My first day playing PUBG

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    PUBG really throws you in the deep end.
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    1. Metalcree

      I am thoroughly enjoying the cartoons :)

      1. Mike Glasswell

        thanks, it was a fun project

    2. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng‌

    3. MadManMiner

      You forgot the hour long wait time for a game

    4. Эд Мм

      Прям в точку!

    5. Lacey Charbonneau

      More please!!!! Much much more of this!!!!!

    6. Jay Kay

      Is this what it's like to have fun even when losing and not knowing what to do? I really wish I could feel that.

    7. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for animatin', ain't it? Hu ha

    8. Hunni Holmes

      Exactly like my first time. I died a bit faster. Lol

    9. The Jingo

      It look more like his first game ever in general

    10. Dokkasan

      I've learned all the PUBG rules just by watching VLDL videos.

    11. DarkLight

      What is the name of the music and where can we find it ? There is no name mentionned in the description...

    12. Ибрагим

      Жаль что видео про пубг остановились

    13. Daniel Knapp

      I am confused. This is not fortnite? With the air drop, and the death zone, and the finding weapons.

    14. Byron Pretorius


    15. doggin6

      All that excitement, would take 3 years of pubg to see. That game is more dull than anything. Super slow, super ugly, super bad. Shit game.

    16. A2d333

      if only it was half as good. this video remind me of pubg's first trailer.

    17. Mr. Doge

      My first time playing roblox 2008

    18. Egedo

      I think you guys can nail all animations without comparison what are you doing in real life

    19. Slbsgt

      You forgot the 93 hackers!

    20. Cowta Playz

      My first day: Grabs a pan thinking it blocks bullets Sits in the storm for 20 minutes Hides Hides more Dies while hiding

    21. R《EZ》A

      Ben is my favourite

    22. Moloch

      First game in pubg is always most likely against bots

    23. PBK

      Great work ✔️💗

    24. J_C_CH

      This is literally every Fortnite player when they try PUBG for the first time.

    25. Chi

      Do a puppet episode, your voices are always fun to hear.

    26. Cortec

      Did the final gunshot come from outside the zone?

    27. Eduardo Calleros

      Great job! So true though

    28. ValentineRD107

      I played it for the first time just a few days ago, it's like being thrown into shark infested waters with meat strapped to your limbs XD I somehow made it to the top ten by just running and zigzagging like a nutter, then lay on my belly and slithered around for 2 minutes until my inevitable death by dancing sniper... The next 10 games went alot quicker, like super quick, so then I tried a team game which paired me with one decent player and one mic terrorist who died within two minutes, got angry and continued to scream into the mic. I haven't played it again yet lol

    29. 十一

      i don't like been head shot by kar98 wearing level 2 helmet

    30. Feathers Band Nepal

      So true happened to me like that same same

    31. Clumsy Pheonix

      I literally just started playing pubg for the first time like two weeks ago and that was pretty damn accurate lol

    32. mas se




    34. Payal Paswan

      It's Damn Relatable... Same case with me when I tried PUBG for the first time...😂😂😂😂

    35. Anett

      Meh. :/

    36. Night Sovereign

      this is amazing :D

    37. Sora In Heaven

      ^O^More animations pls~~~~~

    38. kris vas

      do it

    39. NahtanoJYT69

      Good morning, nice day for battle royale aye? Hoohah

    40. Karan Shisode

      Pubg should probably but this 😂😂

    41. Apedreado Darkholme

      I really dislike these animated shorts, I greatly prefer the live action videos

    42. literalrandomguy

      Shoutout to alan for the voice acting :)

    43. Anon ymous

      These are cool but take the exact same concept and put it into real life... put you guys all in the film- being the other players fighting each other blowing eachother up running from the circle... I think it would have been funnier watching Adam run for a mile to get to safety while all of our familiar favorites are in the background, lords and ladies alike.

    44. Kacper Blechacz


    45. backdoorPuncha

      More ! NOW!

    46. Dr Klintorn

      What's a good animation without a "that was awesome" scene

    47. Lass X

      Have just started playing this game this week....🤣👍

    48. BurgerBain

      This needs to be a new series, on new channel I think

    49. Alexander Vaucrosson

      Love the animation

    50. Random NPC

      Pretty nice animation, it's a nice addition to the other type of skits o/

    51. BoBoSkinnyB

      Yes mate....we want you to make other videos like this..i would be awesome !

    52. berserker from Russia

      This is my first play

    53. Дядя Валера

      Cool Animation

    54. Marvel Fanboy

      Omg I love this! We need more like these! 🤣👌🏼

    55. The Editor AMVs

      Yup pretty much everyone’s first pubg

    56. Boring Gamer

      Anyone else got this notification?

    57. Knowledge Fast

      More more more

    58. whistling groundhog

      Bof... Prefer the real thing.

    59. Malice

      You nailed the graphics!

    60. Aaron Coburn

      It's a shame the game is fucked these days, it's also a shame the Devs couldn't turn it into the great game it could of been

    61. Terell Williams

      Not gonna lie. that was my same reaction when I first started

    62. Simon Davis

      Loved it. Do more do more!

    63. Tess Ress

      In pubg mobile you first match with 99 bots :)

    64. Aritra Majumder

      One of the best things that corona gave us: Animation from u guys.

    65. Rahul B


    66. BionicFlo

      who goes into an online match without even knowing the controls? jesus. Why does that bother me?

    67. Nikhil Sultania

      It would have looked cool even if it was actual shooting though

    68. Jay Michael


    69. Arty the Slow

      Love the animation! Tell Rowan the customers want more!

    70. Shizzlenitts

      Awesome !!!!!

    71. Snipe Taps


    72. Nekminute

      shit game

    73. TJ's Channel

      Y’all can do no wrong in my book. Love it.

    74. Mark Franks

      Pretty cool but prefer non animated

    75. Murlock2000

      Bah stupid animated crap - sorry but no

    76. staimaubosni

      I don't think this is going to be very popular mode all in all. Its fun if its really good topic. If its not, it will be huge waste of time.

    77. firefly4322

      Oh yeah and uh, Let's go mug em!

    78. firefly4322

      Yeah, that was awesome. I would love to see more of the animations.

    79. African Rhino

      More!!! More!!! Mooooooooore!!!

    80. acespizzer

      Why I stopped playing online games years ago explained in 2 minutes...

    81. nunya bidniss

      Baelin for president 2020

    82. ƝƖƦƠƁ ƳƬ

      Bring it!

    83. StinkyNoobHarry

      Very cool. and unexpected. BUT AWESOME!!!

    84. srajatji

      1:47 truth

    85. Ma Life Ma Rule

      Really love u guys And soon u are gona hit 2 million Hope there is something special coming for the celebration ❤❤😊😊

    86. WahidIscool

      For me it's "MY LAST DAY PLAYING PUBG" :(

    87. Sarah says hello

      Pubg logic, team bails, somehow kill an entire team by your self then walk into the middle of a crossfire without realizing it 2bminutes later and die instantly. Dont forget to aim at each and every bush!

    88. Dika Ahda Setiawan

      Wait, the sniper come from blue zone.

    89. the organized guerilla police headquarter


    90. Rowdy Kennedy

      Not bad or bad idea. But definitely wouldn't do all or a majority of them this way. The people love seeing all of yall.

    91. Asif Hossain


    92. Daniel Alonso

      I hate and I love this game at the same time... is a quite weird feeling. Great animation, guys!

    93. Дмитрий Коротаев

      Awesome cartoon guys. Rly. U should continue. I'm noone but I insist

    94. Tristan E

      Absolutely loving these animations

    95. shafin rahman

      Haha please don't do this cartoon thing again Viva...

    96. нaтѕυcнι

      I want to see more animated videos.

    97. BAZOOMBA

      Plus you guys should make more playtech and pubg skits

    98. BAZOOMBA

      This looks cool but honestly I like the none animated skits

    99. Overdonespawn

      Jokes on you guys. I actually won my first game. Admittedly It was when it first came to consoles, but still

    100. fecebook punya cerita

      make a funny pub video :)