Taking advantage of NPC's - Cannon Fodder

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    Using NPC's as cannon fodder is an evil but effective plan
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    1. BlueEngland

      Devs: make the NPCs op Players: I can milk you

    2. itay ost

      AIN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MORNING !!!!!

    3. Илья Подшивалов

      The one phrase fisherman is the most amazing guy in this show. It's the best episode of epic NPC man! Slightly less I like muggers' episodes. Thank you guys! The best show on HUgets I have ever seen

    4. Filip Delić

      This video is Epic but for this video to be Legendary It would have been WAY beter if the Fisherman sead Hello, nice day to kick some ass ain it. Huh Hah

    5. Rodrigo Perez

      Well, at least he didn't use any of them as a sacrifice to Boethiah... XD

    6. ravi creed

      Remembering Skyrim Days

    7. Grizzlox

      Ahhh yes, when you have multiple follower framework on Skyrim and Fallout

    8. Cesar Quijano

      I love doing this in Skyrim

    9. Doppel Dyne

      They are not NPC's, They are guest characters. NPC's are not playable and doesn't join your party to fight alongside you.

    10. Martin Serious

      I wish there was an alternative ending of the Taking Advantages of NPC’s

    11. Soul Glitch

      I want to see a game made off of all these videos


      The fisherman is the strongest

    13. Targonlu Pantheon

      Dark lord: i fear no man but that thing A guy with fishing rod its scares me......

    14. The World

      When you have bo friends so you make an entire team of npcs

    15. Xander Younger

      Those kinds of players suck so badly 🙄 They work so hard to make interesting and engaging battles, and you grab a couple of immortal NPC’s from quests that have nothing to do with that, and have them do all of the work.

    16. Diluc Ragnvindr

      ff14 I've been playing for 10 years thanks for keeping me happy 😭

    17. Indriyanto Candra

      thats me when in terraria those dryad giving me more defense than my wooden armor

    18. Leonid Saykin

      I don't understand the joke. I've seen way to many players ignoring their NPC's fighting, while they are busy picking up random junk. NPC would refuse to fight if they receive to much damage.

    19. StudleyDuderight

      I did this with a multiple followers mod in Skyrim. There are some other games but I can't for the life of me remember the names.

    20. Jared Kelly Labastida

      The fisherman will be the mv-npc on the fight

    21. Logan Bounds

      Do you know somethings wrong the moment that NPC stop saying they’re scared of monsters

    22. Techo WinMC

      Yes, I have been waiting for this

    23. X X

      And they get the loot and experience instead, and he was too lazy to pay attention to the fight and learn the boss patterns.

    24. F.a H.C

      Why censoring “bitch” in the subtitles but not in the audio?

    25. David

      Genius is just a diminutive for what you just did there!

    26. Luis Cossio

      Morning! *whoosh whoosh*NICE DAY FOR FISHING AIN'T IT HU HA. 😡

    27. Dragons attack on youtube

      Mornin *pulls out a sword from fishing rod* nice day for fishing ain’t it

    28. puggerthemugger

      Rowan saying morin' nice day for fishing ain't it haha when he gets ready for battle it amazing

    29. Shawna Wood

      I did that once in skyrim the all died but I got riiiiiiiich

    30. Masked tuber gaming

      When you ask your higher level friends to “help” fight a high level boss but you just do nothing

    31. Andrew Gilbert

      Reminds me of the Two Worlds speed run lol

    32. MeGustaPatata

      0:36: *M O R N I N'*

    33. Eradicator 5000

      Eugene saying I will fxxk you up is so hilarious

    34. infinite killer

      0:40 "mornin" XD

    35. Mario Josifovski

      Damn those NPC’s hit hard

    36. Just some random anime fan 1

      Hopefully they are high level NPC’s otherwise they won’t last long enough to be good cannon fodder

    37. Yuliya Perevoznikova

      omg crying man...

    38. Venuka Hansana

      The hidden gladiators

    39. TheMasked_ Boi

      Dark lord: I fear nothing *Npc that can fight* GET THAT MONSTER AWAY FROM MEEEEEE

    40. larr Larr

      Let's do this you b##$ lmao

    41. Dom Lemon

      Did this in skyrim. Had an unkillable dog and follower

    42. Xdeadlyxphantom

      Nice day for fishing ain't it lol

    43. bruh_yourself

      He should have tricks guards.. One hit

    44. The Potato

      Simple farmer taking on dragon in skyrim.

    45. Walking Dead

      Когда будет перевод на русский язык?

    46. Nugraha Wisnu


    47. Andrew I

      That dark lord is fucked up 🤣

    48. vinicius oliveira


    49. Stealth Attack

      If only these tactics would work in the real game lol

    50. Nemo Ethan Strayed

      The most epic "Mornin'! Nice day for fishing" I've seen so far.

    51. Person Personson

      Censor frick buy dont censor bithic

    52. Donovan Holcomb

      So true lol

    53. B. Lambert

      So, the Fisherman is basically Groot but with more words

    54. Danny Owens

      He sounded like the Fable "Follow" command

    55. Beerbottles123

      And that is pretty much how everyone defeated the 'Farting Boar' in AC Odyssey.

    56. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    57. Ender

      New Avengers movie looks dope

    58. clhromeo

      I cracked up so hard when rowan turned his rod into a weapon. I was really looking for a pathetic cry from eugene though lol

    59. Joe Black

      I use npcs as sacrifices in Fable 2

    60. Sauron's Right hand man

      Basically whenever you summon Mildred for Queelag.

    61. Ramgladore

      Kinda reminds me of an exploit in EQOA when I went to level up on the hornets near Tethlin. I could hop up on a rock and kill them when they had no way to get up on the rock which required you to fall down from a higher place. So there was no path finding for the hornets to get up on the rock too.

    62. chris the random

      Genius ben noises

    63. Son of Sanguinius

      Most badass 'Mornin gday for fishin aint it' ever

    64. Martin Sand

      -With my life or death I can protect you. I will. You have my crossbow. -And you have my hammer. -And my staff. -Mornin. Nice day for fishin, Ain't it? Huhah. Five companions. So be it. You shall be the Fellowship of Honeywood!

    65. Frank Sz

      Don't forget to bring a chicken to set the town guard on him too!

    66. Ikmalreza 1998

      Ahhh yeah. I like doing this.

    67. Evony Angel

      The evil music and his expression when he said "I Know." Was awesome it brought joy to my dark little heart :)

    68. Ömer Faruk Kaya

      Plzzz... Turkish subtitle ;(

    69. Bobbi Camarata

      I almost laughed at 1:33

    70. Command12000

      I have to admit that's great the most seemingly weakest NPC are actually the most powerful baddasses in the entire game.


      the funniest part is this actually works in the game two worlds. the towns people in the first town can kill the final boss who is just standing nearby for a conversation before vanishing. if you attack him and run into town the towns people will stun lock him till he dies and then its literally game over you won. XD

    72. Aleksei from the Russian East

      Russian credits please.

    73. Rocky13Ray

      The leaders of WW1: We will go to war! The dirt popr farmer soldiers: nice day for fishing ain't it?

    74. Midnight Sun

      I can't tell you how many times I did this sort of things across all games. #letthegamebeatitself

    75. Michael

      I actually did this in Rift online taking the really huge Rift World Bosses into towns and using the npc's as my army.

    76. STEPHEN neasbitt

      dark lord vs immortal npc's kinda not fair for the dark lord

    77. Vanja Finstad

      do it everytime in Skyrim hahahha

    78. GuyWithTheHair24

      lmaooo this is 100% how I play any given skyrim run, every single playthrough !! 😂🤦 Lydia? Good to go with best set. Esbern? All day with the conjuring classes. +anyone else I can find: as long as that 'escort' mission is an option you best believe I'm going any/everywhere squaded tf up, milking every iota of that free cheese I can find 🤣 dungeons hate me 🤦

    79. Mahesh Rao

      I thought you were gonna sacrifice them to Boethia! XDXD

    80. Biker Trash

      Good morning! How about I gather you for a fishing expedition? Sadly only I shall return from whence we tread.

    81. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      *salutes one of the best players in the world*

    82. Alessio Iannella

      "Morning, nice day for fishing, aint it! Uh ha!." And something tells me it s gonna be your last one, you s** of a b****

    83. Kevin Meisenbacher

      NOW, who's the Epic NPC MAN!

    84. Evelina Rønneseth

      Question is: Are they protected NPCs, though?

    85. Raditya C. M. S

      1:37 i though he gonna speak another word,😂😂😂😂😂lol

    86. Sister Numpsie

      omg, i literally laughed out loud at this

    87. Guilherme

      Those videos are getting so much production value lately, it's even odd. How do they get the money, YT ads or Patreon?

    88. Jean-christophe Poliquin

      one time in skyrim i tried to use my compagnon as a shield .-. he got killed and i was like the f you are suposed to be unkillable

    89. Alex

      The fact that the crossbow user ran straight into the boss' melee range instead of using actually his long-ranged weapon at long range range was a nice touch.

    90. xMuggers25x

      The musical score for this sketch was so on point. Right as the battle starts i get goosebumps everytime. #VLDL

    91. Unspokenfor

      the fisherman was doing all the dps

    92. Christoper Bryan

      1:28 the most epic scene and moment we're waiting for

    93. Daniel Scribner

      You guys need like a fuckin 250k budget given to you like an almighty quest that youve taken with these videos. Yall need a damn movie. I love these

      1. Daniel Scribner

        Btw js yall could do a shit ton with 250k thats why im not saying higher, when ya go higher other shit gets involved. Like THE MAN. Yall need to just be able to make a movie. Based in Epic NPC Man. Itd be fucking amazing.

    94. Greenwood4727

      Does anyone else was a real multiplayer game based of this skits..

    95. Linayat Ilyas

      Missed an opportunity to say "never should have come here!"

    96. Kuper Spyronic

      Nobody: The Super Sentai when they encounter evil: 1:30

    97. The Nomad

      Something about this scene is better than all marvel movies combined

    98. Greenwood4727

      IN fallout 4 theres a place where three factions are withing range of each other, he he he.. hit one and drag them back with you and go through the other area and they all fight each others yes no xp but looting their corpses.. same with AC origins, and odyssey hit a monster and drag them to do your job

    99. Demonic 61636 Gaming

      Lol great video as always

    100. Son of Sanguinius

      Mornin....good day for fishin aint it he ha >:)