Absurd Mission Objectives - Battle Plan

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    Sometimes does it feel like you're fighting the war all by yourself..?
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    1. Luke Howard

      Just the random british soldier with a bren.... lmao too funny

    2. Isitnot Writtenthat

      Collect intelligence? Shouldn't be at all difficult to get all of it into the volume of a thimble.

    3. Arelak


    4. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    5. - Freqsheux -

      I love hearing english accents being horridly bent into the abomination that is their attempts at an american accent. Lol.

    6. Edmund Loh

      Heh. Looks like you two are inseparable. Almost like you’ve got a real strong relationship, built upon years of friendship. Rowan: ... you’re reaaally jamming that friendship thing down my throat, right?


      Im new to VLDL

    8. Red T

      " this is going to be just like the time we fought those bullies in the alley remember that" "no"

    9. Pietro Salomone

      Love this vids 🤣🤣🤣

    10. Lue Ingram

      1:23 Any questions? Nice fishing day isn't it? hehe~

    11. Grim1952

      This is why they give objectives one by one.

    12. Audianna Silva

      You left out the part that you fail your mission if the NPC's die.

    13. インター雄テラー


    14. Yoshi Dinono

      Is that it? lol

    15. Marek Caban

      2:14 notice the guy in the back holding the gun upside down.

      1. Von Skyme

        @Marek Caban I agree, glitches like that would be a good joke (and there are a couple of accidents in this skit along those lines - one of the guns doesn't have a magazine, Alan's character has belts of ammo for a gun he doesn't carry, and my favourite is a guy with a panzerfaust in that first scene where everyone is missing, dealing with the heavy recoil of multiple shots from a single shot weapon with practically no recoil in reality).

      2. Marek Caban

        @Von Skyme Good to know. I only knew about that machine gun with a round magazine at the top. But you must admit that the thought of npcs holding guns upside down or backwards would be funny :D

      3. Von Skyme

        @Marek Caban it was a relatively common choice at the time for light machine guns (and quite accurate actually, because the sights were offset. It did mean you couldn't use it left handed though). Given your name you may find it interesting to know the name Bren came from BRno and ENfield, as it was a derivation of an earlier, and excellent, Czechoslovak gun (or you may not, if you're from one of the other countries Marek is common!)

      4. Marek Caban

        @Von Skyme Oh, sorry then. Never heard of something like that. But it would make perfect sense why those npc can't hit anythig :D

      5. Von Skyme

        There is no such guy. There is, however, a guy with a Bren light machine gun, which has a top mounted magazine.

    16. Testing 101

      This is awesome

    17. Kaptain Kukumber

      That soldier at 2:14 turned his gun upside down.

      1. Von Skyme

        Afraid not. The Bren light machine gun, like a lot of designs of the time, mounts the magazine above the weapon.

    18. philz2002

      It's just like when we fought the bullies in the alley. remember that? No! I've seen this a hundred times. Still funny

    19. Psi Q

      ..There you go, have 2 Mags and one grenade, now *hush* *hush* i bet there is a timer ticking somewhere...

    20. Pedro Caballero Clemente

      Morning, Nice day to be the front man ain't it? Hu Ha!

    21. Jimmy Moraitis

      *Ramirez* who are you? *Sgt Bitchman* I'm you, but stronger

    22. Руслан Лебедь

      ООО да... Жена пришла, а я следующую миссию запустил, случайно :)

    23. Raycheetah

      If he's gotta save the world, can't they at least teach him some Dragon Shouts first, or something? =0[.]o=

    24. Laser Turbo Knight

      Quake 2 mission objetive: Destroy the Makron. Bitterman: Fine.

    25. Red T

      Finally Rowan hold his own weight for once

    26. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for single-handedly winnin' WWII, ain't it? Hu huh

    27. Garmen Lin

      I'm sorry is this Pvt Bettjemen or Pvt James Ramirez?

      1. Usul573

        B.J. Blazkowicz.

    28. Ondřej Matějka

      This looks more realistic than most of WWII movies, you at least know Germans had MG42 and such things. :-D

    29. Janiac The Hedgehog

      2:14 Anyone else notice the guy in the middle has his gun upside down? XD

      1. Von Skyme

        @Janiac The Hedgehog it was pretty common (even normal) for light machine guns of the time, but because we don't see it any more (LMGs are mainly belt fed now) people assume modern convention on magazines was prevalent then too.

      2. Janiac The Hedgehog

        @Von Skyme ...And now I'm questioning my sanity.

      3. Von Skyme

        Plenty of people have, like yourself, found themselves to be unfamiliar with the Bren light machine gun and its top mounted magazine.

    30. Ewido

      The worst thing about a lot of the COD games is that you play as a Sergeant or even sometimes an actual officer and yet NPCs that are Privates/Corporals are telling you what to do.

    31. ReyVin

      Спасибо за то что вы делаете, это очень классно👍👍👍

    32. Crispin Julius

      “Take out Army Group A and B.” Lmao!

    33. black heart

      2:14 what's with the upside down gun?

      1. Von Skyme

        There isn't one. Bren gun magazines are top mounted.

    34. Wompa pa

      LOL Does anyone else relate this directly to work? Lmao trying to do the main mission with all the side quests thrown in unexpectedly

    35. Stealth Attack

      This is one of the best skits I have seen on you tube. The only shocking thing is that it has only a million views.

    36. francokarateca

      Did noone notice the guy holding his gun upside when they all stood up.

      1. Von Skyme

        Dozens and dozens of people so far, all of whom are apparently unfamiliar with the most common British light machine gun of the war, the Bren gun, which has a top mounted magazine.

    37. E314

      Actually all the time I'd rather do all the objectives myself because these assholes keep getting downed everytime I advance

    38. Antek


    39. Stephen

      "Mission Update Shoot down entire German Luftwaffe" Definitely my favorite one

    40. Chaitanya Kulkarni

      It's basically---> *RAMIREZ DO EVERYTHING.*

    41. oranye cat

      Cool bro

    42. Tr00p4


    43. YL Storage

      well, army group A kinda trapped the Brits in Dunkirk, so they are tougher. Just take out the B and C should be simple enough.

    44. Ryan Rusch

      yeah guess i'll lead ever operation and never get promoted.

    45. turtlerr r

      Yes in WW1 or WW2 germans are in america

    46. Gandalf the Black

      Will you come world of war z? :)

    47. Shubham Biswas

      So Basically win the war while we wait for the cutscene to appear and then we come and say we have won the war

    48. Half-Heart Heroics

      Really, the command is very clever. They've figured out that the player can take on anything they throw 'em at, and are taking shameless advantage of that to have 'em run the entire offensive single-handedly.

    49. Daniël Blom

      Don't forget the "You're a sniper now, take out every German VIP in a fifteen mile radius" "Great, now you're a tank driver, win the battle of Kursk will ya" "Nice work, now you're a pilot with zero training. Could you please take out five Japanese warships, three aircraft carriers, and all of their supporting airforce?" "Now you do parachuting, ready for Market Garden? Also, you're suddenly British because you jump with the Red Devils but don't worry, you'll make it out because your up until now completely useless squad will burst in last second"

    50. IT_4532

      tasks that my mother gives to my younger brother: give me the TV remote tasks that my mother gives me: 0:37 - 1:23

    51. Torias Hal

      Hey! Don't forget to take down those 3 Tiger tanks!

    52. ゲームサバイバー


    53. ElSalsaRey

      After years of being skipped, Greg the Garlic Farmer gets the chance to ignore the player

    54. nickstonehenge

      *to be expected* legend was born

    55. Red T

      Who's got a favorite viva la dirt league character mine is Ben

    56. Luna Margaret

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    57. potato gameplay

      This is why I hate single player mode. I prefer competitive mode with bots

    58. SNOUPS4

      I lost it when he had to destroy Army Groups B and C hahaha

    59. Sanni Pflasterkasten

      Epic NPC Man still is unbeatable but this series too is great! Well done guys!

    60. Nozuchan

      this video is super popular in japan somehow, thanks to the japanese subtitle

    61. Robert Little

      Keep this up 😂😂🤣🤣

    62. Michael Stelljes

      Didn’t they just describe the last mission in call of duty 2?

    63. T L

      I'm wondering is this the new COD until I see our favorite figure comes with funny questions.

    64. eNeRGy

      “Shoot down the entire German luftwaffe” still can’t stop laughing

    65. Gloomy Cloud

      love this series so much

    66. こむっと


    67. ひえすみ

      CoDでは後々追加注文するから、こっちの方が良心的かも? でもやはり、一人で背負う仕事量ではないなw

    68. チーズちくわ


    69. 佐藤太郎


    70. Zac Nolan

      I love that the soldier at the end is holding his gun upside down.

      1. wyprman

        He isn’t. He has a Bren light machinegun that has the magazine on top.

    71. だーやま


    72. リヨユキ 【実況者】


    73. Blacked Dice

      This like my online class Every subject has 5-7 activity in one week deadline friday pike dafuq

    74. Jonah Volson

      who the flip disliked this? nazi's disliked this video 😂.

    75. Syl von Braun

      For some reason I kept watching fully expecting to see the actual mission.

    76. PK C

      This series was too short. Just like very AAA FPS single player campaigns

    77. Mohamed Ali

      Germany: We got panzers America: We have a bettjeman

    78. mooppy mcd

      Ben's American accent is on point with the gritty commander role. I likey

    79. Maxime f

      Ben is sooooo classy

    80. Dirk S

      Spot on :) And your production quality is top notch. I've seen WW2 movies looking worse. Actings great also. Its like you have a really long backstory togeher filming those funny videos.

    81. Alexander Edwards

      Turns out he never got to hang out with his wife that day

    82. Raven 4096

      why do these condoms have such a different size and shape?

    83. HypnoKid

      I love watching this while playing Battlefield its like they want me to die

    84. dat man

      Ben's american accent is on point.

    85. Philippe SAIZ

      OMG, King and Morrison ar soooo going to die;

    86. Let’s pray and fast together

      One man army

    87. Vít Steinbauer


    88. Dylan

      What its the game? Que juego es?

    89. Rúben Santos

      Not gonna lie i really want to see this mission playthrough

    90. Markku Hyttinen

      Ah, the generalization of Finnish conscript service.

    91. Me. Crunchy

      Along the way you will have a flash back and a 5 minute cutscene where the enemy will not shoot or attack even if they are in front of you

    92. Nicolas Cheng

      Betjeman : All by myself ~ Don't wanna be, all by myself ~

    93. Steve Hughes

      What games has this battle plan

    94. Matthius

      this is why COD 2 the big red one is nice, sometimes the NPCs are the ones that do stuff. like in the sicily invasion mission. its one of the NPCs that take out the bunker with a grenade. its nice in that it feels more immersive.

    95. Dan Norseman

      I wish it was so easy as this. Lol

    96. Major Tom

      Ahh yes, the guy who does everything.

    97. Imothek

      2:14 i am not sure why he does it, but i am pretty sure the guy in the background holds his weapon wrong. maybi i am mistaken and its a speciall wepaon i am not aware of

      1. Von Skyme

        It's a Bren gun. The magazine is top mounted.

    98. Matthias Johns

      I love Adam's little picture just pop up with his dorky face and the little trumpet, it fits. 1:49

    99. noel ilan

      That American accent by a Kiwi. So Amazing. While Rowan the player replies in Kiwi accent.

    100. StarSlayer


      1. Von Skyme

        @StarSlayer no, it isn't. You can see him grab the pistol grip beneath as he starts to walk off. It's a Bren, the magazine is above the barrel. Edit: and, based on comments earlier on this video from the other paratrooper reenactor, apparently a fully functional one. Irrelevant to whether or not it's upside down, but nonetheless very cool.

      2. StarSlayer

        @Von Skyme bro the stock is clearly upside down

      3. Von Skyme

        No, he isn't. Bren gun magazines are top mounted.