The temptation of loot in Tarkov - Seduction

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    Come to me.... my precious....
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    1. 7hatGuy

      You guys should spam videos about desync. Since it’s absolutely horrible!

    2. Richard Hardslab

      Got my first FastMT by putting a round through a looter's ear at night time on Customs

    3. Лев Андропов

      Как же жизненно

    4. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    5. Зовутка Безземельный

      Шмот у вас в реале крутой, парни. Надо бы облутать.

    6. Ikmalreza 1998

      Ahh in any game.

    7. LegitimateCockroach

      Cmon! He had at least a backpack and a bottle of watah! Thats a nice ltl looot

    8. Red T

      🎶The loot lust takes you over and there's nothing I can do I start to raise your body but the timer is to slow I just have to go🎶😆

    9. mcdls5

      I haven't be seduced in YEARS! LONG FUCKING YEARS.

    10. Charlatan

      This reminds me of rust so much it hurts

    11. Egotistical Idiot

      I feel this in dark souls

    12. Lorenz Weber

      I actually expected a third person to show up and go through the same mental struggle whether to loot the obvious trap

    13. Semi Beautifstron


    14. FitzChivalryFarseer2

      Huh looks like EFT has the same maps as PUBG

    15. gaming ayaan

      It feels like the Harry Potter .

    16. Злой Хомяк

      АХахаха жадность она такая

    17. ButlerPointer

      Love this on factory, you find a literal pile of bodies, observe for a few seconds, check the corners and walk around, see no one and lie down to loot. And to your fucking surprise, one of them wasn't dead and was indeed already looting, so he proceeds to stand up and shoot your ass.

    18. True Bias

      *sees body* Me: I'm just gonna check his pockets, that's fast I'll be fine... *End of Raid screen*

    19. Boyfriend Wannabe

      0:02 Every necrophiliac 👁️👄👁️ 👀 👅

    20. Максим Давыдов

      need more tarkov)

    21. Martencell

      I would probably hide somewhere near the corpse and see if anyone is going to loot it then I'll loot it myself

    22. odins1337

      Worth it

    23. Егор Пименов

      Вы прям хорошо показали этот момент :)

    24. Airazen 1330

      Hello can you give in your video subtitle indonesia

    25. джонни

      🤣🤣🤣вот и полутался

    26. Lucian Alexa

      Wow ! Surprisingly accurate ! :P gj guys

    27. God Like

      do more tarkov videos please

    28. Kevin Liu

      This is why I am afraid of looting. I've lost so much loot this way.

    29. TocTeplv

      Haha lol so true

    30. SakhaUoll

      И збесь казахи...

    31. The gamers of a Lifetime

      Nope not a new viewer or subscriber

    32. DEN MIR

      Ну зато ты немножко прокачал поиск xd)

    33. Dan Danzelov


    34. NVIDIA ru


    35. SimonSmith

      Русские тут?)

    36. M• Clown Killer

      CR7 Show’s his Workout Routine!! 👉

    37. FuzzyTruffle The 3rd

      should have had another player show up to do the same thing lol

    38. FORWARD

      What is tarkov

    39. KeLdor 13

      Я бы в обратную сторону побежал от такого шёпота

    40. AC Fake

      the lord of the.ring

    41. bozarme bozarme

      А вдруг у него там красная карта в рюкзаке?)

    42. Simon

      hahah xD

    43. Harley Tuleja

      Ya'll need to invest in some ushanka hats and some fake mustaches for your tarkov skits.

    44. Alan


    45. Miles Prower

      Hey here is a tip to not shoot or startle each other, buy armbands, you can get armbands from Ragman.

    46. mami khiangte

      Loot is a temptation that i cannot go pass

    47. 24岁是学生

      yea that's me, a dead rat.

    48. kraanz

      Whoa, wtf. They didn't beg for money. What the hell? They do it after EVERY vid, but not this time. What happened?

    49. Myyra

      When you hear hear a slight sound so you spent the next 10 minutes (without moving/making a sound) trying to listen and are too scared to move. You move only after you realize that it's just a random scav that just spawned next to you. Or when you are walking and suddenly you hear extra step, but at the same time the other footsteps stops because he heard you as well. Or otherwise panicking at every extra sound your here while playing.

    50. CheatPeru

      0:38 Caspa :'v

    51. Богдан Репинский

      Больше роликов по таркову!)

    52. DTRaiden

      He's like Golum and every bit of loot is his one ring.

    53. Arghyadeep Das

      I wonder who did the whispering things

    54. Vladan Janković

      Looks better in 360° 😂

    55. qistina_

      Now, do another same one, but you survive because you've proned to loot and played dead when you hear footsteps nearby.

    56. cat gamer

      hello I love your videos they are brothers, I am from Argentina

    57. Kjeld Larsen


    58. Wayne Dotson

      One body to trap them body to haunt body to kill them two bodies, let's flaunt them!

    59. Pedro_Nunes_BR

      Where are the Warzone Logic videos?

    60. Jonathan Lebon

      You missed the sniper watching the bodies..going to loot the kill and gets killed by a counter body camper (player scav).

    61. Paulo Simeon

      What happebed you guys used to say that this channel will always be a starcraft channel. But now there is not a single sign of starcraft😔

    62. sudev mohan

      Does anyone knows about gw2 why no one ever creates videos on gw2

    63. Trafford Petitt

      Play war zone together on twitch please

    64. Gaming YT

    65. Gaming YT

    66. trivason

      Always love ur videos it alwyas makes us viewers entertained. I wish u all the best, keep on uploading. Love u guys and God Bless😄❤❤❤❤

    67. Александр Чухлебов

      ТРЕБУЮ Русскую озвучку

    68. Durga Nepali

      Bro please NPC. VS. PUBG

    69. SAMIGOX

      Hey pls make some PUBG vids

    70. itswillb420

      are you gonna do anymore pubg skits

    71. righteousham

      The way he fell after the kill shot was legit really good. Falling like that can hurt.

    72. Mark Riley

      Sometimes I wonder if I should even get the game lol sounds like a pain in the ass...

    73. James Hall

      Me in pretty much every game of Tarkov

    74. Sven Schneider

      Love your work! Keep it up! Greetings from Switzerland!

    75. JonnyTeronni

      I'm more like: "I really shouldn't.... oh it!"

    76. llamacado

      Hilarious vid but also....alans beard is glorious

    77. Mobile Game

      I also play a pubg

    78. Major Tom

      OMG the quality in these sketches is top tier! Keep up the good work guys. You have a fan in me for life

    79. RIZECEK

      Make call of duty warzone logic :D

    80. ЭвМ - Эффект в Массы

      I thought he would have an angel and a demon on his shoulders to convince him. But that's good, too. EFT developers promised the possibility of mining corpses. That's where it's going to hurt.

    81. Ben Dover

      Adam - the king of falls.

    82. Bogdan Landzhev

      You should have started with. Oohh body. And he's got a vest...I don't have a vest.

    83. MJ JOKER

      I'm indian pubg exe funny video #MJJOKER

    84. MJ JOKER

      Big fan sar

    85. Yokai Clothing

      I love your videos so much am a new fan :D

    86. Leeum Godfrey

      This channel is so underrated.

    87. Ivan Hernandez

      Kind of saw that coming when the shots were going, but I liked it either way, still entertaining.

    88. Aekusso

      Necrophiles be like:

    89. ThrustFrom Behind

      You know Autogenerated English works pretty well here

    90. Happy Fun Times

      OMG! I just found yall's Starcraft stuff from like 2012, Hilarious!!

    91. ozcar tadeo 29

      The loot wants to return with his master

    92. Karloka

      My tarkov raid: Sees a dead body with op lott in the open as a hatchling rushes to the body prones loots it Guy walks towardd the body with a ak doesnt notice me because i am prone Me: Eliminates and extracts

    93. Kwalski Adrenaline

      This HUgets channel's CGIs are better than Bollywood (my country's cinema)

    94. tom sowyer

      У вас классно получается. Удачи!И спасибо за контент.Лайк и подписка.

    95. domo mitsune

      Hilarious, a Lord of the Rings meme with the one ring. You even threw in Golems voice. This game is still too screwed up for me to play. So you have fun with the parodies!🤣

      1. Sebastian Kronberg

        How's it screwed up in your opinion?

    96. Sersara

      more eft!

    97. rebeldann !

      I wanna play this game bad lol

    98. Glen Senecal

      I guess Adam still has lot lust

    99. Pablo Choke Torramorell

      Wait, what kind of PUBG is this sh*t?

    100. Brandon Connellan

      The temptation of loot can occur in any game, for example just this morning I was playing my hardcore minecraft world and found 11 diamonds instead of returning to base to build better armour I decided to carry on exploring for more, while searching for more loot I got jumped by a creeper, I managed to block the explosion with my sheild but there was another behind me that finished me off.