight

      Look it's simple. The plastic bit inside the USB should usually face towards the "bottom" of whatever device it is.

    6. J McC

      HDMI is like this x100

    7. FuFu angry brids


    8. Peter Lawrence

      Everyone knows you have to spray lube the slot then it slips in nice n easy.

    9. Alex The Great

      This is why i love VLDL

    10. gage does cool stuff yea

      0:20 it looks like👁👅👁

    11. Dylan Frier

      I also work in retail and I am so glad I found this channel 🤣 all the struggles are so on point I love it🤣

    12. Sky Wolf USA

      0:20 lol

    13. KR Zi-O

      Been there more times than I care to say. And although HDMI are hard to put in wrong , I’ve been there with them as well , thinking you have it right only to find out five minutes later I’m trying to put it in wrong. Ok then. Love VLDL. 👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️

    14. Dark Link

      This should be a speedrun...

    15. Schofield Lancaster

      good shit

    16. FullMetal

      The problem is you dimwits do not realise that USB is a quantum device. It exists in a superposition of all possible states, and when you perform the measurement of trying to plug it in, its wavefunction collapses into a single state. It just sometimes tunnels directly into the port, as there is a non-zero chance to find it in there. So it's basically a macroscopic schroedingers thumbdrive. (For those who do not understand the joke... it was a joke).

    17. Mark Murex

      This is the only thing wrong with flash drives.

    18. bar sei

      the funniest thing, the usb hub wasnt connected...

    19. Wolf In PKXD

      These endings never get old

    20. Rodolfo Valiati

      I'm new subscriber. Is it literally a real shop ? I'm talking about the place, scenario, facility...

    21. harun yiğit

      Lütfen artık türkçe altyazı geti4in videolarınızı çok seviyoruz 🇹🇷

    22. מאור ביניאשוילי

      Me seeing USB :ISRAEL ISRAEL

    23. WhyThough?

      You my man, have elevated to higher ranks of existence

    24. BloxBoy

      Best part He did it without looking

    25. Dan M

      This took, at minimum AND maximum, three attempts.

    26. Justice

      I am happy to get it on the second try because it triggers me when its the third try knowing it should have went in on the first... yes I am talking about usb drive 😜

    27. Noi Nhu


    28. Baba Semka

      It always takes three tries.

    29. Joseph Hamilton

      Would be cool to see Epic NPC and Julian Smith colab

    30. BATTERY

      This must have taken a lot of takes

    31. Xbox Master

      this is like among us keycard task but in real life.

    32. Gagan Thakur

      A bit over react

    33. Sophie Archer

      i bet this took 3 tries

    34. Techo WinMC

      I use to be so ubssed with usb drives. I just liked the idea. But the only difference is I got it on the first try

    35. crazymonkey

      I’ve always gotten a usb in on the first try

    36. Severin .Wolf

      I always flip the plug around right before I put it in. Seems to counter the issue.

    37. Thomas Fuhrmann


    38. Nisrasha

      This is why you should max out your luck stat

    39. Miant

      You get a feel for it after awhile. Knowing what you're plugging into helps, too.

    40. Misaka Mikoto

      USB-C: I'm gonna end this man's whole career. "plugged it into the HDMI port"

    41. MudKit

      And then there's people like me, who flips it THREE times before it gets in the port

    42. Calvin Naugle

      Now think how it feels when you forgot to take it out and walk away.... then the next day you like oh shit! And you run back and it’s gone 😓, happened to me

    43. Aziris

      I strangely understands this feeling. Sure, I don't have bros to high-five with, but I know how it feels.

    44. Nafran

      False it takes three flips to get to turn it’s tumblers to make them usable

    45. darkchronoss

      Yup, "USB". ;)

    46. KlatschEI

      I feel that

    47. Basim Ramzan

      He is exaggerating. you always get it on the third try.

    48. bubbaloo bub


    49. B20C0

      All hail das USB-C.

    50. Colin Smith

      How many times was this filmed before he got it right haha

    51. SharkTank

      Don’t feel too bad about it Adam, everyone knows it’s not scientifically possible to get it on the first go

    52. SharkTank

      "Is it in yet"? - Computer

    53. MegaMisch

      How many takes did that first scene require? The dedication of these guys is astonishing.


      Loved it❤️

    55. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    56. Rich Light

      Lmfao a good USB port would have helped guide it in.... Just saying lmao

    57. D. N.

      does playtech exist for real?

    58. Udalix

      Literally me with locks on doors and having the key the wrong way.

    59. Theoden the Renewed

      You gotta pick the right port. Some of them are open for the USB sticks, some others don't want them in.

    60. Abrar Jahin

      Just go to 0:20

    61. D


    62. Michael

      I'm still waiting for my first time 😭😭😭

    63. Chris Stougaard

      Am I the only one missing the good old "nobody-plays-games-on-mac"-days

    64. Filip Ilić

      Wouldn't work anyway. There are only 4 cables(mouse, keyboard, hdmi and monitor power cable). So USB hub on the monitor is not connected on to PC.

    65. Никита Шаврин

      Am I the only person who can do it on the first go?

    66. Gregg Jantz, Jr.

      Pause at 0:20, thank me later

    67. Guy LeDouche

      That has literally never happened.

    68. Alex Fisher


    69. CW

      Do people realise that Adam is actually hot & his acting silly doesn't show it? With his dark features, is he Italian or something?

    70. Chargebolt 02

      I thought it was flashdrive LOL

    71. Ikmalreza 1998


    72. Levi Crawford

      0:50 Just getting of the pain

    73. Denver

      Is it weird that I can do this perfectly every time with plugging any of the cords into the back of a PS4 without looking?

    74. James Nash

      Alan didn't leave him hanging. That's when I knew. Adam was daydreaming the whole thing.

    75. Franklstein Wongberg

      Keep it paused at 0:20 lol

    76. Red T

      Good morning nice day for fishing ain't it

    77. Tyg Rahof

      I never had a was EVERYTHING else I tried to do on a computer that I can't do...

    78. Unknown X

      I’ve worked with computers for over a decade and I’ve only ever been able to perform this maybe like once or twice

    79. witchsdoctors

      I feel sooo happy for adam that rowan was finally happy for him until I realized it was only fantasy .-.

    80. Serj Levonyuk

      It would be funny if he eventually forced usb drive into HDMI port.

    81. The Ropper

      Im playing hide and seek with my usb cant find it in the house for 4 years

    82. Krishh

      😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Its so sick 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    83. G

      Next HDMI cable good luck bud.

    84. Qryl Mantua

      Umm... Actually it's a flashdrive Kill me pls

    85. kiN 1000

      One of the other 2 videos was 101-200 so I had a small binge sesh some might say

    86. Midlife Crisis Incarnate

      How I imagine my first day on the job versus how it actually went.

    87. Chaz Khew

      Plot twist - this is actually an USB ASMR video

    88. Fra Goesh

      I can so relate with this Adam 😂

    89. LeoCiosu Music

      Now this make me think, has everyone ever remember your first usb ?? I try so hard to remember but I do remember the feeling tho.. Lol

    90. Ti Malice -

      I wonder how many takes were needed to get it to look like it was done on the first try

    91. Nathan Siepel

      I bet it didn't go in the first time of recording.

    92. Ragical the Unhallowed Knight

      Impossible, you have just solved the unsolvable! Ah... It was just a dream. Holy hell man, you could've triggered a resonance cascade that could possibly tear reality as we know it apart!

    93. Android Mac 10

      Clearly edited to make it look like he got it first try 😅

    94. Kyle Pierrard

      The first one going in was recorded of him pulling it out and cleverly reversed. We all know it is impossible otherwise...

    95. Shaez Breizh

      it would have been better if yu added some woman customer leaving the shop when he failed to insert the usb xP

    96. G M

      This was the absolute worst sexual experience of my life...and that's saying a lot.

    97. Stich

      It's actually easy :fun fact do it slow and look

    98. Ray

      How many takes though?

    99. Nathanael Newton

      How do you have such perfect teeth D:

    100. Robert Sides

      He is the chosen one! It's like a reverse King Arthur.