Epic NPC Man Supercut - Season 22 & 23

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    Epic NPC man super cut including: Holy Nova, Blocked Path, Magic, Poor Merchant, Mugging a wagon, Stealth, Choices, Stealth Optional, Chest, Mugging a kickstarter, Girlfriend.
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    1. Adam Hays

      Yo mugging the wagon had me in tears 😂

    2. RyoTV


    3. Slytherin HeadGirl

      10:15 never not gonna be funny

    4. adan boo

      Is that renjis sword from bleach 🤔

    5. koool dud

      "I sold this to a merchant yesterday for 50,000 gold" That's very familiar.... Very very

    6. Elias Daw

      18:25 essential npc. He was meant to be executed

    7. MAC

      Damn, i feel so bad for the poor merchant. i hope he catches a break.

    8. Kullivar

      Rowan falling through the ground music. Enjoy. hugets.info/show/w3p1hMuzyWeq0qQ/vide.html

    9. Dave Taylor

      I love T-shirts Charles

    10. ezkibela

      Always wondered for what is used the "wooden leg" 🤔

    11. Meztech online

      I feel like these logic videos are made with a guy that plays the game way to much and a guy who plays casually and goes outside.

    12. Victoria Rose

      The introduction of the Eugene character is probably the best development. It's a kind of magic, magic, magiiiic

    13. Enemy spotted

      the date listed at th11e end is a little passed i think they meant 3/11/20

    14. Former Auror

      To be fair he probably bought a lot of fruit to get his tradecraft skill that high to be getting those prices. 😂

    15. asdf

      Yeah, just realized why TES6 won't happen in a looong while. THANKS

    16. Atheist Gamer

      I like the anime but the manga is better.

    17. Ahmed Siddique

      lol so true as a game dev i can approve it :D 3:56 that grid view so accurate :D

    18. Aubrey Nelson

      I love it when Rowan and Ben go back and forth. It’s funny

    19. Jessamine Haak

      I know this is completely not the point but... was Greg trying to execute that guy with... Zabimaru? Didn't know Renji lived in Honeywood

    20. Daan Playz

      It’s to sad that merchant guys someone donate a bunch of gold to him

    21. Logan Stewart

      Conspiracy therist: the earth us flat and the government is controlled by lizerds Me: 14:06

    22. John Franklin

      The music at the end where the guy sings... it SOUNDS like he's singing "YEAAHHHH BISCUIT MACHINE MAAAAANNNNN" wtf?

    23. XA7XX7AX

      You guys are awesome lol I love these videos

    24. Josh Henze

      The Queen reference was perfect. “It’s a kind of magic, magic, MAGIC!”

    25. Hayden Avellona

      Looks like they inflicted reckless on the tank Along with blinding. And getting a 3 and a 5 because of advantage.

    26. John Banks

      11:27 Alright there homer

    27. Danielle Villanueva

      felt bad for the stolen loots part

    28. The High Pineapple


    29. mikkopippo

      In the poor merchant he should sell the items he gave him

    30. Fitz Williams

      Poor merchant still kills me bruh 😂😂😂

    31. What's Up In Space?

      I'm disappointed this didn't have more commercials

    32. Sunday Mourning

      OMG that last skit was the best one!!! 😂😂😂

    33. Seiyuōkami Himura

      Lol. This. This.

    34. Amandi

      You guys are awesome keep it up!

    35. Robin M

      MUGGING !

    36. george mcnutt

      can you make a video how to make this gun?

    37. DevineAbyss

      How poor could that merchant really have been..... he was able to give the adventurer like 2 million gold he just had lying around (: Should have just bought a couple mansions, farms and national food stockpiles with that money.... instead of standing around at his shop (:

    38. sherifbeany

      Was that Zabimaru used for execution?

    39. Frosty ism

      The falling through the map skit had my dying! 🤣

    40. Quinnock

      "W-why are being so mean to me?.. Uhuk, UHHHHHHUUUUUUUUKKKKKK, Uhuk uHUK uhuk uhuk"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    41. burjalmadre

      Ohh man the poor merchant skit had me crying.... that was brilliant

    42. Yujiro Hanma

      Eugene kills me 🤣🤣

    43. Leah Kirk

      I love how the girlfriend skit ends with "her" saying kind and supportive things! Hilariously unexpected

    44. Patrick Joshua Saguinsin

      "Avengers was the greatest crossover in the history." 4:04 : Excuse me?

    45. MhMd Alfas

      Oh Mi God Bin

    46. Spysideways

      I am mugging this video

    47. Xander1097

      5:00 everytime when I coop with casters in rpgs/action rpgs. They talk fancy while I unga bunga with a 2 handed greatsword/axe.


      letz muggem

    49. Fighter 2012

      A banaynay

    50. Fizz Pop

      Losing the chest was a win though. Who wants a women like that anyway.

    51. Neon Ninja 14

      hahah i like how the most annoying npc is sentence to death in the next clip after the escort vid XD

    52. Joash San

      rowan is literally being tortured by adam and ben hahaha

    53. TheGeek Channel

      Whooooooo arrrrrrrrrre weeeeeee Beeeeeeeen?!?!?!?

    54. Malcolm Fanning

      Make sure you turn the captions on... You're welcome.

    55. Brett Z

      Excited A Lister and me vs Fatalis

    56. Predated O

      all we need now is a Eugene crying supercut

    57. MaxVaughn

      Love these videos, but the chest one hit really close to home... :(

    58. Gurtington

      25:46 I fucking love Ben when he does this shit lmfaooo

    59. DCduels

      Honestly it mostly comes down to if you think you can kill all those guards or not. If yes go for it. If not. Be sneaky.

    60. Hannah Reed

      HOLY NOVA!

    61. Justin Lewis

      Say what you want 27:40 was kinda wholesome lmfao

    62. Justin Lewis

      Try not to use blinding bright spells 6:35

    63. Dokkasan

      Haha, that music at 4:06 is just so fitting!

    64. Gurtington

      That last clip I feel like the guy playing Rowan's pc really wanted a bf but was to shy or hasn't come out yet? Idk lmao

    65. Gurtington

      26:52 Adam is so adorable and innocent here. Must be the first time in an mmorpg

    66. tom kop

      props for flying trough final fantasy 7

    67. Sir bon Bon

      I like to be fare when I trade wears to merchandise

    68. Sir bon Bon

      You know he could just sell all the loot he gave him

    69. maurizio candoli

      Hamish is awesome!

    70. J K

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    71. Razor23 Donetsk

      "Poor merchant" is a pure masterpiece!)

    72. Sage2000

      5:16 I just noticed Alan is almost laughing looking at Ben.

    73. Angry Chicken

      Just turn spell graphics off XD

    74. Doctor Whomst'd've

      Hamich is great. I think that's his name. Either way, we need more of him. Lmao

    75. Theangrybinmanshow

      BLINDING LIGHT!!!!!!!

    76. Michael Freel


    77. MixedUp Plays

      😃 🥋✋ HOLY NOVA

    78. Lawrence Rodeo

      4:28 what game?

    79. Андрей Сивенков

      lineage and skyrim, respect!)))

    80. Alexander Amicucci

      My costume is clothes 😆

    81. Sergio Lucas

      24:19 and in this way the dark souls mimic was born.

    82. Luna Margaret

      shorturl.ca/allsex උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    83. Brecken Caroon

      14:20 I actually feel bad for the poor guy

    84. Emeralth

      Who is Cpt. Alf Possywater? 22:39

    85. Obadiah Brown

      @14:24 he couldn’t have made it any better😂💀

    86. badr sadiq

      This channel is so underrated, you guys are doing an awesome job tbh & I'm both happy and proud to see the development you guys are achieving over time. Please keep it up, can't imagine a future without such entertaining content. Yours truly, An honest subscriber

    87. Rob'sTransportPhotography

      *LETS MUG HIM*

    88. Mikinak

      "Well, I guess I don't need all of the children, so one can go." Literally made me laugh for 5 minuted

    89. bull lakoza

      8:46 well I guess I don't need all of the children, one can go, HHHHHHHH

    90. Beanie Sandals

      "You call this behind trees?" lmao

    91. Wade Wilson

      this must be how vendor npc react to my modded items

    92. Troy Elliott

      I cant stop watching someone execute me

    93. Ben Jayson Bartolome

      14:22 I LOST it with adams CRY ROFL!!!!! XD

    94. Lighting Dimitri

      I laughed so hard to when he said shut the f*** up

    95. Lighting Dimitri

      How come a wagon has 250,000 gold

    96. ogEvanAlmighty

      That one with the poor merchant actually made me sad... And want fruit.

    97. Canadian Zangief

      His comedic acting is on point! 😂

    98. Another Wolf

      14:12 I feel regretful seeing his face so worried and sad at the same time

    99. thephilguy1

      5:26 love the Queen reference!

    100. giriraj mantrawadi