Paying with coins

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    Alan can't do anything about the card fees - so Ben has an idea... paying with coins
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    1. zax2004

      That would be fine by me if the store was empty, I'd count it no problem. It would give me something to do to pass the time and the boss couldn't complain about me not working.

    2. Rudolf Erasmus

      He should have counted and waste the client's time. Count really slow

    3. DeadmanDave

      You should've seen me pay $20,000.00 for my Subaru Forester entirely in pennies.

    4. Ric Grim

      No way that's 150 buck worth in pennys.... Dude you shoulda counted td ds like 30 buck tops

    5. Madashell1200

      I've done this. Paying up a bet I made with my enemy

    6. jeri Ngatai

      Money counters exist. Just put the coins on the counter and itll do the work. Theyre all 10c coins. I wouldnt have let Ben leave without making sure it was all there either.

    7. Galileo

      2:50 I love how Ben says "great". It's so perfect.

    8. gokugameing

      Make him wait whilst you count it and if he Evan thinks a word say damn now I've got a start agin

    9. vencent

      tipping in nz that funny

    10. stuart O'Mahony

      Oh I have done that paid for something with coins in the past the look on the cashier's face was priceless 😂😂

    11. Cowta Playz

      Look up how much pennies weight Put all the pennies on a scale and divide the total weight by 1 pennies weight

    12. LadyRavencide13

      I'd either refuse the transaction (if I could) or just count it super slow in front of them 😂

    13. Daniel Parman

      I was figuring out what i would do in thiss situation, and my brain just legitfelt like the cheapest one in the market after all that thinking Just fkin weigh em

    14. Y.S

      why not put rowan in a situation that would alan easily can handle, but rowan would fail.

    15. Aryutsuki Orihara

      Guys I once had a customer (2 together, electronics) that were paying for $1200 ish total. They asked if cash was fine and I said certainly with a smile. These guys pull out wads of $1 and start counting it then decide it was too much work so they just start dumping stacks upon stacks and I ended up having to get another employee to help me through it and THEN call someone to take the money away because we had already been full of 1s. So yeah, people like these really exist 😭

    16. Martin D

      The fucks is payment by card charged extra? By what? Why?

    17. SiriusMined

      I would have'd make him have to stay. Hell, I'm getting paid to be there, matters not to me!

    18. Yo Thisgamesucks

      You guys are absolutely brilliant! Please keep doing these they always make my day

    19. Alu Chris

      Do i undestand it right... automatic tips? Why should anyone do that? A tip is for real good work and nothing else. 🤨

    20. Zepar Animo

      Alan shouldn't have let Ben get the product... And Smirk while he counted the coins.

    21. Bethany Scarbrough

      "We only accept rolled coin, but you can always dump this in the coin machine that charges 9%"

    22. Bethany Scarbrough

      Hes probably thinking he should have never given up garlic farming.

    23. Yak28

      Every mode of payment including EFTPOS has some fees or expenses related to it, even cash like this example showed. Retailers have no right to charge extra and thankfully not all do.

    24. TOPS HUT

      3:15 like how alan managed to suppress his dark power

    25. Ashe Game

      Man I'm still bewildered on why change even still exists. Did you know it costs more than a penny to make a penny? That's right, each penny was 1.50 back in 2016, not sure what it is now though.

    26. the cinnamon guy

      That is evil. EEEEVVVVVILLLLLLLL

    27. David Jessen

      He should have sold him a 200 dollar bag to carry it home

    28. Kanti123

      Everything is digital how do you charge a surcharge lol. Cash would take more work to process

    29. Steve T. Laws

      Ben's my favorite

    30. Daniel Melo

      This is the best "Outrageous" so far

    31. The Gentleman

      As a person that works as a cashier, I felt this.

    32. Kyle Kraemer

      Needs a spinoff: "Paying with dogecoins."

    33. Sapphire The Alpha

      My favourite playtech videos are with Ben for sure🤣

    34. moretech

      As someone who worked in retail for years, this series of videos hurts to watch.

    35. IcedFate

      should have told him "the bank decides that. if you disagree, talk to the bank that owns your credit card"

    36. Legends-of Matty

      A store is not forced to accept that much change people try paying bills like this thinking there clever when the get refused then rage looks like there not to smart hahaha

    37. Ravi Soni

      Can anyone tell me the music they use in the background in the end

    38. ThanatosDMC

      The look of murder in Alan's eyes AGAIN. 🤣🤣🤣. Ben gonna die again for like the 4th or 5th time.

    39. shadowgirl765

      That's like.... Maybe $5

    40. lividthoughts

      When Ben joined the crew things honestly got so much better not that it wasn’t great but as a crew of four they are ducking solid

    41. Jeyvison Nascimento

      If it was in Brazil Alan would kiss Ben on the mouth for bringing so much change

    42. VCRAGE

      Male Karen ;)

    43. Siren Nightshade

      I've seen so many stories like this where the cashier just makes the customer wait while they meticulously (and clumsily) count and recount the change, taking upwards of an hour to complete the transaction. Malicious compliance.

    44. LuckyLuke3331

      THE BEST ONE :)

    45. pulli23

      To be fair: if a shop would add hidden costs that "are automatic" I would also do that or just throw the product in their face. It's ridiculous and illegal to not list as biggest price the whole price included all "automatic" things. You *cannot* add extra money for a payment method. At least not in the netherlands, without listing that extra money before a customer gets to the counter.

    46. Дмитрий Агранович

      Ben's characreter being right for the first time after all

    47. Riverfox237

      But he DOES have to count it! And that's the payback, he has to wait and watch while you count it! XD;

    48. jordan dreams

      That's 15,000 pennies 🤣🤣🤣 I can't breathe lol 😆

    49. Z71_Grizzly Garage

      At least ben paid...

    50. crystal sheep

      Nar thats perfectly fine to pay with cash you just have to use a scale to weight the coins and divide by the weight per coin

    51. Dion Sandford

      had a few people that did this, not in that much but we had a change machine in the office so we just put it all in a container and then asked the office lady to count it, took a couple of minutes and they had to wait till it was counted as we had the item behind the counter. HA HA AH AH HA AH HA HA HA HA HA HA AH AH AH A

    52. Azrael

      In Germany the Cashier could say "No" to this particular form of Cash Transaction by law, because here they're only obligated to accept coin payments up to 50 coins :D

    53. Sébastien Dupuis

      Ben is the worst guy on earth!!!! I love himmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    54. DanielaChris

      When I was a kid I wanted to do that in a public transport once, because check takers there used to give change with the smallest value coins! Especially they like to do it when they see your hands are full and it will be hard for you to take more than one coin. The maximum of coins to pay for the ticket was 50 at that time, and I was seriously collecting coins. And my Dad was secretly taking them out so I could never collect more than 30-something XD

    55. Robert Wiles

      Have a blessed day and life doing what you love and thanks for all you do for us

    56. Michael Malcom

      This is only acceptable for unacceptable traffic tickets.

    57. MidnightDStroyer

      LOL! I've thought about doing something like this a long time ago...But I was thinking more of buying a brand new car like that...All in pennies. "Okay guys! Back the truck up right here!"

    58. Daniel Beck

      Just to say: Ben ist right!!!!! Don´t know in what kind of rude country this movie plays, but if you offer a way of payment, you have to offer it free of charge. When my customers purchasing something and they paying with paypal - and I would add the 0.35€ and 2% extra payment fee - they will never purchase anyhing from me again. Most customers paying by bank transfer, because they know about that and want to help me out instead of paying by paypal app. But yeah - you offer a payment way, you can´t charge the customer for that.

    59. MazingerDestro

      Bin Helen Edam Nobody pronounces the names correctly!!°°

    60. Psych S

      When you're taught that the customer is always right, this is why.

    61. Drake Kay

      Where DO you find a bag of perfectly minted pennies??

    62. gagaplex LPs

      The 1% tip is... perfect.

    63. Hashipapa

      brother this one 12/10 amazing

    64. ST productions

      Do a video with gpus prices!

    65. White Wolf

      I would have totally no problem with accepting it. I am paid for hours, not work I do in that time xD. You are rarely totally alone so if another client comes in just call your buddy and keep counting

    66. Ash J

      I expected a counting machine to magically show up. But oh well.

    67. Dan Allen

      This one gave me a flashback. Way back in my younger days I worked in the electronics department for a major retail chain. I actually had a mother with her little ankle-biter pay for an expensive video game with change. The kid was maybe 7 or 8 and dear old mom insisted that he was going to pay for it himself. The game was about $50 because it was a new release. Other than a couple of quarters it was all small change that the kid had raided his piggy bank for. Yes, I counted it twice.

    68. Jamie Lee

      Unfortunately, thats not even 5 bucks is the sad part lol.

    69. Thor Odinson

      Where has this channel been all my life??? XD

    70. Raidyn Fridges

      What a bloody legend bringing out the coin bag 🤣🤣🤣

    71. Bud Gates

      I've actually had someone do that too me for a twenty dollar purchase 😅 luckily they were rolled.. that was a heavy deposit 🤣

    72. Aarom Miller

      Has to be my favorite playtech one! 1 percent tip had me rollin

    73. kmarshirley

      Definitely not $150 in pennies.

    74. Ten Series Gaming

      love u guys

    75. No Response

      Gotta admit it Ben is the Best Worst customer ever.

    76. G0D Z!LLADJ

      unfortunately in the real world there are laws allowing the rejection of payment in coins once its over so many dollars, too many people paying bs fines with 5c pieces etc

    77. stefoehmen

      isn't that less than $5?

    78. Caporegime18

      Honestly, in that situation I would have taken my time counting it. I'd be getting paid to sit there and count, make the dick customer regret his decision to be a dick by dragging it out as long as possible and make him just stand there and watch you count. In fact, if it was close to closing time, I would "lose count" and start again, making the customer stay longer and/or saying that we can't have transactions after closing time just to make him come back again tomorrow while hauling around a big bag of coins. I think it's called malicious compliance, or something to that effect.

    79. C0lterg3ist L

      Ben got on my nerves here and there but he's definitely grown on me, he's a great actor like the rest.

    80. MoBlake

      Now I am a bit hating Ben and rowan:((( Fan from your old coloniser -United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    81. Dyrocide


    82. bobgog123

      Wow this guy is great at saying outrageous just like the fake money one

    83. Soul Walker

      We don’t have those in Canada.

    84. Mr Blewvane

      Ok then. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10...11...12...13...14...15...16...17...18...19...20...21...22...23...24...25...26...27...28...29...30...31...32...33...34...35...36...37...38...39...40...41...42...43...44...45...46...47...48...49...50...51...52...53...54...55...56...57...58...59...60...61...62...63...64...65...66...67...68...69...70...71...72...73...74...75...76...77...78...79...80...81...82...83...84...85...86...87...88...89...80...81...82...83...84...85...86...87...88...89...90...91...92...93...94...95...96...97...98...99...100...101...102...103...104...105...106...107...108...109...110...111...112...113...114...115...116...117...118...119...120...121...122...123...124...125...126...127...128...129...130...131...132...133...134...135...136...137...138...139...140..... Sorry mate you're ten bucks short. 😎

    85. Adam

      Thats not even close to $150. maybe close to $15 (if those are 1s anyway)

    86. Jinxx

      My work had the policy that if they paid in coins, they couldn't leave until you counted it all. If the person was being a dick (they usually were if they were) we would "accidentally" knock over stacks or "lose count" and start over.

    87. Roboute Guilliman

      I would've counted every penny before i let him walk out of there with the item... and maybe a recount as well 😈

    88. Kunk Ka

      Luxurious store cashier's nightmare is to recount big amount of coins.

    89. Andrew O6789

      Hell is too good for Ben...

    90. Carlos Branson

      I like it when Ben wins in episodes

    91. McEwen Hand Craft

      The 1% tip in coin at the end is a beautiful icing on the cake!

    92. TheGreatCapra

      Does anyone know where to find the music track when Ben pours the pennies (2:02)? It's so good!

    93. Jen Kem

      I'd be like..sweeeet! I only have to deal with counting these coins and don't have to deal with customers for the rest of the day. Score! *pops on some headphones and proceeds to count coins as slowly as possible*

    94. Green-black Skull

      I remember suggesting that kind of situation as a kid to a shopkeeper, asking what they would do and if it was autorized. He said he'd be quite happy actually because people often take away change but rarely give the exact count with coins, making it harder and harder as the day goes off.

    95. Ivan Idea Gaming

      Am I the only one who would force them to wait until I've counted each coin.

    96. UTWR4NGL3R

      Rowan would have used the coin counter machine under the register that no one else knew about and charge a fee for doing so. Just sayin 🤣

    97. Recipe For Disaster

      Fun fact that is still not a valid method of payment. Because the store can decide to decline unless they are rolled and labeled with the exact amount in each roll.

    98. fa elger

      just....deduct....the 1% surcharge....from the.....PRICE OF THE PRODUCT!? WHICH ...YOU ...have ...CONTROL OVER!? sometimes you realize...these guys are not really the sharpest tools in the hed XD

    99. robert goodman

      This is why I dont work retail

    100. Joe Perficio

      Sorry Alan, but Ben won this time.