When workplace mediation goes wrong - Mediation

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    Ever been to a mediation at work? They don't always go the way you hope.
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    1. Weston Byerly

      PLEASE do a behind the scenes bloopers hahaha XD

    2. sanskar singhai

      This is the first time I am seeing Ben and Rowan agreeing on something...

    3. Dark souls

      alan left alone noone helps him!

    4. El Grumpo Taffo

      Do people realize how fucking real these videos are sometimes? I've got a feeling they should do inspections to companies with these videos, and if the circumstances resemble in any way these videos, there's something wrong with the company

    5. What's Up In Space?

      "well. That's it. I'm going to burn the whole place down"

    6. Dipanshu Phukan

      Ohh it coming Bois...its coming...soon enough alen is gonna flip the switch and become dominator of the universe.

    7. Ryujin Kidd

      This is the second time I've come back to this sketch because I read it as meditation

    8. hogphan75

      Alan’s kick list: Rowan: for being stupid Ben: for agreeing with Rowan Adam and Ellie: for being cowards

    9. Iain Ballas

      I would have found this funny. If it didn't happen all too often in real life. I'm not shitting. The corporate hotel giant I work at used a coworker's 'theft' of a pen as excuse to fire her. Just to avoid addressing a sexual harassments complaint after we all asked the managers to sit down and talk about it.

      1. Iain Ballas

        Their reasoning was "We don't know how many office supplies you've taken over the years. or what else you've been doing. The cash till's been a few cents short at least once a week..." Though our property management system had rounding errors...

    10. E Man

      Adam is almost about to cry in every episode. I love it

    11. Freddie Mercury

      0:57 Adam looked at the camera

    12. blankiddy

      wow alan got a 1 dollar pay cut

    13. Deathy Kat

      Can we get an episode where real life logic strikes rowan and Ben? I feel like it would be hallarious

    14. User 6174

      Guys he left the job. Still searching in pain.

    15. samuelju2

      One reason that I hate my country's culture: People think unions are unnecessary, yet people always cry about their pity wages.

    16. Barcelos Bruno BorN LeGEND

      You can feel Alan's soul leaving the room

    17. Jo Theunissen

      Alan: using company pen Rowan "SHAME"

    18. Michelle Tuxford

      Meanwhile, the real guy from Common Grounds Services is running around Honeywood in his underwear, wild-eyed and screaming, 'What happened?? How did I get here??!!'

    19. The_Borg

      50% pay cut? I'd quit on the spot without notice.

    20. Ryan Bricker

      So if they got a paycut in the beginning, and then Rowan gave them a pay raise... Doesn't that mean they are making the same as before... Rowan wins again.

    21. David OBrien

      B. E. N. :)

    22. Only Games

      Bruh he prob has to pay him at this point

    23. MrCotchios

      So how much is Ellie making now? She should be making in a day more than Alan makes in a month.

    24. Steven Adams

      Iirc Alan was sick and tired of Rowans shit...I think it’s about time he reminds Rowan

    25. turtlerr r

      not gonna lie they had us in the first half

    26. Trevor Sommerfelt

      Do they make these videos to piss us off? Cuz I’m pissed off

    27. Joseph Townsend

      At this point with all these cuts, does Alan even make money anymore?

    28. The Last

      Shit My life in a 4:29 skit

    29. Knight on the Internet

      This hits way too close to home lmao

    30. Ed 8

      When the boss and mediator look like muggers...

    31. 9latinum Studioz

      Completely defeated 😂😂

    32. TECHI David

      AAARRRRGGGHHHH.!!..... I LOVE BEN! B. E. N. BEN!😂😂😂

    33. Alex Mort

      Now this was so much funnier now i have watch the entire series. Anyone else who watches this and not the full set, go watch them now... and subscribe while your at it, then head over to the Patreon page as well... This add was brought to you by TrueMort an entirely fictional company with no ties to VLDL :)

    34. Xrocx

      Where can i send a gun so Alan can have it?

    35. IRON V8

      That would explain why Alan locked the store to have Ben murderised on the spot Lol!

    36. Konglim Khoo

      if this is real life, the whole shop will be burn down in 1 week.

    37. Marko San

      Imagine Alan getting a good lawyer... then Hamish show up xD

    38. Warren Keith Lunar

      I think Alan had to quit a job

    39. Francisco Quiñones

      But Rowan owns Ben 😂😂😂

    40. The Random STvFF

      Let's go mug 'em

    41. Simble

      Poor Alan

    42. Michael Whitcomb

      Me get's up and just walked out of the office with two fingers in the air

    43. Daroid7

      Seriously, how did Ben got this job though?

    44. Daroid7

      Hes got a point though

    45. اريانة كروزة

      ماافتهم بس عجبني

    46. xxDAMRONxx

      I’d be interested to meet the people who dislike these videos. Would probably be a very dull conversation

    47. Chucky362

      We need more ben!

    48. SavageBillahx2

      It would be great to see Allen quit and watch everything fall to shit. Then he comes back or something

    49. Vince Kyle Mancao

      "Those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friend is worst than scum" disappointed at ellie and adam. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    50. Jeff Li

      No one going to talk about the fact that Alan was wearing the old Playtech uniform?

    51. Shadow_Knight49

      If this series ever ends, it will end with Alan finally leaving Playtech. Whatever had happened, he had finally had enough. Adam, brought to realization about how he could definitely find a better establishment to work at than with Rowan, quickly joins Alan and walks out the door. Ellie, left with the one person she hates the most, decides to quit a few days later, leaving Rowan, and his twisted, horrible excuse for a business, in the dust. Rowan desperately tries to find someone, anyone, who wants to work for him, but anyone who accepted the job, would quit within a week. Rowan, now even more desperate then ever, tries to call back his old employees, but to no avail. And Rowan is left a homeless beggar all because he couldn’t afford to change... or the more likely ending is that he kills all his employees because they all drop Playtech spoons at the same time.

    52. Pie Rat

      This... is a pain... I know... too well 0.o

      1. Pie Rat

        Also Rowan is the best love-to-hate-him character that I've ever seen. Talking all syndication. Hands-down.

    53. Matt In_together

      Did Rowan used to have long hair???

    54. Milutzu K

      But wait, the paper still belongs to the company, as the ink on that paper. You can argue that the information on that paper belongs to the company too, therefore Alan enriched the company with more information. Sure, contact information, sure, electrician contact information, but today information is gold, so he deserves a major pay rise.

    55. lee3r24

      I love the way Ben ramps it up, "why don't we just give you the keys to Playtech Alan? WHY DON'T WE GIVE YOU THE KEYS TO WHOLE WORLD MATE!?"

    56. Dion Anderson

      B. E. N BEN 😂😂

    57. Alex Tim

      Чёт уже пора менеджеру получить по заслугам

    58. ReZhorw

      Typical Alan... Always so... disobedient

    59. Сергей Ильюшин

      Типичный пример того, как капитализм нагибает простых смертных

    60. Stormchaser2oo8

      I just want to see Alan quit one day and watch Rowan beg for him to come back when he realizes he doesn't acrually know how to do anything.

    61. Oleksandra Bakun


    62. Leo Vice

      What would you do if this actually happened in your workplace ?

    63. Michael Gonzales

      Whats the point of pay cut anymore? Theyre literally working for free since they always get a paycut. Whats 50% of 0? Am i right? 😂😂😂

    64. Adrian Hydock

      Yes I love how they bring bens character back in

    65. mobile madness 247

      Man Alan gonna go insane

    66. Rowan Ellis


    67. Iridescent_Mage

      Noooooo!!! Alan can only take so much. The white shirt will be back!!!!!

    68. SmugPilot

      Why Alan has to keep suffering like that? #JusticeForAlan!!!!

    69. Karl Joshua Gonzales

      My name is Ben It's B-E-N HAHAAAHAHAA

    70. Dulcar

      It’s Ben lmao

    71. Griffin Johnson

      700 dislikes this is halarious what abunch of haters

    72. AAJ30

      i bet if i was alan i would suicide lol

    73. Angel Rodriguez

      Look it’s Ellie’s first ever paycut.....never mind she betrayed her friend to get it back

    74. Nazmul Pranto

      This channel deserves more subscribers

    75. iPool

      Omnibus Law everyone... 😂

    76. Lucas Vidal

      I read it three times and every time I kept reading "meditation".

    77. Hellshock

      Wut happened to the delivery guy

    78. tactical grace

      Should’ve been the last straw. Alan, quit your job mate, you can do better than Playtech. There are loads of companies out there that would give you a better deal than tin-pot dictator-managers like Rowaq

    79. Tommy Chesters

      I loved this more than the Karen video

    80. BlankReg


    81. Xudus Gaming

      company ink lol !!!

    82. Darth Revan

      Woooow all this time and still don't learn. Don't your ever! FXXXXXX cross Rowan.!!!!

    83. Perditus Thornatus2


    84. AgentlolzYT

      wow wow wow wow Alan, you you used a company pen and paper? bro massive pay cut

    85. cannibalbananas

      But does Rowan pay them? I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone get a paycheck. So half of nothing is still nothing

    86. Mycroft Holmes

      I wonder how much Alan making at Playtech nowadays (after all the pay cut :D )

    87. Handsome Saitama

      Ben is just paid actor get over it

    88. Sean Siefken

      I wanted to 'dislike' this video because working for a Japanese company really is like this. Of course I 'liked' it. Stuff like this evens things out. VLDL is awesome.

    89. Asrig

      Alan should've lick the pen and the paper first.

    90. alphonse diitle

      I'm waiting for the episode where Alan will take the position of Rowan's manager or return of white shirt

    91. Philippe SAIZ

      "The world won't be destroyed by Rowans, but by red-shirt peasants just watching." - Benjamin Franklin

    92. GI HYUN NAM

      Is there anything left to cut at this point?

    93. PersonofNat

      All these Rowan vids are just the personification of large American companies

    94. John Stapleton

      Ah Ben, always the shit disturber

    95. Harry Playz

      Its sunday 27th October 2020 4:03PM as im writing this

    96. Mathew Pigman

      that was the face of a man who is going to bring a gun to work tomorrow … just saying.

    97. Ricardo B.

      How did Alan not snapped there? We need a sequel to this guys!

    98. jhk ahu

      aaand that is capitalism in action

    99. Seth Moran

      Why don't we give you the keys to the whole world mate !!!

    100. Jason Hyde

      Man if i was Alan i would place a semtex charge under the office seats the next day lol!!!