When you've not eaten in a while - Hangry

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    Adam hasn't had a meal in a few hours and it is completely changing his personality... he's getting a bit hangry
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    1. Beetlejuice2959

      I just love how he empties the contents of doritoes into a dog bowl for him to eat - funny episode lol

    2. Drew Kestrel

      Just don't feed him after midnight...

    3. quality content

      After seeing this i still think adam is the only 1 thats sane in the series

    4. Shelby Thebes

      That slo-mo was amazing

    5. Hap Hoppy

      I thought this was gonna be a snickers commercial

    6. Denzil Rodrigues

      Hangry Adam vs Broken Alan vs VERY pissed off Rowan, i'd like to see that fight happen

    7. Po-Acé Sua-Coche

      Dunno why but I like "bad mood Adam"

    8. No.

      Snickers missed a great chance to sponsor this

    9. [es]sorath 666

      It's a surprise Rowan doesn't tell back at him

    10. Critanis Oris

      Adam's eating skills are fckn savage!

    11. Ильяс Жанкашев

      It's almost the ad of Snickers

    12. Alex Mort

      And once again Adam is my labby dog.

    13. Dutchman Callypso

      "Jesus you f**king idiot"...and Rowan just sits there...🤣🤣🤣 Had me in tears, love you guys🤣🤣 This is also me, every shift two hours before lunch

    14. Felipe Arantes


    15. Sarthak Sharma

      I can work with such employees all day

    16. boby blobfish


    17. Bryan Park

      The real reason Adam gets and deserves all the shit!

    18. blackwolf085

      This is EXACTLY how it is with me and my hypoglycemia and my husband.

    19. Fitzula's gaming and reviews

      this feels like a snickers commercial

    20. LiquidEcho 32

      lmfao! wtf the funny shit i have seen in viva la dirt league,. this video made my day.

    21. Adam rowan

      Damn it like a pet

    22. Tom Sayer


    23. Jock McBile

      How do you NOT give that man, something to drink too?

    24. Molon Labe

      To be far to Adam those looked like doritos

    25. Artificial Insolence

      You're not you when you're hungry *Snickers* Get some nuts

    26. Tenma

      you're not yourself when you're hungry. eat a snickers.

    27. dydhdg dujddh


    28. Rizky Nurdika Ardiansyah

      Looks like snicker commercial 😂

    29. Kira Lis39

      Фу, он ладонями пробежался по полу, а потом вытер их об волосы и рот -_- мерзость

    30. DRAGO_ CV

      In short, He is being a rowan.

    31. A.

      1:21 So much hidden talent in one man

    32. Cute and Fluffy Pikachu

      This was really helpful at least I know what food to get if I get myself an Alan in the future 👍🏻👍🏻🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    33. shaabin muhammed zaheen

      i am too related to dis

    34. Ismail Alizade

      I feel this, when I am hangry it is horrible))Love the videos

    35. Frank Rizzo

      Great 4 legged running!! Sizzle chest!!

    36. boy221958

      This is the best Ad for Doritos

    37. beng98

      it could be dorritos commercial:D

    38. Infinitegun361

      I would have found this a lot funnier if Rowan gave Adam a snickers and said you’re not you when you’re hungry

    39. Cupropituvanso Draco

      There is so much in the video that I can fully understand. ^^

    40. Sricharan V

      love to see the bloopers for that one

    41. seth tiyok

      I'm really amazed how only minimum amount of Dorito residue is on his facial hair there. I have less and even after eating it carefully and properly... I always end up getting a dusty mustache/beard.

    42. Floyd Jenkins

      Damn i wish i had adams hair 😕

    43. Tarun

      Oh this is why you said in the discount video "I've got staff to feed I've got family to pay". Makes sense now

    44. CallOfPewdy

      Why no one is saying that he ate about 6 potato chips and he is not hungry anymore..

    45. Crazyeights

      That explains why some of my coworkers have bad days everyday. Just a little hangry.

    46. Trailblazer Lazer Razer :D

      I get depressed and achy when I forget to eat for long periods of time 😅🤣. This made my situation not seem so bad in retrospect. I was almost expecting something like a Snickers Commercial when I saw the word Hangry 🤣🤣🤣

    47. Han D Handerson

      I think Adam's glorious run on all 4's doesn't get enough praise as it should. The coordination and rithm is impeccable and it's a miracle he didn't smash his face on the floor or the table at that high speed.

      1. Nihel P


    48. QwertyMAN Games


    49. Zach Murray

      Just eat the shipment like a normal person

    50. Aaron Abbott

      I love that Adam is getting more "in charge" in some of these skits.

    51. Calvin

      I love the slowmo at the end when Adam is sliding toward his food. Pure finesse.

    52. Matthew Burchfield

      Doritos! Yum yum

    53. Alden G

      I feel this.

    54. Vornalph

      I feel you, Adam. Also, I like the attitude Adam, he's less of a beta male.

    55. Jono Twomey

      your not you when your hungry

    56. Martyn Currill

      All I could think was, "Adam's hair is so bushy and soft..." But great video guys 😁

    57. καυλι καυλι

      Did you just do the fucking snickers bit?

    58. Santiago Sánchez Gómez


    59. Süleyman Yasin K.

      Adam'ı bu kadar ezmeyin videolarda hehehe -Adam'a destek ❤️

    60. Enekyo

      "you're not you when you're hungry. Snickers really satisfies."

    61. Matthias Johns

      "Did you remember to feed Adam".. Killed me. Freaking flawless!

    62. Thirst Fast

      is, Is USA just hangry? No, no..... they're so fat..... So maybe hangry? .... no ...... no they're just f "

    63. Nagito Komaeda

      1:20 to 1:25 are the best seconds i have used just to see a human walk like an animal.

    64. StudioLinkSketchit

      Did you remember to feed Adam? Like he's a pet to them lol

    65. Ev Adamı

      It's me!

    66. NaturalOne

      I'm surprised Rowan isn't strangling Adam after his sass.

    67. 齐天语

      am I watching a snickers commercial but instead of snickers it is Doritos?

    68. Markinator 9000

      1:20 I wonder how many takes that took?

    69. Master Tejas

      Can we take a moment to appreciate the commitment that he puts into the videos

    70. DONKAGE!

      I can only imagine the amount of takes the shot at 1:20 must've taken haha

    71. Shrek The Onion

      Did you feed Adam?

    72. Brendan Rickey

      Ahhh.. I remember my first Doritos.

    73. Ayden.Jaacob

      This would've been perfect for a snickers ad

    74. Fallen

      My dog when it hears me filling up a bowl of dog food: 1:20

    75. Zach of All Trades

      All I want is outtakes because I know he ate shit at least once trying to gallop.

    76. Habib Alam

      Hands down the best character

    77. Bean

      1:43 Phwoar, that hair.

    78. Arvin Singh

      Hangry Grab a Snickers

    79. The Roman Network

      Why does Rowan care? It’s weird and it’s freaking me out

    80. Jungle Berry

      why the hell every comment section there is some guy or other making joke on nice day for blah blah blah ain't it huh huh and vldl keeps liking and commenting them well i dont saw this comment section so tell me if there is any

    81. Kimberly Norman

      You’re not you when your hungry.

    82. Bowtee _Onyx Gear

      Bruh thats totally me

    83. кто-то

      Feed Adam ahahahah

    84. MR Otakai gaming

      i never like bored series

    85. Mediados

      That must have been pretty uncomfortable with that beard

    86. Gruber

      Mom: guests are gone Me 1:22

    87. Lara

      "Did you remember to feed Adam?" Lol

    88. Nocturnal Rites

      The Doritos in the dog food bowl -- priceless.

    89. mad zak

      Хахаха ))))

    90. Panda三さん

      Wait . . They get fed?? I wanna work there

    91. Kyle Foster

      Adam and I react to chips in the same way

    92. Denis Arabinka

      Wow,that dog run! Adam is so feral,no wonder that girl from the episode with him being a badass fell for the man. Wow,wait,his hair,his animalistic sexual energy... he's the Wolverine!

    93. duck god


    94. CapREX77

      The music piece at 2:04 is called Hunger, Thirst by Johannes Bornlöf. Just in case anyone cares.

    95. melvin fernandez

      Hahaha at least Adam gets to have a free meal....

    96. Rishabh Ranjan

      "...I've got staff to feed, families to pay..."

    97. Aaron Green


    98. David Stockdale

      "Did you remember to feed Adam?"

    99. Edgar Machado

      Who agrees that Adam looks like Keanu Reeves