Forced to do stupid quests - Fishing

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    Being forced to do stupid quests
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    1. M

      Alan kinda looks like Jaskier

    2. Thevarajah thusha

      Game name

    3. allen luo

      It’s a nice quest, ain’t it. Huh huh?

    4. Rei-Rin

      Props to the actor for putting so much meaning in one line! lol

    5. Dark souls

      nice day to fishin huh huh huh huh!

    6. Tomasz Łukanowski

      the best:D

    7. Pugger The Mugger

      I love how thats all the fisherman can say

    8. JerkyPower

      Imagine a movie about a trip of Baelin, Groot and Hodor 😁

    9. Annie Young

      Baelin's fishing intructions and this quests is what drove Ben into mugging lifestyle 😂

    10. Karren Kuddlesberg

      What if he fishes up a unique or legendary item? Side quests also leads to secret bosses that are more powerful than the final boss in so many games?

    11. Daniel Carbone

      I feel that essential line.

    12. Michael Whitcomb

      Absolutely enjoy you guys

    13. Andrew Rolfe

      I am groot.

    14. Optimus Prime

      Morning nice day for fishing ain't it huha

    15. Optimus Prime


    16. dervis621

      I have to say, it was relaxing!

    17. Gaming With Mercy

      Skip Skip Skip😂😂😂imagine you try skipping Parr of a Game and this happens😂😂😂

    18. Edward Snowden

      The only games I know where fishing is compulsory are Red Dead Redemption 2 and Bass Pro

    19. Bram Van Goethem

      Bailin is a lotr dwarf lol

    20. Dr. Dumb

      Mornin nice day for fishin ain't it huhah

    21. MrDavidwilson86

      Good morning: no

    22. Ed Howden

      I just find Baelin's "Uh." at the line tugs to be adorable.

    23. Kelly Sue Grimm

      Yippy! Baelin is back!

    24. V1NIC1U5

      baelin is god

    25. NCOMP1337

      Patreon supporters should pledge to give Baelin more lines.

    26. Mr.Magnetix

      Rowan is the only one who can formulate an entire language out of just one sentence.

    27. Luna Margaret උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග7

    28. Bran Belen

      the amount of time he says his phrase and its stil not enough for me lmfao love this so much

    29. rinraiden

      It reminds me of when you're forced to play that card game in FFIX.

    30. Matthew Martin

      He's a pokemon! Very long name. Nicedayforfishingaintithuhuh.

    31. Warrior Culture

      They laugh, but I know a whole group of dedicated MMO fishing fanatics...

    32. it slipped

      man try to speed run rdr2 and the fishing in the game held me back.

    33. Hydro X Gaming

      Make on minecraft

    34. Gamercube • назад

      I WANT THIS GAME!!!!11!!1!!

    35. Vegan Zombie

      At the middle of the night, NPC: Morning! Nice day for fishing ain't it, huhhah! Player: Blank stare...

    36. andy o1998

      Would you play a game based on epic npc man (what i mean by based on is basically epic npc man but with a different name.)

    37. -SMP- scientific method perspective

      @1:41 funniest thing in there whole channel So happy they brought this back

    38. Kitsune San

      It is like that in Crusader Quest

    39. Jordan Verbeek

      "Is this test going to be hard?" Teachers everywhere: 0:31

    40. Alcrest

      morning nice day fur fishing,ain't it...

    41. Ucmh

      My brain read that as "Forced to do stupid quests - Fisting." NPC: Greetings, adventurer! My great grandfather is really bored...

    42. Gariboka Roaster

      Is The Fisherman A Pokemon

    43. DocOlliday

      Ever played Elder Scrolls Online, guys? I laughed my *** off because I‘m just doing the fishing sidequests right now and started this Channel to see something different. 😂

    44. Gloweye

      > Only 9 to go! > Quicksaving... > Draws sword

    45. Shirou the Hero

      same energy as "my name is groot"

    46. TiY Gaming

      Does anybody know a game like this? If so I would like to know

    47. --

      Bailin is relateted with groot?🤔🤷‍♂️

    48. DosU

      Only nine to go

    49. Alexandre Machado Cittolin

      Fish: *bites the hook and swim away* Fishing rod: *goes up*

    50. Childish Gazebo

      *Huh hugh*

    51. Tao_Fiex zuffers

      I like fishing in game... But not in real life LOL🤣

    52. Marijn v.d.Sterre

      Where did he get the convoluted idea 1 fish would be enough?

    53. A living potato

      *HA HA* -fisherman

    54. Bradley Popkes

      Nice to some actual Boot Camp training going on for once.

    55. TheBrazilRules

      "Only 9 to go" The words that give the most dread to MMORPG players

    56. John McElroy

      Not gonna lie, I often look forward to fishing in games.

    57. Khazar Rec

      Anyone from #NCsoft or maybe even that super incompetent producer Nico Coutant watching this? THIS IS YOUR AWESOME Blade and Soul FISHING, its so much fun, nice day for fishing, aint it???

    58. Seikai Seikai

      This the best

    59. Seikai Seikai

      Morning nice day for fishing aint it huh hah.

    60. oogterg

      Nice day for fishin ain’t it? Huhu

    61. TheEvilBere

      Baelin has more vocabulary. He can obviously say "Oh" as well.

    62. nubda BL4Z3

      Morning, nice day for fishing ain't it

    63. Pixelated Thumb

      Fisherman really needs a bug fix :/

    64. Alexander Fukes

      this always happens to me. i was playing a game and for some reason for a quest i had to buy something from a town halfway cross the map to another town on the otherside of the map just to find out i could have bought it from a seller in the town the quest finished in and all i got out of it was a few coins and some XP

    65. Kevin Patel

      Just like the mandatory fishing game in Twilight princess during the tutorial of the game

    66. Digital Gorilla

      Nat Pagle has a competitor!

    67. Julius Ceazar Pamittan the 2nd

      I know a game in Roblox, Rise of the dead there was a quest to find an inanimate object, you wanna know what it was? *A BOOK* Edit: You also had to find it in a warehouse. The warehouse where you started the quest it also was just upstairs.

    68. Paul Smith

      "Mornin'. Nice day for fishing ain't it. Huha!" "Talk about backseat fishing"

    69. Primus Antarus

      My teacher: Good morning ! Me: Morning. Nice day for fishing, ain't it? Huh-hah !

    70. Matthew Keen


    71. Keeper

      "Nice day for a fishing, ain't it?" "I am Groot!" "Nice day for a fishing, ain't it?" "I am Groot!" "Nice day for a fishing, ain't it?" "I am Groot!"

    72. Akib Mahdi

      how the fuck he is saying "morning, nice day for fishing ain't it haha?" so many time😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    73. J CC

      The worst is you are just trying to clear out some easy side quests to clear up your journal and walk too close to an NPC who hits you with an auto-quest just because he or she said hello to you.

    74. Bryan Park


    75. nobeltnium

      nice day for fishing anus

    76. Shun de Andrômeda

      How strange, Greg is not self aware today...

    77. Oliver Hargreaves

      Or they link a trophies to the pointless minigames , so you have to.smash it .

    78. tomtom34b

      You are the best!

    79. mcdls5


    80. ktb

      When your accent dips from american to kiwi 5 times in one sentence xD~~

    81. Miguel Angelo Wong

      *When an NPC only has 1 line*

    82. 57thorns

      If the fishing intro quest is part of the mailine, I guess NPC man and fisher man are bort essential NPCs...

    83. Osamu Dazai

      Or just forced to do brain dead tutorials without the ability to skip. IE: Every mobile game ever...

    84. Mika

      MorNiN, nIcE dAy fOr fiShIng iNniT?¿

    85. Daniel Boatright

      Baelin enjoys watching others enjoy his hell.

    86. Tom Sayer

      I love it

    87. Sky TG

      “Skip, I want to continue in the main campaign.” “Great, adventurer! To continue in the main campaign, bring me 250 scalefish!”

    88. ATS Support

      Morning nice day for fishing ain't it hu hah.😀

    89. josh

      Lol, few gameplay mechanics shit on a game quite like a forced minigame, esp fishing, but FF9's card tournament is a dishonorable mention.

    90. WJ ZAV

      I like how doofy music is playing during this quest.

    91. Ky3217

      Love how the VA for Baelin only recorded one line, in a bunch of different ways

    92. Pyrolight


    93. Robi_CK

      that huh-hah reminds me of Goofy :)

    94. KathrynB621

      You can tell Greg is loving this. Finally Baelin is annoying someone else haha!!

    95. Matthew Frederick

      My favorite video from the boys. :) Excellent!

    96. Patrick Juderjahn

      Pfft I did all the fishing challenges on far cry 5 for fun haha. It most certainly was a nice day for fishin

    97. AZZ ZZ

      graphics are amazing

    98. UGNAvalon

      Going back to an earlier video’s topic, and related to this video’s in-joke: I’d love to see Greg meeting Baelin walking down his daily path, but instead of his usual “Mornin’! Nice day for fishing, ain’t it? Huah-Huh.” , we instead hear him having a surprisingly eloquent & coherent conversation with Greg. The Twist? Turns out he still speaks on a loop &/or with reused lines, but it’s just really hard for ppl to tell now. I’d call the episode “Updated Dialogue”.

    99. Raahil Thousif

      my first mission in oblivion literally.