Danger music with no enemies - Danger Music

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    That unique anxiety when danger music plays but no enemies are near...
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    1. Saanguinee Fwedit

      video games have music?

    2. Mister J

      that's ursa's ultimate (enrage) roar sfx from dota 2

    3. Bobby Shek

      “Shame” LoL

    4. Aiz

      Literally me when first time walking in to a place where there is shout in Skyrim.

    5. Alexandr Radecký

      Serves him well, trying to murder innocent beings!

    6. Turval Turvaldeon

      This must be the little brother of mounty phytons rabbit

    7. EbonysBlaze

      I died when the mouse dived in his mouth hahaha

    8. Mark Stephan

      Lol the rat crawls into his mouth at the end...

    9. Matthew Dykeman

      Oh so they're playing Daggerfall.

    10. bousan the bill

      Meanwhile that random enemy that spawned under the map

    11. cngpo

      Dark Souls

    12. KingOfDucc

      Is this the first video without the little Town music in the background.

    13. Soap Ghost

      Is that Ursa Dota 2 sound effect? Lmao 🤣

    14. Goatcha

      Should have been a rabbit.

    15. JZ's Best Friend

      Same thing happened to Arthur with a Bunny and to Varus with the Germans. History repeats itself.

    16. Danny Schoofs

      Must be a cousin of the killer rabbit of of caerbannog... You need the cousin of the holy handgrenade of Antioch, to kill it...

    17. Dave

      that is Thranduil's sword?

    18. xxlCortez

      Warcraft 3 rat noises.

    19. Faron Silverfang

      Those Vorpal Mice, they're pretty dangerous little buggers.

    20. XavierDarkhand

      For a while I was thinking "Ha yeah, that's so annoying...probably some enemy a distance off not even chasing him" ...then the rat, lolwut

    21. Артем Смолин


    22. Oliver Gibbons

      I saw the thumbnail image and though it was Michael Fassbender.

    23. Demetrius Curt

      When you are lvl 1 and the rat lvl 2

    24. XenzardZ

      "Why do I hear boss music"

    25. sirius4k

      That escalated way too quickly.

    26. Kirisaki Kyaru

      Lvl 100 character lost to a lvl 30 small mice

    27. Syphaxis

      0:50 My Rimworld colonist and a manhunting rat.

    28. Trey Agustin

      me in botw when there aren't any guardians

    29. Matthew Keen


    30. TestTest estTest

      It should've been rabbit...

    31. Tailcoat Games


    32. Brae

      When you turn round looking for the spider but it's just a lawn mite charging at you from 20cm away

    33. Aaron Rayner

      GTA Online when you're in the Diamond Casino, and you start hearing a soft guitar.

    34. KrazyKiwi

      Level 1 world of warcraft outside the starting area in a nutshell

    35. Phlebas

      My reaction to those situations is usually to find the boulder, tree or wall that the enemy spawned inside and see if I can kill it with AOE damage.

    36. Nigh Darke

      Should have used a rabbit. I mean the Monty Python reference would have made it even funnier. "Well, that's no ordinary rabbit".

    37. Dark Hajime

      He was killed by Micah's ancestors.

    38. Gamer Command

      00:32 some one probably prowling around there !

    39. szakal

      when the opponent falls behind textures and you need to clear the entire location :D

    40. paddotk

      Monty Python much? :p

    41. Raigh DarkHawk

      Games should do that for real; make it so the 'critters' are the most OP things in the game lol

    42. Logan Shaw

      Noob taking out by mouse emperor.

    43. Anthony McKean

      That plot twist makes The Sixth Sense seem amateurish.

    44. Micah Broch

      Anxiety in a nutshell

    45. akrinah

      Boss music starts playing. DO YOU WANT TO PLAY RAID SHADOW LEGENDS?

    46. Александр Н

      Usually when i hear battle music and nobody around i am like - "come out and fight like a man!". Playing Oblivion right now had situations like that - battle music play and idk who is my enemy.

    47. Skorpius 202

      When you clear the base of enemies but there is still one stuck in somewhere and music keeps on going

    48. Тяфтель

      aka damage multipliers aka worst type of enemy leveling. Lv.80 rat is harder than Lv.10 Devourer of Gods and Universes, Destroyer of Everything, Most Powerful Entity in Multiverse.

    49. Andrew Ferguson

      omg, musical queues like this are what keep me alive in so many games (mostly kingdom come)

    50. Texan DevilDawg

      This is pretty much how Skyrim is 🤣 You hear the battle music but don’t see the damn enemy anywhere. Till you look around hard enough just to see a damn skeever, or a mud crab.

    51. Dave PERSON


    52. Shamrok


    53. Liam Goheen

      Nice taurus demon noises

    54. BedrockSteve

      *Why do I hear boss music?*

    55. Dr Mystery


    56. Games Logic League

      Me : Why do i hear boss music??

    57. Eyeoftheshadows

      Elder Scrolls Oblivion was one of those games where this happened a lot. I would be running through the forest and all of a sudden danger music would play I would look around for five minutes but there would be no enemies. And sometimes when I went into buildings the music would still be playing

    58. Luka Žulj

      This is like Megalovania

    59. VergilFan

      I always hated skeevers! 😂

    60. James Jamison

      Reminds me of Cars in fallout 4

    61. dark9hades

      When your waking normal down somewhere then boss music

    62. Hajdics Tibor

      He didnt see that mouse was level 675...

    63. Trevus Simon

      It should have been a Rabbit, the reference would be the best

    64. WJ ZAV

      You think that's bad? When you walk casually in a survival horror game and it says "Press SHIFT to run" on the bottom of the screen....

    65. paulreg

      ben sees mouse and stabs it, ben looks at mouse's portrait it says level ?? ben: O.o

    66. UGNAvalon

      "Why do i hear boss music??" .... "Hmm, must've been the wind."

    67. ッƤŘỖ-X

      Thats why I keep my music off in games all time XD

    68. HumanStoryteller


    69. Seth Moran

      This would happen all the time in fallout new vegas

    70. medexamtoolsdotcom

      I saw some weird independent film made by a bunch of lawyers once, it was a bunch of comedy sketches, and one of them was a guy in the dark who finds a door with light coming from under it, and scary music played as he got near the door, and he refused to open it. I wish I knew the movie, have been looking for it for damn near 30 years now. Another one, the longest sketch, was a story of a lawyer in a sort of mad max future, with a client in a court of mutants, and he tries to get the client to jump over a bar covered in spikes (he has to "pass the bar", get it?), and his fat client fails and dies. And in another one, a nun dies and goes to heaven, but all they do is play bingo all day, she complains to god and he tells her he was planning on retiring to heck anyway and invites her to come with him. He then explains he's just darning her to heck, not damning her to hell, and heck isn't a bad place. At the end she wakes up and her class full of kids kills her.

    71. Ashtart Scheherazade

      Playing Final Fantasy XV, there's this one tunnel where the car will screech to a halt sometimes, everyone jumps out ready to fight, battle music is blaring, and there's nothinnnnnnnng to fight. That happened a bunch of times until one day bombs finally popped up. It was the middle of the day so pretty weird, but still technically dark inside I guess.

    72. Silverback

      Wheres Tim the Enchanter when you need him?

    73. Izzuddin M Nasir

      RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!!!!

    74. kamchatmonk

      When you enter the expansion being 20 levels below requirements. Mice, more powerful than dragons. Kitchen knives that cut deeper than the Sword of Ultimate Annihilation. Stained shirt that can protect from meteor shower.

    75. 177SCmaro

      That mouse must have been from Assassin's Creed Origins and was 3 levels higher then he was.

    76. Arvin Singh

      00:54 When you realise you Fu**ed up

    77. Dusica Jovanovic

      Isint me or that mouse is looking kinna T H I C K.

    78. Danton Borges Martins Bispo

      I'm going crazy or the sound that mouse did was the same as Ursa from Dota 2 does when using W?

    79. LuongoLet20GoalsIn

      Where’s Brother Maynard when you need him?

    80. Caio

      Why do I hear Boss music?

    81. Cosmic Gaming

      Happens a lot to me in Witcher 3....

    82. weang ipan

      He mod the sabre cat into a mouse

    83. -SMP- scientific method perspective

      Lol at the end they got payback by showing him messing up his lines, and never letting him finish 😂

    84. Gilvin Zalsos

      Sound effect sounds like Ursa’s enrage from from DotA2

    85. Aurelius Zeta

      0:49 Awww, it's medieval Ratatouille :3 0:56 OH SHIT

    86. Jorge Javier Morzán Scerpella

      que buena, El rey de los ratones.

    87. Eliasar

      Judging by the theme, this mouse wears gold shirt

    88. Draliseth

      Ah, yes, the plight of being engaged in secret combat.

    89. MAD GUY

      Dark souls be like

    90. Kotoucak

      Serves you right for bulying a little mousie! :D

    91. Super Fire 64 Gaming

      “Can not sleep, there are monsters nearby”

    92. Joshua Graham

      Seems like someone fed the Ursa 😄

    93. Brian Green

      Nice Monty reference

    94. The Raven

      Usually happens when an enemy has clipped through something solid and is stuck somewhere that's inaccessible to the player, like inside a mountain, a tree, a building or under the map.

    95. Wolf Edmunds

      *stabs mouse* *Giant health bar shows up*

    96. Linda Liriel

      The beast of Caerbannog's cousin, I see

    97. Aryxis Gaming

      When you run to stormwind as a level 1 and the rats are level 5

    98. Givikap120

      Ursa ultimate from Doto 2?

    99. Crunchy Potato

      *Rowan joined the game* Why do I hear boss music?

    100. For The Horde