Trying to tell your teammates and enemies apart - Wiggle Check

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    How best to distinguish your teammates and enemies apart from one another? Obvious. Wiggle check.
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      Dirt league sou seu fã


      Tarkov agora


      Eu vou escapar para tarkov


      Escape do Brasil


      Não quero perder um vídeo de vocês


      Vocês são muito criativos parabéns rapazes



    8. Santa Shmyakus

      В Операции Флэшпоинт в онлайн режиме сперва клал всех подряд. Различия в игроках только в комуфляже. Ни подсветок, ни подсказок, ни карты. С пары сотен метров с непревычки не разберёшь кто в кустах ныкается. Свой или чужой.

    9. Арсений Балсанов

      Хах, класс. 👍👍👍

    10. Wolfen Stone

      Что говорите? Нарукавные повязки? А, нет, послышалось. What do you say? Armbands? Oh, no, I heard it.

    11. John S

      You didn't wigguw!

    12. Tobias Merriman

      Add team identifiers & hire a real quest designer and this game would be superb. Or just let tarkov be tarkov.

    13. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    14. ya yeet

      I'm late but for those wondering, this exact video was based off this clip that happened when they were playing Tarkov on stream:

    15. Alex Tortles


    16. Werner Brix


    17. John Doe

      Rowan was right

    18. Hammerheadstx

      Jump Check!!

    19. Greenwood4727

      wear the same outfits..

    20. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for wigglin', ain't it? Hu huh


      plz, do a sea of thieves series

    22. GasmanOAV

      Worst teammate ever. Worse than a noob.

    23. Tuba Gábor

      2:33 fun fact: i'm played sea of thieves while watching this video😂

    24. Станислав Неизвестный

      А Никита говорит, что это русское сообщество токсичное. Ан нет, тут критикую всё так же)

    25. when mom says we already have mickey mouse at home

      Yes sea of thieves gang rise up

    26. Jurassic Dano

      Three brown men screaming and wiggling

    27. Vincent Urquhart

      0:22 germany talking to italy 1939

    28. Chris Klugh

      That's why I play solo. I don't wiggle for no man.

    29. Robert Williams


    30. DrtyDshSoap

      God this makes me miss the first Ghost Recon.

    31. MadDog Of Shimano

      Rowan's character is such a D-bag. But we he's our D-bag.

    32. Salty Rust

      crouch check > wiggle check

    33. Sirusdark

      "You didn't wiggle!" "I was doing the annotation screen! What the hell!" -Epic met

    34. vandergriff65

      Make the call on entering areas and rooms "1st left , 2nd right, exiting south building etc" use to do it in airsoft with bluetooth headset.

    35. High Speed Joe

      The developers just added to the SCAV AI to do the wiggle now. Would be fun to see a new video now that it's harder to tell your friendlies apart.

    36. Momax Cloud

      wwwwwwwwwaagel wagel wagel !!!!!!!

    37. wbdharris

      You guys should do a video about trying to buy sugar on the flea, where when you buy, the item is sold out and the price goes up. I literally spent just under a minute trying to buy sugar for the lowest price.

    38. Hugh Mungus

      If only you had discoed he could’ve heard you. And you wouldn’t have to shout.

    39. McKellar

      I'll see if any of the call of duty players will adapt with the whole wiggle command. LOL

    40. RUN ZUMA RUN

      Now i want to see a sea of thieves videos

    41. Hanan Rifki

      "Good day for wiggling ain't it? Hu ha"

    42. pork_nachos

      "This is bullshit, I'm playing sea of Thieves" -- I have literally said these exact words 😂


      patiently waiting for the Dicky Needles reference

    44. AurielBrooks

      Dudes playing his role so well I'm a really mad at the scammer haha

    45. glasius22

      Man that wiggle was genious!.. By the way where do i get a swetter like that?

    46. The Kings

      so funny. keep playing man you guys will get better lol

    47. Jakub Pluhař

      Lmao, I made this rule with my friends in another game recently, if somebody yells "Jump" you have 2 seconds to start jumping before u get blasted

    48. Stanislav Polyakov

      Honestly, after 12.6 update i prefer to shoot first, then reload and shoot again instead of wiggle.

    49. Stopwith Camel

      My friend doesn’t ask for a wiggle, he just shoots without hesitation

    50. Gavin Chapman

      You know there's arm bands in the game

    51. ferinine Mailestrom

      Gotta agree with Rowan on this one

    52. Zaidoon Almahdawi

      If you cant tell your friends from remembering gear than I dont think you have the brain capacity to play

    53. Jason Green


    54. Алексей Мотузов

      Не знаю что делать - то ли плакать над этим видео, то ли смеяться. Играю в Тарков уже около двух лет.

    55. Zakhev

      people this dumb in game are the ones who bitch about whenever a change is made that makes it harder.

    56. jannevellamo

      Good thing I don't have Tarkov.

    57. besiege82

      Damn it, this makes me think of stupid networking traffic and packet loss.

    58. LOLOL veryfun258

      Their heartbeat per sec is 21300 through the roof

    59. Kiril Butsyka

      Tarkov has Handbands to enditify your teammates!

    60. DasLucas


    61. Red T

      Rowan always ruins every plan

    62. Gary

      Aww this is bullshit I'm playing sea of thieves...😂

    63. Dan Niton

      Rowan has the fastest wiggle reaction compare to the rest of 1 second. The others took more than 1 sec to wiggle.

    64. Rowan Casson

      Good luck with the Tarkov scetches. There should be plenty of stuff in the fame for you to use, but it might be a nesh marker.

    65. Maelstrum yes

      *Rowan Entered the chat* *everyone left the chat*

    66. SavageBillahx2

      Why wouldn't you just wear an armband?

    67. Heather Grewette


    68. ==Maverick==

      I'm actually siding with Rowan with this one

    69. Tom Vansteelant

      Lol, this is exactly what it's like.. :p And Rowan's last line was also exactly, to the word, my reaction to this game. Love it! (this sketch, not Tarkov..)

    70. Ares One

      ours is t-bagging, I've still been killed by teammates so many times haha.

    71. William LeMasurier

      Rowan wiggle!!!!!! .................👻👻👻

    72. Evan Stavrou

      everyone on our team wears blue pants

    73. Pingu Is Dead

      Saying wiggle a lot sounds weird

    74. Sy A

      Guys, communication is key. You should let someone like Alan do the talking.

    75. Nicholas Baker

      love this

    76. Velporas

      Or you can just say their names

    77. Random Argument

      Escape from Rowan :D

    78. Random Argument

    79. Echelon

      I’ve never played the game do they not have gamer tags?

    80. Unhinged_Fox

      Rewatching I just caught Rowan saying he was gonna play Sea of Thieves that makes me so happy!

    81. h i

      That like real pubg how can you edit

    82. Jack Knight

      This was the first f*****g time he was actually right!

    83. Vegeta DBZA

      Is it true that this was a true story that happened during stream and Alan raged at rowan and quit lol

    84. MattStryker

      Why do you guys play this game?

    85. Badzingan

      +cl_show_team_wiggle cl_drawonlywigglenotices 1 wiggle_max 0 wiggle_scale 0.3

    86. Pete Jones

      Wiggle is a daft sounding word isn't it.

    87. Shaka Zulu

      wiggle dammit WIGGLLEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    88. badreedine Djellali

      I hop the make csgo logic

    89. American Thug

      Next do the dance command

    90. DEUS SALT

      Holy crap.. Rowan was actually right on this one..

    91. jonnightsky92

      It's funny because it used to be if you saw some one and wiggles and that group wiggles back it was a agreement to not shoot each other and to just let them be.

    92. Sarah Fortin

      Sea of thieves!

    93. Austin Sabado

      Please do sea of thieves!

    94. Bob Xie

      Me: Marco Person: Polo *shoots them* Me and my friend reply back with Marco

    95. Patagon Ricky

      So when you guys gonna do some videos abouts cod?

    96. Grey Dominguez

      2:30 I love Sea of Thieves!

    97. Vanessa Trotter-Wilson

      Ben's hair looks fantastic in this skit!

    98. Gallivanter

      VLDL: WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE!!!! Jason Derulo: These mf's spittin!

    99. Prince Vegeta

      Not gonna lie, i'd much rather see Sea of Thieves shorts!

    100. 1jx7wlt9 ic7rk3ld8

      Pretty accurate.