Taking advantage of NPC's - Cannon Fodder

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    Using NPC's as cannon fodder is an evil but effective plan
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    1. Muninn Myrkvi

      Crossbow, hammer, janky crossbow, and two sticks. A perfectly-balanced team.

    2. Nathan Hendricks

      Cue the avengers theme

    3. BeastKiller935

      1:32 (voice break) “I will f*** you up!” I fucking died! 😂

    4. Courtney Beasley

      Yes! Hamish is an official npc i love to see it

    5. Кутман Асылбеков

      Русские субтитры будут?

    6. Ciel Vermillion

      ben's armour is so cool

    7. Stasis Danauskas

      Бессмертный персонаж с вилкой, это всегда бессмертный персонаж - один удар, четыре дырки.

    8. Bard Kaitiff

      Adam level of badassery is 9000+. Five words that made even Chuck Norris run away. "I will f**k you up".

    9. Sod White

      PLOT TWIST: Ben is taking them to the Chapel of Skorm. He has to be very careful though to deliver his sacrifices just before sunset if he wants that bow.

    10. Etacrif

      Mornin è_é

    11. Sharkmouth 13

      ‘We must save my family!’ ‘Winners don’t use drugs! Unless it’s steroids in which case use lots of drugs!’ ‘To jump... jump!’

    12. Nina Rada

      Bailin is the ultimate bad ass!!!

    13. Вальдемар М.

      I used to do this kind of stuff. But when I know, that the charecters can't die. And the are getting beaten meny times.

    14. TheMagnificentZoltar

      01:36 EPIC

    15. raven0ak

      nice day for fishing

    16. Master JAVZ

      Tnx for the TOP FAN BADGE on fb guys #GAMINGPC

    17. Peter Pacheco

      Adam hilarious lol "I will F**k you up"

    18. mahdee noor morshed

      wait ,since when can you do that !

    19. Deathy Kat

      This is like that one game where the final boss' weakness are the villagers lol

    20. Nick Shaffer

      flashbacks to SAO Abridged “WE MUST SAVE MY FAMILY”

    21. Game boy Next door

      Then they all get murdered in 5 seconds

    22. Chris Matthew

      dude, wow NPC's has like unlimited health and DPS, there is noooo way they can die, i once lured a max player from the other faction close to the guards, and they one-shot him

    23. Noobfest

      1:36 I always knew that wasn't just a fishing pole. Baelin keeps that on him at all times in case he needs to save the universe

    24. Maverick

      You should sell a ringtone or a wake up alarm with rowans line: morning, nice day for fishing, aint it. Or the welcome to honeywood 😂

    25. Gdolfz Xdeath

      That's some power ranger shit right there, they should've called for the megazor

    26. 28daysofdecay

      Baelin: Morning nice day for fishing huha Groot: I am groot Schnitzel: Rada rada Me: "visible confusion" as conversation continues

    27. Jorge Rodriguez

      LOL!!!!!! This is very accurate

    28. daniel taglialegami

      The true super hero team

    29. carlos lopez

      This is the avengers I want to see!!! Haha

    30. Jake King

      for a moment, that really felt like Fable, leading a load of innocent villagers to the chapel of skorm to get skorm's bow.....

    31. Yutah1981

      that eeeeevil look and smile on Ben's face...

    32. Sheena Kids Channel

      What game is this

    33. MadDon_ONE !

      just like me at Dark Souls xD


      morning nice day for fishing aint it huh hua

    35. BloodRayne665

      Feels like a fable quest, sacrificing NPC's to the dark temple

    36. João Santos

      this reminds me of the time where I was playing warlock in WoW and trying to enslave the strongest demon in hellfire to help me lvling

    37. Zephaniah

      I always do this. Love it 😂

    38. Zero Signal

      "To Weynon Priory, then"

    39. CJ Quin

      1:30 This version of power rangers is weird man

    40. stefoehmen

      so he won then? i wanted to see the kill :-p

    41. Deathman Kenshi

      Using NPCs to do your dirty work, classic since Ultima ;3

    42. Daniel Bak Nielsen

      I love Baelins part in the fight. Dude just pulled his fishing pole apart to make tonfas and just with the most serious ga e I've ever seen an npc do says *Mornin'*

    43. Punocchio

      I was waiting for the Boss to drop to 10% health, and then the NPCs die and he gets killed by the Monster

    44. Clampitron

      I love Adams line of ,"I will F you up"😂😂😂😂

    45. Mr. I.D.C

      :Yeah bitch can be seen mannn.... 😅 :Epic NPC man.... 😂

    46. Graidy Fitzgerald

      I love how everyone else says something cool when they have a weapon and Rowan just go Mornin’ nice day for fishing ain’t it!

    47. Jesse Eidelbert Feliciano

      This feels like some sort of hidden unlockable that only activates if you rally Baelin, Greg, Eugene and Fruit Merchant (Hamish) to the endgame boss to break its 1st phase. Like there's a backstory behind them being The 1st 4 great warriors who sealed the last boss in the 1st war then settled in Honeywood to live in peace, and so far only Ben has figured this out by accident. Lmao

    48. allan pheonix

      What?? You can do that? In which rpg game?

    49. dîssølûtîøń X

      He's like dream

    50. Jellal 1337

      When you use the guards to kill a dragon in Skyrim.

    51. cali nimr

      Which game does this. I can't remember.

    52. Captain Unohana

      i used to do this in oblivion all the time, martin was my immortal badass companion (wonder how the game ended) XD

    53. deimos

      I have an idea for a new episode. - Hey hero! This powerful magic sword has been passed throughout generation! It's so strong only a true hero can hold it! If you want this sword, you must price you are worthy. Catch 10 chickens.

      1. deimos

        Inspired by shenmue 3

    54. scooter parsons

      That last update significantly increased eugene's following speed

    55. Fire Proxy

      I used to do this all the time when I played Skyrim but with the Dremora Lords. That’s how I took out the ebony warrior he was so freaking strong I had to use so many dremora lords and a lot of shouts with the bow conjuration to take him down. And I would do this to dragons. The first time the ebony warrior when up to me and said he wanted to fight I was like I’m level 80, that used to be the level cap back in the day, I could take this guy down he wrecked me haha. 😆

    56. Y.S

      viva la dirt league rpg i want it so bad

    57. Kuwakka

      Kinda hoped one of them would've said they never should've come here.

    58. Mohamed Ibrahim

      1:32 How he's talking to the dark lord, lmao

    59. D0ZM0S

      The new avengers

    60. CrazyAlaskanCoDShot

      that moment you need somebody for boethiah's calling

    61. FitzChivalryFarseer2

      Makes me recall Oblivion Fan follower quest follower Mage follower Summons Another quest I think it was and that's all I can recall

    62. Paints, Points, and Pointy Ears

      I've come to the end of the playlist and now I'm sad. :( MoAr! :D

    63. KerryAnnePhysics

      Adam has on no shoes. He’s the real MVP.

    64. MelonDaMelon

      at first I must thought Ben was gonna sacrifice them for some unique items

    65. Lewis Hackett

      I’ve only just realised at the end he’s singing “Epic NPC Man”... I’ve watched all their vids and I’ve never understood the first few words of the jungle, always immaturely chuckled cause the end sounds like semen

    66. 『BLANK』

      If you dont have friends to create a party. This will be a better tactic than soloing.

    67. Trần Tường

      Can someone explain? Are NPCs invincible in some games or something?

      1. Seleuce

        They either can't die at all or keep respawning when killed. And in some games they join a fight. Ultimate immortal army. :D

    68. lastdon85

      fallout 3 flashbacks

    69. Frullie

      "MORNIN!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    70. Firestormlover

      Better get a hit in.

    71. Garth Palmer

      *essential NPCs, but yes

    72. Onyx Angel

      I thought they would die in one hit 😁

    73. LUF


    74. Nathan 001

      Love you guys here ,on twitch and on patreon :) amazing and so funny. Makes my day better :)

    75. Long Tran

      Greg appears to become more npc like. Looks like the devs have started patching his sentient ai

    76. Justa Guy

      Ah yes making use of the "invicible NPC follower". I also thought maybe it go the other route. He lured them all there just to watch them die a horrible death.

    77. Pythonhier

      The art of Essential NPC's

    78. eviljods

      Haha brilliant

    79. Osama Rawwagah

      "ah adventurer Darkwood's down that way " - "so is the capital" - "and my apple tree" Rowan: morning! 😂😂😂

    80. ForsakenSanity

      Should definitely have ended it with the NPCs taking the kill for themselves :D

    81. Patrick Maters

      Been there, done that 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

    82. Diablo 666

      Fallout 3 the big town mission I just gave them good gear and boom I got 3 more people with alien gus and power armor to fuck some people up

    83. TheEagleEye

      This is me on Conan Exiles with my thralls

    84. ChickenPermisson

      Choose your fighter!

    85. BombZawaY


    86. Paolo Tan

      I suspected for a while now but this confirms it. Rowan sang the Epic NPC man outro.

    87. Cannonspike1

      As soon as i saw the title i had to watch as 'Cannon Fodder' was like my first every online gaming alias i ever used cause thats how i felt when ever leving a spawn room, bang, dead ... or trying to take a flag and dead while the pros took the cap points

    88. Ant

      Don't lie we've all done it

    89. Primus Antarus

      1:36 Baelin's most epic moment all time

    90. paul hughes

      damn I haven't done things like that since I played the dead rising games

    91. Geoff Keen

      Mornin! Nice day for.. an awesome episode, ain't it?!! 😂😁😁😁😎👍👍

    92. kokopok100

      Hahaha wow this is gold !

    93. The great taco man

      Actually true

    94. Rags and K.I. VS


    95. Berci Fóris


    96. medexamtoolsdotcom

      But hasn't it already been established that the only NPC among those that isn't a complete pushover is the fisherman? Maybe the dark lord is also a pushover. They sure took down his health bar at a pretty high rate though. Maybe it was all due to the fisherman and he's just THAT strong.

    97. Tuscani J

      I like how everyone is giving him an excuse and Rowan says “Mornin’!”

      1. lazylazymule

        The developers can only program so many lines of dialogue. I hear there's a patch in the works.

      2. huitjai tjioe

        He's just want to fishing

    98. ReznoV Vazileski

      First of, holy shit the production on this one is insane with the giant boss creature spawning and the SFX and all. Secondly, the fisherman turning his rod into some sort of nunchucks cracked me up :') Still keeping his one line though just a bit more aggressive, that's probably the best part of it xD

    99. emzie M445

      Cool 👍