Danger music with no enemies - Danger Music

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    That unique anxiety when danger music plays but no enemies are near...
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    1. TheFlyingMage

      Notice the mouse crawling into his mouth?.. I bet it will explode him from the inside.

    2. McHacks Gamer

      Genshin dendro slimes intensifies

    3. -big gamer energy-

      Fallout 4 be like:

    4. FurakamiShibuki LOLOHIVE

      *dendro slime*

    5. Antonio Antunes

      The Beast of Caerbannog: "Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!"

    6. XEON Lite

      I found out they used a real mouse for ben

    7. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    8. Craig Wraight

      What game this

    9. Fairy's Glitter

      Especially in horror games

    10. Ethan Wilson

      Dont mess with micky

    11. Ryan Gay

      That was freaking awesome!

    12. mayakayahawah park

      Oh my god

    13. Voltaic Fire

      Adventurer: Why do I hear boss music? Azerim: I don't know! *(Bethesda liked that.)*

    14. Dirty boii

      Why am I hearing boss music

    15. Glenn Knauer

      This was me yesterday🤣

    16. Dylan Prothero

      the CGI rat makes it so great

    17. Frosty the Snowman

      Blighttown, ng+

    18. Frosty the Snowman

      Not joking at all, that fight music is actually perfect. Lol

    19. Oliver Clare

      Morrowind haha. Usually an angry crab

    20. Henry Stickmin's Twin

      Watching him die with the biting noises wants to make me throw up

    21. Justice

      The stealth reticle in skyrim when a mudcrab/deer or a friendly npc is looking in your general direction only to whatever it and get jumped by a bandit or thug or lol a dragon swoops in.

    22. StormTiberius

      Lvl 60 mighty mouse appeared!

    23. Anarchic Doktor

      "Hahaha! It's just a tiny vermin!" *tiny vermin roars* "Oh, Gods!"

    24. Flitź

      Bethesda games be like.

    25. Kruhl Sentru

      I see a certain rabbit may have not been the only one of it's kind.

    26. Preder Nation

      *Friday thee 13th game be like*

    27. Joseph W

      I’m pretty sure it’s the dev’s way of trolling players

    28. Guilherme Zorawski

      Where do I recognize that roar from? hmmmm

    29. Mika McDonald

      Level one characters be like

    30. Rose Hall

      Danger music: *plays* Player: wo wo what? where? The fucks happening? Mud crab: *exists*

    31. Adam

      everyone know its because the enemy spawned inside an object just need to spam AOEs till it dies

    32. The Plague Lord

      Pretty accurate for mid evil times...

    33. Rose C

      It's a VORPAL MOUSE!!! RUN FOR GODS SAKE!! VORPAL MOUSE EVERYONE!!!! *screams and runs*

    34. ariana petrova

      It’s Boss Music

    35. Frank Sz

      This is literally Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, walking through the woods anywhere. The wildlife was more dangerous than the oblivion gates and hell monsters.

    36. chasen Lewis

      When you need the holy hand grenade 😆

    37. Anna Batista

      This reminds me of FF XII when you enter a room with a giant green beast, who is defeated by a tiny bunny-like creature xD

    38. nethrelm

      Must not have gotten the rare drop for the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

    39. Hot Cheese

      YOU DIED

    40. Adam Case

      *Can't fast travel enemy nearby.*

    41. S.I.D. Smart-Indian-Dude.

      Another reason to be scared of a mouse or a rat for me lol

    42. Koalaking87

      Am I the only one that thinks that mouse is given off holy grail vibes?

    43. Mardy Morris Alcantara

      While running on skyrim, the music started. Dunno whats going on until the dragon breathe fire behins me

    44. Arthur Simsa

      Flashbacks of Morrowind, with its entire ecosystem hell bent on murdering you, but getting clipped or stuck against a boulder half of the time. Love the game though, 10/10:P

    45. Bleeding Aquarius

      Happens to me while playing Skyrim, one time it was a bandit stuck inside a wall; I couldn't see him at all but I could hear his generic bandit taunts and sword attacks coming from this inaccessible building

    46. R'llo Arhsaakxianutsi

      This reminds me of FFXI. Ah the old times which anything and everything could kill ya xD

    47. wolfskin275

      Mouse Should've Been A Rabbit

    48. larry mauri

      0:54 it was at this moment he knew he f'''d up

    49. Leonid Rumatov

      When a mouse roared.

    50. DrivaSoulEater

      Genshin Impact dendro slimes in a nutshell

    51. Rigat Vealam


    52. Karin Dikenshtein

      Damn, before the end, I wanted to write about mouse or crab... 😂😂😂.

    53. WTF Cnote

      Reminds me of money python rabbit

    54. Ilya S. Dmitrenko

      Aaah, I remember back in my Morrowind days battle music was the simplest way to find out that pesky cliffracer attacking you from above =)

    55. Dane Miller

      Still better than the cliff-racers in Morrowind.

    56. MickMaan

      When you enter the level 60 area with level 55 armor

    57. archam777

      Now thats the mouse that shouldve had Baradunes book ;)

    58. Chris Ram

      Thank you dark souls

    59. RemixedMelody

      Dendoro slimes in Genshin Impact.

    60. Stacie Meier

      The Mouse That Roared!

    61. steweygrrr

      We had a saying in FFXI: somewhere in the world there is a rabbit that _will_ kick your arse.

    62. Ahmed Saad Tanim

      When Ursa rages

    63. CrangleHam

      “why do I hear boss music?”

    64. Paul Schuh

      Anyone else notice the mouse going into his mouth near the end?

    65. Нурсултан Мунайтбасов

      It is so funny because it is true

    66. Seath

      When it's just a mouse, but it's 20 levels above you.

    67. Mush Mello

      "you can't fast travel, there are enemies nearby" WHERE TF ARE THESE ENEMIES, I LOOKED FOR AN HOUR NOW!

    68. Zuri Campžhel

      Literally me waking up from a nightmare at 3:00AM

    69. Eleazar M LT

      *Oh no, not like this...*

    70. Victor Almeida

      Monty Python anyone?

    71. Saanguinee Fwedit

      video games have music?

    72. Mister J

      that's ursa's ultimate (enrage) roar sfx from dota 2

    73. Bobby Shek

      “Shame” LoL

    74. m u j i

      Literally me when first time walking in to a place where there is shout in Skyrim.

    75. Alexandr Radecký

      Serves him well, trying to murder innocent beings!

    76. Turval Turvaldeon

      This must be the little brother of mounty phytons rabbit

    77. EbonysBlaze

      I died when the mouse dived in his mouth hahaha

    78. Mark Stephan

      Lol the rat crawls into his mouth at the end...

    79. Matthew Dykeman

      Oh so they're playing Daggerfall.

    80. engineer gaming,

      Meanwhile that random enemy that spawned under the map

    81. cngpo

      Dark Souls

    82. KingOfDucc

      Is this the first video without the little Town music in the background.

    83. Goatcha

      Should have been a rabbit.

    84. JZ's Best Friend

      Same thing happened to Arthur with a Bunny and to Varus with the Germans. History repeats itself.

    85. Danny Schoofs

      Must be a cousin of the killer rabbit of of caerbannog... You need the cousin of the holy handgrenade of Antioch, to kill it...

    86. Dave

      that is Thranduil's sword?

    87. xxlCortez

      Warcraft 3 rat noises.

    88. Faron Silverfang

      Those Vorpal Mice, they're pretty dangerous little buggers.

    89. XavierDarkhand

      For a while I was thinking "Ha yeah, that's so annoying...probably some enemy a distance off not even chasing him" ...then the rat, lolwut

    90. Артем Смолин


    91. Oliver Gibbons

      I saw the thumbnail image and though it was Michael Fassbender.

    92. Demetrius Curt

      When you are lvl 1 and the rat lvl 2

    93. XenzardZ

      "Why do I hear boss music"

    94. sirius4k

      That escalated way too quickly.

    95. Kirisaki Kyaru

      Lvl 100 character lost to a lvl 30 small mice

    96. Syphaxis

      0:50 My Rimworld colonist and a manhunting rat.

    97. Trey Agustin

      me in botw when there aren't any guardians

    98. Matthew Keen


    99. TestTest estTest

      It should've been rabbit...

    100. Tailcoat Games