Life after thirty

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    Life after 30 really starts to click. Joints clicking creaking and popping. Apparently it gets even better after 50!
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    1. Noob Master1000

      So when you are 30 doing any Physical activity hurts..

    2. juy hit maan

      It sounds like a branch breaking 🤣🤣🤣

    3. Grot Ezk

      Мне сейчас 30,и такого вообще нет.

    4. Jakub Jurč

      I'm 21 and I can relate

    5. Tuvstarr

      Sighs this is so true, my shit started at age 39 :\ I got Multipel Sclerosis T_T it sucks D-B

    6. CptObvious

      Yah man, after I turned 30 my body has been falling apart D:

    7. Logan Mathewson

      Note to self do not play this in a public library

    8. Jacob Murray

      This is far too accurate

    9. Prlly Trnton

      Love you guys

    10. prdasilva2

      Bem isso, depois dos 40 piora rsrs

    11. Nerds Playhouse

      Rowans always gotta try to one-up everyone lol

    12. Immensae Games

      This is accurate

    13. Kerban12

      I'm 39 and I can tell you that it only gets worse.

    14. João Cavalcante

      I am 23 and I’m worried because related with it

    15. Oliver Steinweg

      after 30 sitting is a matter of how long you want to stay there...... under 20 minutes..... you wanna sit down? nah i just stand here everythings fine

    16. Chuck W

      As I'm pushing 40, I completely understand. Having said that, this sketch could have added another layer of humor by celebrating another characters 30th birthday. At 29, you are perfectly agile and fit, but as soon as you turn 30, this happens.

    17. Mel Ancholynus

      Used to laugh at older people doing this. Now I'm nearing 37 and my back is cracking everytime I sneeze...

    18. Head God

      Eem... That sound terrifying 🤣 30 now. Next gonna sound more weirder.

    19. Robert Whatley

      Just wait till 40

    20. Pablo Ramirez

      Welcome to the Joint Cracking Brotherhood

    21. r3l1csvk

      i can so relate to that nearly having "jesus´ years" as we call the age of 33...

    22. ChrisG

      YES! This video all you 29 year olds.

    23. gitoberg1

      Rowans over acting aaaaaaagggggggghhhh 😂😂😂 one of the funniest comedy teams out there

    24. johnny gonzalez


    25. It's Binh Repaired

      I don't get it. I'm 31 and don't have that issue. Do they mean after 30 as in after the 30s, 40?.

    26. Marty McFly

      This is me at 29 😂

    27. joel ellie


    28. 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧

      Damn, thank you for reminding me. It's really this bad, I never believed it until my gf said im balding, lmao

    29. Electrize

      Hitting the big 3-0 tomorrow. I’m scared that I’ll wake up like this. Anybody’s seen my youth?

    30. Denzil Rodrigues

      And that's why when I'm able to make money, I'm definitely visiting a chiropractor to ask what the heck is wrong with my back?

    31. Evie K

      How do you get it So. Right?

    32. Darth Victive

      You thirty-somethings can kiss my forty-something ass.

    33. Chris White

      *If you don't exercise regularly

    34. SEVILIOT

      We need more of your normal life series xD

    35. Elie-Chakib Abou-Chacra

      Guys anyone know why? Or how to fix it? Please send help it’s snowing and I’m still on the chair...

    36. David Jett

      Heh, just wait till you're in your 40s.


      I love the fact that they're acting so normal about it

    38. Ontario Fantasy Movies- Micheal and Jeanette Bemma

      VLDL I have been watching your stuff for a few months. I found this one, I am a 44 year old with a wrecked back, and this skit . . . Still funny as hell :)

    39. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    40. Gonzalo Diaz

      life after 30' minutes of croffits maybe lol...

    41. Андрей Безденежных

      I'm 22 and I'm already like that

    42. Mark Murex

      Spoiler: It gets worse.

    43. SneakyStripes

      Rofl! Omg, this is too funny!

    44. Jason Hayes

      This is totally me! Lol!

    45. KiLa D. DaTo

      18 years old me "mhm, yep imma go workout"

      1. KiLa D. DaTo

        @Kemia Koro wow thanks for the information mate

      2. Kemia Koro

        Not how it works I'm afraid. Working out will just wear down your cartilage faster and you'll have the same creaks and groans. It's genetics, not fitness. There's no exercise to buff up cartilage. During lockdown my gym closed and for the first time in years I stopped going. I couldn't even remember a time when I wasn't sore and make clicking noises moving, but sitting around working from home and not exercising actually made me better.

    46. Андрей Петров

      Sometimes it is just untreated bacteria damaging joints. Sadly, our medicine is not there yet to diagnose and cure this.

    47. In-Cog Neat-Oh

      god I feel this in my soul

    48. Taras Romanenko

      I'm 37 and that's so true! Plus now I cannot drink more than 2 bottles of beer per day

    49. mayakayahawah park

      My dad is 50 and he is still strong

    50. Toni Heinze


    51. Julian Moses

      F U for targeting me and making fun of me!

    52. Unknown Whiteguy

      I'm 37 and I feel older with muscle cramps, nerve damage.

    53. Jacinto Jay Geronimo

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Relate much.....

    54. Brian Brueshaber

      Hello adventurer! The town of Honeywood needs your help! Go to the Mystic Cooler and bring us three beers!

    55. Ngọc Ngô

      you guys scared me

    56. TommyDaGreatest

      You should probably see a doctor over that...

    57. Jorge Burnett

      Can't...stop laughing🤣..(ironic since I am 31

    58. Play with KuverTech

      1:57 sound like a herd of clickers in TLOU

    59. OMG

      Do they call sausages, "sauces" down under? That hweird

    60. priest7779

      Lol, it is so true!🤣😔

    61. Freddie Cawston

      Anyone 25 starting to feel a bit wary?...

    62. Mattias van der Wal

      Haaha.. that's every gamer after sitting for 10 hours straight

    63. Ievgenii Romenskyi

      laugh... thinks that this is bit overacted... tried to stand up... well not that much overacted it seems...

    64. Gemein Hardt

      What are they 60?

    65. EzFlyers10

      Wait till 40. I yell like that getting into the car

    66. bolobolo bolo

      That's true ...

    67. Demlar989


    68. Me

      Can confirm, it's all true.

    69. David Hutchison

      So true. I groan every time I get up.

    70. Jeremy Kiahsobyk

      You also toss and turn in the most comfortable bed you've ever owned, but can drift peacefully off to sleep driving at 65mph down the highway.

      1. TheLastScampi

        And you get clockwork-like regular urination at 6.30 am, while your alarm wake you up at 7 am.

    71. Derfel

      That's you three with your burgers and beer diet, and perhaps a man from the stone age. I'm a 36 years old Brazilian and I still get asked sometimes for id when buying smokes, yes I smoke and drink heavily since I was 16, but I'm also a vegan. I run and swim the same ammount as when I was 18 and I get a lot of it is just strong genes, luck of the draw. I find pathetic people in their 30s 40s and nowadays even 50s feeling old. You're not old you're just weak, or had a nasty diet all your life. Everyone is different stop putting people in the same basket due to age.

      1. Jenna

        Relax! Save the shaming of overweight people for the gym, guy.

    72. Ueberdruckventil undicht

      I can badly. I'm 42, having Fibromyalgia which means my muscles and joints hurt almost everyday from morining till evening. Feels exactly like this ↑ Love you guys ♥

    73. Slight Overdoze

      Those chairs seem to be pretty uncomfortable

    74. Angry Goose

      True story.

    75. The Castaway Traveller

      Wait until you're over 40...

    76. Иван Ступко

      after 25*

    77. amitabh ranjan

      It's so painful to watch 🤣🤣

    78. Nahtotter1988

      Well, it seems I am lucky enough to have no such a things. Yeap, click-clack are existed, but this is not any close to these guys problems..

    79. Shun Gaga

      I’m 33 it takes me at least 10 mins to get out of the bed, mind you I’m only sitting up at this point after hitting the snooze 15 times lol and I’m constantly catching Charlie horses at least 4 times a week. I take at lease 4 naps a day and the thought of going to a party kills me 😂😂😂

      1. Ueberdruckventil undicht

        maybe a little magnesium...?

    80. spaceLem

      I'm watching this on my 39th birthday.

    81. Rabid Jock

      How to make an old guy fall asleep. Show him into a room with an armchair.

    82. Rabid Jock

      I'm a 58 year old ex plasterer. With 2 compressed discs in my lower back I've been making those noises since my mid 20s 😥

    83. Алексей Комаровский

      I'm 1.5 times older, but I really empathize with the guys. Hold on.

    84. Grox44

      Meanwhile people hitting their athletic prime at 30 especially fighters.

    85. Billy The Catfish

      Me and the bois hanging out at 31:

    86. Den A

      May be after 40 years old ?

    87. superdude 573

      Im 13 and this is already happening Pleasd help me god

    88. TheIcelandicGeek

      Back gave in at 20, knees fucked off around 25 and now my ankles are going. Just kill me by the time I reach 50. Please, i beg you.

    89. Mauricio Ferreira

      The funny thing is that all those actors are actually older than 30.

    90. SCR_Overland

      This is me at 23 lol

    91. Михаил Строгов

      Dunno, im in better shape after 30 then i was my entire life.

    92. PunkFiddler

      33. laughed so hard i think i heard a snap on my lower back.

      1. Tuvstarr

        THANKS! now you made me laugh so it snapped in my spine damn you! :P HAHAHA

    93. Čedomir Bobar

      37 soon and I find this not acurate.

    94. Luis Rafael

      I'm like that in my 20s haha.... In my 30s probably I won't be able to walk

    95. Math Dantas Tav

      I'm 19, but I guess I'm 30, cause this is my life lol

    96. Video Game Sanctuary

      NO LIES! All the stupid shit I did is catching up fast.

    97. Giraffe PNWfarmer

      So this is what i have to look forward too. Nice

    98. Sébastien Fréchette

      ripoff or a tribute? ;)