Forced to do stupid quests - Fishing

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    Being forced to do stupid quests
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    1. Ricardo Pereira de Abreu

      Mission Failed! The fish got away...

    2. NotABot55

      Some of the Zelda games? Fishing. Some of the _Breath of Fire_ games? Fishing. The mainline Pokemon games and _Far Cry 5?_ Uh-huh. Heck, you could take the Angler life in _Fantasy Life_ and save the world almost as easily as a Mercenary or Carpenter could, what are the odds?

    3. James Bond

      Seriously, if a game had fishing as an Easter egg of some kind, I'd fish like 3 hours straight. Games like this where it's just impossible to get around, I never want to do it again...

    4. Feudal Koopa

      The most painful part about fishing quest is when they ask for the specific fish

    5. blazen710420 blazen710420

      Lol poor Ben he's never played Pokemon before you have to wait till after the third tug when the apostrophe appears then you pull up 😂🤣

    6. blazen710420 blazen710420

      when he says baylin show him the ropes he should have literally pulled out like eight different kinds of twine that he uses for his fishing rod and says this is the wood twine this is some yarn twine 😂🤣 instead of showing him the ropes like teaching him out of fish 😂

    7. Huỳnh Đức Lê

      Fishing man is epic boss or hiding boss :))

    8. Selene Luna

      Moona go to russia just for fishing

    9. ッSemara

      "Hu ha"

    10. rizky alfatih

      did the fisherman is fissing in the grass in the first meet ?

    11. Nancy Boy


    12. Linda H

      This is why I kill NPCs. He should stab them both then throw their bodies in the water.

    13. XEON Lite

      Bealin has learned a new word: "oh"

    14. clhromeo


    15. Queltamas

      Payback for all the things he's done at PlayTech

    16. Oppai Senpai

      The post "what if Genshin have realistic graphics" brought me here

    17. Gariboka Roaster

      Now we All Know that Baelin Is a pokemon

    18. Evan

      I am Steve Rogers.

    19. Geriuxx


    20. Isaias Miguel

      Terraria be like:

    21. Lux

      I would really like to play this if this was an actual game

    22. Gahyaka 18

      The same with groot

    23. Dragon Earth

      As someone that used to fish. I can say, yes this is basically it. Sometimes you get seaweed other times you might end up with old shoes. That's only if your lucky though.

    24. Monsterpoof

      Terraria fishing quests in a nutshell

    25. FoMoCowboy

      This is gwent. Huh-huh!

    26. blackmagick77

      That reminds me of the one part in Final Fantasy 14. Hey Titan and his people are kidnapping kids and sacrificing them but uh... How about we have a feast. Here's like 15 quests for it

    27. Rasyaa Raufa

      imagine if the stupidest quest to ever exist has something that you need to beat the game

    28. Byron Armijo .G.

      Yo cuando juego WOW disfruto pescando o en Torchlight .... O en Monster Hunter ...asta uso "ropa de pesca" con sombrero y todo XD

    29. thunder bird

      Everybody gangsta until barlin says mornin nice day for fishing ain't it hu ha means he is cursing

    30. Renton Thunder

      His whole dialogue is it's own language. With inflections instead of grammar

    31. PikaSalad


    32. Anti 1 Training

      Something about Garlic Man's hair, looks different 😂😂😂

    33. Eric Rae

      They miss the twist where you get into it and spend hours just fishing.

    34. Andrzej Wanoski

      The entire yakuza minigames. Three days waiting for a specific fish

    35. Brahmantyo Ihsan

      In case you don't know... *This is a nice day for fishing.*

    36. will m

      anda wait for the tugs


      EPIC NPC MAAAAAAN! 🎉♥️❤️

    38. fn4ndor

      Fishing? Seems familiar (terraria)

    39. Charles

      Hear that Red Dead Redemption !!! Fishing is not fun !!!!

    40. Soalk

      Never going to hear "Mornin" This many times in my whole life...

    41. Mario & Luigi

      Why does it get funnier every time he says it?!? Morning nice day for fishing..... Ain't it?? Huh-ha

    42. Steven Lesumaiserene

      Mornin' nice day, for fishin', aint it?

    43. AbsurdStew

      These skits are truly amazing

    44. Ryan Diaz

      Skip thank no late f-

    45. yamato

      Then it’s me who actually like fishing especially in video game when there are multiple types of fish to collect some are crappy tho

    46. Atomicskull

      10,000 moat carp. Anyone who played FFXI knows what I'm talking about. The NPC actually insults you for wasting your time when complete that one, though you did get the second best fishing rod in the game for doing it. The best rod was from an even more grueling fishing quest though.

    47. balzamka

      I like this fisherman. He is my favorite! )))

    48. Emros 83

      Hu hah

    49. DaVoD

      Mornin’ nice day for fishing, ain’t it? Huh-hah (deeply ironic) Mornin’ nice day for fishing, ain’t it? Huh-hah (funny) Mornin’ nice day for fishing, ain’t it? Huh-hah (suprised)

    50. Dragon Dude

      Sounds like they forgot to give Baelin more dialogue or a glitch causes him to say the same damn thing all the time.

    51. Celtic Conlanger

      Damned lazy Devs, only giving an NPC one single line

    52. rome Medina

      Laughing with how I'm working on catching the legendary fish in red dead 2. Wondering what you get from mailing them all.

    53. Taylor White

      I wish more games did fishing like Ultima Online, fishing up sea monsters, treasure chests, treasure maps, magical nets, high end equipment, the only bad part was the grind before getting the combat.

    54. Nemo Ethan Strayed

      Groot's fisherman buddy.

    55. Gariboka Roaster

      Bellon is Basically A Pokemon Let's Be Honest

    56. Pablo Insaurralde

      World of warcraft has the stupid quests ever

    57. Yuri Senpai

      What? I didn't know baelin has so many gesture, guess that npc really evolve

    58. Matthew Osborne

      PTSD. LOTRO Summer Festival.

    59. lolschrauber

      Baelin stealing your credit card details like "Mornin'! Nice day for phishing, ain't it? Hu-ha!"

    60. Василь Трущак

      nice day for fishing, ain't it?

    61. Ieago

      You forgot to have the npc walk just slow enough to be infuriating to the player.

    62. SolidSnacksGaming

      this reminds me of ffxii's fishing quest and how bullshit it is lol grrr

    63. Slash Bandicute

      "🇬​​​​​🇴​​​​​🇴​​​​​🇩​​​​​🇲​​​​​🇴​​​​​🇷​​​​​🇳​​​​​🇮​​​​​🇳​​​​​🇬​​​​​! 🇳​​​​​🇮​​​​​🇨​​​​​🇪​​​​​ 🇩​​​​​🇦​​​​​🇾​​​​​ 🇫​​​​​🇴​​​​​🇷​​​​​ 🇫​​​​​🇮​​​​​🇸​​​​​🇭​​​​​🇮​​​​​🇳​​​​​🇬​​​​​ 🇦​​​​​🇮​​​​​🇳​​​​​'🇹​​​​​ 🇮​​​​​🇹​​​​​!" 🐟 ¯\_( ͡👁️ ͜ʖ ͡👁️)_/¯🐟

    64. Ikmalreza 1998


    65. Asim Hanif

      I was waiting for rowan to say "nice dayy for.." at the end where he was talking about some film.

    66. SpeedFreak

      Hahahhahaa :D:D:D:D

    67. TheAlcoholic27

      Nice day for mourning, ain't it? Huh hu

    68. Ramgladore

      I wouldn't mind fishing quests if you were able to catch equipment or maybe fish that lead up to earning equipment. At least in Runescape, catching and cooking fish was the fastest way to make food to heal yourself.

    69. Dane Miller

      **stabs the fisherman in frustration** **gets beaten to death with a fishing pole**

    70. Tristen Lee

      When it took 15 minutes to write a script, and thought itll take 15 minutes to read

    71. phœñïx


    72. Bjorn Calthren

      Balin is like Groot

    73. mikedwe

      Another turtle made it to the water

    74. Clara Kühn

      I love how the music changed into some fishing music 🤣

    75. Adam Wright

      Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the worst - complete with having to fight against the fish as you reel it in, line breaking etc. Tried it once, now I wade into the pond wielding axes if I need fish.

    76. Alex Rankin

      Ben shouldn't try to find out how essential Baelin is. No no no.

    77. 95flareside1

      If fishing with Baelin is stupid, I dont wath to be smart

    78. Rob Berra

      Rowan's ability to convey different meanings with just his tone is beyond brilliant!

    79. Nichlez Exzel

      Hu ha

    80. Peter Nutt

      I’d love to play this game

    81. GTAVictor9128

      RDR2 in a nutshell.

    82. Trigger Happy

      I actually really want to fish that pond.

    83. Luke Mckenzie

      What Ben doesn’t know is that in that little pond you can catch Gyrados at level 25 and power through the rest of the game.

    84. Bazilishek

      That Fisherman is like a Groot

    85. Logan Walker

      say what you want, herding pigs was the hardest thing in assassins creed 3

    86. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for fishin', ain't it? Hu huh

    87. Alex

      Only 10? I expected 30 to be minimum requirement.

    88. SysGhost

      Devs: Players complaining the main quest line is too short. Let's throw in some of the crappy quests in between as a timesink.

    89. Connor Almeyda

      Kill Some wolves? Don’t you mean explode some wolves!

    90. Art Art

      that annoying BGM tho. every fokin mobile MMO u can also buy premium lure for 9.99 💵 wtafgagsghaywghahs

    91. Son of Sanguinius

      worse thing is....there are actually games with absurd quests like this LOOKING AT YOU MAPLESTORY

    92. Son of Sanguinius

      if you on captions, the orks have a K meaning THEY ARE FROM 40K ORKS!!!

    93. Haochi Zhang

      So Baelin is Groot except “morning, nice day for fishing, huh he”.

    94. Reuben Stern

      Ever thought of voice acting for games? Your acting is better than a lot of the ones out there (I know the crap voice actors are actually broke game developers but that's not the point)

    95. Nova Agent

      I'm being forced to do this in Assassin's creed valhalla right now 🤦‍♂️

    96. rahadian panji oki

      morning. nice day for fishing ain't it? hu ha

    97. Powren

      1:12 let's do rather some mugging :D :D

    98. LOGØUT _ 101

      Perfect cut scream right there

    99. MizukiStone44

      You know... this should irritate me, but frankly after watching PCs fuck over these guys so many times, it's actually cathartic to watch them subject one to this hell.

    100. Wolf N. Sheep

      If the adventure would have just done it the way the town fisherman showed him he would have opened up the secret quest. The path to wealth and power. Instead he did not speak the Sacred fisherman's incantation. And there fore was only rewarded on the thrird try with a small fish. Poor simple adventure knew not what wondrous experience he miss out on. The angle statues weep in the port of Smelter for your loss adventure.