Horrible Christmas music in retail stores - X-mas Music

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    Rowan thinks its a good idea to play X-mas music in the store for the entire Christmas period... and the staff aren't happy
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    1. WarpedPlanet

      Was hoping adam ran back and try to attack it some more

    2. Kristin FROST Lazerbeams

      This made my dark humorless heart laugh. Impressive! 😆

    3. Tom Healy

      Well it's time for Christmas track is stuck in my head. Please make the music video ft or it for this Christmas

    4. Yalkın ÇIRAK

      Literally, everyone hates Xmas music. Why do we keep listening them?

    5. Scissor Demon Suya

      I do find myself straining my ear for christmas songs once the -ber months starts

    6. Dead Nation

      Question Is play tech a real store and if so do one of you own it or know the owner

    7. Natius -

      Tbh the music is good

    8. PNK Fedora

      Okay but if Rowan loses his shit over a spoon on the floor...how much more a trashed radio?

    9. El Reino ArKadico

      3:17 imagine if rowan walked in and saw this and then everyone turned over to look at him and rowan just runs off

    10. Robert Marks

      I was hoping the series would stray from Rowan being a douche bag. I guess I'm done watching. I'm not a fan of watching people being continuously abused. The series started great when Rowan was a person and the customers were the enemy.

    11. Mr.Sheepster Gaming

      What is the music when there deystroying it

    12. Man


    13. TheShanePlays

      I've felt that pain. Also doing the scene from office space was awesome.

    14. Dark Shade

      Their paycuts will be more massive than a supermassive blackhole

    15. KR Zi-O

      Nothing better than the Bored series in my opinion. But I love all VLDL skits. These guys should actually have their own series on a cable channel. 👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️

    16. SirAaronTheGreat

      Song at the end?

    17. Chris Organic

      Ironically I've never heard any of those Christmas songs before, the ones we get over here like Mariah Carey and Wham and Slade, actually make me puke

    18. 4Mate(s) Films

      I love it when Adam goes rage mode.

    19. A W

      We're doing this for the customers! Not one customer in the whole video. Then they went full Office Space.

    20. Lazy Lebanese Lifestyle

      i am just spitballin here...but is playtech a real store ? do these guys own it or rent it or sponsored by it ? and are all the tech inside sponsors also ?

    21. Astra Official

      The scene with the destroyed recorder...you mudt had a lot off fun there xD

    22. nethrelm

      Here we witness the death of one of the last working cassette players in the world, Office Space style.

    23. Xander Vampire

      The reason they lost it is because the last track was a new song called "All I want for Christmas is a gaming mac"!

    24. Sunil Mulgund

      It's always with the paycuts

    25. John van den Bos

      I'm a 'bit' late too the party and maybe it's just me, but I'm curious; what's the music that drops around the 3:00 mark, while they destroy that deck? I'm genuinely curious :o

    26. Bud_Kleric

      Feel like that's Rowan's actual Radio

    27. Garus 01

      Been there lol

    28. South Hoof Rescue Ranch

      2:29 Yes bitch.

    29. Quentin Sands IV

      I expected him to spread "Christmas cheer" the moment that he "showed up".

    30. Marcus Aurelius

      What's Xmas ?

    31. Pollux Terminus

      Ellie looked at Rowan with murderous intent. I can relate.

    32. Arya Surya Pratama

      Kind of Aron Chupa music 🎺

    33. Adrianne

      I kept waiting for the who was being dragged away to turn around and start stomping on it like Stewie from Family Guy did to peters Serf an Bird record. Lol

    34. AnOnEmOs

      Funny thing is that the Christmas music starts playing in November, but as soon as the Christmas starts, the music stops playing.

    35. Little Mister Long

      Music at 2:30 please

    36. Jacob Dixon

      This is great 😆

    37. Tommy Phan

      I didn't know that this was a reference to Office Space- my first thought was Stewie and Brian destroying the Surfin' Bird record in Family Guy. I was expecting Adam to turn back as he was being walked away and Alan and Ellie would have had to drag him away again.

    38. Anthony Baines

      Shit music at the end, plus you destroy some classic tech? Wow

    39. Zentyx

      I thought Rowan was gonna have another one set back down when they got back

    40. Super Pro

      Seems like they r racist making these video. Its not good make the video that show no respect to Christmas

    41. Jody Camper

      My entire time working at Office Depot can be summed up with "TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS" all day every day including at Christmas time. If I hear that song anywhere I will lose my shit now.

    42. Rupert Rosse Lachenal

      Oh no! That's company radio! MMMASSIVE PAYCUTS all around!

    43. The Night Stalker

      This channel is halirious

    44. Southron_d13

      Fancy destroying a valuable antique like a cassette radio deck. Gaah! It also occurs to me that perhaps Ellie plays for her local cricket team. Nice moves, mate! All that said, why do stores play such schlock nonsense? We customers hates nassty musics, Precious!

    45. WildCannon

      3:13 Ely looks like his pissing or shiting hahahah

    46. Techo WinMC

      It just hurt when that was destroyed doe.

    47. Challangers

      Alan should punch rowan in the face and quit playtech

    48. Jose Rojas

      They went full Office Space on that poor cassette player.

    49. Дед С калалашом

      Можно субтитры на русском? You can add Russian subtitles?

    50. Daryl Ruiz

      The best is how, in someway, it also shows the general feeling of this year. Great sketch!

    51. Wenwen 2008

      Alan with the golf stick man

    52. David Yates

      Can anyone tell me what the name of the song that they beat the tapedeck to? That actually wasn't half bad haha

    53. SeferGER

      Plot twist: They went back into the store. But what did they find there? Another cassette player waiting for them, playing the same 5 freaking songs... A laughing Rowan hiding behind some panels.

    54. lonewolf202

      Was expecting them to come back to the songs being played on everything in the whole store

    55. Rogue Valkyrie

      I smashed my phone with a baseball bat during the music... I may work at a pizzeria 5 days a week...

    56. Pierre-alexandre Garneau

      Captain here: Time for Christmas hugets.info/show/02Z5etTWnahpuJw/vide.html If you are looking for the real mvp of this video, there you go. Seriously this song is amazing ahaha

    57. Void Exile

      I have done some practice work at retail stores and let me tell you, if there is one thing that drives you crazy, it's the music, same 5-15 songs on repeat, christmas may even be worse

    58. Saft Lucario

      Neuseeland Dort müssen wir alle hin dann können wir sie besuchen habe geguckt 😁😁

    59. Dhruv verma Tinu

      What is the name of the song playing behind when they are destroying the radio?????

    60. Giovanni Giunta

      Can anyone tell me the name of the song that goes "come on up come on in get together, for the merriest time of year"?? I can't find it anywhere! Never heard of it, and now it's stuck in my head forever

    61. RyuuSkadi

      Funny story, one time when me and my family had a vacation, we forgot to download songs on the trip (this is before spotify got popular) and my brother had this 1 Christmas song in his phone and we looped in for 4hrs until we got home and we enjoy every bit of it.. Haha

    62. Michael Dawn

      Merry Christmas Viva La Dirt League and everyone !!!!!

    63. X X

      1:20 That's not a song, that's a five second jingle!

    64. X X

      0:30 He does realize they out number him, and he's alone in the store right now. And if they wanted to murder him and say it was an accident and erase any security footage, they could right?

    65. X X

      Where's We Three Kings?

    66. Quasar

      Was half expecting a "What is going on here? Are you destroying company property on company time, with company equipment? That's it, paycut, paycut, paycut!"

    67. Charley Elliott

      Wats the name of the heavy tune at the end?

    68. ThicLizard

      I once worked in a retail store that had despacito or repeat. This is giving me flashbacks.

    69. Lazuri

      I think this is a better method for the convicts than carrying out the execution.

    70. kamień Dobrosielski


    71. Artyom

      I was expecting a plot twist at the end where Rowan bring another radio from his office and played the tracks again. He got tons of them so the torture will last forever.

    72. Chow

      Man, I wish I had a boss like Rowan. My union would have a field day wiith him.

    73. Ivo Kalchev

      Gotta give it to Rowan switching to rage mode instanly

    74. Jase

      Songs Rocco Vanwell - Big Bad Santa...your welcome 👌🏻

    75. Aurelius Kreszen T

      Can someone tell me about the song in 2:03. That song sounds good

    76. mirrorsedgy

      I put it on every year as soon as its on the radio from september to december/january, i am most likely completely insane but it works for me keeps me happy and not depressed

    77. AnimeStar0

      I've been hearing Christmas music at my workplace since the beginning of November, I can literally know what the next song will be and the lyrics T_T

      1. AnimeStar0

        So my store is still playing Christmas music until New Year or next week...God help me get through this week T_T

    78. Nayilun2

      In Asian Countries....literally the next day after Xmas, they slap on Chinese New Year songs. So double the hell music for retail workers. Cheers from Malaysia

    79. Jimbo Bimbo

      Hard to believe that this shit is actually real for a lot of poor folks hard at work in stores.

    80. yep who cares

      Lol gotta say, the tape deck in an electronics store in December 2020 is probably the best use of a prop for comedic purposes I've seen in a while

    81. Aline Nichola

      Naughty elves hhhhhhe merry Christmas guys 🎄🎄🎄

    82. Mad Dee Em

      You guys can actually pull off those elf costumes.

    83. Tristan E

      Incredible!!! Happy holidays gang!

    84. 95flareside1

      For some strange reason, I have a sudden urge to watch Office Space...

    85. bloodrust79

      Would’ve been hilarious if Rowan had walked out with another music player

    86. Oleg Stepanov

      A cassette player? Wait, a WORKING cassette layer?!!

      1. Oleg Stepanov

        Oh, spoke too soon...

    87. Steven P. Anderson Sr.

      You'll probably ignore this, I'm a deaf subscriber, and rely on subtitles or captioning, it's hypocritical of you to censor subtitles but not voice? We the deaf community must have equal access, in fact there's a law, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) Which requires equal access period. It's easy just turn off profanity filter and we are all happy.. thank you. Keep up the good work.

      1. TheTamakuya

        You do realize that they are not Americans, so your law doesn't apply there? And also, there is a beep sound over the swear words in the video...

    88. KendoruSlink

      It's like he'll on earth

    89. Cameron Rhyne

      My condolances for the poor souls having to deal with this hell for real.

      1. Alex Liu

        @Jonathan Beaudry holy crap you didn’t have to go that hard

      2. Jonathan Beaudry

        I quit working for walmart just before Christmas. I couldn't take the music anymore. Add in entitled customers who are mad that we are sold out of ps5s and think anything popular would be in stock a week before christmas made me want to murder them. This is why you shop on or before black friday for christmas gifts. I will forever have in my file as the reason i quit was Christmas Music. May the executive who thought it was a good idea to have 7 christmas songs on loop have his gifts replaced with soft dog shit. The ones from hell that when you attempt to scoop up just smear everywhere. Made by chihuahuas. May all of the gifts he got his kids be one upped by relatives or an exact present that the kid already opened that was given by the relative so the kid is disappointed. May he be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic that is stop and go every 3 seconds and moving at a snails pace and he's a hour away from his destination when there is no traffic and it extends past his exit that was closed due to an accident. I hope his cars suspension breaks during a road trip and they have over 80 miles on a bumpy road to the nearest mechanic that will overcharge them as the closest mechanic besides him is 3 hours away. May his pet dislike him and prefer a guest over him. May his eyes and teeth itch.

    90. BigSkyFishing

      She just gets bigger every skit

    91. A mills

      Nice plug from "office space"😀😀🤣hugets.info/show/r2mqqM_W1Yye12k/vide.html

    92. Lopunny Gal

      If anyone out here is stuck listening to Xmas music in retail raise your hand. 🙋🏾‍♀️

    93. FlamesCore

      Isn't their someone above the manager

    94. Ricardo Pesenti

      Surely just because of the missing snow :) Kidding xD

    95. Nathan Army

      You’re flexing with the RTX 3080 in the background

    96. aldahesu28

      Watched all 210 Bored videos in three weeks. Man this guys make me laugh. Have great hollydays and will be waiting for you in 2021.

    97. Roberto Valdez

      Best sketch of the year.... a worthy competitor of Karen

    98. Melody Lisa

      I felt this in my soul.

    99. Birki gts

      As a customer, I feel exactly the same way about Christmas Music.

    100. Sy A

      The return of Alan’s golf club! He probably thought it was a macbook when he destroyed it!