Stupid game tutorials - Training

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    We have to learn the controls somehow but still...
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    1. 蔣世龍

      Plot twist: Npc can't cannot move left or right

    2. oldmateaus

      Now do a tutorial as if Dean takanashi was controlling the player !!!! Hahahaha

    3. Martin Ramirez

      ahahahhah that is soooo trueeee most of the oline games does that tutorial LMFAO

    4. Erik

      So, when is someone going to make a tutorial where you start as a baby and just stumble around like an idiot for 20min like an idiot until you figure out the controls on your own?

    5. Pandamonga Ailupandorum

      Alan is like a first time dad and every time his baby farts: TOTAL AMAZEMENT! WOW! XD

    6. KaitherBlood

      The look a awe, priceless.

    7. XiaoYan

      can you tell me what the game name

    8. Time Wobblers

      I mean... The dude's neck tho! That's a true hero's neck

    9. Gonzalo

      2:16 Commander Shepard could use some of that :(

    10. Дмитрий Иволин

      Зашибись! Вот мой любимый эпизод! Парни это было офигенно! Спасибо!)))

    11. Krapoutchniek

      "Press C to crouch" : Shoots a fireball

    12. Mahin All GAMING


    13. discworldfan

      Portal 2 flashbacks

    14. Jay & G's Universe

      I need one of these everytime I boot up a game I haven't played for a while 😹😹😹

    15. Axel Queen

      I’d love to see the alternative where one of the training skills is something oddly difficult or poorly explained and something you’ll rarely ever use in the game, but you can’t get to the game until you finish all the training.

    16. Fábio TX

      Welcome to my life as a father.

    17. Антон Артеменко

      Обажаю ваш канал!

    18. Jacke e-is-silent

      I thought it was traditional to finish tutorials with a mindbogglingly difficult task. Like cutting down the tallest tree in the forest...with--a herring!

    19. Ejay Oliver

      witcher 3 sound quest succes

    20. Janx101

      Thanks so much for this! ... I just started my first “adventure” game ever and during installation my friend thought it would be funny to select Korean as the language... and also hid the manual! .... after a frantic search of language change options online ...( which turned out to be difficult because when I mentioned Korean in the search all the results were in Korean too!) ... I thought.... I bet those tricky chaps at VLDL have encountered such a situation and have a solution!!!! .... after watching this video I got enough of the basics to get started on my hack, guide and steal adventure!! 😉 ... edit.... which brings to mind.... I haven’t found one of yours on foreign/mixed language “problems” in game as viewed by NPC’s .... maybe you have done one.... but if not... you’d best get on it eh!? ... I’m sure the characters could have fun with it! 😁

    21. BirtThe Intern

      Not gonna lie. Considering all the npcs are locked into set paths etc. It makes sense theh would be impressed

    22. Tony time

      I still think assassins creed 3 has the worst tutorial segment ever.

    23. xXCryo-BulletzXx

      Plot twist: His “C” key was broken resulting in failing the tutorial, therefore he was not able to progress further into the story.

    24. Stupid_Raccoon

      I really really need a Greg who would be proud of all my "achievements" in life. Have you washed the dishes? Well done! Are you out of bed? Great job! Did you leave the house?! Incredible! Without him my life seems like complete shit...

    25. Ciscoguy30

      Lol I love these guys

    26. Xander Fogle

      You can do this virtually in our game Ilysia hehe

    27. KJk Nielsen

      Where have i heard the background music before?? The part where he has to crouch.... Anyone?

    28. Monhoo Batraa

      Alan is best actor of all of them. I likes his action style

    29. Craig Rogers

      Game: Move forward by using the right stick located on the ride side of the controller using your right thumb, not left thumb, index, pinky finger or even your nose, just simply use your right thumb for the right thumb stick to move forward which is the direction in front of you, but I assume you're struggling with the basics so we'll highlight a nice glowing arrow to show you which direction to move in which is forwards, not backwards. Me: moves forward Game: okay now lets repeat that process another 50 times to really make sure you've got that down packed, then after that we'll run you down on more of the basics of the game that are so basic we obviously didn't need a tutorial but felt like wasting your time anyway, so get comfortable because we'll be here for the next 5 hours.

    30. Pharawyn

      Hello ! Music 1m53? Please ^^

    31. Marlon Fernandez Rubio

      Assassin creed Oddyssey xD

    32. Ra's Al Ghul

      But he didnt teach you one most important thing. Its to walk over a log when the path is blocked

    33. Alexandre Vinícius

      The funny thing is that they are right to call the character "The Hero" and things like that

    34. Zoram Pavalai te

      What is the name of this game?

    35. Lucifon Knightwolf

      2:30, I know some folks in real life who can't do this, lol

    36. Gaming Noob

      2:17 what how did he jump without falling through the ground

    37. Philippe SAIZ

      The hours approaching, just give it your best, You've got to reach your priiiime !!! That's when you need to put yourself to the test, And show us a passage of tiiiiiime !! We're gonna need a montage !! (of the tutorial)

    38. Fareedh Salavudeen

      What does NPC stand for?

    39. Lobo Cruzado

      That was certainly the most intensive training ever... I mean crouching? woah

    40. Mark Mool

      better than phil

    41. Simon Burda

      you guys should make an accual sarcy game like that where the hero have options to comment on the machanics of the game. That would sell as long as your avatars are in the game.

    42. Nazif Gürler

      Where is Ctrl + Space (crouch jump) 😄

    43. hcaelBBleach

      Wouldve been funnier at the end if NPC Man then challenged him as an advanced boss or when the tutorial ends a tough enemy kills him lol

    44. MrCrazyMaxi

      i wanna see porn version of this

    45. Lm French

      What if this series actually ends up becoming a interactive fmv game With them in it 😂

    46. GamerFI

      i would say that every game that has unskippable boring tutorial i just refund or don't even buy.

    47. かきたら


    48. HipsterSnake

      We all need a person who hypes up every little thing we do like tutorial NPCs

    49. AgentlolzYT

      what happened to the $2.45 us pack to go to honeywood

    50. Keeper

      Greg and Bodger are hugging? That's new.

    51. Robotman

      2:38 the exclamation mark blurs along with the camera. I love that attention to detail haha.

    52. Bored.In.California

      He has such weird shoulders

    53. CoDeMaN 2319 Gaming

      Any one know what games there are like this besides skyrim

    54. LuisPieHunter

      No funny business here

    55. FrozenShadow 007

      That “probably” and lI don’t know” had me going for a while

    56. zorba the gamer

      please use my gamertag: zorbathegamer

    57. DecimateRaid

      NPC: He is the Saviour of us all Me : has Lvl 1 Attributes/Armour/skill Mission : Fight Lvl 99 Dragons

    58. Wat

      Now imagine he goes down the evil route

    59. flamingbeast

      The npc is just amazed that this guy can move....because he just gets teleported away.

    60. flying noodle69


    61. Dr4gnove

      I am pretty sure the ncp can't move that's why he is the one

    62. Dr4gnove

      I am pretty sure the ncp can't move that's why he is the one

    63. TaiShi GamingDhc

      expectation: Ultimate reward with 35B gold for defending the world, with hard obstacles eith parkours, even stances and trains! Moves and strafe, fast and furious! And even the flashstep you need to learn while in your journey after we teach you, in this training! The Reality:

    64. Teaya Brown

      The one time Greg and Bodger get along

    65. Cobb

      "if you're truly as great as foretold, you won't have any problems with this next task. Slay a dragon." "wait what!?"

    66. Роман Журавлев

      Хаха 😂

    67. Default Camo

      Well NPCs are in a fixed location. So him being amazed you can walk or look around freely makes sense.

    68. HerKingdom

      2:11 The npc's face! lmao! 🤣

    69. Maarten van Gurp

      You should audition for jumanji

    70. Adomas360 360

      Maybe anyone can tell me similar games name

    71. Talmiior

      it amazes them because they can only go where their programming tells them to go. They just saw someone go outside of what they think is possible.

    72. Slash Dabb

      man i love this video

    73. Varindred XD

      Well where is the Boss you need to kill in the tutorial because you clearly are so strong in the game you just started playing, that killing a big boss is totally normal?

    74. Osman Karakuş

      Actually it makes sense. In Azerim npc's have no free will and they suffering from this.. Thats why they want to see if the player can walk, jump and crouch. When they see he has free will, they know he can be the hero.

    75. muhammad ariq

      So this meam the others just skipping all the tutorials

    76. Boarderline Skateboarding and gaming

      Petition to make a full honey wood game

    77. christianjbbush

      Hold on, isn't C to cast spells? Who makes crouch and cast the same key?

    78. Adam rowan

      Wow that actualy true

    79. oglop

      Am I only one who is crying? ;-D

    80. Alex Zer0

      This one video made me realize how thick and long Ben’s neck is, and how he kinda slouches.

    81. Beefy Stew

      This is relatable

    82. myusername

      Yo why his neck so thick

    83. sdry

      I swear this is allmost on every game. All game developers should see this.

    84. Snufler

      Then tutorials this stupid ya learn to use skip stuff and then miss stuff that are vital late google how to do it ....

    85. Ching Ling

      The Epic montage of Hard Training

    86. Oracle

      I just realized azerim.. Azeroth and skyrim

    87. Happy Potato

      Oh no I can’t look left to right. I need a tutorial

    88. ALEx Mk

      Did anyone else see the perfect opportunity to punch him?

    89. SelectDevotee68

      It's kinda sad to know that the video was 99% accurate except for the length. Some game tutorials are 1-2 hours long.

    90. Kevin Wang

      2:36 Press Shift to run? Does that mean instead of holding it, I can press shift to run and press it again to walk?

    91. WhaMrSlaMr

      "Ah Yes... My Worst Enemy..... Tutorials"

    92. Shadow pixel

      His neck is bigger than his body

    93. Jacob

      Npc man falls in in deep stream "AHHHH! I'm drownin! I'm drowning! In drownin!

    94. Colin

      The walking quest was called "Footsteps of the hero" LOL

    95. Николай Голещихин

      Всё точно так. Особое место в аду тем разрабам, которые не дают пропустить обучение и ещё и снабжают его вот такими нелепыми театральными сценами.

    96. Phil Maggiacomo

      Stupid keybindings. Holy Fire and Crouch are bound to the same key?

    97. Никита Радченко

      Актёры у которых еще нет Оскара)))))

    98. akrinah

      The truth is: NPCs are not programmed to press buttons and perform these actions of freedom. To them a player is a miracle. The foretold hero that will save them from the dragon which they were not programmed to defeat.

    99. Siege Select

      Bro wtf his neck is running

    100. Audun Skilbrei

      If you havent already you should do a bit about escorting retarded npcs.