Some areas in Souls games are the worst - Awful Areas

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    Some areas in Dark Souls are just awful
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    1. Steven Ross

      Guys, what I love about your videos is how understated they are. "LEAVE ME ALONE..." "Yep..." Says what we're all thinking. Some might go over the top and pound the joke into our faces but not you. 10/10 would laugh again.

    2. Princess C.J.

      Tht smiley bastard in the background gave me anxiety and yet i luv his every expression

    3. Leon BenHur

      I know how you feel.

    4. stat shakya

      The worst thing abt blighttown is the frames

    5. olaf le flibustier

      Awesome serie !! ^^

    6. blackmagick77

      Blighttown in a nutshell xD

    7. Usual Rain

      Oh no he's crestfallen and

    8. A W

      Just take a break and play some WoW.

    9. Philologus Opin47us

      Well that's how you become a hollow

    10. Kato X

      There are some Awful areas in DS,but Tomb off Giants is by far the worst of them all. That area was a mistake.

    11. James Shepard

      Ha high level enough

    12. Dark Knightmare

      Ben needs to do more of these lol they are funny

    13. Gordez

      post credit scene made me feel sad for those who did not enjoy the experience. i started even worse than Ben and now its been my favorite game for years. you need to know what to do in this game and it becomes much easier. DS wiki helped me a lot

    14. Shadow Fox

      Okay, well now we need a monster hunter series please

    15. Nevihabedvader

      Не заканчивайте пожалуйста эту серию :( Она охуенна.

    16. BuryTomorrow12

      I'd love to see the Dark Souls series turned into full seasons. There's SO MUCH content on the DS franchise for you guys to dwell!

    17. Diego Nei de Brito Santos

      00:15 PTSD intensifies

      1. Diego Nei de Brito Santos

        Shame you guys don't have the budget/locations. This would have been so much fun to watch.

    18. Ruben Pereira

      Farron keep in a nutshell

    19. XEON Lite

      Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning logic

    20. Jack Stephenson

      You have to love sens it turns you into a true dark souls player.

    21. Dave Kinden

      Did anyone else kill those guys just lazing around?

    22. Aphetalion

      that NPC is laughing soo cringy

    23. Latonya McCAIN

      Player:" I hate this game fuck it!!" Two weeks later Player: "Ahhh good old Dark Souls I am back!" Dark Souls creates the masochist in you

      1. Ben N

        It really does. 👍

    24. Just some random anime fan 1

      Alright guess I’ll skip out on dark souls

    25. General M-13

      I never ended up ragequiting Dark souls... Almost did on Dark souls II though lol

    26. Arch Vyle

      sens fortress is a rehash from a kings field 2 level.

    27. Trooper A Jones

      Love Blighttown it's we're scrubs die in pvp

    28. JebeiFinn

      I Rage quit Sekiro few weeks back maybe I should start it too

    29. Not.Pako

      The only game that makes you wish for a water level instead of blight town or sen's fortress

    30. Dark Knightmare

      Please give me more Souls Logic! I love this series. Almost as much as I love Epic NPC Man

    31. Dondaileyii

      Exactly fuck that game😂. Actually I’ve only played Bloodborne and Sekiro. Hate the atmosphere of Bloodborne love the Sekiro world. The new remake for the PS5 of the first Soul/Rhythm game looks really good. All the souls games do. Maybe if I found that cool looking snow area in Bloodborne I’d feel completely different.

    32. Pøwêrsürgê _

      I love this series! The ending of the vid' with Ben made me sad. I wanna see more.

    33. OdysseyK

      Elden Ring waiting room

    34. Misu Hanake

      Blight town was the worst experience I had with darksouls, not because any enemy was hard but the amount of times I fell and lets not forgot poison damage . That’s all it is so god damn annoying

    35. Yobogoya

      If you didn't like Sen's Funhouse, you are playing the wrong game lol

      1. Anthony I

        Sen's fortress is one of my all time favourite Souls areas. What an experience.

    36. Kasane

      Is no one questioning why he was able to open sen's fortress with only 1 bell?

    37. Jô Suares

      "why would anyone design that place?" I think he was talking about blighttown.

      1. Daddy Kratos

        @semplicemente Alessio What's wrong with that place? I haven't played Dark souls yet only Bloodborne.

      2. semplicemente Alessio

        No, he was refering to Sen's Forstress

    38. José Silva

      Wait until he gets to the Anor Londo archers hahaha

    39. Solaireofastora 599

      "Every single poisonous swamp can go f*** themselves" Harvest Valley, Earthen Peak, and Black Gulch:"Allow us to introduce ourselves"

    40. Evangelho da Salvação

      When you get to Irithyll and meets pontiff knights...

    41. Michael Dunleavy

      In fairness, once you suffer through Blighttown you get rewarded with the greatest areas of all time. I’m definitely remembering that correctly 🤥

    42. Crash

      I'm still waiting for "The addiction sets in"

    43. Robot

      His there going to be a skit were he accidentally hits a npc blacksmith and ruins his run, or just the dude near his spawn and he gets spawn camped for hours.

    44. DAMAGED Gaming

      Hamish & ben awsome work on this skit bros

    45. Rahil Jogani

      Comment for the algorithm

    46. TrIAL TaKeR

      1:36 flashbacks horsefuck valley ds 2

    47. Andrew Wallace

      What's funny is that all the places he lists are my favorite places in the game. Blighttown is really quite lovely once you're used to it. The Catacombs are my first port of call just because I know Pinwheel is such a freakin' pushover and the rite of kindling is useful. And Sen's Funhouse is the best. It's all just fun dungeon design that may or may not kill you.

    48. Cory V

      When you rage quit on a video game because you just suck.

    49. Z N

      Someone should give these guys a few million dollars to make a movie

    50. Armin The First

      After having obtained every steam achievement for Dark Souls 1, I never knew there was a bonfire inside of Sen's fortress.

      1. Solaireofastora 599

        There was a bonfire in Sen's fortress?

    51. Banana_Pancake

      Eh I just ran and ran and eventually learned.

    52. KratukSC

      Plot twist: This isn't Dark Souls. It's Ben's life in Honeywood after Hamish "took that reputation, and let everyone know what an ass he was." lol

    53. RKBock

      how did he ring the bell if he didn't manage to finish blighttown?!

    54. Weleho

      Welcome to the house of fun! Sen's funhouse!! And the toxic lag mist dephts of the blighttown.

    55. ITSVAAATI and he demands tribute

      People think blight town, catacombs and sens are bad areas?

    56. vandergriff65

      What about the feeling when you get the hang of it just to realize you havent fought a mini boss yet?

    57. Reece Kunkle

      Getting older this was on of the last games that kept me up all night grinding. Feels like a tradition now. Feels good to be one player that started at demon souls spreading the word. This game could have easily slipped under the covers.

    58. Demolition 36

      I would try to kill the npc

    59. B-52 Gaming

      Blighttown really is the fucking worst

    60. vinicius cassiano

      You guys said it wrong, it isnt sens fortress, the correct name is sens funhouse

    61. Dušan

      Had I gone insane or they uploaded Souls Logic supercut. But now I can't find it.

    62. vishwas bhaskar

      That's why Hamish wasn't going anywhere

    63. Light Bearer

      Don't go hollow, friend!

    64. Caleb Pearl

      You either quit a scrub or git gud enough to see yourself become the Dark Wraith.

    65. Chris The

      Poison swamps are nothing come on

    66. Neko Ninja

      We need an open world dark souls online

    67. Darren Germann

      "I wonder if I'm high level enough for them yet?" Editor-its fine, they won't notice. =)

    68. Gunship Games

      So why does he need to do blighttown if he has send fortress unlocked

    69. pryme studio

      I love hamish... no offense to the team, but he's my favorite. Love your work guys.... been binge watching.

    70. Lincoln Prestes

      DS1 setup, wearing a DS2 armor set, while playing a DS3 song in the background.

    71. Dagger456 456

      I member trying to beat the game without leaving up from a deprived (it sucks)

    72. Ben Gomez

      Wearing DS2 armor in DS1 smh

    73. Unien

      After watching your Souls series, it really snapped in my mind that you guys should try GTFO if you still haven't... Talk about insane level design...

    74. Mark Pelayo

      I remember buying this game on steam then asking for a refund after 1 day of playing

    75. Alejandro Cordero

      Actually... You can't go to the Sen's fortress without defeating the boss at the end of Blight Town. This video is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

    76. Dark Knightmare

      LMAO Yep, welcome to Dark Souls

    77. A E

      Never played Dark Souls 1 or 2, cause 1st one was just a buggy ass mess plus controls weren't that great and just didnt bother trying 2 but I just started 3 and its exactly like this it's funny. Bloodborne I loved and beat that, combat system is way better on that game but maybe I'm just not use to DS3 controls yet.

    78. Michael Denny

      "Why?... Why would anyone design that place?" Haha my exact thoughts everytime I see a horror game.

    79. Quicksilver_Cookie

      But seriously tho, couldn't agree more - every single poisonous swamp can go fuck itself. In every game that's ever had one. Whoever thought it was a good idea for a game level/zone is a prick, and I wish that person to step on a lego brick.

    80. Scott Fox

      God...the memories...So much pain. Blight Town can just go f right off. Catacombs weren't too bad once you figured out the right weapon. Sens though...Wow...That area gave me trust issues.

    81. Luke ERROR

      Love this series! Good job as always guys :)

    82. Sam Juan

      Sen's Fortress? You mean Sen's Funhouse? 😆

    83. Ago go

      never played this game. seeing how rough it is over the years of clips .. im not sure im interested !

    84. tyrongkojy

      Wait, this is the end? Fucking why? There's SO much material DS1 alone offers.

      1. FireflyAereids

        It has to end here to give you a Dark Souls frustration moment. Did it's job by making you go "Fucking why?", VLDL version

    85. Cord Goss

      Rage quit blight town hahaha yeah I’ve been there

    86. Boris Skerath

      I really loved this these few episodes Ben!

    87. Ereshkigal

      Hey there! I'm a souls veteran. 3k hours in all three titles each. Here to offer some weird, and deadly advice on Dark Souls, because it's one of my favorites. There is an amazing amount of things you can do before you ring the first bell I'll list them below. These things take skill, a lot of death, and some luck. Here we go! But first.... Find an elevator, face the wall, parry, the sparks are your parry timing. 1. Skip the Undead Burg- Take the master key. Go to New Londo. Go to the valley of the drakes, RUN LIKE A SCREAMING NAKED BOSS! oh look at that you're in darkroot basin. 2. Kill the black night in the basin Get the grass shield and if you are lucky the black knight halberd. 3. Upgrade the halberd to +1 or +2 if you find some extra twinkling titanite. Congrats you have an end game weapon. 4. Remember New Londo? skip for now back up to valley of the drakes, there's a shortcut that skips 90% of blight town and lets you go to Quelag pretty quick. 5. Remember New Londo? Make a run for the fire keeper soul. Make a run for the parrying dagger. Remember the stairs are safe from ghosts, snipe that fuckin' mage. Open the gates. 6. Kill Sif 7. Kill the Four Kings 8. Go to the catacombs, drop down before the first bridge on to the tiny bridge. Become a gravelord 9. find the dark moon séance ring. 10. Get the Great Scythe (best dex weapon in the game imo) 11. Get the Zweihander, loyds talismans, canvas talisman, some homeward bones, a cracked red eye orb, the Binoculars, and winged spear. 12. Fight the stray demon, get a titanite slab, the peculiar doll, and the rusted iron ring. MORE BLACK KNIGHTS! 13. Kill the Hydra, and the moonlight butterfly. 14. Do parkour to get to the lower undead burg. (or wait until you get the basement key past the boar) 15. Fight the Capra demon (seething hatred for this boss) 16. Explore the depths and fight the gaping dragon. 17. Kill pinwheel for the right of kindling. 18. Unlock Vamos 19. Visit Rickert 20. get the estoc 21. get the compound bow 22. Get the red tearstone ring 23. get the brigand armor, knight armor, leather armor, elite knight armor, and a long bow. 24. Kill Havel (may the parry be strong with you) 25. Uchikatana, sorcerer set, and gold pine resin. (Don't miss out on the other crystal lizard in the tower under the barrels) 26. Solare! 27. Kill Lautrec and get the FaP ring 28. Unlock Dusk 29. Unlock Griggs 30. Unlock Laurentius 31. Did you kill the four kings with Beatrice, and use Beatrice on the Moonlight Butterfly? Congrats you have the witch set. 32. Long sword of Astora 33. Dragon Kite Shield 34. Drake Sword 35. MORE BLACK KNIGHTS! WOOOO! (this one has a greatsword) 36. Kill the Titanite demon near Andre 37. Kill the Titanite demon near the Gravelords. (If you joined them you can get a +2 gravelord greatsword) 38. Kill Oscar. 39. Ring of Sacrifice! 40. Server, And great club. 41. Chloranthy Ring! 42. Go to ash Lake get the Dragon Greatsword (Join dragon covenent?) 43. Maybe unlock Quelana 44. Almost forgot Blue Tearstone ring. 45. Join the Forest Hunters 46. Get the Hornet Ring 47. Get the Stone Armor Set 48. Get the eastern armor set 49. Buy top tier weapons from Shiva 50. Kill shiva get marakumo 51. kill shiva's ninja. BACKFLIP RING!!!! 52. Second Firekeeper soul past the big knight in the chapel. 53. Third firekeeper soul in blight town (Fuck toxic, also if you pick this up Lautrec kills the firekeeper if not already dead. 54. If you've gotten this far you also have access to the Large Ember and the Very Large Ember. Magic Ember, and Divine Ember So.... congrats on being able to make any, and all end game weapons. or at least the +15 ones. (Dark wraiths drop chunks and slabs and the leeches drop large and green titanite) Now you can go one shot the gargoyles and wipe the floor with Quelag and you never set foot in blighttown because fuck that place. I probably forgot some stuff, that's ok. Also if you kill the gargoyles and go backwards through the parish the Taurus Demon despawns, and the Hellkite Drake doesn't trigger. This is also assuming you didn't pick the thief class and take black firebombs because if you DID you can kill the asylum demon and get his hammer. If you want more tips on other crazy things you can do AFTER you ring the bells, let me know. OH and "Don't get yourself killed, neither of us wants to see you go Hollow" -Andre

    88. Cullen Buzard

      Funny but isn’t Sens after Blight Town or am I missing something?

    89. C T

      I never liked the Souls games and neither did the masses until it was labeled 'Hardcore only'.. DemonSouls & DarkSouls1 we're ignored for years until DS2 marketing.. I played all of em and it's nothing i'd return to like say Skyrim,DragonsDogma, OriginalSin etc.. My issue is more w/ the way DarkSouls is percieved bs the actual game itself......

    90. Mad Dee Em

      This is not an ad haha

    91. Nibelung Valesti

      Hamish has a very expressive face.

    92. KIllSTer203

      Blighttown, Sen’s Fortress, The Gutter, Iron Keep and Shrine of Amana be like...

      1. KIllSTer203

        @Yellow Belly I mean I gotta be honest I’m late as fuck to Souls and I’m sorta ashamed of that aha (only started playing at the start of the year. literally bought SoTFS a week or so ago) and I gotta say I’ve enjoyed it until I hit SoA, the place feels like a big fuck you to the face after going through all the other areas, it’s such a cluster fuck of enemies, it’s like the swamps of blighttown except the reward is a dumbass frog instead of an actually rewarding and crucial boss which is actually enjoyable and it’s honestly such a disappointment considering the boss before it was actually interesting. (I sound salty, I’m not really. It’s just kinda dumb and feels like filler for a game that I otherwise enjoy)

      2. Yellow Belly

        SoA still gives me anxiety. Id rather do a perma-death blight town only run, than have to go through SoA in a normal playthrough of ds2...

    93. vidfreak56

      The guy in the back is like "this is fine!".

    94. nethrelm

      It's not just that Blighttown sucks, it's that they make it so you need to go back there a lot. Pyromancy, farming large/green titanite shards, Shiva of the East... And then I always have that internal debate... "Go down from Firelink, or go up from the Fair Lady?" Why can't I warp to the bonfire at the swamp, FromSoft? Why?? Alternatively, why can't I climb back out of the Great Hollow, FromSoft? Why?? Alright, I'm done. Still a bit salty I guess.

    95. Gurtington

      Blight town wasnt even that bad tho...

    96. Necrophite78

      Imagine, only having the firelink shrine bonfire unlocked, even when travelling to Blighttown, Tomb of Giants AND Sen's Fortress.

    97. Cold Romanticist

      Its exactly the reason why I will never go back into dark souls

    98. Dawson Campbell

      im so happy i understand everything

    99. Cesarus Itsuki

      Almost choked on my coke when he said "why?" After his third death LOL 😂😂

    100. Martin Game [NZ]

      Opens Sen's Fortress without completing Blighttown and Quelaag's Domain. Haxxxxx