The worst kind of escort quest - Stealth

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    They must use stealth to sneak past this final band of guards
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    1. NicolaMonk

      Eugene is my favorite. I need a supercut of just Eugene scenes.

    2. Happalula

      i was cheering for Eugenes cry - and i was rewarded! i love it!

    3. Rhey Jhey

      so fkn annoying, lmao 🤣

    4. Felo SprThe


    5. Joe Chip

      This is me playing 'hide and go seek' with my Lil brother

    6. Faewaterspirit

      I usually start an excort quest just to watch the idiot npc aggro everything and die, while staying behind laughing. Only way to not lose my sanity.

    7. Erik

      This is the real reason it's so easy to save your game. Because someone realized that we were going to snap and murder all the NPCs on a regular basis.

    8. Offroad RC

      I wish games would actually do this once in a while as a joke lol...

    9. Not Tyron

      I feel sad for Eugene but when he cried i died

    10. Miguel

      I remember a mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands, when you must drive a truck with drugs and leave it in an enemy garage, then, you and your team must leave the place without being detected. That missión is really hard because allways someone spot any member of the team. Usually, even if i give them the order to stay, in some point they followme anyway.

    11. Mathias VAN BUTSELE

      "Escape from Firewing point" escort quest from WOW BC Terokkar area is that kind of quest.

    12. Roffordstube

      If he's not main story essential, I say let him get attacked! He's giving me anxiety!

    13. az_imagez

      More Eugene! Lol

    14. 판사님 저는오늘만 삽니다

      존나 짜증나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    15. 박영서


    16. Shelby Dawn

      Eugene is the best npc

    17. Shadow Lancer

      "Stealth is my middle name!" *Goes into the middle of the forest and starts screaming his head off.*

    18. Kelz Illa

      Again: Eugene has thee best broken NPC laugh lmao

    19. Antony

      Finally someone to piss Rowan off because is a bad bad person and mean manager.

    20. Florida Man

      Oh this had me crying. It's the best one by far.

    21. Nasim uddin Ahmed

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    22. lostMind Shoes

      This is the part where you do a spinning back side sword/and chop off Eugene's head

    23. NightHawk J30

      That is true all the games are geared towards the players character. And not NPC

    24. M K

      I was already dying from laughter since the early beginning and at the same time stressed by it lol; then Adam made the chicken noise and I died, I died for real.

    25. おれは人間をやめるぞ!YAGOO―――!!

      I want to knock out him

    26. Ami Fujoshi


    27. Norzairul Nordin

      the face expression is gold. lmao

    28. Craig 24

      Poor guy...

    29. Nagito Komaeda

      Also, It seems his cry has leveled up to level 15.

    30. Nagito Komaeda

      This game sucks. *The guards never get alerted by NPCs*

    31. Samuel Kelsey

      Me back in the day before a stealth escort quest/mission: I know, i will kill all the guards and the area will be easily accessible and can progress without incident. Respawn: I'm a about to end this man's whole career.

    32. Ant

      So true

    33. Ákos Schneider

      When you are yelling at your screen so loudly even the NPC hears it.

    34. TheBrazilRules

      Eugene is the best character hands down. The crying and the shivering LOL

    35. Exile 1994

      "GOD I HATE ESCORT QUESTS!!!!" truer words have never been spoken oh my god escort missions suck i could barely get through jak 2 because of that shit

    36. TheEvilBere

      "Stealth is my middle name!"

    37. RegisNex346

      Trust me I really hate escort quests. Especially when you're doing your very best to sneak and kill enemies.

    38. WesNohathas

      I'm a greeeeen unit!

    39. Eiohas

      I find it funny, how you sometimes have to, fx, escort a heavily wounded prisoner, but they apparently feel fine storming an enemy and try beating the s*** out of them

    40. Riverfox237

      I'm not sure how it's possible, but I both love Eugene for how perfectly he plays the annoying spaz and his perfect crying noises, and hate him with every fiber of my being.

    41. Nelu Dumitru

      The most annoying escort, i swear 🤣🤣🤣

    42. Defonthana Hotaru

      Adams acting is always so on point i love him :D

    43. vorkar B

      Do you remember fast traveling?

    44. frosts maker

      I ever had a friend like Eugene, he talks a lot and too expressive, he can't hide his emotion. I think that is good if you are in a relationship with a woman to let her know how you feel. But, I don't like him for many reasons. It is just troublesome.

    45. JimR

      Buddins?? WTF are those?

    46. Alex L

      This reminds me of escort quests in Assassin's Creed Unity. The only proper way was to kill each and every guard before starting the escort. And then... Smoke bombs! Smoke bombs! Smoke Booooooms! (Because some MoFers spawned again)

    47. sirius4k

      Just SKIP!

    48. Study Tips

      what game is this?

    49. Pahnaplays rblx

      Is this a game i wanna play it

    50. Ryan Stallard

      So realistic: every stealth quest is just a combat quest in disguise.

    51. Jurisman 1980

      This is what will be, if u hire thief or assassin for escorting quest :P

    52. 0blivionShadow

      I remember escort missions....I usually just give up on the whole thing midway once I realize the thing I’m escorting is not I just kill it myself and take whatever it’s got and call it a day....

    53. jeremy burch

      "Eugene's" cry is fantastic haha

    54. Scp 049


    55. Señor Alastor

      I love how Alan is portraying all the guards

    56. ina suhariani

      I feel bad for eugene

    57. K Wang

      If in Skyrim.... Player:f**k off!(NPC is dead)

    58. Redrumm5150

      It's been a while since I've seen that skit that literally had me crying...😂🤣

    59. XxSaruman82xX

      This reminds me of the time I had to do the Dustman's Cairn as a stealth archer. Farkas you dimwit.

    60. hugehappygrin

      Escort quests. Sentinel Hill, Westfall, Azeroth. Escort the Defias turncoat, while he shows you the way to the Defias hideout. Oddly, that mission was unnecessary. That guy goes out of his way to fight the people that want him dead. Does he go in disguise so that the Defias don't know him? No. Does he just draw you a map? No. Because that quest is scripted, even if you just barely wiped out every NPC in Moonbrook, they're back.

    61. shane pierce

      these are too short try n make some full 20 min episodes this would be better than tv lmfao!!!!

    62. DravenWolfe

      Adam's acting in this is so over the top. 😆.

    63. Kevin Tenuta

      Has anyone here ever played Dead Island? OMG the escort quests on that game are so annoying. I usually lure out one zombie at a time, kick, stamp on head.. never get injured... then comes the NPC escort quest... they just walk right into a bunch of zombies and its my fault when they die? Just stay behind me!!! no... walk out & join the fight just as I throw a molotov so they can burn to death... oh and even worse are the ones where there is a car right next to us.. I get in the car.. and the NPC carries on walking & getting attacked... & I go the whole way running over zombies with no danger to myself at all (unless the car gets stuck) & they continue to walk & get attacked & not get in the car... I hate dumb AI NPCs.. the bane of my life! And FO4... where you get a dumbass scribe that constantly runs off to attack much tougher enemies instead of sticking to you & avoiding everything to get the quest done...

    64. Patrick Nowak


    65. Adriyaman Banerjee

      MISSION FAILED: You were spotted

    66. Alessandro Mazzacani

      Italian translation for the title is wrong, it should say "scorta" instead of "ricerca di scorta". Because "scorta" means "escort", "ricerca di scorta" means "search of escort", but there's no "search" in the english title. Edit: Actually I get now that "ricerca" was probably meant to be a translation for "quest". "Missione" (same meaning as english "mission") would be more appropriate, there's no direct translation for "quest" in italian and "ricerca" is not the right way to go.

    67. Fernando Vargas

      You know that is a good RPG when the escort has the "STAY HERE" button

    68. Klannahar

      The reason why ppls skip all escort quest :D

    69. Kami Kun

      Eugene's vocal chords must have been so worn out by the time the episode finished filming 😂😂😂

    70. ALEXANDER1318

      "General, it is good to see you. Another settlement requires your help". Tod Howard: "It. Just. Works."

    71. marco polo

      He reminds me of the chicken from Moana.

    72. tailgunner2

      I would have spammed the "skip" key to plow through the script library to shut him up, but the adventurer has made that mistake before.

    73. Elle RJ

      There is one game that I play, love it to death, but it has the worst NPC escort ever! This woman is absolutely not allowed to die. The game plays it out where she goes first and goes down the hallway on the right. She is "supposed" to talk to an enemy guard coming from the other way and get past him. She never does. She screws up every time then I'm supposed to somehow jump out of hiding, one shot the enemy guard in the head while he is holding her hostage. So, her head is right next to his head and you only have a few seconds to get that shot. You miss or take too long, she's dead. After years of failing this quest so many times and trying to do it the way you're supposed to and only winning after the hundredth try, I cheat now. As soon as the woman goes through the doors to go down the hallway on the right, I run like a maniac down the hallway on the left. Of course this makes noise so the guard stops. When I reach the end where both hallways connect, I throw in every smoke bomb I have down the opposite hallway right when the guard is coming to investigate the noise, then run at him and take him out. When the smoke clears, the woman is squatting in the middle of the hallway covering her head. Instead of running back where she came from and hiding behind a wall, she just squats there out in the open. Not the brightest bulb.

    74. Jason Olson

      1:41 you're welcome.

    75. SE7EN

      [Pathethic Cry skill has been upgraded] *EPIC ANNOYING CRY*

    76. Mikael mikkola

      best one so far.

    77. VoiceActingProduction

      Заходите на мой канал, Перевожу и озвучиваю VLDL

    78. Kristjan Križman

      i really felt rowan's anger there

    79. john mark sesbino

      How many alan do you need Vldl:yes

    80. Mateus MS

      I don't know why, but those little details like all guards being the same always make me laugh, the way they are all looking around and the fact that they were filmed individually and then joined together in editing is just great.

    81. Fastertrack

      This is probably why stealth games are usually solo quests :P

    82. Jeremy Morris

      I always kill the escort when it allows.

    83. Вика Соколова

      Чувак играющий юджина гениальный актёр. Он так раздражает и бесит, что его охота убить тысячей разных способов))))

    84. TheLastPhoenixx Willx

      "basketball is my middle name" then the enemy team dunk and he runs saying "goooooooool" typical cocky guy at school

    85. I shrimp for gawr gura

      “Noone will notice, if theres nobody to notice”

    86. Arthur Benkendorf

      Ashley from re4


      watching this stresses me out.

    88. FairuzDaReaper

      So i guess this is a repay for what Rowan did to Eugene before for stealing his gold 😂

    89. RedDragon: Minecraft Mods and More

      Seems it was just a stealth optional quest anyway...

    90. Phong maluv1138

      his cry sound like a fucking chicken lmao

    91. mr. tatu

      The most super funy part is at 1:38 .. That cry and the moves hahahahahahahah

    92. Kasey Mathew

      A tabletop RPG I've played has a spell for situations like this: Silence. Those affected by it are totally incapable of making any sound at all, by any means.

    93. 4heavenly

      Man that signature cry gets me everytime. Couldn’t help but want to hide behind the tree. “Eugene’s what the hell are you doing man!” “ADVENTURE IM TERRIFIED!” P.S.: Also who allows you guys to just shout in the middle of the woods 😂

    94. Psycho_ Ravager

      1:09 is so badass!

    95. Ch 17

      There is this one escort mission on C&C Renegade which is the absolute worst (yes it was that bad that I still remember to this day) , where the NPC you have to protect constantly runs out of a fortified position right into enemy fire , your best option is to run out ahead in the hopes you will draw enough enemy fire and kill them before your health runs out.

    96. Madam Tsuki

      😂🤣 I can stop laughing! So true!

    97. Rufoos


    98. Angel Kitteh

      What's better than Adam's pathetic cry? Adam's Super Pathetic Wail EX

    99. Karl Renner

      Stealth....I'm pretty sure I've heard a person make this noise before. I'm not 100 on this so don't quote me but I think it's an ancient ninja word for overly disciplined trigger control.

    100. irgendjemand der gerade schlecht gelaunt ist

      Am I the only one who feels bad for eugene everytime he cries?