Looking for love in online games - Girlfriend

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    You never know where you'll find love
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    1. Peter Pacheco

      I have to say again fucking Adam

    2. Peter Pacheco

      Sad lmao Adam face priceless and Rowan omg

    3. silverblade357

      Rowan isn't just any grifter! He commits to the con! He cares about the work, dammit!

    4. Leo Liang

      You know someone is trouble when she/he/they just tell you their asl before you even ask. And if you know what asl (not American Sign Language) means, you are probably one of those people.

    5. john bickle

      The best part is that Sexy_Koala98 actually followed through with the deal. Props.

    6. ahmed toya

      Runescape haha

    7. Max Hoffman

      Stock city

    8. Drnapalm

      Pretty much runescape

    9. Mahir Al Rafid

      Rowan is thinking about his existence during the acting.....

    10. Chris Klugh

      "I could see this going long term." - Just what every insecure boy needs to hear. Talk about having mother issues.

    11. андрей титов

      Такие ржачные парни!) Удачи вам и побольше контента!)

    12. LeRohlik

      Just Like ROblox Kidos.

    13. Nick Rff

      This is so fucking cute

    14. Abnur Tharn

      I nearly pissed myself watching this 😂😂😂

    15. DosU


    16. Tamojit Basu



      Cara a garota tudo mas e constrangedor essa cena aí

    18. Let’s pray and fast together

      Someone is new to the internet. Just run away 🏃🏻

    19. SOS Deutschland


    20. MarcoEnricoTM

      Im a girl i need strong guild

    21. Raven 4096

      aawww that's so cute young love

    22. Илья Антипанов

      Шикарная игра актеров!

    23. Nelu Dumitru

      What a b!tch i was years ago in mmos 🤣🤣

    24. Joshua Wright

      Funny but gay

    25. Colin

      There's a girl that I work with who's actually really quite cute. She moved out here a couple of years ago from across the country, despite having no family in the area. One day I asked her what motivated the change. She said she met a guy on WoW and moved here to marry him. She was really embarrassed about it, but admitted it was totally true. Totally cracked me up.

    26. BaywolfX

      still better than twilight

    27. Elephant Weasel

      Had i been drinking something i'd have made a mess and possibly choked. Good job! :)

    28. Bryan Park

      I would say pathetic... but I would pay 10000 gold for a gf.

    29. Flor d'água

      Buying gf

    30. NMSL Chan

      gay, definately its gay

    31. Business Proyects

      Plottwist: he was the woman in the photo all along.

    32. Jeai Play

      That was so gay to film

    33. Ha You Thought

      I was expecting adam to be stabbed and then get looted


      What game is this

    35. Justus Bowman

      This is great stuff. By the way, when did you guys blow up in subscribers? I keep seeing things like, "Ah, gee, these guys ain't got but 10 subscribers and 11 grandmas," but you're clearly doing well for yourselves. My assumption is that you made one video, then bought a small island. More or less true?

    36. HeresFrank Betches

      Nice day for Oscar winning acting ain’t it

    37. Костя Федосеев

      Хи хи ха ха

    38. Maicon Douglas Viana Silva

      Well, well, what a twist! Some expectation subversion, I see! Well played!

    39. Sagarus Volen


    40. Johey Jonsson

      That is so CUTE!

    41. Diginix

      Aww, I feel kinda sorry for the guy haha

    42. Eziel Dawnarow

      glad this didnt drag on. Good sketch because of that.

    43. Vina Aa

      idk why, Adam showing his teeth like that is cute

    44. Lucas Muraro

      Adam's acting is 11/10

    45. Baby Tachanka

      This is the kind of ps community partys i avoid my whole life and even then when a girl comes into my party all other guys are like... Well there are more than enough skits on this channel just 4 words YOU'RE A GIRL?!?!

    46. Itachi Uchiha

      Them hold hands Me:seems kinda gay to me

    47. Sourav Sanyal

      Adam is a really good actor

    48. TagLine

      They really are good actors!

    49. Benliee J


    50. Dylan Gorny

      What game is this based off of, one of your videos say Skyrim, another one says Witcher, one of them say all in the same video mmo, Skyrim, Zelda , etc. what is this based off of

    51. Nire Strunk

      I love this skit so much.

    52. Just Some Guy with a Ginger Mustache

      Rowan's OnlyFans when?

    53. ikhwan paco

      Adam how did u even manage to pull this kinda acting....man u are so damnnn good

    54. Merxellus Gogou

      How Pewdiepie met Marzia

    55. TallahassZ Remington


    56. OoieGooie

      They're not just gunna take $1000. They always have.... MORE!

    57. Kevin Smith

      Reminded me of those days where you would see random people in town looking for a random online girlfriend lol

    58. M. Reza Nasirloo

      This guy did more competent acting in less than 2 minutes than Brie Larson did in her entire career

    59. Your Quirk

      This is the cutest love story ever told

    60. Zeus Helios Megistos

      This is Chris Chan looking for a boyfriend-free girl. Except without the attraction sign.

    61. Pinged out

      Roblox in a nutshell

    62. ZabeerAbrar

      I can't imagine what Adam must have went through when they were filming

    63. James Candle

      sad thing is it probably really happened many times in every mmo that ever exsisted

    64. medexamtoolsdotcom

      I like the "Stock city" watermark on the picture, so few fucks given that literally not even bothering trying to come up with a picture that doesn't say it's a stock photo on it, and the guy still buys it hook line and sinker.

    65. OfficialRiqab

      ”I feel really save around you,” says the scammer! Lmao!

    66. DeltaSilver88

      This is why I hate Runescape. :D I tried to play it in 2003... girl gamer, 15 years old, playing as a female character, and a random moron shows up to go "Wanna be my girlfriend?!". I quit on day 1 and never went back.

    67. Kreau

      100% Simp.

    68. Amcor09

      I like the fact he produced that photo in 1 second as though it's just standing by at all times.

    69. Swirl

      Simp. Just simp

    70. 177SCmaro

      He sounds like this is about the twentieth random guy he's been a "girlfriend" for a 1000 gold today.


      I broke up last week with my game girlfriend. I heard my uncle crying downstairs.

    72. mccoulet

      She probably just uses a male character for them bonus STR stats, classic power gamer move.

    73. mccoulet

      Surprisingly wholesome and nice.

    74. Ash Geo

      Plot twist: That was really her picture

    75. Andrew Colin


    76. JaJe

      Insert **WHY ARE YOU GEH** meme

    77. Temna Senka

      You're supposed to bail once you finish catfishing the guy.

    78. zypherfox


    79. Heяø ᗩᗰᗴᖇIҜ 3

      yeah im gamer girl too gamer Guy In Real Life

    80. Tammy Maciejczak

      Omg!! Adam is extra adorable here! Lolol! Hilarious though!!! 😂😂😂

    81. TuroSaave

      Aw he humored him.

    82. E1ko ;\

      Gay party

    83. Paşa Gültekin


    84. NukeMarine

      Still a better love story than the last love story that was better than Twilight.

    85. dazbe

      Черт, вот же актерский у вас талант. Гениально!

    86. Em Re

      harika amk adjsiasfadasdgsdfasd

    87. La Zia Dwobbit

      Not gonna lie, I ship it!

    88. MultiBeast301

      This pretty much sums up Runescape Grand Exchange on a trade world

    89. Emmanuel Dela Paz

      After the tree line we gonna mug em!!

    90. TrueRedPanda

      wierd how this reminded me off the guy selling his sister for gold inn wow, she wanted something long term or something and he wouldn't give aproval unless you payed 1M gold to him. My friend answered the guy and He is now engaged with that woman, I still can't figure out how it ended upp like that ^_-

    91. Rico Ampere

      This might be 2 months late but... What if the plot twist be like this : he asked for "het" number and "she" gave it some times later when he is in family reunion and about to call "her" phone suddenly his uncle's phone started to ring 👀

    92. SAN'RI

      Tbh I'm really don't expect that happyend 😃👍

    93. Eight Kills One Move Sword-Master

      I was waiting for the "pop" sound of logging off after he got the gold hahah

    94. 4XPEHOBO4

      The title reminds me of davie successfully pretending to be a girl

    95. Panday - PUBG MOBILE

      Huh this ending is realistic.

    96. ayan mal

      I do that on pubg when I'm 10 ha ha and ha ok and I say I will give you the royal pass and I leave

    97. maro


    98. dyblesss


    99. SnorlaxRae

      Met my hubs way back in EverQuest 1. Been together over a decade and still play MMOs.

    100. ĐT FAMI

      Its.... look gay