Finding the quest item too soon - Pre-Finished

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    That weird moment in RPG's when you already have the item the NPC is talking about
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    1. The Spider


    2. Nothing Left

      Wait. You guys stream on Twitch? So you get naked and ask for money? Oh sorry nevermind I forgot that Twitch still has decent creative content where folks can upload things like this.

    3. C2O Alcatraz

      Been playing VR a lot and i bet VR RPG’s will be like this lmao. Just waving the item like “PLEASE TAKE IT” as they talk an talk!

    4. Alex Weltmann

      I had flashbacks to Skyrim, when you unknowingly pick up a quest item then it becomes a permanent resident in your inventory. Even after you complete the attached quest!

    5. morti271

      Garlic pommel with pointy end for extra damage when thrown.

    6. The Garden of E sim 117

      The sword got a new skin

    7. Bo Cu


    8. Eren Krdj


    9. El Reino ArKadico

      It's just so satisfying to have the quest item prepared to complete it right away

    10. AZZAMNO1

      everything fine and dandy until you realize that you deleted that item for inventory spaces.

    11. Jager

      My amateur traditional Chinese translation for this video (Because of the close of the community translation, I have no place to put these) 00:02 你好冒險者,歡迎來到霍尼伍德鎮 00:05 我正在尋找一個勇敢的冒險者來搜尋我的(曾)祖父墳墓,並找到他失去的劍 00:09 我很樂意幫忙 00:10 我的祖父曾經在霍尼伍德鎮這裏的大蒜田裡耕種過。但是因為戰爭,他離開了 00:14 因此,他用家庭象徵大蒜丁香鍛造了一把強大的劍 00:19 哦,我想我找到了 00:21 它有一個獨特的大蒜形狀的劍首 00:23 對啊,大蒜形狀的劍首,那天我在一個墳墓裡發現了它 00:25 可惜,這並非易事。冒險者 00:26 沒關係,因為我已經找到了 00:27 這劍已經失蹤了幾十年,時間稍縱即逝 00:31 哦,好了,我現在找到了,恭喜你 00:33 給你這個任務,我感到有點內疚,因為我知道你很有可能會失敗 00:36 你將面對可能無法應對的危險 00:38 老實說,只不過是狗頭人和老鼠 00:41 不過我已經找到了,所以任務就完成了 00:43 我開始認為我再也看不到我們家族的家傳的寶劍了 00:45 不,它就在我手上 00:46 它讓我的靈魂感到沉重的負擔 00:47 不,我就在你面前揮舞著它,它就在這裡 00:50 它是把一見難忘的美麗寶劍 00:51 你有在看我嗎?我真的找到了你祖父的劍 00:54 劍首上的大蒜肯定會令你印象深刻 00:56 它有大蒜劍首 00:57 這把劍殺死過不計其數的敵人 01:02 我們的家族的幾代人都沒有看到它 01:04 實際上,我敢肯定沒有人會再見到它 01:08 對啊 對啊 01:09 無論如何,我祝你一切順利,冒險者 01:12 我可能很長一段時間都不會再見到你了 01:15 好的 01:19 冒險者,你回來了,我簡直不敢相信你做到了 01:22 你找到了我祖父的劍

    12. aaronwoke 92


    13. Willie White


    14. Eric H. Vela

      Greg, the don't-you-dare-skip-me Garlic Farmer, likely enjoyed that.

    15. TheDude_59

      Love rowans facial expressions when getting annoyed, also his smug comments like 'no worries its right here' :D

    16. jey Lee

      I LOVE how you guys get right into it, no bullshit! :D why can't more YT channels be this awesome?!

    17. Кто-то Неизвестный

      Thank you for these episodes! They're just great. Maybe we should make an RPG based on them? I think that would be interesting.

    18. Fredashay Klavierstein

      I so much want you guys to make this game. With Honeywood that looks just like this, and these exact characters, and icons (the big yellow *_!_* over the merchant's head), and voice lines, and the same silly quests (like the house on fire and the NPC who won't help buy just keeps saying "save my wife," for example) that you've depicted in your videos.

    19. Neon Anderson

      This is what made Witcher 3 so great if you do stuff out of order it can even change quest outcomes. So if you found something or killed something before having the quest and you then find the quest giver the dialogue changes as a result.

    20. Inquisitor Winter

      I did this Once in Fallout 4 not realizing that The Silver thing i had picked up before ariving there was what The quest giver wanted

    21. TylerSky

      The Gothic game series: "Come on, no way!".

    22. Jonsku 666

      Garlic has never been so capable of ending someone rightly until now...

    23. TheMjollnir67

      Even more epic would've been him going inside and throwing the sword onto a pile of other, similar swords....

    24. Mad Moiselle

      It''s plain ridiculous how Rowan just gets more and more handsome with the years :O

    25. The Gentleman

    26. Ryan Gay

      2 kobolds and a rat! Nice! 🤣👍

    27. Austin Schrack

      Ugh still waiting for baelins route! Can't wait

    28. Дон Карлионе

      reward is 50 copper

    29. taniniver

      you spied on me playing Avernum, didn't you guys

    30. Teio Rei

      Now to melt it down for some sentimental spoons.

    31. Gicole Li


    32. Misses Witch

      This is me on every quest. Efficiency!

    33. Александр Зинин

      Who's made russian translate for you in other video? It's awesome))

    34. Kris Ferrero

      Every skit they do is literally about Runescape.

    35. Luke trippersnipper


    36. SP Hong

      Watched all of these in a day. So fun. You guys are great. I mean that last song sounds like "This can't be semen." which is why I think the channel isn't growing as much but yeah funny stuff guys!

    37. Tyfyh

      That would be more epic if NPC continued to talk-talk-talk while the player walked away

    38. obest photography

      Definitely had this alot in Fallout 4 😆😆

    39. Flyptone


    40. HoiusH

      I love how the sword's blade looks optimized for easier garlick chopping :D

    41. Just some random anime fan 1

      His sword was put to good use it was traded for 2 gold

    42. moneytalks1219

      They should have had it where the guy asks you to retrieve the sword from his grandfather's tomb. Then when you already have it have the guy freak out because you desecrated his grandfather's tomb and have the quest auto fail

    43. BERASTIS


    44. itz Tazar

      I'm assuming this video was inspired by a certain quest in skyrim from a retired soldier in whiterun

    45. Maga Land Bros

      Does anyone else think this HUgets channel should team up with a game company to make a this world this channel created with a campaign and a multiplayer and stupid quests

    46. William Wright III

      Morning! Nice day for fishing ain it. Hu hu!

    47. Sr. Lontra

      I can't believe I went through ALL the episodes and reached the last, and now I gotta wait… UHU HU UHU HU

    48. NIDUS

      Happens to me every time

    49. Carter Holmes

      Hear me out, Hear me out. What if this was a actual game?

    50. XEON Lite

      That moment you become Ezio to get chillrend before the thieves guild tells you to

    51. prime roter

      Cyberpunk next time??? Maybee???

    52. Bray Aberdeen

      This is incredibly satisfying in red dead when you’ve already found all the rock carvings/dinosaur bones

    53. Apathetic God In case you wanted to know the opening song :j

    54. harun yiğit

      Please bring Turkish subtitles

    55. Captain Ballistics

      Epic NPC man‘s American accent is perfect except for his r

    56. Yanyan Sy


    57. David Parman 15 彭健豪

      I really hope theres a game about this

    58. Tiger kwk

      OMG i Keep finding the quest item like right before the quest

    59. Darth Zayexeet

      Holy Nova

    60. Logan

      А как же русские субтитры..

    61. Tempest Dono

      Now he didnt even dare to skip

    62. Рачук Андрей

      nice day for fishing HAHA

    63. zakavichki

      Ржачно. Молодцы ребят)

    64. Midknight 74012

      Okay, you guys have some funny videos and I love them. I'd like to describe a situation I found myself in once playing Morrowind. I enchanted both my ebony gauntlets. Left one was Mark. The right gauntlet with Recall. Once, I cast Mark on a spot where I knew I would need to get back to because I had to run errands. Well, I got sidetracked on a side mission and I found myself against some powerful opponents. After saying "Peace out" I used Recall. Lo and behold, more enemies spawned there in my absence. It was quite a fight, but I got out alive.

    65. chris conrad

      Lucan Valrius: "Yes, we did have a bit of a... break-in. But we still have plenty to sell. Robbers were only after one thing. An ornament, solid gold. In the shape of a dragon's claw." Player: "Wait, you mean this golden claw?" Lucan Valerius: "You found it? Ha ha ha. There it is. Strange... it seems smaller than I remembered. Funny thing, huh? I'm going to put this back where it belongs. I'll never forget this. You've done a great thing for me and my sister." "I better get back to cleaning the store. What a mess."

    66. ms. pirate

      This is why some games today wont let you get the quest item early until you activate the quest. (Most of the games i play did that, I guess I'm not surprised this can happen)

    67. dark land

      Do a lodgic for call of duty mobile Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls

    68. Mr. Latrei

      Greg wasn't as aware as usual, how are you Greg? Still feeling epic or is something wrong? Maybe he lost his garlic he cuddles when sleeping :(

    69. Макс Скворцов

      Ну что хочу сказать пацаны : I watch your videos and admire them. Do more. I will wait. Cool!

    70. Макс Скворцов

      На счет навершия в виде чеснока прикольно.

    71. Gasmask Ghost

      Thats not a whole lot of generations to be honest

    72. Masked tuber gaming

      Me in fallout 4 is just like this

    73. İsa Onbaşıoğlu

      Really, what game is that? I want to play it lol.

    74. Absolute Garbage

      I would get so annoyed at that point and just kill the npc with the sword

    75. Mathew Culver

      Lets all think about this they made a sword with a garlic clove pommel

    76. Miyo

      So, I have only just realized that Evil Greg now has a sword.

    77. Josiah Hoffmann


    78. Ezel Bayraktar

      I want this game. I love it ! I will going to choose Adam as character and Do a great Assassin Build :) Edit: where can ı find shmaggenrog hood and vikendi dagger of frost They re legendary piece of assassin build.

    79. Benjamin Lantz

      I want to start a petition to change the name of Goldshire to Honeywood.

    80. Nick Wong

      skip. skip. skip. skip. skip.

    81. Lord Beerus

      Haaaa!! Hello Adventurer!!

    82. Damocles Dragonheart

      That sword is more of a Bill

    83. Caleb Corpuz

      This has happened in fallout 4, If you find a T-45 power armor and a minigun WAY before you even meet Sturges and Preston, you can trigger some unique dialogue.

    84. anthonyt4154

      You guys should do Cyberpunk 2077 logic

    85. George Doublé

      I just found where they film these. It's Howick Historical Village. Pretty interesting place. Did I need this information? No. Did I waste 20 minutes of my life looking for it anyways? Ya bet I did!

    86. Kirk

      You guys should make the Town of Honeywood with quests for D&D 5e. :)

    87. Alex Stadler

      finally finished watching all of epic npc man :> keep going guys. #bringbritback

    88. NitroPlays Roblox

      Wait...Greg isn't self aware this episode...

    89. Chad Jones

      See also: Killed the quest boss while doing another quest only to get the actual quest and have to do it all again (usually halfway across the zone).

    90. Jessie Grider I found this very funny I almost thought it was a Viva dirt league skit. It is the difference between Christmas elves and elves of realms such as Lord of the rings, wood elves. What happens when they get together for Christmas is pretty funny. They just do not understand each other.

    91. Zerron Kaibo

      This makes me appreciate Fallout 4 dialogue options so much

    92. Alan Avalos

      I love how much personality the npc and the players has, the npc feels more sentiment than the others

    93. The inevitable God Emperor Deadpool

      Me on every playthrough of skyrim after my dumbass bought it for the 100th time

    94. Vampiro br

      I need to know, is this series based on any specific game?

    95. xXPORTALXx

      Want more muggers tho tbh...

    96. Hollis Tantang

      The horror of long npc talks in the game haha

    97. JC

      Hype: The Time Quest - Main Theme at the start ;)

    98. Wave Master


    99. G0D Z!LLADJ

      This used to happen in eso3 Morrowind all the time except you could sell quest items and I'd have to go on a quest to find the merchant that I'd sold said item to