Stupid game tutorials - Training

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    We have to learn the controls somehow but still...
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    1. AncapFTW

      These are actually tests for free will, as no NPC has that.

    2. Bruce Ice

      Hero: looks around, walks, and jumps God NPC: I should retire

    3. Hokaro Orvana

      It's easier to just have it to where you have a starter safe zone that allows you to experiment and learn the controls without having to worry about dying or loosing anything

    4. mentaya11

      I mean, this training is darn useful. How to jump over logs barring the path might have been handy in one episode, and the training for picking up a sword may have saved the girlfriends gear if the guy had played the tutorial. I'm sure reorganizing your inventory and equipping gear was around that point.

    5. Artifex Histori

      Missed the part were the controls are dumb af and make no sense, but you have to get through the tutorial before you can access settings

    6. Film Fan 1234

      I was expecting part of his training to be look up and down 🤣

    7. andri riki

      After watching this, I never realize that maybe I'm a hero myself.

    8. Patryk Szulc

      I expected this ending : After succesfully passing a training, Ben The Paladin spawns in new game and gets immediately killed by PvP madman.

    9. Edward Flores

      This is giving me Halo flashbacks

    10. Aldi Pixel Art

      You guys are good. I laugh so much

    11. Grunday Yang

      The Souls series is just opposite. The tutorials are written in the messages on the floor. If you missed them, you might be going to play the game for several hours without knowing some of the basics, making your gameplay a total disaster.


      I like how Greg opened a pretend book I also looked how Greg can do all the things that Adventurer can do, except walk to that spot over there.

    13. MR. 1000

      where do i download this game

    14. Hl_scientist

      Fun fact: The Tutorial NPCs name is loony larry, which hints that the NPC is actually somewhat insane, most people dont know that you can just SKIP the quest by walking out of the area.

    15. Adrianne

      Did they specifically build the town of hooneywood or was it already there?

    16. gregory heath

      It seems that this should have been the first episode. Just saying. You really need to crawl before you can walk.

    17. Harmthuria

      00:33 (wtf?) 1:58 The hours approaching, just give it your best You've got to reach your prime. That's when you need to put yourself to the test, And show us a passage of time, We're gonna need a montage (montage) Oh it takes a montage (montage) Show a lot of things happing at once, Remind everyone of what's going on (what's going on?) And with every shot you show a little improvement To show it all would take to long That's called a montage (montage) Oh we want montage (montage) And anything that we want to go from just a beginner to a pro, You need a montage (montage) Even Rocky had a montage (montage) (Montage, montage) Anything that we want to go from just a beginner to a pro, You need a montage (montage) Oh it takes a montage (montage) Always fade out in a montage, If you fade out, it seem like more time Has passed in a montage, Montage

    18. RedFlag

      He IS the one..... 👍



    20. Sr. Lontra

      So either the game updated and now you can jump over fallen trees to avoid clipping, or the game lies to you


      Dark Souls for example doesn't give you a tutorial it just throws you right into the game of course you can read the tutorial messages on the ground. Lesson 5 minutes after starting the game you're already fighting your first boss and you have no right to level up till you leave the Undead Asylum good luck

    22. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    23. Darth Zayexeet

      Holy Nova

    24. Jaidenplays 100

      No wonder why theres never any other people in honeywood

    25. Mahendren Vathanan

      Imagine if there are borderlands parody in this channel

    26. Mahendren Vathanan

      Ah the Legendary Glowing marker.Remember that from Gta Vice city and Gta 3

    27. black dragon

      its worse when you can't skip the tutorial in a game that you restarted

    28. Enio Rocio

      Efeito sonoro da conclusão de missão é o mesmo de The Witcher 3. Me preocupo de estar viciado a ponto de perceber isso

    29. Bryson Calvert

      You: I've been playing games for 5 years this will be a piece of cake Tutorial: Use the left analog stick to move

    30. 공자짜 Youtube

      Other player : where is shop NPC..?

    31. Jarrod

      Wait, shouldn't C trigger the fireball spell?

    32. Jarrod

      We set up the tutorial for 5 year olds in a game full of mature content. You got this adventurer!

    33. Wolfe

      Legends pf Honeywood

      1. Wolfe


    34. Wolfe

      This should be made into a real game 😉

    35. kin90ftHEn00B5

      OMG HOW

    36. Caleb Voight

      "Footsteps of a hero" that got me good lol

    37. ɴᴏ ᴏꜰꜰᴇɴꜱᴇ

      Walking to a area is really amazing to most NPC's who have to stand on one spot for their whole lives until they teleport to another to give quests.


      One of the reasons hollowknight is a masterpiece is that it theches u nothing , but it helps you teach yourself

    39. Sheisacuteartist

      Maybe because the npc couldn't do these stuff

    40. Evangelho da Salvação

      Hahaha.. amazing!!

    41. mayakayahawah park

      I love this

    42. Evenoa Arenim

      Best friend who always say 'WoW' for you

    43. Alex Fosberg

      You know ill be honest even thougth these turtorls are pointless to others i feel like its a big part of any game. I try to. Remeber these becuase you never know that one tip that SAVES YOUR ASS

    44. Yukina Shitori

      This tutorial is for me Im too much of a noob

    45. Quentin Styger

      In all fairness the character looks like it went through a randomized creation setting that plopped out a hero who's neck at his shoulders, which does perfectly explain the need to make sure it can function as a basic human being.

    46. João Pedro Hallberg Ribeiro Martins

      It would be ironic if some of the keys are stuck kkk

    47. TheGamingBerry

      Thanks I never thought I could ever know how to look around

    48. The Godzilla

      I thought c was holly fire not crouching.

    49. C Buongiorno

      I think the reason he’s impressed by him walking is because NPC’s are basically crippled

    50. Akuun Reach

      Never skip neck day at the gym, you never know when you might need to look left and right.

    51. Nobody Truly

      The NPCs are amazed cuz the player species is very strange and hard to convince and control

    52. Red T

      Fun fact: sometimes tutorial is on skippable

    53. SidKidz Does a thing

      Alt title: when games over dramatize things

    54. RagingGamer

      I swear the dude's neck doesn't match up with his face or body in those clothes he looks fake and extremely small in those clothes 😂

    55. Benjamin Goldie

      I mean in a world where no person walks I feel like walking would be important

    56. skull blank

      😂🤣i accidentally watched all your channel wow great contents

    57. Barra Aaufa

      Roblox have no tutorial so no dumb... Poo Poo

    58. A Person

      “I have one final task for you. Go take your basic iron sword and kill the 13 demon lords.”

    59. Alex Zhang

      Imagine a game was made out of every video

    60. Rafael Araujo

      quest completion sound from the witcher 3

    61. Omar Sharif

      After watching this I realize I can do the same so I am the ONE.

    62. the gaming pepper

      This is the witcher

    63. Ryan Diaz

      Skip? How

    64. Somebody 303030

      Love the witcher sound effects

    65. Banana_Pancake

      Or you skip it and then have no idea what to do, or you end up don't having idea of some mechanics.

    66. Matthew Noybn

      1:26 i half expected him to step on some bulls*** magic landmine or something.

    67. Billyplayz 744

      "Footsteps of a hero"

    68. Violet Moonfox

      NPCs don't have any free will, so they are amazed to see free will.

    69. Sylph Sylph

      i npc gives you the tutorial to know if you are an npc like them and to affect you somewhere unless you can do everything more than them


      lol the trainer is over reacting

    71. VыLыSыPыDыST fps


    72. rama putra

      This is cringe worthy yet relatable...

    73. GamerHatch

      Anyone here after the executioner video, and can only think of that “I will carry out the execution!”

      1. ジジ

        I literalllllllllly watched it before clicking on this lol

      2. Twin Stars

        I feel ya

    74. Cody Becker

      When the game hazes you. Lol

    75. Pedro Kesserwani

      when you start a new game and you know how to do everything but you still can't skip the tutorials

    76. Pat Conolly

      When he "taught" the adventurer how to read a book, how many remembered this great video?

    77. MandarynMops

      what game is your content coming from z jakiej gry bierzecie pomysły do Epick Npc

    78. / 50 MIL SUBS / SEM NENHUM VIDEO /

      Ele assistiu muito Rick e Mory

    79. Xx-Sky Hybrid-xX

      if I made a game, I'd task the player to cast an extremely powerful one-of-a-kind spell. No “look left and right” “move around” “sprint to × in ×” “crouch” or “attack” crap. *Toll from using the spell:* the player loses all memories, except the prologue. *Final Mission Reward:* immunity to the toll, allowing for continuous usage. *Previously unknown requirement:* it can only be used on level 50+ enemies, immortal enemies, or other-worlders. *Advantages:* it's an instant kill attack, and has the largest in-game range. *My coding skill:* doesn't exist *My coding knowledge:* doesn't exist *The game in the future:* doesn't exist *Chances of it existing:* very slim *Chances of me allowing this idea to be used in a possible future game:* “can I get a free copy of the game then?” *Would you like a game that introduces the player with a unique one-of-a-kind spell/attack, rather than basic knowledge?* *Would you play it?* *What would you expect?* *And what type of gameplay would you look forward to?*

    80. CeliriaRose

      "Your ability to walk short distances without dying will be Handsome Jack's downfall"

    81. Clooneur

      Voilà pourquoi je passe les tutos ahahha

    82. Wraithe 33

      I want to see one where npcs start talking shit about the players.

    83. GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

      His face when he does simple tasks is incredible

    84. T-Rex 101

      This is basically teaching a baby but it is a video game

    85. Francois Pothier

      That witcher nostalgia

    86. Oliver Steiner

      i'm crying😂

    87. Ekin Geçikligün

      "Metasheep" hahahahaa...

    88. Insanebruh

      No wonder why you need game tutorials

    89. joe hutch

      Then this same player complains about souls games not hand holding like this

    90. IVA

      Guys, no more soy for you!

    91. zackiej89

      Find you someone who looks at you like Alan looks at Ben at 2:09

    92. Crim Zen


    93. Ivan Kudinov

      насмотрелся видосов - борюсь с желанием начать играть в ДаркСоулз, в ... ну, чо там ещё они только что показали? да похрен, что на Русском! я весь день с иностранцами на работе общаюсь! дайте уже родными буквами текст набрать.

    94. Akrum Vatum

      What if this is a training program for NPC's to break their programming so they'd do all that on their own.

    95. Aleks Obloko

      Молодцы !!! Продолжайте дальше снимать ролики !

    96. Syriane D.

      Well .. that is why i Like the Classic games Like Gothic 1-2 (3) .. where is Not a single Tutorial ... And new Games giving For each stupid thing a hint .... This needs to end now :0 !

    97. Agne KW

      Tutorials are important as the game could be someones first game and intro to gaming

    98. A W

      Now go kill 10 rats.

    99. Shyanne Schultz

      skip training ....2 minutes later.... Google: How to pick up sword

    100. uma venkat kaja

      Hai sir could you please help me in using epic game launcher verify captcha mouse chesse game solving please