Absurd Mission Objectives - Battle Plan

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    Sometimes does it feel like you're fighting the war all by yourself..?
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    1. francokarateca

      Did noone notice the guy holding his gun upside when they all stood up.

      1. Von Skyme

        Dozens and dozens of people so far, all of whom are apparently unfamiliar with the most common British light machine gun of the war, the Bren gun, which has a top mounted magazine.

    2. E314

      Actually all the time I'd rather do all the objectives myself because these assholes keep getting downed everytime I advance

    3. Antek


    4. Stephen

      "Mission Update Shoot down entire German Luftwaffe" Definitely my favorite one

    5. Chaitanya Kulkarni

      It's basically---> *RAMIREZ DO EVERYTHING.*

    6. oranye cat

      Cool bro

    7. Tr00p4


    8. YL Storage

      well, army group A kinda trapped the Brits in Dunkirk, so they are tougher. Just take out the B and C should be simple enough.

    9. Ryan Rusch

      yeah guess i'll lead ever operation and never get promoted.

    10. turtlerr r

      Yes in WW1 or WW2 germans are in america

    11. Gandalf the Black

      Will you come world of war z? :)

    12. Shubham Biswas

      So Basically win the war while we wait for the cutscene to appear and then we come and say we have won the war

    13. Half-Heart Heroics

      Really, the command is very clever. They've figured out that the player can take on anything they throw 'em at, and are taking shameless advantage of that to have 'em run the entire offensive single-handedly.

    14. Daniël Blom

      Don't forget the "You're a sniper now, take out every German VIP in a fifteen mile radius" "Great, now you're a tank driver, win the battle of Kursk will ya" "Nice work, now you're a pilot with zero training. Could you please take out five Japanese warships, three aircraft carriers, and all of their supporting airforce?" "Now you do parachuting, ready for Market Garden? Also, you're suddenly British because you jump with the Red Devils but don't worry, you'll make it out because your up until now completely useless squad will burst in last second"

    15. IT_4532

      tasks that my mother gives to my younger brother: give me the TV remote tasks that my mother gives me: 0:37 - 1:23

    16. Torias Hal

      Hey! Don't forget to take down those 3 Tiger tanks!

    17. ゲームサバイバー


    18. ElSalsaRey

      After years of being skipped, Greg the Garlic Farmer gets the chance to ignore the player

    19. nickstonehenge

      *to be expected* legend was born

    20. Red T

      Who's got a favorite viva la dirt league character mine is Ben

    21. Luna Margaret

      shorturl.ca/allsex උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    22. potato gameplay

      This is why I hate single player mode. I prefer competitive mode with bots

    23. SNOUPS4

      I lost it when he had to destroy Army Groups B and C hahaha

    24. Sanni Pflasterkasten

      Epic NPC Man still is unbeatable but this series too is great! Well done guys!

    25. Nozuchan

      this video is super popular in japan somehow, thanks to the japanese subtitle

    26. Robert Little

      Keep this up 😂😂🤣🤣

    27. Michael Stelljes

      Didn’t they just describe the last mission in call of duty 2?

    28. T L

      I'm wondering is this the new COD until I see our favorite figure comes with funny questions.

    29. eNeRGy

      “Shoot down the entire German luftwaffe” still can’t stop laughing

    30. Gloomy Cloud

      love this series so much

    31. こむっと


    32. ひえすみ

      CoDでは後々追加注文するから、こっちの方が良心的かも? でもやはり、一人で背負う仕事量ではないなw

    33. チーズちくわ


    34. 佐藤太郎


    35. Zac Nolan

      I love that the soldier at the end is holding his gun upside down.

      1. wyprman

        He isn’t. He has a Bren light machinegun that has the magazine on top.

    36. だーやま


    37. リヨユキ


    38. BlackedDice Gaming

      This like my online class Every subject has 5-7 activity in one week deadline friday pike dafuq

    39. Jonah Volson

      who the flip disliked this? nazi's disliked this video 😂.

    40. Syl von Braun

      For some reason I kept watching fully expecting to see the actual mission.

    41. PK C

      This series was too short. Just like very AAA FPS single player campaigns

    42. Steven Bennett

      Don't play video games. Never have. Just not my dance. I thought FPS meant frames per second so nothing made any sense. Stepson had to explain what FPS meant. Now there is context this stuff is the funniest thing I've seen since Trump inquired about shoving a UV light up his ass.

    43. Mohamed Ali

      Germany: We got panzers America: We have a bettjeman

    44. mooppy mcd

      Ben's American accent is on point with the gritty commander role. I likey

    45. Maxime f

      Ben is sooooo classy

    46. Dirk S

      Spot on :) And your production quality is top notch. I've seen WW2 movies looking worse. Actings great also. Its like you have a really long backstory togeher filming those funny videos.

    47. Alexander Edwards

      Turns out he never got to hang out with his wife that day

    48. Raven 4096

      why do these condoms have such a different size and shape?

    49. HypnoticGravity

      I love watching this while playing Battlefield its like they want me to die

    50. dat man

      Ben's american accent is on point.

    51. Philippe SAIZ

      OMG, King and Morrison ar soooo going to die;

    52. Let’s pray and fast together

      One man army

    53. Vít Steinbauer


    54. Dylan

      What its the game? Que juego es?

    55. Rúben Santos

      Not gonna lie i really want to see this mission playthrough

    56. Markku Hyttinen

      Ah, the generalization of Finnish conscript service.

    57. Me. Crunchy

      Along the way you will have a flash back and a 5 minute cutscene where the enemy will not shoot or attack even if they are in front of you

    58. Nicolas Cheng

      Betjeman : All by myself ~ Don't wanna be, all by myself ~

    59. Steve Hughes

      What games has this battle plan

    60. Matthius

      this is why COD 2 the big red one is nice, sometimes the NPCs are the ones that do stuff. like in the sicily invasion mission. its one of the NPCs that take out the bunker with a grenade. its nice in that it feels more immersive.

    61. Dan Norseman

      I wish it was so easy as this. Lol

    62. Major Tom

      Ahh yes, the guy who does everything.

    63. Imothek

      2:14 i am not sure why he does it, but i am pretty sure the guy in the background holds his weapon wrong. maybi i am mistaken and its a speciall wepaon i am not aware of

      1. Von Skyme

        It's a Bren gun. The magazine is top mounted.

    64. Matthias Johns

      I love Adam's little picture just pop up with his dorky face and the little trumpet, it fits. 1:49

    65. noel ilan

      That American accent by a Kiwi. So Amazing. While Rowan the player replies in Kiwi accent.

    66. francis sky

      id like ur skits better if u didnt beg people to subscribe and like really makes u look like assholes its called a job u should get one

      1. Von Skyme

        This IS their job. Literally, they full time produce content. If you don't want to contribute that's entirely ok, but don't insult them because they stick thirty seconds onto the end.

    67. StarSlayer


      1. Von Skyme

        @StarSlayer no, it isn't. You can see him grab the pistol grip beneath as he starts to walk off. It's a Bren, the magazine is above the barrel. Edit: and, based on comments earlier on this video from the other paratrooper reenactor, apparently a fully functional one. Irrelevant to whether or not it's upside down, but nonetheless very cool.

      2. StarSlayer

        @Von Skyme bro the stock is clearly upside down

      3. Von Skyme

        No, he isn't. Bren gun magazines are top mounted.

    68. Sérgio Alves

      Everyone talking about CoD and Ramirez, pfftt kids don't remember the OG Doomguy. "Here's a gun, now go defeat Hell"

    69. frog overlord

      2:14 soldier holds gun upside down

      1. Von Skyme

        Afraid not. HUgets commenter does not recognise Bren gun has magazine on the top.

    70. Роман Михеев

      Только ещё обычно в конце так: "Окей, выдвигаемся!" И все такие сидят дальше :D

    71. Rob Mills

      Anyone else notice the dude at the end holding his gun upside down? 😂😂

      1. Rob Mills

        @Von Skyme Wow, yea... I didn't realize that. It was such a quick shot, I thought it was a joke. Thanks for clearing that up 👍

      2. Von Skyme

        There isn't one. Bren gun magazines are top mounted... and as for noticing, there are dozens in here somewhere.

    72. T-T Productions

      Sooo basically storm normandy and push to berlin, capture it, tie up hitler and about that time il roll up in a jeep saying good job to the men that followed me in trucks

    73. Seth McAvoy

      We just gonna ignore the American using a Bren?

      1. Von Skyme

        Probably, because there isn't one. There are, however, two British paratroopers there, one with a Bren and the other with a Sten.

    74. yuli gamein

      Yuuup welcome to call of duty in a nutshell lol

    75. Tim Barker

      Love your army videos like this one little longer would be nice good job guys thank you!!!!

    76. killSeal

      The end part where they break from the mission objectives! Someone in the backround carried his gun upside-down! Must have been EA or Ubi-soft. XD

      1. Von Skyme

        Afraid not. As amusing as that would be, Bren gun magazines are top mounted.

    77. Scoldog

      If only he added the line "I need you to clear out those enemy bunkers. Here's a toothpick." I would have known this was based on COD WOW

    78. Fadlie Hidayat

      I really love Adam and Rowan role in this series... Compared to the other videos, here they are just like inseparable, almost like they got a real strong relationship built upon years of friendship... 😂

    79. ade rahmat

      this actually happens in real life...

    80. Cole Copsey

      Squire cameos?

    81. Antoniela Moldoveanu

      theres almost no audio

    82. Joof Bing

      I finally got that he’s name is not “bitchman”.

    83. J N Morgan

      I find it just a bit odd that they're apparently American soldiers, yet one guy has what appears to be a British BREN gun (or maybe the original Czech LMG it's based off of, or possibly one of those Nambu LMGs) and there's even a dude with a STEN. Not one of the more typical STEN models either from what I can tell, but a nice one with a pistol grip and a vertical grip. It also looks a bit like some bugger cut off the bayonet lug for the M1 Rifle that the protagonist is wielding. On the map itself appears to be a Webley Mk.VI, which was primarily used in WWI. The M1 Carbine of the silly-looking grinning guy also seems to be lacking a bayonet lug. The guy with the M1903 is a nice touch, though. The M1 Garand is far more iconic and beloved rifle by most and catches the spotlight big-time, but it's important to know that some soldiers still had M1903 rifles. If memory serves, by the end of 1942, there were only a million and a quarter M1 Rifles or so yet produced. Many still had M1903 rifles, I think they hit 3 million by D-Day.

      1. Von Skyme

        @wyprman my guess is the Webley is just personal preference or a souvenir. There may not have been many being issued by WWII but there was always a level of leeway with officers and plenty of the old ones came along for the ride, easy enough for an American officer to have snagged one. If your officer is using his pistol fir anything other than waving around inspirationally then things have already gone horribly wrong anyway.

      2. J N Morgan

        @wyprman Fair enough, I don't know a whole lot about uniforms. I thought they were all Americans, even though the protagonist seems to have a bit of an accent.

      3. wyprman

        The guys with the Bren and Sten are British paratroopers. And IIRC, the early M1 Carbines didn’t have bayonet lugs. No explanations for the cut off lug on the Garand or the Webley. Especially since it appears they just left it on the ground.

    84. James Lopez

      Ah yes! The classic lone British trooper within the all american battalion.

    85. Kyle Joseph Crespo

      *"Ramirez, the White House is under attack - defend Burger Town!"*

    86. It's Jemmy

      I was actually expecting to see the missions like some kind of movie

    87. Keenzz

      Смотрю ничего не понимаю но очень круто

    88. A Jhintleman

      At least it makes SENSE in Halo and DOOM, since you're literally a super soldier who's called a demon by the enemy.

    89. Spysideways

      Haha mission list goes ping ping

    90. Mattchester

      Me: Barely survives an insane battle and gets to a checkpoint. Friendly NPCs arrive with 10 tanks. Me: "Finally some backup!" Officer on a tank: "Private, we need you to clear the entire west front so that these tanks can safely pass through!" Me: --_____--

    91. Puyu

      >fps players >team strategy meetings pick one

    92. Bruce Lee

      R A M E R E Z

    93. WingBreaker

      I can still hear it... ‘Ramirez’...

    94. 454


    95. Big B

      OMGLOL!! It's funny cos it's true!! 😂🤣😂

    96. Vornalph

      Been working on your accents!

    97. Ponk 80

      Frames per second logic, is the best

    98. June Alexis Santos

      The production was spectacular

    99. Sun Tzu

      At 2:14 you can see that the left soldier at the middle is holding his gun upside down

      1. wyprman

        Von Skyme lol We were pretty much working shifts there for awhile, huh? Have a good day, my friend!

      2. Von Skyme

        @wyprman still fighting the good fight I see. I moved to correcting 'why didn't he call him Benjamin' and 'don't hold the bipod' on the new one.

      3. wyprman

        Not upside down. It’s a Bren gun.

    100. KorkA be9ba

      Fps logic:when you, some scientist with orange suit became the super soldier who can beat alliens, thousand government soldiers and fckin bee-helicopter And after this, some Alyx says: "wow, you survived with 100hp and 100armor only because 1 million medkits was in the last checkpoint"