Multiple ways to complete a quest - Stealth Optional

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    1. Alexis Harvey

      -cries in Assassins creed-

    2. orion cabral cabral

      just like payday, always go loud because of the music

    3. al west

      Payday 2: stealth is optional Simon vikund ( guy who makes the music ): no, it's not

    4. Yoel Future

      Adam is me when playing Splinter Cell 👍

    5. Pavel Mecer

      those are not brackets

    6. Albert25012501

      That’s easy, just make it an achievement to “encourage” player go stealth.

    7. Xyro Buck


    8. GasmanOAV

      There are no innocents.

    9. Michael b

      Nobody will know if there is no one left to see

    10. Baddino The Youtuber

      “Nobody to find evidence if everyone was dead”

    11. TheQuark6789

      Leeroooooyy Jeeeennnkinnnnsss!!!

    12. Brad Smith

      Every time I blow my stealth abilities I get attack by one guard. Then, it becomes two guards. Then, it becomes every guard in every game both electronic, board game, book I've read, and any future guards in any genre of fantasy.

    13. Tense gamer

      Npc stelth player killing everone weeeeeeeeeeeeee

    14. Richard Marois

      It's all good until he finds out he can't get the true ending because of this.

    15. valiroime


    16. Tom Bruno

      I find stealth fun, in a frustrating way.

    17. JamarDaNub

      Me when a game says stealth is optional: *Peace was never an option*

    18. Francesco Caputo

      .. But... I prefer the stealth

    19. portosov

      Мне всегда нравилось совмещать стелс с надиранием задниц)

    20. Ryan Twomey

      the minute he read optional he woulda barreled through

    21. Alex L

      It really depends on the game? Kingdom Come Deliverance? Stealth, wounding arrows with poison, until they are all dead. Skyrim? Stealth, arrows. Assassin's Creed? Stealth...ish. As long as I can kill everyone. So... stealth to pass by undetected? That's for pussies.

    22. BCafGun a.k.a Night Blaze

      Flashbacks from "Return to Castle: Wolfenstein"

    23. Bryan Park

      tutorials need to be optional.

    24. Sans Sin

      stealth is never an option, kill em' all

    25. goplayer7

      Yes it is optional to sneak pass them. However, if you kill any of them, then you miss out on an achievement.

    26. Blessed & Favored

      The recruits are being literally tortured by their commanding officers nightly. We need to kill the boss to save them... and we have to get past them to get to the boss.

    27. That Jeff

      I was waiting to see if Bodger encouraged the PC to go all in just to see if the PC would die. That'd be funny--NPCs messing with PCs because of all the crap they have to put up with.

    28. Scarfy

      “Of course it’s optional. The true ending is also optional.”

    29. Saar2908

      Stealth is fun

    30. Night Fury Nick

      There is 2 kinds of stealth No body sees you No body lives long enough to see you

    31. James Harris

      Sneaking and using ranged weapons is great until near the end of Skyrim when you come up against four Draugr Deathlords. *fires a stealthy shot, injuring one and alerting all of them* Deathlord 1 *snatches my bow and throws it off the building* Me: 'Nevermind, I have a back-up bow nearly as good as my main bow' *fires a second shot, still no one dead* Deathlord 2 *snatches away my back-up bow* Me, desperately searching my inventory: 'I have a third's the crappy one you start off with but I guess it is better than nothing' Also me when closing the inventory and seeing two Deathlords close enough to shake hands with, realising I have not put any skill points into sword fighting at all: 'Well that's me dead then' *runs back inside somehow reloads an old save game and learns his lesson*

    32. Geo Ian

      It's all stealth because if there dead who are the gonna tell

    33. SHIELD


    34. Tylo Coupland

      Stealth kill everyone is the way forward

    35. Johey Jonsson

      I can't remember how many times I've played through Skyrim with my archery at lvl 100 legendary three times over, but my armor skills haven't moved. Then I discovered the joy of face tanking the world. Sure, making entire bandit camps kill each other with the use of magic is fun and all, but not a lot beats summoning Durnevhir over a Stormcloak fortification and rush in, blades swinging.

    36. Patrick Nowak

      ahahhaha you guys are awesome!

    37. oditeomnes

      This is the "problem" of rpgs like Dishonored or Deus Ex. Stealth non-lethal way makes you miss out on so many weapons, combat moves and awesome gameplay mechanics, that ditching stealth can make a game so much more fun.

    38. OSTs Reversed Backward

      *"""Stealth""" in warframe in a nutshell.*

    39. Partha MakOthna

      I only do stealth in Elders Scroll games.

    40. Andres Faraco

      Bodger said that because, if the player fights, he is going to have to repair his armour with the blacksmither.

    41. lostedChallenges

      *Skyrim theme*

    42. WJ ZAV

      Reminds me of Arkham Origins when you had to sneak into the Gotham City Police Department. There was this room full of armed SWAT officers and Batman above "Attacking a group of armed men is suicide." The game expects you to sneak over them. I always, ALWAYS drop down and kick the living shit out of all of them. It doesn't end the game and when you are done and the whole room is strewn with uncouncious SWAT officers with the Batman standing in the middle of it, it does look awesome.

    43. Patrick

      I HATE arbitrary stealth missions.

    44. Kjleed13

      This sums up my play through of Ghost of Tsushima.

    45. Andrew Arts

      Them: 2:24 "Please consider supporting" Me: That's optional

    46. Alteric Jeske

      It's still technically stealth if no one is alive to report it.

    47. iKratosx10

      For king and country!

    48. Awaken Slim

      Hahaha Relatable

    49. sturmovik

      Support our film on Kickstarter (optional)

    50. Gunawan Putera

      I mean most people like gun blazing cause it was fun, but for me stealh and killing everyone is the most fun

      1. Mussie099

        I can definitely relate to that (MGS V for the win), what I find annoying in games though is when it says that stealth is the easier way because I'll get rekt by the sheer amount of enemies and my literal starting gear with no upgrades yet I still manage to clear the area like it was goddamn nothing, making going loud easier than going quiet. My most frequent experience with this kind of B.S is just about anything done by Ubisoft, Farcry in particular

    51. Dicky Satria

      Imagine being a spy and the boss said "stealth is optional"

    52. Ian -0

      Me: *kills them all* game: *gives me bad ending* me : "fuck"

    53. Chaz Wick

      Wanted to over analyse and state is this meta for how streamers do stealth runs of RPG’s ect, but in the back of my head I hear ever mgs player asking “ am I a joke to you?”

    54. WalkingJOker

      dishonored in a nutshell

    55. Aurelius Zeta

      Alan: Shoulder Angel Bodger: Shoulder Devil Adam: Player Character

    56. István Szennai

      just finished a level in Metro Exodus where I was supposed to stealth my way in, but couldn’t find the correct way so I just shot the poor boomers. Didn’t realize that it’s gonna have consequences 🙄

    57. joe lim

      I was hoping to see the fight...

    58. DarkDragon1889

      Dishonered: "Sneaking past the enemies by throwing glass bottles is a mechanic" Me: "Throw the glass bottles into TOTALLY non-suspicious corners and then 'death from above' each guard? Got it."

    59. SalinZ Zakharchuk

      Can somebody help me, what game is being played and taken as an example?

    60. Howard Gleason


    61. Sir Tomerok 98

      For da peace of da kingdom. No one's gettin' tru' 'ere.

    62. Alpha204

      I mean do you really want to waste your health and items to kill a group of guards?

    63. Nathaniel Kidd

      *stealth is optional for this mission* Cowabunga it is.

    64. It’s Jesse C

      Me: in this leave sneaks by and barley get spotted but sneaks by My brother: I can’t get spotted if there’s no one left to spot me

    65. Kristopher Prime

      this is basically me adventuring in skyrim with my companions watching from a distance. screw stealth. run in and kill enemies, innocent or not. easy win every time. no god mode, by the way.

    66. Lucky Seven

      Sooooo, they began to playing with players now by giving the wrong tutorial.

    67. G_host

      I was expecting the adventurer to sneak & assassinate the guards.

    68. Fluffy Jackie

      If possible I always play stealth

    69. Gacha zero 34

      Npc: angel Bodger: devil

    70. BlazeProYT

      To be honest, stealth is good, fighting is also good, but stealth kills are the best

    71. gunslinger 1904

      Me when I play Payday💯

    72. Christian Gallegos

      I honestly would love to see this conversation in an RPG game. Like having 2 NPCs acting like an “Angel on my shoulder” and a “devil on my shoulder” telling you to kill people or spare people. Do the moral thing or do the “fun” thing.

    73. PufferFish Boi

      The best part is when you get caught, you can just run to the objective and everyone forgets you were there

    74. Arpan Jain

      We just needed an end to this video where the player dies and the video turns grey and written in bold letters appears- " *DESYNCHRONISED DEATH* "

    75. Claudio Lentini

      Try it in MGS

    76. LOLOL veryfun258

      1 HP left Optional- you can sneak past the guard Me: Looks up ahead of the guards -----------> (Check Point)

    77. Travis Rolison

      Anybody else get pissed when forced to do stealth in an rpg or shooter? Its like fffftt if I wanted to play stealthy I would play a stealth game with actual good stealth mechanics.

    78. Wanpro 493

      Assassin's creed Stealth 4 beginner

    79. Dyzz e

      Play all the splinter cells and only take out/knock out the essential npcs to complete the mission on the highest difficulty o.O

    80. Darkwear GT


    81. The Angry Badger

      My friend: We need to sneak past the guards to complete the mission quicker Me: *already slaughtering the guards* What?

    82. Richard P

      Need more characters on the t shirts, got the morning one last year but would love the others, Bodger , dark mage, hell all of them. Soo glad you guys are still going.

    83. Brandon Leask

      Gregg, bodger, and the fisherman huh hu! Vs. Humans

    84. Mortus VanDerHell

      It would be cool if he attacked first perfect and then the adventurer would be outnumbered, so the NPCs look at each other and says something like: "Allright… Next one." ^^

    85. Adrian Vaduva

      I like stealthy killing all guards

    86. Deez Nuts

      Wow one take.

    87. sarahsue123

      Guns blazing every time 😝🔥🔥

    88. crootkit

      Rowan is really hard to understand.

    89. Gustavo M's Trash Can

      TIL bodger is my inner animal

    90. Nicklas Thulesen

      My kinda stealth involves heavy guns sword and lots of explosion's

    91. Saigyl

      Thieves Guild: We aren't murderers or assassins [Optional]

    92. Red4king

      This is so relatable sometimes stealth is the best option but going in wild is just so much more fun

    93. Alisa Wong

      Assassin's Creed: Stealthily... kill all guards

    94. Sealord Gaming

      I’m normally a stealth character

      1. Sealord Gaming

        Anton Wilson skyrim

      2. Anton Wilson


      3. Anton Wilson

        In what game

    95. Daniel Knapp, yes. I would rather go from barrel to barrel and throw stones. It takes skill to do that. Plus, many times there will be a stealth mandatory mission or part of a mission eventually. So practice helps.

    96. XtreeM FaiL

      Sneak past the guards. Reach objective. Get back. Kill all.

    97. VENOM Dragon

      It is Stealth if theres noone alive who alerts anyone

    98. Indy_the_Awesome

      It's still stealth if no one lives to tell any one else.

    99. Jack Crossems

      I don't know, Bodger makes a compelling argument...

    100. Abra Cadabra

      Didn't need the slur. Love these videos, but "pansy little bitch" is both sexist and homophobic in one blow. That's not my kind of combo shot.