Those friends who take advantage of you - Mates Rates

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    Adam has one particular friend who always takes advantage of him. David just isn't a good mate.
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    1. Woody 875

      What car is that? Like the full name of it?

    2. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    3. nethrelm

      Lol, when he said "it's the quantum drive", I just knew the next thing was going to be "it's the flux capacitor".

    4. Vash The Stampede

      Is everyone from New Zealand just like, awesome at acting?

    5. Oakheart

      I hate it when the flux capacitor acts up. Although it is often better to just to change it for a power relay.

    6. Izzy Te Are

      Adams bored character would be so shit at Among Us

    7. frosts maker

      There is a woman scamming me and I smile with pure happiness on my face like an idiot. But, there is the thing. When I smile, it is true that I really am happy but my other half knew that she lied to me she has the ability to fool people with her beauty, then after she left me, other expressions show up on my face. It is true that she succeeds in fooling me and gain an advantage over other people (not only me), but that time I cut her from my friend circle, and another time, I'm just a stranger who pretends to be her friend and she is just someone who thinks that she could fool me. There is a problem though, I'm not a psychopath. I tend to help other people even though they are not good to me. I hate to be a good person, sometimes I just hope that I have the heart to trample other people. It is just not fair what happening to me. I always in a bad and difficult position. If only I'm fully a bad person, I could gain everything. I hate myself because I have a heart. I hope I was born with the talent to manipulate other people and have success in my life. unfortunately.

    8. CrawlingChaos

      mechanic: its the flux capacitor alan: thats not a thing rowan: what's going on here?

    9. arnigx

      Poor spongebob, scam by his old mechanic.....^^

    10. RevolverOcelot2008

      lol reminds me of the guy that would repair the coolers at the grocery store I used to work at. It was a small chain of stores onwed by a millionaire who would skimp on costs. I actually nicknamed the repair guy "Harry Wormwood"(as in Matilda) because I was 90% sure this guy was replacing broken parts with used and faulty parts since the repairman was there weekly or bi-weely during the entire summer "fixing" the same coolers over and over again.

    11. Tore L

      Flipping him off at 2:44 was a nice touch

    12. Glenn Cox

      Would've been hilarious if he got in the car it started up, and as he drove away it all became lit up like the DeLorean and then the car disappeared and left burning tire tracks...and then Alan be standing there in bewilderment saying "GREAT SCOTT!"

    13. BIG CAT

      There is literally no flux capacitors

    14. بێزۆرگتێر بۊرگێر

      Is he a Māori?

    15. MAXNAZ 47

      As a legit mechanic, we do this on purpose so vague acquaintances stop asking for 'mates rates' 😂😂😂

    16. Gamezdude

      I know a guy who can double your money....

    17. nick 4748

      Rumor has it that this is the roommate to the impostor Playtech employee

    18. Fra Goesh

      I thought Adam rides a motorcycle with a hot chick on the backseat after hours... Who is scamming who i wonder

    19. silverblade357

      I want everyone to remember this next time you want to pity Adam.

    20. Ceiwyn

      I don't know guys - your accent says you're British but your currency says you're American.

    21. TheLastPhoenixx Willx

      what a dumbass he got a flux capacitor but he forgot the plutonium, that's why didn't work XD

    22. Alex Mort

      I think i took my car to this dudes garage.

    23. Avikshit Basak

      David covered his mouth to cover his mouth to hide his smile when he said "scamming you"


      hes scamer + hes colored you only forgot to tell him to speak in indian accent would hawe been perfect

    25. Thomas Doss

      Anything is possible when you work for PlayTech

    26. Robson Costa

      i was sure it was the microverse battery

    27. Ryan Lynn

      oh shit, u guys are kiwi's? wasaaaaaaaap

    28. Isaac Jackson

      I do mechanic work and I often have people come to me with problems that they said a mechanic has already fixed. It’s sad when people are like that instead of honest

    29. Davor Vukovic

      This video is clearly fake... Hondas never brake down 😁

    30. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    31. Rohan Chaudhary

      That's the real Ben...........

    32. Krapoutchniek

      Rowan: "What's going on?"

    33. Pranshu Gupta

      I legit thought he would hop in the car at the end and time travel

    34. kongmeng03

      How do I apply for VLDL? Cuz I want this job.

    35. saytuvin helm

      2:09 what did David say?

      1. First name Last name

        Mi casa es su casa = my home is your home

    36. Peace out

      I watch this videos when I'm high damn 10xboost

    37. Mlem

      When I am really evil, I wish for a friend like Adam. But when I think of how he looks at me with his puppy eyes ... in the end I would probably give him money xD.

    38. MGTOW Stan

      sceeeming him!!!

    39. Jay Hansen

      I like how British people always have a funny way of saying shit we say. "Mates rates" we say "homie hookup", "pissed" we say "hammered". "Noggin" we say "sloppy top top"

    40. woswas denni

      i was so hoping he would get into his car and timejump away leaving a trail of flames

    41. Jordan Abendroth

      YOU'RE A BOY!!!

    42. IndigoGollum


    43. Gilbert

      He should check the engine for cookies. They are known to also build up in the engines of cars.

    44. Oleksandra Bakun

      That's sad.

    45. RoseOfHizaki

      Friends dont let friends get scammed by other 'friends'. If that happened to one of my friends. Id be knocking on the other friends house with a baseball bat.

    46. Master Baiter

      Rowan is still the winner of losing huge money by giving items for free. hahaha

    47. Chris Whoop

      Man nice wagon

    48. Krapoutchniek

      I was expecting Rowan to come : "What's going on here?" :D

    49. Adam J Smith

      This dude put his actual licence late in a video?

    50. 029 20

      had this absoloute genius come and fix my betsy up just yesterday! hes reliable and honest with his prices! no job too big or too small for him, 10/10 service i would definietly recommend! Thank you David shes as good as new!! :)

    51. Saiful Islam

      Where is Byron? Don't say you guys have forgotten about him again...

    52. It'sGood

      Problem with that Quantum drive is that it's both broke and not broke at the same time and the only way you find out is by getting an expert to have a look.

    53. Spicy Mango

      2:45 😂😂

    54. F.B.I

      Just type "HESOYAM" it will be fixed

    55. Jovica Janjic

      You know; intentionally or not, there is a sub-joke to this skit. That is an Accord with a K24 engine in it, which (ask your local mechanic, but i can also vouch for this from my personal experience) don't break down like ever.

    56. dearladydisdain

      You’re a boy!

    57. Hey there

      By the way hes running to the hills im assuming hes already gotten a call to another job, what a hard working man

    58. Dylan Yee

      Whan he said flux capacitor My hypixle actavatied

    59. FaithfulDarkness

      True 😂... 😔

    60. Max Henry

      This actor doesn't fit well with your style. Less of him please. Thank you.

    61. Junglebauer

      the quantum drive hehe nice star citizen reference ^^

    62. Pearce_NZ

      Lol one of the least likely cars to break down

    63. Diree

      You know, these videos always make me angry...because there are actually people out there who are that gullible.

    64. shadowgirl765

      I'm actually positive it's the flat clicker. This guy is clearly a fake mechanic. Adam, just port over the 5k and I'll be there tomorrow to fix your flat clicker.

    65. Option Delta

      The cars an imposter.

    66. Eleeo

      What parallel universe is this? We all know Adam is really cool and drives a motorcycle when he’s not at work.

    67. Toddgpoole

      Please put this guy in more of your videos. He is damn funny.

    68. Darth Flash

      That mystichrome paint looks awesome

    69. MGTOW Stan

      SCAMMING HIM? I bfelt that!

    70. TheAngryAArdvark

      He licks the car, rofl. Reminds me of a few mechanics I've dealt with over the years.

    71. Kyle Brown

      So much trash on the road in this video lol. Kinda sad.

    72. Clem A

      When you pay 5 000 $ a reparation, you'd better change your car and fast After thought : *When you pay 5 000 $ a reparation, you should change your friend and fast*

    73. Darkest Lord of the Sith

      Hey guys, it's him it's Ben :D LoL

    74. Amzar Nacht

      I'm not a mechanic but I help people with problem cars (roadside assistance) - jump starts and the like. I see this sometimes. Client says 'my mechanic friend, he says it won't start because the... the, uhm... exhaust manifold is cracked, I think? Damn part is $500, tho.' Huh, yeah, how about I just tighten the nut holding your positive terminal, m'kay? Give it a try now... [car cranks right up] "I think you can put off the manifold replacement. Battery's just 4 years old and won't hold a good charge; replace it."

    75. Hey Guys, This Is My New Name

      dawg wtf. why didn't show up in my feed the day it was released? Now I look like a bum who watches videos way after they've been uploaded. wtf bruh. is it because I wasn't wearing a mask? Where in the 10 commandments does it say I need a mask, bruh?

    76. PalleRasmussen

      This is worse than Reddit. Binged the entire series today. Last day I did that was Critical Role. That took a bit more than a day though.

    77. Twisted Blessing

      Mates Rates. Thank you for that.

    78. Bryan Ong

      I wished Adam had a really good friend that's doesn't smack ur car for a minute

    79. Bummville

      he is an imposter

    80. JellyFik 04

      Even if it is scripted, do you still get irritated while recording?

    81. Levi Guiney

      Lol, I love how he just ran behind the bushes instead of going off screen at the end. xD

    82. Asaiiku

      The tapping gave me ASMR

    83. the Josh mystr

      Hey it's other Ben

    84. Yaza _Kun


    85. Amazingg Anime

      Why is ben scamming adam

    86. Fawad Ali

      Well..... did the car start afterwards or not ??? Ofcourse not, I can tell he's a scam, you need to put a "flat clicker " on top of the engine to fix it

    87. digizilla164

      Cant believe his friend would do this. The car was just out of headlight fluid.

    88. First name Last name

      I like the new guy

    89. Richy Hammond

      I'm a car guy and this is really painful, especially when Adam defends him

    90. alan rhoades

      Is play tech there actual job?

    91. Dante Darko

      When he showed him the finger in the end, that's when I became suspicious.

    92. Kristína Brtková

      *Jeremy Clarkson approves!*

    93. Shaun Dean

      Hold on, since when has Ben been a mechanic??

    94. Skippy 4077

      What are mates for ! To borrow your jump pack for a year of course , and you only remember they have it when you car battery goes dead a year later while across the otherside of the country

    95. Eskurian

      I expected, at the end, the car to start and blip away with burning tire tracks like back to the future.

    96. Aaron LFC*YNWA*

      I wish I can fix cars by just tapping and licking it, lol!!

    97. Jurgman X

      What about Adam's motorcycle?

    98. Matt Arnold

      "Hello adventurer; welcome to the land of Nigeria. You must deliver this item to the prince who is currently being held captive in his own palace by a hoard of goblins. He has offered 10,000,000 gold to anyone daring enough to take it to him. All you need to do to gain access to his palace is purchase the Nigerian Royalty DLC for $999.95 via Western Union or Money Gram. Good luck, adventurer!"

    99. Jonathan

      Nice... I like this

    100. Aditya S

      It'll be funnier if he keep saying stupid things, but at the end he started the car and fixed it.