How to steal $500 - The Heist

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    This customer has been plaguing Playtech for ages. It's time to put a stop to it.
    Though Ben has other plans...
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    1. DASSEN


    2. blazen710420 blazen710420

      Lol mugshot is Ben from when he came in and stole the flat clicker walked back in and tried to get store credit 😂

    3. Buddhika Jayalath

      where's the next episode of this ???

    4. Q Emrys

      ohhhh this one is really great!

    5. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    6. nethrelm


    7. Ben Chambers


    8. Free Speech

      I think Ben and Rowan are working with each other so they can steal "legally" things like 500$, no price tag hardware, and thing Rowan buyed off from Ben after he wanted a refund. Those "handphone samples" and free laptops coulb be Rowan paying off some debt or just "selling" for profit. Lets not forget this - "You lick it you keep it"

    9. Yi Chen Woon

      This sounded alot like one of gordon's recipe videos 😳

    10. Predator Wolf


    11. John Daniels

      Needs more golf club.

    12. Wreckage C

      LOL "After some extensive research; I realized that the most defining features of a person was on their face" gold!

    13. Denbert Decin

      God damn Ben's normal accent is kiwi/british accent but when he speaks american accent it was so damn good like an agent/secretary

    14. accenjo accenjo

      This is amazing HAHAHAHA

    15. Pizza Time

      best anime plans

    16. Neo Dechavez

      do someone knows the title of the music that was used in Ben's cool exit?

    17. Fábio Pereira

      Plot twist, the cash was fake! XD

    18. Clementine Schälchen

      He has a good american accent

    19. KeepCalm

      Alan and Adam did not want to repeat their mistake from the mistery shopper ep

    20. José Munhoz Neto

      This video was UNBELIEVABLE.

    21. Khyber

      Is this the same wig/mustache that Rowan used in the secret shopper video?

    22. Camaro ss 455

      Perfect 😁👍🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    23. Soonami Sapphire

      darn it I watched this first with no sound and I was excited cuz I thought that when Alan was handing rowing money I thought they had switched it for counterfeit so that Ben would walk away with nothing darn it

    24. Noobfest

      1:50 This is only the beginning... He'll eventually transfer his consciousness into an RPG and become a mugger

    25. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for stealin', ain't it? Hu ha

    26. Frost Bite

      The thief would be good as James Bond or some spy character

    27. Sebastian Binny

      I bet the Professor watched this and robbed the Bank of Spain

    28. Phaota

      Wow, Rowan is so gullible.

    29. Patrick Joshua Saguinsin

      No one here's going to notice that his voice sounds a lot like the professor from Money Heist? This is a perfect parody of that series

    30. beefon

      I keep watching this again and again

    31. Azzin PH

      Plot twist: the money was fake

    32. MII Lamb

      Some money heist BS going on

    33. John Ree

      Cost of wig, mustache, glasses $500 Cost of paper and ink for fake voucher $3 Perfect plan 👍

    34. Aryan Banyal

      We need more heists like this ✨✨✨

    35. Heinz Conti Zacherl

      these is a masterpiece, they definitely should continue this story

    36. Aryan Banyal

      can't wait for more heists like this!!!

    37. Tiffany May

      I’ve just watched most of this and Epic NPC Man. And you know. Ben is really handsome.

    38. Commander Bacara

      finally they blacklisted ben😂

    39. Cailean Morrison

      Plot twist the money is actually counter fit, purposefully used so Ben would be caught, Rowan is playing the long game

    40. Knitby

      Man that ending reminded me of Now You See Me 2.

    41. Michael Sedzikowski

      Hello, my name is Michael and I am addicted to watching Bored and NPC Guy. It started with one miss click and than there was another just to kill a time. And then another... My cat left me and my gf is playing Wasteland 3 without me. Or maybe it is the other way round... I am not to sure anymore 😕

    42. Grahalt Mills

      What a perfect like voucher. I can't if it is fake.

    43. SketchStone

      I would love for Rowan to have paid him out in Monopoly money :D

    44. João Ricardo

      So, Ben are a thieft. A stealer!

    45. Alex Ayush Ryder

      What is the name of the music ??

    46. king68951

      He then went on to pull a bank heist in Los Vegas under the code name: Reserva aka stash

    47. Shawn O'Rourke

      Bens big secret is hes actually American

    48. Mohamed Reds

      I like that you got Gordon Ramsay to narrate the story

    49. TheLunatic888

      I thought this was just the beginning??? Wheres the rest of the heists stuffs?

    50. Nagito Komaeda

      I don't understand.. *They were 3, He was outnumbered! They got mugged so easily?*

    51. -SMP- scientific method perspective

      I see one of them still rides the motorcycle to work. Nice background detail

    52. giriraj mantrawadi

      Is it the same wig and Mustache as the mystery customer?

    53. GameRobo

      We need more parts of it plz.

    54. Teaya Brown

      I'm surprised that Rowan would fall for this when he didn't fall for the first fake voucher

    55. Bobby Shek

      The New Zealand Job

    56. Ресс Тандер

      1.53 The prettiest man I've ever seen in my life

    57. IceBear Gaming

      Bella ciao bella ciao bella ciao ciao ciao

    58. NighTWolF

      How he always earns money, by being a customer.

    59. osman khilji

      These guys just predicted path of exiles new league

    60. 자세히 보기

      To be honest I couldnt see through his disguise lol just figured out thru context

    61. Hilmi Kogoro

      Wow,the planning scene similiar to macgyver

    62. Ai Nan

      Two things there tho, first is he’s doing an American accent and second is Alan already killed Ben when he was nipping in and out.

    63. someloser 2888199

      Really? I thought the most defying part of a human was their penis or breasts

    64. Barnadhya Barman

      He is descended of the mugger 😂😂🤣🤣

    65. Matthew Keen


    66. Gamezdude

      This needs to be a movie!

    67. zvxcvxcz

      But wait... in an early episode there was only like twenty something, maybe 23?, in the till.

    68. ZACK XD

      How come Rowan got mug?

    69. BC P

      So... where is your store? Uh... asking for a friend... yea that's it.

    70. angelos efstratiou

      If u see closely at 1:48 the guy's face looks like Ben's

    71. 123Matricule

      I could watch 30 minutes episodes of this


      Ben actually looks bettr with tat wig nd glasses

    73. The Roman Network

      Oh, of course it’s not gonna end there. He’ll be back with his tongue and some Monopoly money.

    74. Flamedra Knight

      Wait! That was ben unbelievable

    75. MadDog Of Shimano

      Is there gonna be a sequel of the heist? Instead of's 1000$ in cash.

    76. Brawl Stars TV

      VPN in 1 video

    77. Rainy

      That’s why he pretended to be a employe at play tech, so he could figure out everything about employes and the cashhhh

    78. AlexRazorGame

      He Just MUGGED THEM!!

    79. Shajid Hasan

      Want more!!!!!!!!

    80. Habib Alam

      Make this into a trilogy

    81. ShadowMyda

      How did he escape the Spoon Dropping Pantry?

    82. blqcktiger

      still waiting for the enxt part of this

    83. Miller Tan

      What if they handed him monopoly legal tender

    84. Johnny

      The video is in the Bored playlist twice: Outrageous!

    85. mvmhunterkiller

      We need more out takes. Can you guys do a standalone blooper reel of the last few videos you guys made? If you haven't already of course.

    86. TheClassicRKR

      Better than Oceans 13

    87. Muhammad Azmi

      Please make sequel.

    88. Udivená Vopice12CZ

      Song name?

    89. Faris Chang

      New gta5 heist?

    90. Leosku

      When’s the next episode?

    91. Markel Barrena


    92. FoodLiquorCool

      Love the American accent

    93. Cave Johnson

      Can we just appreciate this great editing?

    94. Mateus

      this is my favorite video

    95. Seth Moran

      The real oceans 11

    96. Valorie Dissing Lund Hansen

      You know they're quality creators when you can reference a billion other videos they make and everyone gets it and get a great laugh out of it! That's the best thing about VLDL!

    97. Mai Nhia Chang

      Ben's American accent is impeccable 💀💀💀

    98. myohmykee

      🤣🤣🤣 yoko na hahaah!!! Anyw check my channel?! 💕

    99. Vincent Urquhart

      Should’ve just taken 500 dollars monopoly money out and said “well its legal tender”

    100. Is this a Bonfire?

      Okay Ginger looks good on Ben