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    We did it! We managed to get to our main goal - but now looking towards out stretch goal of $700,000 so we can make the film as awesome as we can!
    If you've got a spare dollar - please consider donating.
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    1. Kiran Sharma

      which film you guys are talking about?

    2. Neon_1990

      Aw... Too late

    3. Cody Williams

      ahhh man, didn't even know about this... i went to go toss in $10 but already closed at $780,000

    4. Rob Spada

      the Audio is worse than Rowan!

    5. Mikeybb295

      Just discovered these videos. Funniest thing I have seen for ages. Unfortunately I have a prolapsed disc so every time I laugh it hurts ha! Even went to late pledge - maybe next year eh? Keep Going :-)

    6. Gibson Michels

      I thought my spear are broken.

    7. Griffin Johnson

      I would love to donate bro if I had any extra money I can barley afford my internet. If I come up with some money ill donate I wanna see baylens route so bad

    8. J Dog

      1$ = 1 kiss for Alan!

    9. Jan Christoffersen

      Sorry, my left air is for chit-chat while my right ear is for money talk.

    10. Mr Zsákos

      Aha I understand If every subscriber donate 1 dollar then You have 2 millio dollars

    11. патпишысе nbkf

      Привет халоу я русски

    12. Jamyn Shanley

      I somehow missed the Kickstarter until today, and really wanted to sign up for the $30 Pledge to get access to the production diary. It looks like the late-pledge options start at $110 which doesn't seem to include the production diary anyway. Any chance you could add a late-pledge tier for that please?

    13. Abolfazl Blackconnor

      I live in iran . Really really love you guys and i want to donate that 1$ but don't have a way to do that . Love the PUBG Dance video . Keep up the good work .

    14. Laharal Bob

      How do you give just a dollar? Update your info on that because atm late pledges start at 110$ NZD. So long for small donations. Unless you guys another donation platform?

    15. Aiko

      I would.. if Kickstarter would accept Paypal.

    16. ReturnofBenjamin

      Toss a coin to your Dirt League Oh, valley of plenty Oh, valley of plenty, oh Toss a coin to your Dirt League Oh, valley of plenty

    17. Spogexi

      my left ear enjoyed this.

    18. Theocratic Vitifer

      Praise is surly due to Jehovah! Why? Because He created all things, animal vegetable and mineral. But what of evolution? Is it not to thank? No, the nature of the universe, it's symetry and balence, show that it could not have come about through sheer chance, the way the orbit of atoms mirrors the orbit of planets, the atmosphere that keeps earth just warm enough to be habitable, yet cool enough not to burn, the location that allows enough heat for life, while being far enough away from the sun not to be dosed in radiation. There are many more examples, some of which, and many other spiritual gems, can be found a!

    19. Adrian Adrian

      I love these guys but I don't understand what they need all that money for. I mean 400k seems like enough for a short film and as of right now, the 700k goal is as good as reached. So what is all that money needed for? I dont know anything about fimmmaking so I'm just asking.

    20. Adrian Adrian

      I love these guys but I don't understand what they need all that money for. I mean 400k seems like enough for a short film and as of right now, the 700k goal is as good as reached. So what is all that money needed for? I dont know anything about fimmmaking so I'm just asking.

      1. Steve Smith

        Well it’s in NZD which is like 66% of a USD

    21. Darth Bobert

      I only have 97 cents....

    22. KCBkotastrophie -

      Donate a dollar to me and I will donate a dollar to you. It’s only fair. Other than that don’t ask people for money. You dang beggars always begging!

    23. V Watene

      So the soul is no t enough you still want a dollar from the souls you strip energy from 🤔

    24. Blue

      that moment when you live in the US...

    25. oxis77gas

      Do you guys accept €?

    26. Nate Helman

      donating i hope to see more of charles and Bernard the muggers!!!! best characters you guys ever made

    27. Mannen i den vita hatten

      Am i the only one who only hear them talking in my left ear?

    28. Dayton

      I've watched hours of your content.. I feel like that's worth a decent donation

    29. M-Rayan 1209

    30. Gustavo Ullmann

    31. Eddy Thoman

      I dont care about any of the stuff just glad I could help the laughs you give us are payment enough for me

    32. Юрий А


    33. Daniel Peace

      Holy fucking shit, half of this channel is them begging for money

    34. Kim Tannehill

      Done... and more.

    35. Jojo Sans

      The magic audio

    36. Matt Harden

      For what?

    37. Renato Araujo

      Greetings fron Brazil!

    38. Wade Wilson

      I want epic npc man game

    39. Mr. Anonyme

      I really would like to, but I don’t have a credit card..

    40. MaPiAs thriteen

      Loneliest minute for my right ear

    41. J.T. Leavell

      To American backers our dollar is worth 1.66 in New Zealand. So you’re buck goes even further to helping!

    42. Diederich Garz

      i just wanted to donate but then i realised that kickstarter does not support paypal and i dont have online banking :(

    43. Ma C

      Bunch of dirt bags, asking for money with everything going on. Thought this was a fun channel made by good people. I was mistaken!

    44. Wolf K

      What are we??? WE - ARE - BAACKEERS!!

    45. M. TTT.

      Weird HUgets limited this video, I didnt see it in my top recommended yesterday and saw it today in the secondary if that makes sense.

    46. Mack Daddy Of Justice

      I’m going to be honest, if I were famous and rich during these tough times. I’d spend 15,000 on your kickstarter. Seeing other people happy, makes me happy.

      1. Mack Daddy Of Justice

        Plus, I really like watching all of your videos. The content you guys give out is hilarious, great acting. Cheers guys.

    47. David Newby

      I may need to mug you

    48. Andrew Church

      I finally opened my leather shop and I would love to donate some custom armor. Is there an email address or some way to get in touch with them? I don't have instgrams or snapchats. Facebook said they don't really read their messages on there.

    49. Command12000

      you might have to exent the time a bit for the kickstarter then.

    50. Kaki Troll

      Please donate for the spread of Corona virus

    51. De Cold

      I like how their asking for support divided this community to three groups: 1. You have my support this film will be awesome 2. „ThEy NeED To wOrK oN THeIr AudIO" 3. They are asking for more Money!? (Lets forget that to this point they uploaded videos for free) HOW DARE THEY DO NOT UPLOAD VIDEOS FOR FREE! I just like how the true nature of some people just suddenly comes to light...

    52. Krystem Uezu

      I wish they could extend the deadline. Cause I don’t think this is the best time for asking for money in light of recent events, the pandemic and all that. But either way I’m still gonna donate a couple of dollars cause I love vldl, I wanted to donate more but it’s just not possible at this moment.

    53. Cody Redmon

      i wish i could be in that movie

    54. Maxiking3000

      Why Sound come from left? This is weired... Sry for Bad english

    55. Catjohnny Esso

      700 k is a lot. I am in a decent job in a developed country and I only get 700 bucks a week (after tax reduction). With 48 paid weeks per year, That's about 20 years worth of my salary and they can just ask on the internet. For the track record, I know that you guys would keep the promise of making it but we as fans would like to know very much on what are they spent on.

    56. BombProofYT

      My left ear enjoyed this commercial.

    57. Carl Jokl

      Google informed me that presently one pound sterling is two New Zealand dollars and one cent....approximately. I wonder if I imagine Balin's route being like the Elder Scrolls Online fishing achievement, which is probably the most slow and tedious achievement. Fish in every zone and each type of water and catch one of every type of fish. It typically takes months.

    58. Lost Evesy

      Only left side audio ? You get $0.50

    59. Bert Style

      Im out of a job right now if not i would :(

    60. Vasik Plays

      All that for a 20 mins film ?

    61. fanglo

      Is there a stretch goal to unlock sound for both sides? EDIT: I just mugg... backed em!!! To be honest I should just take the plunge and do the patreon thing as well.

    62. Dutchman Callypso

      Everytime I see you, my mood gets better. Raised my pledge. I will give you all the money I can part with. Hope you will achieve your stretched goal, you really deserve it ♥

    63. R.J. Ehlert

      $2; good luck

    64. LAG - Brawl Stars

      Пацыны вы просто супер! Обожаю ваши видео вы крутые и кстати тут все англичане и американцы и никто не поймёт что я гей

    65. Вова Мельничук

      The audio is only in the left earphone. Which is broken....

    66. Alberto Trigos Bueno

      Are u really asking for money right now? Amazing...

    67. Jimmy Sigeklint

      I have never donated for a kickstarter before. But i am happy to do so for this project. You have givven me so much for free for a long time, and i am happy to give back in what little amount i can.

    68. Catjohnny Esso

      700000 for a 20 minute short film? What is the budget used for? And all these times you guys have been producing contents for free.

    69. Derick

      Audio is low. Love your content

    70. TheGoodFella

      gave ya a 1.50, i went above and beyond to support u guys! love the acting guys!

    71. Sean O'Toole

      Swear to god if it's just Baelin walking around for 20mins saying nice day for fishing I want my money back 🤣

    72. Man

      Huhuh, nice day for fishing aint it

    73. TheWarrior

      My left ear enjoyed this.

    74. Rj Sands


    75. Kandi Philbeck

      I’ll donate but I don’t want the items, I’d rather have a personalized message from one of you ♥️

    76. Jon Fibbs

      Convinced me to pop my kickstarter cherry and donate a dollar-ended up donating 30. Good luck guys!

    77. Anon ymous

      Don’t forget about us and please keep making quality videos!💯 I know it’s a lot you guys are the best and I just want to see you guys succeed you are like living the dream that I always imagined- doing what you love , with your friends. How much cooler does it get?

    78. mimmylee ASMR

      Yay! so excited! hope i could help a little 🎈

    79. Arronax

      Damn.. just gimme a paypal link and i donate xD! cause ur awesome guys

    80. Clara BP

      Toss a dollar to your fisher

    81. flpsnk4848

      my left ear enjoyed this

    82. EnderNate124

      This entire comment section: *LEFT EAR*

    83. Danni Efraim

      So... Is two channel audio a stretch goal? 🤣

    84. Gentleman G.

      Why do you need so much money for? Some charity?

    85. TheBetterGame

      "If each one of you just chucked us a dollar, we'd hit our stretch goal". Look, I like you guys, but that's just bad math. You need over $200,000 just for the next goal, and this video, after 2 days, only has 59,000 views. I don't think you're as big as you think you are.

    86. Deeparth Gupta

      Oh man. If this was a prank it was a good. Thought my headphones broke. They're kind of expensive so I was not having a good few seconds.

    87. Vicky Rheza

      i'm not judging you guys for doing a kickstarter, but i think it's also hard for us who were fighting covid-19. no offense, but i think you guys doing a kickstarter in the wrong timing (maybe)?

    88. Jason Reliford

      I'd love to but I'm about to be out of a job since our governor has enacted a stay at home order in my state, I'm a single parent who {along with hundreds of thousands of other single parents} have a tax refund being held for "reasons", and I may or may not require my personal savings to buy underwear to trade for supplies in the upcoming apocalypse. Otherwise I'd jump right on that $1, fam!

    89. REWard

      Oooookay, I will give you some more of my greens, but only because you're adorable and I'm excited about this project. XD

    90. Sy A

      I like you guys but in this current situation, you shouldn’t be posting vids like this.

    91. Den Titi

      I would love to donate, but i don’t have a mastercard or something and paypall doesn’t work :(

    92. Araleh Kepa

      Imagine how much pies and fish n chips you could buy with that!

    93. Muhammad Saadullah

      why is audio one sided i thought my headphones broke

    94. therajmister 2

      I want to donate but I cant

    95. Evan Graessle

      Congratulations! I'd definitely contribute if I thought the Baelin character were more interesting.

    96. Dylan Zane

      I want to donate but last time I put my debit card info into a website, they kept charging me money and i never got it back so I vowed to very do it again (except for Amazon). Good luck

    97. KaliKat

      Went to donate a dollar, now looking for $7799 more so I can finally start my professional career as a person who buys production credits. Don't wait up though because I'm in self-isolation for the foreseeable future. -_-

    98. Ishida Karu MV

      New Subscriber 😊💛

    99. Jeffrey Bethke

      It wont let me donate

    100. homegrowntwinkie

      Before the film is made, after you guys reach your goal - I demand a video uploaded of you three in a hot tub full of money. Heavily edited with trap music, and music video style camera shots, with you guys throwing it around. idc if it's 20 seconds, I just wanna see you guys with that much money do something like that because you deserve it.