Life after thirty

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    Life after 30 really starts to click. Joints clicking creaking and popping. Apparently it gets even better after 50!
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    1. Little ol lad

      please do....Life afterlife

    2. Zulfaqar Sa'adi

      At 30, my body is still 20

    3. Renzo Alvarado

      Look at this what is the original? I like VLDL better but not sure whats the original

    4. Gabrine Vescovi

      Life after u go to the gym for the first time.

    5. Honest Reviews

      Folgers Jingle * the worst part of waking up, is stiffness in your EVERYTHING

    6. bigman man

      Shut the hell up I'm 51

    7. Вячеслав Гончаров

      It's about 25. after 30 you just die, so video is fake.

    8. CW M

      How you injury your back as a teenager: doing a backflip off a bicycle into an empty pool. How you injury your back as an adult: you slept on a bed that was too soft/not soft enough.

    9. Musical Boy

      Im sure everybody's dad cam lyft a 50 kilos at the age of 50

    10. LadyGwynn

      lol, totally relatable... but quick question: why is this video listed nine times in a row in the "Wildcard" playlist?

    11. mohd rasidi che mat

      More like life after 50

    12. Tiziano U.B.P.

      Hahahaha true story

    13. Delta Raven

      Omg aussies don’t worry the United States is sending disaster relief cause apparently u guys are in terrible pain constantly

    14. knusern

      And what did we learn from this boys? Sit the fuck still and drink your damn beer

    15. It's Gr0za

      This is Where actually Zombies Came from.....

    16. Richard Short

      Very true guys I am 38 4 kids military

    17. Ahmed Cudic

      Bodybuilders after leg day 😂

    18. Sunil Kashyap


    19. Ruhtam

      Vetti accurate

    20. Lions Pride

      So accurate doesn’t matter how well I eat or how often I work out the damage from me being a dumb teen is already done! Welcome to 30 it’s all downhill from here

    21. Tomas T

      30 is to soon to be beaten up like that...:D:D:D:D:D:D

    22. Maxim Ogorodnikov

      когда качал только пальцы правой руки на мышке))

    23. Steven Auldridge


    24. ThatInfidel

      This is hitting a little close to home!

    25. Bernardo Dahinten

      LOL great video

    26. Rocky

      Welp, I'm halfway there

    27. David Woods


    28. Spartan117

      I'm in my 20's and after being discharged from the Army everything hurts. All my combat MOS people know that life.

    29. Kelly Sue Grimm

      When you hit 40, you just leave your cellphone over there.

    30. Dancing-spaghetti

      Is that dB you are drinking by chance

    31. Jonathan Kril

      My dad’s 52 and he never has this problem

    32. Matthew Thompson

      Benefits of dating me at 30: im cute AND crunchy

    33. Nicholes Ong

      I feel every second of the video. Damn funny :) lol

    34. DAZAMAN87

      Honestly laughed my ass off

    35. gobby212

      It's funny cause it's true 😂🤣

    36. Chintan Thakar

      As someone who just turned 31 I can vouch that this is true.

    37. ZillaTheTegu

      I hate to see the sequel, life after 40, which is what Im about to hit... :(

    38. D C


    39. Saur

      Hahahaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa haha ha

    40. henkkaj73

      47 and feel physical pain just watching this video LOL XD

    41. Alex Mort

      Can confirm this is my life... although i am over 50 and had 1 car accident, 2 bike accidents and too many sports injuries to remember.

    42. Nil Gallardo

      27 here sometimes my leg hurts like that. But most of the time its my hip. To bad my family thinks that I am just over reacting

    43. Chaos Reigns

      Basically everyone ends up losing some ability to walk, due to knee damage (osteoarthritis), before they die. Everyone can reduce this with a little more walking. Why don't people talk about this more?

    44. Hollow 666

      sciatica doesn't hurt it just kills you and whatever you do Don't sneeze

    45. Gustavo Camargo

      I turned 30 this year and it's amazing/scary to think how much my health and my overall physical quality just dropped compared to when i was like 25... And i do try to take care of myself !!! Don't smoke, drink socially every other week , try to workout whenever i can... Getting old is just sad... Wish i could be 25 forever...

    46. R1ZE R1FTY

      Coby Briant at 36 dominating in the NBA over here

    47. StlBluesCup2019E_W_G

      God, if this isn't the truth!

    48. 1 sub before 2021?

      After 80: 💀

    49. Николай Грачев

      Это все правда...

    50. Mohan Kumar

      something work with the chairs

    51. Feri Doang

      really? i just spend my 2.17 min of my life watching people arrggghhh ing

    52. Kacper Wojtasik

      I'm 14 and it's allready like that ._.

    53. Sampsa Snellman

      i am 26 and i feel allready that

    54. Michael Whitcomb

      That is my damn back every morning when I get up 38

    55. IRON V8

      I am almost 30 and it's already starting to feel like that sometimes whenever I try to get off the couch or chair.

    56. Mira Kerr

      I turned 30 this year. Every second my body is deteriorating

    57. highjim

      You fuckers wait till youre 40. JUST WAIT!!! young bastards.

    58. George Cowen

      They should be called "Viva La Stress League"

    59. Just 3at

      After 30s? I'm like this and I'm in 20s

    60. Gariepdammer Le Clerq

      Well I suppose I will be fine when I'm 30, My dad Is almost 60 and he has just started groaning when he gets up

    61. xRay

      🤣🤣🤣 I swear they got doritos for bones

    62. Fotini B.

      After Rowan sat back down with his phone, I fully expected him to say "shit, battery's dead. Oh well."

    63. Antonio

      No celery was hurt in making this video.

    64. DeeJay Develop

      Not even 30 and im creaky as fuck, rip

    65. Hitasp Paoliner

      I have 30 years old when I had a lumbar disc at this young age. Of course, I have had this problem for years, my hair has been shed for years, and I have had a strange and severe type of anemia for as long as I can remember. Of course, there is another problem that I can not say,!😒😁 I am almost destroyed, that is, I have nothing to lose, l'm walking dead.😧

    66. JoeyPsych

      Sooo, I saw this same sketch a couple of years back at collagehumor, not saying it is stolen, but the entire concept is exactly the same.

    67. Cody Rauh

      No post-recording sound effects were added to this video... #feelsbadman

    68. Vishal Singh

      Does it really happen after 30. I am at 26. 😭

    69. Chris Smith

      Hoo boy things sure are going to change for me in the next few months. Actually considering how little exercise I'm getting during this Pandemic I'll believe it :P

    70. Angelo Dico

      lol. rowan sounds like a car going on a steep climb

    71. Blacky

      I'm 32 now. My best friend is 29. He always makes fun of me when I make strange noises getting up from a chair.... I'm laughing more than I actually should xD

    72. Desigen moodley

      lol you guys know this is not normal right?

    73. D. Jeffrey

      I was laughing at this and my knee pop i just turned 30 😂

    74. Konstantinos Trikkas

      im 18 but i feel your pain so much xD

    75. Sarcoma _

      man 20 in a factory i feel doomed feeling this way now 😩

    76. James Foucault


    77. Ben Apaya

      Me: I DONT wANt tO aGe,I DONT LIKE IT!! 5 year old me: Hold on, this whole operation was your idea

    78. Ben Apaya

      if you laugh your basically disrepecting yourself and every people on the planet.

    79. Ryan Hammond

      soon as it was rowans turn, i knew it would be even more dramatc

    80. sneaky ninja

      i dont think so

    81. Darkwear GT

      i am 15 and this happen to me after 2 hour exam paper

    82. Devin Cheeseman

      I miss flexable knees.

    83. Jason Ostermann

      It's funny because it's true

    84. Phillip_IV_Planet King

      Im 40 and this is 100 percent accurate.

    85. TigerBunneh

      I am 29 should i start to worry lol

    86. justlaugh haha

      Im 36..shut the hell up . lmao luckily I lost weight so this doesn't pertain toe any more ..give me a few years

    87. jey Lee

      don't worry younguns, this won't be you unless you're exactly zero excercise.

    88. Adam Davenport

      I'm 36 years old and I approve of this sketch. Also, I'm pretty sure I've made every single one of those sounds at least once. 😆

    89. YaBoi Monkey

      Why do I relate, im frikin 14

    90. Tim B

      Painfully accurate.

    91. MaccaCheese

      Just watching this is making my back hurt.

    92. Ali Kılınç

      I live in Turkey. I am both 18 and 30 years old.

    93. Eric Maxwell

      I know it's probably been said already...but this is accurate. The day i turned 30 i grunted getting out of bed and that's when i knew it was downhill for me.

    94. Bradley Popkes

      alan got pottered, truly this is a sign of the end times

    95. Cesar Burgos

      I remember when people used to tell when you hit 30 you will se you don't move like you used to I laugh now I'm 35 and understand very well what they were talking about lol

    96. Cesar Burgos

      Lol right on point the sound thought super funny lol

    97. yllib

      so.... after 30's our whole flesh became bones?

    98. Payperheirplain

      I can confirmation this is accurate.

    99. J. McConnell

      Jaysus, what the fuck happens to the body at 31?? Think I might forego ageing for a bit

    100. RoryCraft - Minecraft with Rory

      This is very accurate