When you've not eaten in a while - Hangry

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    Adam hasn't had a meal in a few hours and it is completely changing his personality... he's getting a bit hangry
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    1. Paton Cavaney


    2. Volume Up

      So Snicker's ad in a nutshell

    3. stubbsys

      That Gollum-esque run was perfect

    4. Diog

      I love how Adam is always calm and yet this time it is a monstrous and hungry beast

    5. Anthony Martell

      I expected Rowan to smile nod and still say that Adam was going to get a pay cut.

    6. DrPure

      They wete all wrong, the Doritos were there to suppress Adam, he is just too powerful for them

    7. nethrelm

      ✋😐 I'm like that too. If I'm hangry I'll bite your freaking head off for saying hello to me.

    8. James Bacon

      "Your not yourself when your hungry."

    9. Leon kTelos

      it happens to me all time :'D

    10. Douglas Catling

      He actually did that four-legged run really well!

    11. Ezel Bayraktar

      ROWAN: Normal Passive-Agressif Manager. /AdAm: Common Shop Keeper (person with a Childs mind )/ALan: Real Psycho (when the shop closed...) But generally good person./Ellie:MAKE A GOOD TEA OR ELSE !!!!

    12. Camden Dortzbach

      I wouldn't want to get in between Adam and his Doritos

    13. All-rounder Alex

      Adam is Lil wierd but I like his smile

    14. Anguis Gaming

      We all know how Adam eats now

    15. Giyu Tomioka

      Me in a nutshell when I see my brother

    16. Cheese poofs8

      This was like a creature documentary

    17. larr Larr

      I like how they take turns freaking out on eachother

    18. Jerry Green

      So here's staff to feed Now I wanna see Rowan's family to pay

    19. JXO Gaming

      1:43 he looks damn cool and sexy ladies your missing out No homo Btw

    20. Артем Медведев


    21. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    22. Boris Gleichmann

      What if Rowan is just always hangry and thats why hes such a donghead

    23. Joshua Carrillo

      Hahahahah he breathes SO heavily when he's eating! 🤣

    24. Roshan Naik

      I wanna visit theses play tech store once 😂😂😂

    25. LENTOR

      It's me

    26. Nacho Fajita

      I always get cravings when they show Rowan opening a bag of Doritos and just pour to the bowl.. I want some Doritos

    27. csn69 Gaming

      Rowan finally got told off by someone

    28. CabbageFiles

      "...and here we see the wild Adam in his natural habitat. Such grace. Such majesty. Such.... OH MY GOD HE'S DEVOURED THAT BOWL OF DORITOS! MAGNIFICENT! Such a rare sight."

    29. puggerthemugger

      Let it be known that there will always be a clip of Adam eating Doritos for a dog bowl

    30. Metal Spork


    31. Son of Sanguinius

      Your not you when your hungry

    32. KrazyKiwi

      Sooo the real reason Rowan is a dick, is because he's constantly hangry?

    33. Ved Arovski

      This would be better if it was a snickers ad.

    34. Hollow 666

      Adam stop being a Rowan and have your snickers your not you when your hungry..........R.I.P

    35. Bin Hong


    36. killer freddy

      Ah a good ending i like that alot

    37. RestlessHarp

      The epic slow motion at the end! :D :D

    38. Sly Ngn

      And here I thought this was going to be a Snicker's commercial.

    39. AlexWasFaked

      This could have been the perfect snickers ad

    40. Kuba K

      1:23 he is moving like falsesoldiers((type of mutated humans)I don't know their names in english language) from stalker

    41. SooEasy

      "did you remember to feed adam" lmfao haha

    42. Moist nugget

      Adam is the true Voracious Quake

    43. Abin Joseph

      Have some Snickers

    44. kkquick500

      that slide! pog

    45. cthrekgoru

      Maybe he is just getting bowl of Doritos everyday instead of payment...

    46. general elmiral

      am i the only one who understood that the name is a combination of hungry and angry? (probably not idk)

    47. Natura Z Polski

      I feel him. When I'm hungry I'm pissed off like hell

    48. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for eatin', ain't it? Hu huh

    49. Diannika Starr

      Yay! Puppy Adam!

    50. Man

      he needs a snicker

    51. Backlog Knight

      Hey does anyone know the song that plays at the very end with the slow-motion?

      1. Backlog Knight

        Nevermind! Found it! Hunger, Thirst by Johannes Bornlöf

    52. Stealth Attack

      I was expecting him to do a GOLLUM after reaching the dish lol

    53. Jay Kay

      Okay, this is frickin' gold, I did not expect the feeding bowl.

    54. zuzzone gelataro

      1:30 how to eat a piuuuusssey

    55. Brykicide

      Don't forget to feed your adam

    56. Runaway Riot

      I relate to this

    57. Deeyan

      I haven't had such a great laugh in a long time

    58. Jak

      Im hangy right NOW

    59. Prime Gaming

      Rowan : I've got a staff to Feed and a Family to pay Now I know why 🤣

    60. Ben Farrar

      I did NOT see that dog twist coming

    61. Red T

      Eat a Snickers you get a little bit angry when you're hungry You're not you when you're hungry

    62. Beetlejuice2959

      I just love how he empties the contents of doritoes into a dog bowl for him to eat - funny episode lol

    63. quality content

      After seeing this i still think adam is the only 1 thats sane in the series

    64. Shelby Thebes

      That slo-mo was amazing

    65. Hap Hoppy

      I thought this was gonna be a snickers commercial

    66. Denzil Rodrigues

      Hangry Adam vs Broken Alan vs VERY pissed off Rowan, i'd like to see that fight happen

    67. Po-Acé Sua-Coche

      Dunno why but I like "bad mood Adam"

    68. No.

      Snickers missed a great chance to sponsor this

    69. [es]sorath 666

      It's a surprise Rowan doesn't tell back at him

    70. Critanis Oris

      Adam's eating skills are fckn savage!

    71. Ильяс Жанкашев

      It's almost the ad of Snickers

    72. Alex Mort

      And once again Adam is my labby dog.

    73. Dutchman Callypso

      "Jesus you f**king idiot"...and Rowan just sits there...🤣🤣🤣 Had me in tears, love you guys🤣🤣 This is also me, every shift two hours before lunch

    74. Felipe Arantes


    75. Sarthak Sharma

      I can work with such employees all day

    76. boby blobfish


    77. Bryan Park

      The real reason Adam gets and deserves all the shit!

    78. blackwolf085

      This is EXACTLY how it is with me and my hypoglycemia and my husband.

    79. Fitzula's Reviews

      this feels like a snickers commercial

    80. LiquidEcho 32

      lmfao! wtf the funny shit i have seen in viva la dirt league,. this video made my day.

    81. Adam monic

      Damn it like a pet

    82. Tom Sayer


    83. Jock McBile

      How do you NOT give that man, something to drink too?

    84. Molon Labe

      To be far to Adam those looked like doritos

    85. Artificial Insolence

      You're not you when you're hungry *Snickers* Get some nuts

    86. Tenma

      you're not yourself when you're hungry. eat a snickers.

    87. dydhdg dujddh


    88. Rizky Nurdika Ardiansyah

      Looks like snicker commercial 😂

    89. Kira Lis39

      Фу, он ладонями пробежался по полу, а потом вытер их об волосы и рот -_- мерзость

    90. DRAGO_ CV

      In short, He is being a rowan.

    91. A.

      1:21 So much hidden talent in one man

    92. Cute and Fluffy Pikachu

      This was really helpful at least I know what food to get if I get myself an Alan in the future 👍🏻👍🏻🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    93. shaabin muhammed zaheen

      i am too related to dis

    94. Ismail Alizade

      I feel this, when I am hangry it is horrible))Love the videos

    95. Frank Rizzo

      Great 4 legged running!! Sizzle chest!!

    96. boy221958

      This is the best Ad for Doritos

    97. beng98

      it could be dorritos commercial:D

    98. Jack Cleary

      I would have found this a lot funnier if Rowan gave Adam a snickers and said you’re not you when you’re hungry

    99. Cupropituvanso Draco

      There is so much in the video that I can fully understand. ^^