Red Dead Redemption 2 Supercut

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    If you loved the VLDL Red Dead Redemption 2 skits - well here they all are in 1 easy to watch video!
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    1. OysterSales

      Thanks Mister

    2. Pedro Vieira de Oliveira

      it's super special never seen it and didn't play red Dead redemption 2 but dad didn't buy it for me

    3. Andrew

      18:55 инцест - дело семейное...

    4. Brendan Sull

      Trying to threaten spamming Y then I actually rob them get 15 cents and lose honor it’s so fucking annoying lmaoo

    5. Prbabygirl 3

      **accidently bumps into someone** Wanted for unarmed assault

    6. Alex Perrin

      What's that "quickdraw" issue? Never had it

    7. Erick Ruiz

      Press square to get stick bugged lol

    8. Sam L.

      Remember kids smoking kills

    9. Antonio Mendez

      One thing that the lawmen don’t forget in red dead

    10. AZUSA

      This happened to me every time

    11. TopHatDemon TDM

      The fact that he needs to be drunk to have precise aim

    12. Mikey Crosgrove

      I was trying to save the guy chained in the basement in rhodes and accidentally killed him with one shot to the foot somehow..fuckin auto aim

    13. Алекс -Священник-

      Britt - nice girl!

    14. Douka AutoMatic

      3:25 when you take a risk and buy over your legal amount of weed and you get pulled over

    15. Shawn Roberts

      This is so great. lol

    16. Beartooth18


    17. Stephen Powell

      you soo rait

    18. The Joker

      *QUICK DRAW*

    19. The Joker

      This Sadie was not annoying at all, unlike game Sadie. Typical SFP, has a Rey complex. Remember the Pearson mission at Clemmens Cove (camp #2) when you take her into town? Remember how badly she treated the shop owner? Had him do all of it verbally demeaning him, and before claimed how her and her husband "shared the work" but then pulled that shit. Hated her ever since that point. The only two girls I liked in the whole game were Susan Grimshaw and Mary Beth, the rest were twats.

    20. The Joker

      2:05 died laughing "ah shit... *WAIT UP* !"

    21. The Joker

      Witnesses were the reason my first playthrough, I was an evil outlaw with $1,500 bounties on my head in every region.

    22. The Joker

      I kill most witnesses. Everytime. If they were A a witness to a high level crime (kidnapping, assault, murder ect) and were quiet about (as well as close enough to the law) I would let them live, because I can understand people doing that for real. But when it's because I'm defending myself from attackers, I win, after they watched me get attacked first, or "disturbing the peace" (the dumbest law in all life that I break daily and nothing happens) they start getting loud and vocal about how *I* did "wrong". Those are the ones I kill regardless. Long story short if you're an accidental witness to a high level crime *DON'T ANNOUNCE TO THOSE COMMITTING IT THAT YOU FUCKING SAW IT! YOU DESERVE TO GET KILLED AT THAT POINT*

    23. سعود الشهري


    24. Rithwij K

      you guys are phenomenal...loved it

    25. GamerLord The Best

      Here’s what I’m confused on isn’t the 4 main buttons like away from the quick draw, or do they accidentally use their middle finger to push r2

    26. Άγγελος Αβεντισιάν

      Guy: you sleeper with my sister Same Guy: You killed my brother

    27. Fondald Mate

      9:36 Get stick bugged lol

    28. Charlies Plays

      If arthur is smoking weed then ima smoke some too

    29. Amber Jordan

      I always hit the wrong button

    30. Mohamad Qing


    31. Евгений Зимин

      Most funny thing i saw this year )

    32. Kate West

      Love it!

    33. Tech Tack

      When they did the smoking a drinking scene to fill up the dead eye i don't know how the actor didn't pass out.

    34. Jeskepi Fish

      Makes no sense how could he kill Sadie and his horse unless MODDING INTENSIFYING

    35. David Poder

      The dead eye skit gave me second hand cancer

    36. Owen Easter

      12:57 - is that a samsung in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

    37. Sinan Emre Aydın

      Am I the only one who hop on his horse in town and then realize that it was someone else's horse which looked just like my horse after everyone screams "thief!" and WANTED on the screen? That happened to me a lot.

    38. Evergreen Ellis

      Love how I watched this video before and after playing Red Dead / before and after the understanding everything

    39. Fatboygaming The true fat boy

      I don’t use dead eye

    40. Redneck Turtle

      18:42 you slept with my sister! 18:53 *Hey! You just killed my brother!*

    41. Pierre Echelle

      What's the name of the music theme at 0:12?

    42. денис Фомин


    43. Al Fernandez

      That Sadie cosplay is so pretty xd

    44. among us

      What game is this I want to play 😂😂

    45. Manuel Galiano

      17:35 what a nice view

    46. RichPanda 257

      That damn defuse button doesn’t work😂😂

    47. Ronald Rol

      This is so real to the game 🤣


      this was bull shit

    49. Tim Jensen

      This is hyper accurate and a big reason i have yet to finish this game. Hilarious!

    50. MAUS TANK V.5

      If it hadn't been for all the social justice bulshit this might have actually been half funny

    51. Plexy_ Glass

      Damn I just noticed the button prompts and radar are dynamic with the scene

    52. Plexy_ Glass

      At a first glance I thought these would be cheap and lazy but like, damn. The small simple edits and effects are really good. There are some pretty funny shots too

    53. Mr. WolfFangFist


    54. Abdullah AL-Fahhad


    55. 黃l

      You will get kicked by a horse if you stare at its balls , this is true

    56. Diana Durbin

      17:45 when I go to Valentine be like.

    57. Gamer'n'Designer

      "YES, awie" XD

    58. Kristian Mingl

      4:27 me on a daily basis

    59. DonTinsulTmePlz

      How many smokes must one smoke ??

    60. Gamer Nick

      I'm saving this to my playlist

    61. Diogenes' Lantern

      This is so convoluted

    62. R2maille 33

      Heureusement que il y a les sous titre en français team France met un com car je suis nul en anglais

    63. Nurul Hidayah

      This is so true 😂😂

    64. Francisco Dá F


    65. E314

      I mean...I was kill as many of them as I could anyway

    66. stephanie hoyland

      Arthur"wow,wow,wow" Every one in the world around him "Is that man ok?" "I think he ate a bad mushroom"

    67. کلیپ شو


    68. Vatasha Shelton

      😕 That does not look like game

    69. Pacó González

      0:32 that horse was shocked

    70. C T

      RedDead2 just isn't a fun game.. i recently bought it again on PS4 this time. Well my sister picked it up at a garage sale.. So i tried again to play/like it.. Except this time i foced the issue. Cause i liked the 1st RDR and love Rockstar games.. Nope. i made it to the 3rd session and rage quit. Rage quit of acceptance.. It's too slow. The "fun" is cliche fun the way Uncharterd games are 'cliche' action movie like suspense...

    71. Coolgiantshark

      5:02 this is me when I don’t stop pushing as hard as I can on the shoot button a weird habbit

    72. TheKahliff

      I think that I am in love with Sadie.

    73. 27_Ethaniel Bird-Doss

      *wow wow wow wow that is bigger than mine*

    74. rockyroadiceman 1

      what graphics mod are you using?

    75. Clumsy Fool cosplays


    76. Ретро Паладин

      9:34 stick bugged lol

    77. Ray Pang

      this s a good game but very frustrating to play

    78. Cmdr Slayeriser

      Pretty much sums up my first few hours of gameplay 😂

    79. Red eye Loner

      Woe..... He actually did the chain smoke thing.... They're lucky youtube didn't find out.

    80. Stinkydink Guy

      I hate it when I accidentally quick draw people and shoot them dead

    81. Chris Martel

      QuickDraw I’m dying here

    82. ベックス

      Dude: You slept with my sister! Dude2: I love her!! Arthur kills the second dude Dude: Hey! You killed my brother! 😂😂😂

    83. anunnako

      Hahahah!!! Very nyce guys

    84. TheSilentGamer

      Question confusing logic lol

    85. Bob Dylan

      QuIkE dRaW

    86. Dr Faust

      ну и хуита

    87. Mr.hoodhehe

      2:14 I always wanted to know what that music was called

    88. Raul Doro

      Exactly like the game HAHAHAHHAHAA LFMAO

    89. SixSymptomsOfBass

      QUICDRAW 4:50

    90. Ivan Huang

      He’s crash bandicoot

    91. DapperDave

      Now I’m gonna feel weird red dead eye killing people in the game

    92. D12_Ugly Potato

      When he was with sadie reloading hes thing it was so funny

    93. Zerkx Ariman Shinai

      jjaaja no mmen, en serio así es el RDR2? Bueno, para pasar un rato viendo la bolas del caballo no hay problema 🤣

    94. Gamershellboy1

      At 2:17 I like how the bullet ricochet was matched with the already dented wood.

    95. nine_ finger


    96. Dem ben Beg bR0z

      Arthor morgan was the imposter

    97. Jodi lee_ann

      When you cut through some trees and come across a camp. Then some bloke automatically assumes you're trying to murder him so pulls out his gun 😂😂 Then there was the time i accidentally smacked my horse and got kicked in the face lmao

    98. Nick gee

      this is good acting !