Cleaning up after PUBG games - Janitor

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    Ever wonder who cleans up after YOUR mess??
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    1. 황오현

      Wait....Its all janitor? Always has been

    2. martin Fabinagi

      Plot Twist Janitor: "It's a-me, Mario! Thank you so much for playing my game!"

    3. Black Hat

      Viscera Clean Up Detail, anyone?

    4. John Khaiel Lalawigan

      I wonder what song they used. I like that lively music.

    5. Reaper Creeps

      I’d like to see a janitor try to clean up doom lol

    6. Bull Sharkowski

      He's hiding behind every blocked door 😂😂😂😂😂

    7. pulli23

      Is that rowan's alter ego from bored? Rodney? I wonder what happened to him anyways?

    8. Anurag ghadi

      pubg is dead now

    9. Raziel Kayn

      & then they all died from asbestos poisoning.. 😏

    10. Gameroo_ YT

      If this is how you scatter loot around the map, i hate u Rowan

    11. Hustada

      This felt very 80’s for some reason.

    12. Gon

      Janitor works for the guys who clean up bodies from the John Wick movies

    13. Llew KaMiamos

      It's so Awesome that VLDL has access to all these great derelict sites which make for some fantastic arenas!

    14. Muradif Lacic

      So that is where all the chicken comes from

    15. the toxicguy

      0:20 gives back memories The... the holy *FLIP FLAP* 1:01 the custom gun

    16. Tiago Toledo

      Sensacional hahahah

    17. Nick Sparrow Studios

      So just the average American School Janitor, gotchu ;)

    18. Epic Clips

      No wonder I enter a hardcore match only to find out that rowan forgot to load the first rounds into my akm

    19. Yan 30

      That video is a brilliant idea. 👌👍

    20. Rjay Almedora

      The silent hero..

    21. Luqman 1221

      I like how energy drink is pepsi

    22. Сергей

      Oh, i remember similar Mortal Kombat clip

    23. flyingseaweed

      Random ass thing I noticed but the room they are recording this in is the same one that was used in Ash vs. Evil Dead S2:E8 holy shit lol

    24. JustSaiyanXD

      The PUBG Janitor is a lot like the Easter bunny, or tooth fairy. Lol

    25. James Patches

      So this is where Rodney went to!

    26. King of Dragons

      so what about all the other houses ?

    27. Eugene Clayton

      This actually looks like an awesome game/game mechanic concept

    28. Jerome Williams

      So thats what behind the doors that don't open 🤔 lol

    29. Tom Bard

      I want this to be turned into a game!

    30. Troll Dad Thinking

      Nice use of the "Flip Flapping" dance there, seriously are we getting Flip Flapping merch?

    31. JAMCastillo1

      Lol, the pink gun returns 🤣

    32. HanCrane

      So its janitor who does all that.

    33. No Hacks

      You should make the uzi his favorite and that's why it is so abundant

    34. Daniel Queiroz

      The real MVP

    35. Finn200 Gaming

      Good wholesome janitors, They should all get a raise for this hardwork.

    36. Ryan Zammit

      Janitor should have said : Ouuu whaat do we have heeeereee...

      1. BT production

        Yea so true

    37. Uneek_Spazz

      10/10 original 💡

    38. kojindan

      New Viscera Cleanup Detail level?

    39. BirtThe Intern

      I know I am late to the party but I am really disappointed rowan didn't stuff the closet with uzi's

    40. MadDnD



      *Can we apretiate the cameraman who records all these deaths every match?*

    42. Ryan Hammond

      What are you doing here

    43. Antichew

      nice to see rodney get a new job

    44. Sara Coulson

      You look so cute in that uniform! Rawr

    45. Faluken

      This should be an actual feature lol. A blue hologram man cleaning up your mess when you kill someone in the game.

    46. Michael Hamm

      I like to imagine there is one janitor for every building and they get a kickback when someone who starts in their building wins.

    47. Chadx M

      a bloody cleaning detail

    48. Si HMY

      Opp 🔥

    49. Ajai Vamsi

      MR BEAN!!!

    50. Артём Козлов

      what was it like to star in Avatar (2009)?

    51. Dismerto

      Give him 5 bucks he will tell you where the next package will be

    52. Kewlausgirl

      I really liked this. Pretty amusing idea! Although I would have liked to see the janitor cleaning up, and Adam runs into the room while the janitor is just finishing with the room. The janitor freaks that he's left it so late to leave. And says "oh sorry, sorry! Just a minute." Puts the last bit of ammo down then just goes out through the door and closes it behind him. Alan comes in and goes to Adam... 'What? Did you see someone?' Adam goes ..."yes..? I think so? Im not sure what I just saw" Rowan runs in going "come on guys don't just stand there! Get the stuff and get going!!" Grabs ammo and runs on to the next room. Alan tells Adam to forget about it and 'come on!'. Adam goes and checks the door he saw the janitor go through. Nothing. "Wait for my guys" and runs off after them.

    53. Kewlausgirl

      Rowan is good at making that dumb/daft face lol. Love it xD

    54. Michael Denison

      Mad respect for custodial workers, the real MVPs.

    55. Gema D

      So that's why the game start from above. It's give janitor time to finish thier job

    56. The Halfrican

      This dude walks an entire island every day cleaning up 99 corpses. Give him a raise pls.

    57. Ze Gucci Pineapple

      I like how he’s doing the flip flap 0:20

    58. buddyltd

      The Flim-Flam returned!

    59. ArchAngel121996

      just imangen that there was like 100 dinkle dorks in pubge just cleaning the battlefield

    60. ArchAngel121996

      all hail dinkle dork

    61. David Heyworth

      Viscera Cleanup Detail....

    62. Ferdi Şirin

      Ooohhh now thats why theres some unopenable doors in some houses in Pubg

    63. Cancer Sauce

      This is way funnier when you're actually a Janitor

    64. Saint Antonius

      Plot twist: The devs just using some kind of codes to reset the map each time.

    65. Crated

      I loved how he was mimicking Mr. Bean

    66. Adventure & Craft

      Приятно видеть что грабитель решил заняться честным трудом!☺️

    67. Dana Raven

      Now we knooooow 🤣

    68. krismikewill

      Well done ✔

    69. SkylerGaming 626

      No wonder why some door can't be open The janitors are waiting behind them

    70. Nerd Made

      This was so good. I loved the music!

    71. Zero Flak

      Unh flip flap

    72. Orval Ritchie

      Does he only show up on the 7th at 7?

    73. Majora's Covid Mask

      Do people still play this game? I haven't heard mention of it in quite a while.

    74. David Jackson

      Hey another awesome video thanks! Would love to see a video on automatic commands. Like group up at my pos, i need healing, and attack with me

    75. Александр Морозов

      теперь понятно, почему иногда в некоторых местах лута нет, он просто не успевает

    76. Son Of Sanguinius

      Always good to see rodney in a video! lmao

    77. Crev

      100k VLDL points for that dub, Daaaaaang

    78. Dquinn106

      Yay I was hoping it would do the little jump cuts while he was cleaning this little affect makes me very happy

    79. Eric Friesen

      Sometimes the janitor forgets to put any guns back on the floor

    80. Mike J

      I love how there's no dialog but they're still telling a story.

    81. Captain Pothead

      I always wondered why you couldnt get in some doors.

    82. Raistlin Smits

      Not only does he CLEANUP, but he SETS-UP too?!? He's too good for us!

    83. Fredddy

      What if I find this room with the dead bodies in the next game?

    84. Dirty Dish

      Wreck it Ralph stops in to help from time to time.

    85. Mateus Fontenelle

      viscera cleanup in a nutshell

    86. Death Dealer

      So this explains why I sometimes find bad loot . Here I thought it was bad RNG .

    87. Skull Bardics

      This was an excuse to get rowan to clean wasnt it

    88. isak oskal

      This is why 60 second lobby waiting times cant be removed

    89. TheCrystalCrow

      I loved Viscera Cleanup Detail, need to play some more of that.

    90. thephilguy1

      Top 10 anime crossovers: Rodney from Bored makes an appearance in PUBG.

    91. Ghost Devil

      This is actually behind the scenes of PUBG 👌👌👌

    92. Maxwell C.A. Bloomer

      you should do this for tarkov

    93. Tuscani J

      Glad to see Adam’s gun with a paint job got at least a bit of use. >.< Did the PlayTech janitor have to pick up a part time job now, damn times are indeed rough right now.

    94. Maria Christi


    95. Ben&Yvonne McKenzie

      This needs to be loading screen between rounds lol

    96. eddiebruv

      That’s like a school janitor in Chicago!

    97. HkdimaGaming

      The ump with the 9mm bullets 😂

    98. lostgemini2000

      I'll remember to thank the janitor crew when I get into a room with everything I need. I know he'll be looking through a crack of the door and a smile on his face