Epic NPC Man Supercut - Season 22 & 23

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    Epic NPC man super cut including: Holy Nova, Blocked Path, Magic, Poor Merchant, Mugging a wagon, Stealth, Choices, Stealth Optional, Chest, Mugging a kickstarter, Girlfriend.
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    1. David Sarkar

      14:23 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍

    2. UsagiHime87

      More of the camp fabulous mages please?!? I want them singing 'Its a kind of Magic' on every quest now.


      🇭 🇦 🇭 🇦 🇭 🇦 🇭 🇦

    4. Rastaoneeye R.O.E

      Stepping over a log, and when he does. The aftermath 😂😂😂🤣

    5. Steviee

      12:22 Rowan did not blink at all, I feel you bro

    6. Brian Dawson

      I'd have a go with the thick hot redhead.

    7. Gonzalo Diaz

      lool the chest howner history is so sad

    8. PrometheusV

      HOld! HolTing... HoltEd.

    9. Neglected Princess Daisy

      I mean the poor merchant can take those in to town and trade them for medicine.

    10. sleepy snoring puppy

      I've been saying twat wrong, who knew...🤷‍♂️

    11. Habitual Line-Stepper

      Anyone know the song at 4.31

    12. Mike Cashin

      Luminous Maximus!

    13. Reece Speight

      Poor merchant was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen......you may as well get a big bucket of water and murder my children in front of me 😂😂😂😂

    14. PissBlitz

      Blinding light gets me everytime

    15. Alexandre Cybis

      20:48 That makes me want to do a "challenge run". I'll pick an RPG and try to buy at least one of each item from all NPC's. And never selling anything to them. :v

    16. Daniel C

      Hamish steals the show this season :D

    17. alralfhszhian Lim

      Now I felt bad stealing on that kajit in markath his hidden chest has alot of good stuff.

    18. Leo Nardo

      I can't stop laughing. This never gets old.

    19. DemonDuff

      12:22 um… what?

    20. Cursed Soldier

      Eugene killed, in fact, more people than the "Muggers".

    21. Cursed Soldier

      An epilepsis warning would have been nice. Now my sister is doing weird dances on the floor.

    22. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    23. Keith Graham

      That redhead at 21:47 tho


      3:00 But the tutorial said you can jump over them...

    25. Taurus Fire

      I can't get over the Executioner weapon being Zabimaru lmao

    26. Error .GameManiac

      final fantasy 14 :D

    27. RoflCoptar bob

      21:10 loot in the chest is the stuff that he sold to the merchant earlier, that's why he says "oh wow i sold 1 of these to a merchant earlier for 50k", its the same merchants chest. thats why the guys wife says "first you sold our children and now this"

    28. LordVader 117

      Quest giver: Thank you for clearing that dungeon for me! As a reward, here's 10,000 gold! Skyrim players: That's cute

    29. Martin Buchwald

      Godlike the Vendor!

    30. FalconPUNCH

      9:55-10:25 Makes me laugh so hard.

    31. scenczyk1429

      Eugene is fucking brilliant. This is all so accurate haha

    32. Reaper Main

      "Stealth optional" means if there is no one left there is no one to tell

    33. Latonya McCAIN

      The poor merchant became self aware

    34. Dennis Raid

      I feel like Holy Nova ™ is a Megumin reference?

    35. The Epic Show

      That poor merchant can just sell that expensive stuff :)

    36. clayton elkins

      Love these guys. But it took 2 or 3 watchings to realize the executioner is using renji's shikia. I love all the little things that need multiple viewings to catch. These skits are so well made and I notice something new through multiple viewings

    37. Александр Дадашов

      14:40 is that a Zabimaru sword from bleach?

    38. Tiaan Kloppers

      14:41 Am I the only one noticing the sword? Abarai Renji's sword from the anime Bleach?

    39. Pedro A.

      This is better than play RPG.

    40. Tsubaki13

      "I wIlL cArRy oUt ThE ExEcUtiOn" 😂

    41. GoX91

      12:45 Love it how every guard is Alan lol 16:10 And i love that Renji Abarais sword from Bleach

    42. Teresa Armendariz

      Who else started to vibe at 4:01

    43. Rin

      Let’s go MUG EM *looks reatrded *

    44. K Bowser

      Hollywood level acting dudes. I'm about to ditch Netflix and stick with HUgets lol

    45. Night Fox

      The magic one... not an rpg but reminds me of the l-star in Apex Legends...

    46. MR. 1000

      i feel sorry for the poor merchant

    47. David Pintili

      Hey umm on what game is this series based?

    48. kin90ftHEn00B5



      The man who disappeared after walking over a falling tree Legend has it he's still floating through time and space has over a reach the anthem wall and seen all the bugs and glitches and after that Fallout 76 and Beyond

    50. Hylofear

      6:57 reminds me of valorant when i play against skye and breach

    51. Taim Farhat

      And the muggers are now millionaires good they don't need to mug people anymore

    52. Taim Farhat

      How is that merchant poor he has straight up millions and why does he need one copper

    53. william pike

      Man I love all you guy's work. Its awesome.



    55. wolfkiller

      to much magic!?!?!?!?!

    56. Jeremiah Davids

      The name of the song at 4:00? Anyone?

    57. Adriyel Robert

      Fuck that

    58. Demonetization

      20:19 Why I don't hear Bain saying: "Police incoming in 30 seconds."

    59. Demonetization

      when you payday 2 stelth

    60. the_dogeboi

      22:42 ok why that is just sad

    61. William Bartlett


    62. Rich Hopkins

      Lol that poor shop keep dude spent well over 100 thousand gold buying all that stuff. How much is the medicine he needs??!!

    63. the_dogeboi

      3:51 was my favorite

    64. Alo Naga

      U ruined me adventurer 🤣

    65. Joe Hargis

      Love watching these over and over again

    66. Randomweirdgames 97

      I love Skyrim so much

    67. Redlazar

      is this a real game

    68. Sam Lemieux

      Me: **Robs poor merchant of 200k gold** Also me: **buys rotten apple for 1 copper** Poor merchant: Thanks you!

    69. Ho Lee Fuk

      4:14 I know that bridge from somewhere!

      1. Jeremiah Davids

        A fellow bro

    70. Echo Averion

      I cant shop laughing with holy nova

    71. Super Wukongo

      "Well I guess I don't need ALL of the children so one can go..."

    72. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    73. danijel124

      What happens when an administrator or a mod comes to honeywood? ;)

    74. Dark Heart

      I love the muggers

    75. Darkmice1234

      The poor merchant doesnt even know he have inf money

    76. Shepards Ghost

      Need Vadi to confirm that this is how mimics are born, to punish chest robbers.

    77. SpeedUps

      Poor merchant: wants copper Adventurer: sells aton of stuff expensive stuff to merchant Merchant: i want copper Also merchant: *has* *aton* *of* *litteral* *gold*

    78. James Pipes

      25:02 WHEN I STUB MY TOE

    79. TrIAL TaKeR

      4:11-4:13 game name??

    80. Mr.BrickyBaconHair

      26:35 the girlfriend one is so funny!

    81. Frosty the Snowman

      14:42 it bugs me that the serration is facing the wrong way to cut when you swing.. he'd be wacking at that guys neck for a bit before he got it off. Lol

    82. Frosty the Snowman

      12:13 what just happened

    83. Wolf Pack

      while seeing rolan falling through the universe, i was harvesting rolanberry in ff14

    84. gilibert diego


    85. Suzy Suzy


    86. Default Name

      And they live in there richs by muging the wagin

    87. Chazmar Castillo

      You can sell the stuff he gave you

    88. Badly Drawn Turtle

      The girlfriend one kind of circles around from creepy to almost kind of heartwarming. Maybe.

    89. Verb Doing

      I play elder scrolls online and I can relate

    90. now insert meme here

      6:37 rave time

    91. Roasted Turkey

      I fele like he gor catfished when he Asker for s girlfriend.

    92. Roasted Turkey

      Why dint that merchant USE the gold he has to but medisin?

      1. Super Wukongo

        The healer wants copper. The healer also is the merchant from Tarkov.

    93. Ignis 88

      I couldn't stop laughing in the "poor merchant" episode! OMG!

    94. Kay Plays Today

      That guy he made broke and then took all the items he sold, for free while leaving that guy with all the debt I feel really sorry for him

    95. Kay Plays Today

      Stealth is more fun for me

    96. Kay Plays Today

      The funny thing is if he actually waited the amount of time of option 5 normally nothing would've happened

    97. Default Zero

      I'm now sad seeing the merchant like this

    98. Lewis Lake

      “I want absolutely NO light spells, ok?” “Sure.” “Begi-“ “ YOU ARE GOING TO GO BLIND IF YOU TAKE ONE LOOK AT THIS THAT IS HOW SO FUCKING BRIGHT THIS IS!!!!!!!!!!” If I were there, I would spawn kill them for 5 minutes straight.


      How does the merchant buy so much stuff and don use it on his children

    100. savedge_cloud

      He forgot to turn off effects