When you're the first to die in your PUBG squad - Ghost

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    That awkward moment when you die in the first few seconds of your game... do you ask your team to restart?
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    1. İsmail Ege Turan

      0:43 BU QBZ SESİ!?!?!?!?

    2. Tc Lalruatpui

      wowww so coolll

    3. Nick Molliger

      0:50 - Ben killed EnergizerBooneh by shooting through glass without breaking it?

    4. Алексей Шершнёв

      You should try CoD Warzone. Team-mates can resurrect you after your death, so game can be continued.

    5. Ильяс Н


    6. КРУТОЙ noobik


    7. Rush God YT

      Op video

    8. Mark Anthony Moraleda

      Adam killed alexpogi with boom boom pow pow.

    9. Johncarlo Conde

      That alex pogi HAHAHAH

    10. Fortnite Clips 2020

      This is why Fortnite is more fun. Reboot vans.

    11. Kethovi Jordan

      I just saw that f.r.i.e.n.d.s meme

    12. E?

      Turkçe altyazı güzel

    13. E

      He kinda deserves it after being such a dick-manager lol.

    14. DanscoolYT

      The 2 mins in simpsons refrense im still lmao

    15. Никита Каратков

      Я их блять понимаю

    16. TK Jim

      I said it in another video. Gonna say it agan here. Those kill feeds are pure GOLD!👌

    17. Marco Villa

      Homer kills Bart by Strangulation. Ahaha Genius

    18. Jim McLeod

      PUBG is a depressing game. The worse is when you land and there are no guns around and enemies running around you with guns.

    19. M V P

      Alan killed whole server XD

    20. Don Say


    21. shubham mehula

      i always enjoy the kill feed 😂

    22. Rez Ez

      Lmao 0:26 he killed alexpogi shoutout to all filipino out there!

    23. orion cabral cabral

      ''okay lets get ready for the next match'' '' *yawn* actually, im quite tired'' ''okay then'' *Last online 5 years ago*

    24. 타잔 Jackson

      So true

    25. Julian Pollak

      The Friends reference tho 🤣😜

    26. CoD Zombies

      I would just watch YT and let them play.

    27. Mert Kart

      be bot

    28. Michael Whitcomb

      Yeah I got what you deserve LOL 😂😂😂

    29. Larry Smith

      My god the accuracy of this is insane hahahaha

    30. Blobby Blobfish

      1:49 WE WERE ON A BREAK! Only ogs will know this

    31. EA361

      Watching for the killfeed 😆😆😆

    32. N V

      Killed alexpogi with boom boom

    33. Everyone has an opinion

      Homer killed Bart by Strangulation! Bahahaha!!

    34. jdogzero silverblade

      then he queues up for a group as a random and then dies right away again XD

    35. Sadi Talha Çakmak

      Enes kardeşimin bile ingilizcesi senden daha iyi kank

    36. MaticMC

      I normaly just go get a sendwich and coffee if this happens by the time i finish both they finish the game😂

    37. Sean Morgan

      So true

    38. Johann

      I can relate

    39. Taylor Mirasty

      I feel offended... Why because this happens everytime yet I stay away from the group and snipe we all live

    40. Fred

      Salute to rowan for being loyal to the squad

    41. Kmst Mustofa

      film pendeknya bagus .. tolong dibuatkan subtitle Indonesia nya ya

    42. Basic Ferret

      I figure out why Rowan is such a mean manager its because he is getting his revange for when ever some thing like this happens

    43. Basic Ferret

      0:45 captions say its a scar l that sounds like a QBZ

    44. mobile madness 247

      This is so accurate for me

    45. X- Raay

      0:26 The name of jejemon in Philippines lol

    46. JimR

      What are these buddins they keep talkin' about?

    47. Good Players

      Alexpogi seems i have seen this name before

    48. Poyraz

      I love how the reward for the chicken dinner was 42069

    49. Роман Накутный

      2:28 I guess it was already asked a million of times, but what is that location you were shooting in?

      1. Роман Накутный

        Ok, found it. Google Warkworth cement works

    50. ベテルギウス


    51. Esha Thapa

      I cracked when I saw Ross killed rachel because he was tired of explaining they were on a break!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    52. Alex Mort

      That was my first 2 months playing CoD with my friends. Feel your pain.

    53. randy conin-e

      alexpogi LOL hahahah

    54. Ash Geo

      Plot twist: Each of them got pay cuts.

    55. grey sef

      I would always leave the server after I die in a battle royal game

    56. Lazy User#last

      I'm new to Pubg and I love it. This happens to me but I get bore n exit lol

    57. Carl Johnson

      "alexpogi" tangina HAHAHHAHA

    58. Weirdo Jack

      F this. I say that because I had to relive it again

    59. Muhammed Süleymanoğlu

      Çeviren kim lan çok kafa adam :d

    60. RickySpanish95

      Yep, this is the story of my Pubg life.

    61. Worldowner

      looks like you are unnecessary weight

    62. crazy8slayer

      Idk why ppl want their friends to suicide just cuz they died early since u still get better exp the higher ur team places in battle royales

    63. Tarun

      Rowan you should stop fighting in the open if you're in the early game.

    64. Tarun

      Whoever writes the subtitles deserves 22 Oscars

    65. AdrAs X

      I'm just wondering. Did you watch all of my replays to make these PUPG videos? Because I remember every single moment you mention! It's incredible what this game does to people :D

    66. 30.NARVAEZ, Hans Jan F.

      I hate these types of fucking people

    67. シRyder

      Was anyone else looking at the kill Feed more then the skit 🤔

    68. Daellex

      That moment when you see Homer killed Bart by Strangulation lol 🤣.

    69. DerpyDaringDitzyDoo

      So... am I the only one that always just alt-tabbed and watched youtube videos to pass the time when my friends outlived me? x3

    70. Patrick Adams

      when homer strangles bart to death at 1:59

    71. Suryansh Srivastava

      1:50 Ross killed Rachel after getting tired of explaining that they were on a break

    72. Connor Grant

      1:59 Homer killed Bart with strangulation 😂 Had me dying

    73. EliVapes 5-0

      1:49 WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!

    74. ihate pupi

      If that happened next day ill bomb the whole team

    75. Gaming Noob

      Wish my friend would spectate he just say, BRO START A NEW GAME

    76. Thumbnail Hunter

      Rest in piece friendship

    77. Johnny English

      This is so good. I love the acting, looks so natural. Awesome one

    78. Bishwas Pandey

      When i die first in squad, i call all the enemy to kill my remaining squad 😂😂😂

    79. Seal Bro

      When I die I just leave bec my games with friends last like 2 h idk why

    80. slendrmusic

      Basically Obiwan in the sequels

    81. elgatomiau 04


    82. JohnReichner

      Most on point video

    83. The British Show

      You see that happens Exept it’s only me

    84. billybifocals

      Lol, the sort of thing thing that would happen to me.

    85. Adam Davenport

      Homer killed Bart by strangulation. 🤣

    86. RANDAL WR 24737 Tan

      That happened to me every time

    87. Septio Mauladi

      You miss the box corpse things

    88. Bastian Dharma Irawan

      Literraly hyperscape spectating system is inspired be this

    89. bheasty9

      Right after the video ended a "smile direct club" add came on. Just.... Lol.... At the youtube timeing.

    90. Beanie Sandals

      I hate Battle Royale games but I just had the most fun playing with two friends of mine that didn't have Xbox one but played together on PS4 and I sold mine 2 years ago. We played Call of Duty Warzone and it's cross-play so we were able to play and it was my first ever Battle Royale game I'd tried and we got to the last five and I got third place


      when you had miss the fun

    92. Fila Kyle

      I actualy hate when people killed in any game goes bragging to rrstart the game even others are having fun, and thay realy sometimes act like dcks destroying game enjoyment for who is left playin. I Hate this selfish behavior. "If You got killed, deal with it. wait and dont ruin other people game please!"

    93. DecimateRaid

      Why does the Scar-L sound like GBZ?

    94. miguel mallari

      *Alexpogi boom boom pow pow*

    95. RedFoxFirex [Dragon Angel]

      God i know this pain really well... I die and my team just start to get good... So i have to watch...

    96. HUNT 736

      I love the Kill Feed

    97. Josh Marks

      This just gave me flashbacks

    98. Brandon Hank

      This is exactly why Battle Royale games hold zero appeal for me. That's a lot of time not playing the game. Great video though. Lol I love the kill caption about shooting through the glass without breaking it.

    99. Ocelot

      Best friends forever am I right?

    100. Oddz

      2:00 What an interesting kill