When workplace mediation goes wrong - Mediation

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    Ever been to a mediation at work? They don't always go the way you hope.
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    1. TriforceLink13

      Mediation, I thought it said meditation

    2. Тепло

      этот ролик вызывает только негатив. зачем такой ролик нужен?

    3. SkullHead Oliva

      I’d quit as soon as I see Ben walk in🤣

    4. Mike Hancho

      Can anyone fill me in as to why Alan doesn’t want to see Ben? What’s the beef? Is it because of the fax thing?

    5. Александр Солдатов

      Когда твои коллеги - крысы...

    6. blazen710420 blazen710420

      It's funny because we all know that Adam is just there to make everything worse because of Rondey

    7. blazen710420 blazen710420

      See my theory is Rowan new about the mediation so he paid Ben $100 to be the replacement for the actual guy so the actual guy never showed up to be the mediation so Ben would just agree with everything that Rowan says 🤣😂

    8. Hamataro

      His face is actualy getting red imao

    9. Malkav 0

      The only think that makes all these jokes not believable enough is that they have not quit or killed Rowan yet 😅

    10. Reece Taylor

      He used company ink and paper. HE MUGGED EM

    11. Retro CD TV

      They're Mugger LoL

    12. ВСЁ ОК

      Пусть он уволиться

    13. Buffbud96

      Why i sAlan not wearing the new P.T. shirt???

    14. 420 gaming yt

      I want to see them quit the job make there own company and anoy the fuck out of rowan

    15. Carlos Rainha

      Ben, i hope you see this. I cannot forget how remarkably you look like Lawrence of Arabia. The real one. It's just creepy. When i saw this pic i thought it was you... i would really love you guys to answer. www.google.com/amp/s/www.pinterest.com/amp/pin/429249408234637694/

    16. Hispanic Fence-sitter

      Poor Alan.

    17. Pixel Aid Channel

      i watched 6 times today

    18. Kellan Feng

      Rowan is so good at playing the guy with the punchable face! It stresses me out sometimes thats why its so good!

    19. Ethan VanderSloot

      I dont know why he hasn't quit yet

    20. Just some random anime fan 1

      There’s no way Ben wasn’t fired after this

    21. blazen710420 blazen710420

      I love the look on Ben's face when he said and especially when everyone is heard because you know that Ben is just going to make it way way worse

    22. Jason Smith

      Does allan even make any money at this point?

    23. Zaber Ansary

      Alan looks old

    24. Shauray Kakade

      I just feel sooo sorry for alan. I mean the poor guy is just completely bullied by them

    25. Tyzor 778

      That guys gonna be the death of Alan

    26. ꧁𓆩Gaming With Mercy𓆪꧂

      B E N LMAO😂😂😂😂

    27. edward slay

      I like these vedio

    28. Juuso Ukkonen

      I was so expecting Rowans twin brother or something. Ben was actually surprise to me too 😅

    29. Симбиот

      Кто говорит на русском

    30. Old-Man Doll

      “What are we?” 😂

      1. Robert Stark

        We're we're mm..mma...mm..MUGGERS!

    31. Encryst Animate

      Sed alan voice over there

    32. John

      I guess we could say they MUGGED ‘EM

    33. JuanDiego Tesan

      Agradezco vivir en un país donde existen leyes laborales, paritarias y sindicatos.

    34. LITE KING


    35. Kevin May

      Just fucking quit mate

    36. C'est La Vie

      My god. When Ben walked in LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    37. Russ Haper

      Bug eyed, shaking “NNNOOOOO”!

    38. B20C0

      Fun fact: I've been suggested Bored by HUgets after "Your pretty face is going to hell." This is a much more realistic depiction of hell.

    39. sleepy snoring puppy

      "Walk into the stockroom and steal all the stock" I feel like he's not talking about the back stockroom and he's absolutely talking about stock market shares.

    40. CamJam 312

      I can feel Alan's raw emotion to Ben walking into the room

    41. Mr Sir

      Bestfriend and blood brothers these two are 🤣. After all, Saliva IS thicker than water brah. Also, did you know Rowan secretly works for MI6? Ben is his top agent...it's a secret though. So...if you tell anyone, you best beware the next fisherman you see, for it might be your last. #nicedayforblackbags

    42. T-Mac Pie

      only if the Thumbnail didn't give it away, Ben's "yes" would be priceless.

    43. Chris Katz

      I'd look up and say fuck you, I quit.

    44. Vladimir Eremin

      Alan and Rowan were friends at the beginning of the series, in which episode and why did it stop being so?

    45. Green Alien

      NO. yes NO 😂

    46. Jeff Li

      no one gonna talk about the fact that alan was wearing the old uniform?

    47. Stegosaurus 16

      LPGozzzi can you please remove this video, because it’s not having anything to do with Dinosaur King.

    48. David Vedischev

      Thank you very much for the Russian subtitles!

    49. Monti Burg

      The real criminal here is Ellie. She makes like $70 an hour. She could have backed him up and still walked away with $35 an hour. Alan needs the Cloak of Shame for her.

    50. Martin gaspo

      B E N

    51. Barton Archuleta

      Lol Rowan and Ben teaming up to be assholes is a nightmare

    52. Nicholas Oldick

      According to workplace law, a pet or coworker cannot be the mediator. As of being licked, Rowan owns Ben. Thus, as all of them work for Rowan, they are coworkers, and Ben is his pet. Thus, the mediation is null and void. Good day to you! I say good day!

    53. killer freddy

      I would just quit and make rowan have more work

    54. Bobby Hempel

      I think these guys are trying to turn Alan into a serial killer.

    55. Sweexstroyd

      why dont he just end their lives or stop working there

    56. Sau Yen Hong

      Nice day for a pay cut ain't it

    57. Alex Marcelino

      Do they always use gaming chairs?

    58. Garrett Thacher

      Im waiting for the episode where Alan kills Rowan and Ben... But then they somehow return

    59. Calamity

      With so many paycuts the wage should have gone negative and they should be paying Rowan by now not the other way around.

    60. UThink About Our Planet

      Of course Ben can be in any kinds of jobs/roles, b'cos he's actually a secret agent who hunted down the Moscow Mask. all other jobs are just for covering his identity.

    61. UThink About Our Planet

      That was a really excellent acting!! Especially for Ben's role, he really act out that gesture of an HR so naturally!!!

    62. Benja Pincheira

      adam finally got his pay raise :D

    63. lol

      the video should have started with a worning about containing high level of assholness. Im actualy mad right now xd

    64. D C

      y"all know why ben protected rowan right? you lick it, you keep it #bytherulesofthastreet

    65. pratik bilgiler

      I am so angry to ben

    66. Stanley Kruger

      This is frustrating in how accurate it is in spirit.

    67. Zach The Gay

      I wanna see an episode where Rowan gets his shit served right back to him by a higher-up lmao. His reactions would be priceless

      1. Zach The Gay

        Then when the higher-up leaves he gives everyone paycuts

    68. Alvinator 520

      Just got done watching The Good Place and I have a big feeling these guys are in The Bad Place.

    69. Shido Kusunagi

      I'm impressed Alan hasn't quitted the job yet after all of Rowan being a d*ck all the time.

    70. Ron Petersen

      Poor Alan .... they mugged em!

    71. Ankit Nagpal

      He was also breathing air from Playmate store, so he was stealing Playtime's "personal" store air.

    72. RandomPerson OnTheInternet

      So much comedy sitting at the same table lol

    73. blue orange

      I thought that Alan was about to snap at the end 😂

    74. Caveman88 Gaming

      Give Alan a pay rise for God sake!!!!!!!

    75. Jay Kay

      If I will give you guys something, it will be that you do a very good job of making me absolutely hate Rowan and Ben in Bored. I 100% do not like them, at all, and actively want to see harm and misfortune fall upon them. I am very supportive of the shirt sagas for bringing Rowan down a peg or two, and for any episode that does that, up until the point in the saga/episode when it all turns around and Rowan/Ben are brought right back to the original status quo. I need more shirt sagas, because I am Alan, I am Adam, I am Ellie, and I, BIG CAPITAL I, NEED to see those two cut down at the fucking knees. So yeah, as I was saying, props to making me feel this real, genuine anger, directed at fictional characters in a HUgets series. It's great that you can make me step into this world so much that it draws out such real emotions, that I feel so sympathetic for the characters in this hellworld and root for them so hard to get their justice and cheer so loudly during those very, very few brief moments that they do. Now just give me a moment. Because this made me want to punch a hole into a brick wall, and I need to breathe.

    76. Joe Cur

      A good payoff of years of build up. Guys just get better.

    77. Rafick Moon

      its BE EE EN . BEN

    78. Nates

      If you disagree, paycut. If you agree, payrise

    79. Dany Beaudoin

      Oh man that was freaking funny

    80. Cristina Vuscan

      Just out of curiosity I'd like to ask the ppl who disliked this video : why ? what is a reason to dislike a video like this ?! Of course I know why but I'm just curious about your reasoning.

    81. RK

      " So, you were thieving, you`re a thief, a stealer" hahaha so good

    82. Raindog

      Please tell me that you'll make "Cyberpunk 2077 logic"... some day?

    83. Khraag

      That stuff is what makes ppl become murderers xD

    84. Seth Eldridge

      By this point, Alan should only be making 50 cents an hour

    85. Seth Moran


    86. superbadgerdoom

      I just one one episode where Adam side with Rowan. "Why are you on his side?" "I mean, he did bring me back from the dead that one time." "Fair enough."

    87. Vhilgar Haldarsson

      Two Muggers in their real life habitat! I see what you've done there :D

    88. Aaron Adams

      If I was Alen at this point I would just quit

    89. Ray Bison

      Even the thought sickens me 😂😂😂😂😂

    90. Bulshock

      That... wow. White shirt time. Again. It's really feeling like the white shirt might be the lesser evil.

    91. Eric Moore

      They should call back Ben's company before he has time to get back to the office.

    92. Eric Moore

      Even if he was not in the thumbnail, it would have been easy to see Ben coming.

    93. Медведь в ушанке

      Alan needs workers revolution!

    94. Revanati

      That skit just gave me an anxiety attack. Poor Allen... 😅

    95. Jake Smith

      Bet they find the body of the real mediator stuffed in a cuboard somewhere soon after the meeting😂😂

    96. Brandon Harrold

      With all the pay cuts that Rowan has given out how is it that any of them are making money at all

    97. Антон Коровкин

      Парни, спасибо за русские субтитры! Guys, thanks for the Rus sub! 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 U are so cool👍😎 I'm your f***ing subscriberrrr

    98. Bartee Page

      The actual mediator is likely in a ditch somewhere.

    99. Julian Stewart

      I thought ben died? Alan snapped and massacred the dude.