Sharing loot in games - Loot Fight

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    Sharing loot in games ended many friendships
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    1. Amaroth

      Anyone else spotting the beautiful, historical, riveted mail? One does not see that often being used.

    2. ReturnofBenjamin

      Love the epic battle music playing over the slappy fight.

    3. Prime

      reminds me of a certain merchant

    4. Канал По сути

      Need more vids about pvp

    5. daniel gudino

      Prequel to the Grind

    6. Yashvaan Balamurugan

      What game is this

    7. John Belli


    8. Rageborne

      Hamish should have popped up out of the chest when one of them go to it...

    9. medoma1000

      totally expected that they would unite and attack the guy who looted

    10. kaan özşahin

      I wanted that chest to be a mimic, eating both of them.

    11. Adel de Jaramillo

      I would love to see you 3 fight for gold & food in Gauntlet (Steam) lol

    12. Lian Gualnam

      When u shoot a flare ur temate be like

    13. Napishtim

      I could see two ways for that joke to end: - either someone reaches the chest and opens it before them - or there's nothing of value inside it / was already looted Sadly I wasn't wrong.

    14. Enkil Osada

      Hahahahaha my rol play group is like that, but they never learnt the lesson U_U'.

    15. Astra Militarum

      That's why you and your bro should play different classes. You have less reasons to kill each other for loot.

    16. ihajo

      Let's go muggem

    17. ElectroNeutrino

      It would have been perfect if the fruit vendor came back and found out someone had taken all of his stuff, again.

    18. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    19. JSDF

      There's an item that loot box which I 200% know literally a "player" will hate that item...

    20. abed wehbe

      what game is that

    21. Mr.Magnetix

      2:08 noone gonna talk about how pathetic rowans attempt was at holding adam back?

    22. I’m not a dunmer You are

      Elder scrolls online in a nutshell 😆 especially when you swoop in after someone threw 20 lock picks at a chest

    23. Glade

      They should have chased and kill the dude that got their loot XD

    24. silverblade357

      Wait... they didn't mug 'em?!

    25. Robson Costa

      no way to know, since it was random, in a parallel game Rowan opens the chest and it contains another old boot

    26. Rockie Lee

      Loots lol 😂

    27. Kesha

      Just kill him :D

    28. blazen710420 blazen710420

      see when that dude took the loot I would have been like you know he probably got a better random drop rate than we did you know you're probably right He's probably should work together and then I take the dude out and be like I'm mugging you now

    29. Axios

      When this happens I usually stick to the island of dogs code: "Before we tear each other apart how about we check whats inside to see if its worth it?"

    30. Mist_toon

      Adam's so far my favorite

    31. malljack

      Like your code

    32. Katastrophy

      Anyone know the music used in this??

    33. Bryan Park

      Was that a kick to the nuggets? So rude..

    34. Tuscani J

      I want an old boot.

    35. Indigo Gollum

      I expected it to just contain a minor mana potion or some crap

    36. stiigern

      Ooooh... 1:08 Should really see a dentist there Rowan...

    37. dank games

      I kinda wished that it was Dinkledork who came and got the chest at the end

    38. Richie MaramisOK

      Me: My teammate: M416:

    39. Moreno Sean

      Minecraft hunger games be like

    40. Pandah Sykes

      Pvp that nerd and get your skulls of rahul back full-loot style bois .

    41. Aegis Gaming

      Make a video about when people share the same account. Let your minds play with that thought.

    42. Ruben Silva

      what is that game?

    43. Su Elliott

      Production values are going up all the time - great job guys!

    44. Juliano Jakymiu

      That is definitely caused by the evil Ma’dick!

    45. Blake Stormcrow

      "Saphhire bracelet" - Is that the rarer version of sapphire?

    46. Rohan Singh

      When pvp/friendly fire isn't enabled

    47. Raven Henderson

      "All the loot we get from this is mine! I need it! ... for ... um ... hunter reasons!

    48. Kristin FROST Lazerbeams

      How to look epic doing silly things: Wear a cape and use slow-motion.

    49. KrazyKiwi

      Me and my mate when we used to play: Pretty much the video lol. But it was all in good fun, and whenever something dropped that either one of us truly needed to advance, we'd hand it over. Still, I remember Borderlands 2, the worm boss. Him and I would both scream "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT" and start running towards the best items possible for maximum profit, all the while swearing at each other and telling each other to fuck off.

    50. Nick S

      Ahhh... This brings back nostalgic memories of Gauntlet.

    51. thkeen

      Alan put on weight? 😁

    52. Nik Pala Gaming

      Love how they have swords but never draw them out.

    53. Sprax

      LETS MUG EM!

    54. Shadow Fall

      So this is how they did the fight choreography for twilight

    55. Max Bro


    56. SxvenSouls

      I knew someone would sweep by and take the loot whilst they are fighting.

    57. Naru

      I was expecting it to turn out to be the scene from Smeagol's origin story from LotR. XD

    58. Joel Ellis

      I was expecting the theme from "Fistful of Dollars" to play when they saw that loot box, and for them to do the classic western stare-down.

    59. Jacks Animations

      Lol tbh my friend would of gave me it or I would give it to him

    60. AFschizoid

      That slap fight choreography was bangin

    61. I'm too good at pvp

      If only it was a pvp area

    62. CapREX77

      This was so intense. 😳 Yet still hilarious at the same time. 🤣

    63. Alessandro Mariani

      Who is gonna take the box?

    64. Milen Tanev

      So what is the lesson? LETS MUG HIM!

    65. eimajtl

      The filming and editing are top notch in this one. :o

    66. Pete Brown

      Cool. Looks like their costumes use that laser-cut rubber chainmail. Someone did a lot of work on thise.

    67. Zeman Kraluje

      Look again, I bet he left there at least an apple or some cheese.

    68. Vorname Nachname

      My brother always complained whey I picked up gold in skylanders, and didn't leave any for him to pick up, but this makes literally no sense, because if one player collects gold, both players get the same ammount of gold. I was just faster at picking it up, and it was it was a never ending rant about how I was a horrible person for stealing his loot.

    69. MistrDough

      Chest should have been a mimic and it just eats both of them when they open it

    70. Fighter 2012

      Why didn’t they think of using their sword to stab eachother

    71. ZiomekFranek

      man with red cape has painted dark repulser from sao???

    72. MrRensoku

      This class is why we roll dice now,to determine who gets the box.

    73. im shlomo


    74. NintendoMan640

      When friendships are destroyed and betrayals are made over some pixels

    75. Jace Beleren

      “You know what we should do ?”


      Hey, i am a gamer i play in mi a1 low end device.... But you can checkout my videos.... No montage.... Full match gameplays

    77. Q N

      Sad part is, I only remember pk’ing the hell out of people with loot 😎

    78. Gab R

      i feel sorry for the random npc who owns that loot box.

    79. BouPreUWere

      This looks like Gollum’s back story lol

    80. Oleksandra Bakun

      Love your expressions.

    81. DesignNerd86

      I was waiting for it to turn into a Mimic.

    82. Замфир Йончев

      In my country we literally have a saying "Two fight, third one wins".

    83. Paranormalcactus

      you know whats hilarious when players can make legendary gear in a matter of months over the npc blacksmiths who trained their entire lives to make below average gear.

    84. Sarthak Singh

      I thought they would take out their swords and then have an epic fight😁😁😁

    85. Ss Subway

      1:41 oh! It's Greg the adventurer from the skins logic episode!

    86. Michael Guertin

      Have you guys done a skit for "Aggro Range"? So like you walk into Aggro range and an enemy attacks, but if you back up then they go back to acting normal. Or you run through a bunch of enemies and have a pile running after you but they peal away one by one as you get further away.

    87. Rage jun No Videos

      PK doesn't in this game?

    88. Act1

      "- Stamina Potiom"

    89. Coffee Crazee

      This was epic!

    90. Игорь Тимцюрак

      I hope there was baby with fake beard...

    91. Damian / DohShinobi

      You guys make me laugh during these hard times.

    92. Kevin Gersteling

      Best damn video ever! Please for the love of God, post the footage unedited XDXD It would be hilarious XDXDXDXD

    93. Lostpause Jr

      Just got this as a notification

    94. NAME

      What if the real bad guy is greg the garlic farmer. What if he set all of this up?????

    95. Reezon

      Always split the loot WITH YOUR PARTY/Clan, its just common gaming sense.

    96. Usha Tayade

      Love it when you called my name

    97. ZeedzCarno RZC

      I've already watched this vid but this came to my sub fee lol

    98. HeresFrank Betches

      Make one about Mods!

    99. Tyiriel

      Some of you might wonder things like "What happened to the fruit merchant?" or "How are there 2 glittery skulls of rauhl?" The answer is simple - Cold and alone, a poor fruit merchant watched a few youtube tutorials and became the biggest item duper on the server.

    100. Wish Akbar

      They have sword but fight with punch and choke ??