Delivering a dead body - Odd Package

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    Alan has a very odd package for Byron to deliver... and Byron suspects that it might be a dead body.
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    1. john lobo

      Alan is scary af. Do more

    2. Kel Taro

      This guy is the real Sam porter

    3. Euan Orbiso

      i thought the package was adam

    4. Tiago Ferreira

      Of course that isn't a body. We all know that would have gone necro and caused another voidout.

    5. TheEvilBere

      You have to love "Mad Alan". He is so brilliant in being evil, because he normally looks so innocent and nice.... And then suddenly: *BOOM*...

    6. ArchAngel121996

      just imagine it was rowan

    7. Вячеслав Гончаров

      2:33 - oh, it's an ASUS B450M-K Motherboard, i have bought one of this =3

    8. Yoel Future

      Even if Byron normally accept and deliver it, how the hell nobody noticing on the road while delivering it 😂😂

    9. PewPewsAlote

      1:40 he had the same energy as pennywise

    10. Denzil Rodrigues

      "I'm not asking you to deliver this, i'm telling you" Even when your intimidation skill hits the max level, you're still not gonna be able say it the same way Alan does

    11. Drake Pryce

      I honestly thought Rowen was gonna be inside

    12. Gundam Warrior

      Alans a good actor

    13. Aaron Gutierrez

      This is one of my favorites.

    14. Airmack Eeee

      Geez, Alan achieved Rowan levels of evil here!

    15. The Marsh

      So that's why nobody likes Byron..

    16. Passdaboof

      Fair thee well ben

    17. Jelata Gaming

      We need to see more Byron on your videos

    18. sp00n

      *panicking* Oooh, just send it, ok, just send it! Me whenever I stand in front of a gap in a jump on my MTB 🥳

    19. Alexander Fukes

      that twist at the ending was epic

    20. Chong Li Yang

      yep death stranding again hehehe

    21. Felix Mcivor

      One of my favourite videos of all time

    22. AJ Abrahamsen

      I thought this was going to be the Mac guy he killed with a golf club years ago.

    23. Ian Simon

      It’s really nice that they finally added Byron to the Bored title card

    24. Coraline TheGunslinger

      Fucking love their acting lol

    25. James Brooks

      Wow Alan actually remembers who Byron is

    26. Tristanphx

      Soooooo he did turn in to a murderer

      1. Tristanphx

        Or did he?


      İt is ben ???

    28. Alex Trill

      Next time I'm ordering something big, I'll ask the store to package it like that and send the link to this video.

    29. Hashmeera Kumar

      Whoa his voice got scary when he told don't open it

    30. Philippe Bouchard

      Fare thee well ben

    31. Chris De los santos

      Ok he looked like he shit his pant when he got told don’t open the package

    32. the king

      Lol 😂

    33. Code Softly

      Fare the well Ben 😂

    34. Alessandro Mario

      Finally less Rowan !

    35. James Wallace

      Wow y’all can act.

    36. mike epps

      1:28 ITS PENNYWISE😱

    37. DmcHartsoe

      Nearly perfect, but Alan needed a nervous tick.

    38. the beak

      Alan: I'm not asking you. Me: ha has a black shirt he has power over you.

    39. Dimitri Cannibile

      You know i feel like if he didnt deliver it the order would have doubled know what i mean?

    40. Alex Ayush Ryder

      Don't Open It !!!!

    41. Samuel Becerra Posada

      that was going to the rubish dump any ways

    42. Finicky Gods

      Is Byron the Xero guy ?

    43. Crispy Business

      Some fine acting here!

    44. Bubdigli

      I miss psycho Alan, he used to be a staple. You guys are doing so well, so glad you're finally getting your just deserves

    45. Eddie

      Byron is sooo amazing!

    46. standard aussie

      I hate actors that think what they do is hard. Most of them can't act so for them its easy Ranga just now though, proper real acting right there. I believed his reaction like nothing else on this channel yet. Edit: close tie with pubg fuel trap guy.

    47. krigar_b

      Alan you are scaring me

    48. Lytse Draak

      I'm thinking right now Byron prefers not being noticed by Alan XD

    49. Bradley Popkes

      "uwu" there are you are happy now, it's not a body it's a bunch of computer parts

    50. Yes but also no but also yes

      24 hours challenges be like

    51. Kono hetare yaro

      I like byron

    52. TheEvilBere

      We all know that Alan is a psychopathic killer. :D

    53. Will L

      Alan legit scary

    54. SilencedTruth

      The patterns from Alan, geez.

    55. The Nani

      Alan is being such a rowan

    56. Nickysarcade 217

      How did I know what was inside 😂😂😂

    57. Apirom samer

      I like this guy. What is his name again? Oh right, more Bryan's episodes, please.

    58. GrowWithGuitar

      Isn't Byron a distributions "manager"? He should be higher up the hierarchy than Alan...

    59. RayMondoART

      I love Scary Alan ❤

    60. RayMondoART

      Alan did say he killed a man with a golf club once

    61. TheGamer Weebs

      i thought it's ben's corpse when the shop is closed

    62. Denzil Rodrigues

      "I'm not asking you to deliver this, i'm telling you" The intimidation is *REAL*

    63. Lukáš Szűcs

      What if Alan is just a psychopath who is overexaggerating everything, like maybe Rowan isnt really that bad, Alan just sees him like that because Rowan took the manager spot from him, or he is annoyed with Adam eating loudly when a normal person wouldnt even notice... Remember, he killed people with golf club.

    64. MrGriffSnow

      Byron Rulez!

    65. Oliver Hargreaves

      Is that 2 confirmed kills now for alan

    66. Oliver Hargreaves

      Adam's dead body

    67. Matthew Keen


    68. rytram prophet

      i totally thought it was Adam. because in "Red Shirt" Rowan killed Adam and told Allen to "Take care of it." on a side note. Allen is really good at playing a scary MF.


      Everybody gangsta till they realised it was Adam from the last episode


      everytime allan says "OOohhh.." You know its about to evil.

    71. Shaurya Srivastava

      Wait, it's all computer parts? Always has been

    72. 齐天语

      idk why but when I heard computer parts I immediately thought about a certain scientific railgun

    73. Jake Smith

      I initially thought maybe this was the follow on from Adam eating crisps too loudly and Alan was disposing of evidence😂😂

    74. Anthony Barker

      I half thought it was a "real doll"...

    75. Avardenth

      LoL plot twist... its him from the golf club episode. That would have been great.

    76. James Younger

      Dude... you nailed psycho murderer..

    77. Arkine

      Allan has finally had enough of Rowan

    78. Sam Wang

      Well for the moment I though was a body as well that got me going how he threat to murder the delivery guy if he didn’t deliver the item

    79. Alexander Corvin

      1:29 crazy alan vibe there...

    80. Joey Simunds

      Alan has creeper status down pat. I was scared for Byron

    81. IamTheFword Gaming

      Dont Open It That was scary as fuck!!

    82. Zain Salimuddin

      Man.. Byron's an amazing actor

    83. ivan iyer

      Hahaha, worst packaging ever..

    84. Andrew Arts

      I was expecting the manager to be in there when he opened it and creepily say "I TOLD YOU TO NOT OPEN IT". MY. GOD.

    85. Wickedtrooper88

      alan reminds me of pennywise in this video

    86. Chandler Day

      This was just his test to see if the delivery man could deliver a real one....

    87. Argetlam59

      This is legit my favourite sketch

    88. Anunnaki GWU MC WING

      Byron's character is that he is forgotten about often... yet he's the BEST character, he's an amazing actor!

    89. pro games

      Hold up where the moaning come from

    90. Vesania Vidal


    91. JustaFormer 11B

      Byron is my favorite. Hands down.

    92. Ronin Wolf

      As I've watched more and more Alan has become the scariest and also my outright favorite lol.

    93. Daniel Smith

      Is that Ben?

    94. Jerrett Acker

      Legitimately the best episode.

    95. Salamat Po!

      Byron is legit my favourite out of them all

    96. nUgGeT

      Plot twist: that was the body of adam

    97. Han Lockhart

      "I know I`ll just pack these computer parts in such a strange way, it`ll look like a body. lol!"

    98. bubbaboom 8000

      Plot twist: the intact body was concealed underneath empty computer part boxes.

    99. Byron McMaster

      Ngl. This gave me a chill. Especially with him having my name

    100. HILLアルタイル

      Oh i didn't know Playtech now sells sex dolls too ... looks legit