Levelling up in a boss fight - Level Up

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    Levelling up in the middle of a boss fight is literally the perfect time.
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    1. Elmer Gloo

      Would be funnier if he accidentally stepped on a mouse and got 1xp from it to level up

    2. Jeff Champlin

      See, my only problem with this is why, if he only needed 10 experience to level up, and from what it sounded like, slaughter this boss, why the fuck didn't he do that before going in?

    3. Phoenix Wright

      *giornos theme starts playing

    4. Miarceo

      I'm a new follower of VLDL and whenever I see campaigns that they released, it's already gone by this time :( Please release more of those Eugene plushies!

    5. Wyn Williams

      That wizard dude leveled up, he got a part in season two of the new adventures of the Monkey King :) rocked it!

    6. Kuntal Kanani


    7. Matthew Keen


    8. Byron Armijo .G.

      Si tuviera el llanto sería épico

    9. James Putterlik

      I do save my level up in skyrim all the time when I know there's a dragon fight coming, or some other high level mob early game.

    10. harun yiğit

      Lütfen türkçe altyazı ekleyin videolarınıza sizi çok seviyoruz♥️🇹🇷🇹🇷

    11. cc4020 The Dragongirl

      it's so accurate though

    12. andri riki

      Plot twist: the flower he picks is the "fire flower" power up from super Mario bros

    13. Darth Zayexeet

      Holy Nova

    14. Mahendren Vathanan

      Epic way of Leveling up. U earned a Second wind warrior.



    16. Artemis


    17. gg lol hohoho but face ????????

      This one was fucking awesome 😎😊🙂☺️😊😏

    18. Charan Vasu

      Viva La Dirt should have a playlist exclusively for Hamish.

    19. John Sparks Jr.

      Am I the only one who REALLY wanted to see the Dragon Slash? XD

    20. The Triple X

      So no ones gonna point out the extra L in “Levelling”

    21. Jimmy Hedges

      When you got a party of npc's their face when you kill the main villain be like T_T "Good Job"

    22. thunderlord2200

      kids this is why u dont keep talking when your about to kill someone, never give them the chance for anything. u can brag after there/ group is dead..

    23. Aleem Khokhar

      Dragon slash from fortnite save the world

    24. majid jafari

      Disliked. The boss was so god damn talkative that wanted to watch his god damn tongue getting cut off.

    25. Slacker 28

      To be fair this is kind of the plot for many anime staring their boss fights

    26. Hidden Desire

      I’ve had so many fights like that in video games.

    27. grabbin a problem solver

      When you realise the boss is farmer when Hero take 10,000 gold from him.

    28. Mister twister

      Alil too much power up just for one level lol

    29. David Samaroo

      if your that close to leveling why would you go into that boss fight before picking the flower i mean i guess unless the strategy is to do as much as possible then level for the full health

    30. Robby Genschel

      That's the only time the player can feel like he is a multiple stage boss

    31. Achilleas Kifonidis

      I sure hope that dragon slash has some really extraordinary damage.Because if you only managed to do a 5th of the bosses life until you were almost dead,a level up is not gonna help.

    32. gamer

      You make amazing videos!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

    33. Mythiasorcio

      but did he excape?

    34. Eradicator 5000

      If only he stop talking......

    35. llVIU

      you think THIS is ridiculous? In diablo 3 once you reach level 70, you can instantly equip all your saved up items from another character... and at low paragon levels, you can level up maybe 5-200 times in a greater rift run which might take 2-15 minutes. Depends on circumstances. So you just run around being healed to full health every few seconds

    36. caustic is op

      Dragon slash from dragon quest

    37. DaEpikTrolle

      When u become the boss lmao

    38. Ikazuchi

      No matter where you go, the Villains can just never stop to gloat and monologue when they could just LITTERALLY finish the job huh? Villains can be so stupid sometimes.....

    39. Darius Perlado

      When you get exp from attacking monsters:

    40. Dylan Punter

      That must have pissed that player off to have just 10 EXP left before he could level up to level 80, where people need hundreds of thousands of EXP per level, just before the boss room

    41. Banana_Pancake

      Dragon's Dogma when you're getting ganked.

    42. Jason Carter

      I couldn't understand the boss. A touch too much distortion for me.

    43. Feidhlim Malone

      All thats missing is Giornos theme playing in the bg

    44. Manuel jaime

      1:15 lol

    45. James Moore

      Honestly the video coulda started at 1:04 and been just as good and effective. That’s the good bit. Lol

    46. Игорь Бессонов

      Guys you should put Jojo piano theme at the moment when he's about to touch the flower

    47. Nazono

      But can you really blame the guy? After having his business fail, his wife leave him and having all of his children die from starvation, i am fairly sure that any of us would turn to the dark arts.

    48. Gaz Iel

      GUYS I WANT THIS PLUSH TO CRY? Can i order it to Saint-Petersburg Russia?? :D You r so awesome !

    49. ALMA GORO

      0:33 100% Smeagol

    50. Sam Rowe

      Wait what's the new ability look like!

    51. Atriosin

      literally every anime protagonist ever

    52. Common Sense

      doesnt make the sound wtf

    53. nethrelm

      Of course then you get those games where when you level up it doesn't heal you.

    54. gamer x

      Game name plzzz?

    55. Habib TheBikerShop

      That magic FX...what program for making it?

    56. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    57. Rg Tldro

      That boss Voice reminds me of The Final boss Viegar of League of Legends 😂😂😂

    58. hootowl

      I would buy that plushie if it did the pathetic cry XD

    59. CS Witch

      Pls someone tell me which gsme is it about?????😭😭😭😭

    60. vert2552

      Ah, yes... brings back memories of kotor (You can wait with leveling)

    61. Julio Cesar

      plucking flowers ftw man

    62. Tommy Ortiz

      What song do they use in the beginning? Always have epic music! Great stuff!

    63. TopFlame 711

      I did this strat during gunvolt lmao

    64. Brian Jed

      Gotta love that Eugene plushie I wanna give it a hug!

    65. TheBigBear

      Hamish is the best dark lord ever.

    66. Vladian100

      Literally - is a favorite word of this guys 😄

    67. Thunderstorms59

      2020: “I’m feeling pretty good how about you” All of humanity: “oooh not good not great”

    68. J Colez

      A Eugene plushie that doesn't make the iconic sound :(

    69. Larry

      I watch viv la dirt for hamish

    70. DeezRMyDays

      the evil side of the fruit merchant was bound to come out since his lost of his shop and family, very fitting role love the dark side and the voice.

    71. El Reino ArKadico

      Classic strategy, level up and get all your health back

    72. Ryuzaki


    73. Vincent Adiputra

      I am quiet happy when level up. Everything is restrored

    74. De Wet Liebenberg

      Love your videos, big fan. please stop giving away the punchline in your video titles, thanks =)

    75. Tzu


    76. MGTOW Stan

      You did not subtitle the laughter....wa AHAHHAHAH or IAHUAUHAUHA????!!!

    77. LethinGabbins

      Could we get a pushing that talks? Or maybe even a sensor activated "morning! Nice day for fishin'? Ahyuck"

    78. Ryo Joe

      Hamish did learn from his experience facing Rowan, he no longer had those floating orb

    79. Soonami Sapphire

      I think this video is Adam's third most attractive look

    80. Mark Esteves ( Student )

      What happened to the bosses obvious weak spot

    81. Active Havoc

      I couldn't understand anything he said

    82. Hronn Big Horns

      When you are about to die then you get enough xp that you level up and killing everyone that attacking you I love it when that happen

    83. MZ

      Hamish has really turned to the dark side after his business failures...

    84. Danil Nyakshin

      Am I the only one who expected the hero to apply a new ability and we would see beautiful scene as he uses the ability of Dragon Slash? It seems to me that this was exactly what isn't suffice for the final.

    85. Roffe

      Reminds me of when you get ganked in wow while killing the mob and end up leveling up from it. It is a good feeling.

    86. Thành Trung

      I want britt back :(

    87. Caion kshetri

      R.I.P Grand Vizier Shadowsoul

    88. Rose C

      Please attach pull cord/push button on plushie so we can hear the cry. Will spend lots of gold if there's a voice in the plushie.

    89. Indarius

      Started a new play through on DAI Hamish is a face preset in character creation 😆

    90. maximilian müller

      Hell yeah 😁 i love your Videoclips, its realy Cool ... Thanks 👍👍👍from Germany

    91. Ronald Leazott

      Azerim = Azeroth and Skyrim :D

    92. Kaycee White

      I love the "Greg the garlic farmer" merch...but can we please get some crying Adam npc merch?! I love Adam!

    93. Gothic Hinata

      Did I just binge watched all of Epic NPC man in all of 3 days? Yes, yes I did. Am I bummed, that I have to wait now? Yes, yes I am. Will it be worth it? Yes, yes very much so!

    94. Akina Tanna

      I want Plushies that make the sounds. Eugene," Eh ho ho ho" Greg, "Hello Adventurer!" Baelin, "Mornin' Nice day for Fishin' uhu" Mugger, "Let's MUGGUM!".

    95. HDR KamiKaze

      Ahhh its always happen,alwas

    96. Aaron Gabbard

      Lol f my life F my life F my life hysterical

    97. Idrees Dorani

      what is the name of game that they make videos of that???

    98. Valledanne Daniel

      Wow low leveling flashback 😁😁

    99. David

      Not really video relevant but everytime someone says "morning!" to me in greet my mind always finishes it up with "nice day for fishing ain't it"

    100. Moist nugget

      There is literally nothing you can do F**************