Being robbed by your friend - Friend Robbery

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    David is having more job problems and needs from money from Adam... but it's a bit awkward being robbed by your best friend.
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    1. Free Speech

      Wow I just relized that Rowan can be seen in the background before Adam best friend ask politely for Adam wallet.

    2. gibs davidson

      its ben the imposter😍😍😍😍

    3. Shawn aaron Guerra

      That looked like canadian money actually

    4. kolin Iuli

      Anyone notice that rowan was there the whole time you see him at 1:55

    5. DanielaChris

      Adam will soon earn a place in a row with Mel Gibson, Keanu Reeves and RDJ, with him dramatically suffering in every episode. Great job

    6. PinHard Gaming

      was that CANADIAN MONEY ? Those are totally Canadian 20s

    7. NSX 青柳

      I really hate this character

    8. Bob The Builder

      This hits close to home... in Portland.

    9. Elorond Elrond

      Someone tell me the name of the music at the very beginning, please.

    10. singsang95

      I like how u can see Rowan stocking shelves and not caring at all 1:54

    11. suva huang

      Need more videos with David!

    12. Gabriel Stephens

      Am I the only one laughing at the fact that hes holding the "weapon" differently every frame?

    13. Vixey Teh

      Adam hands him like $500 "it's like 80 dollars"

    14. PG Plays Video Games

      Ben is smarter about it. That 500$ coupon was amazing

    15. Derpy_Seal

      I love how these videos are awkward as possible :3

    16. Thatboii52


    17. LB Tech

      David legit acts like a Psychopath.

    18. St. Ghost

      Man! The one who play the robber is ugly af. TBH

    19. Anubis

      imagin living in a country where this was how robberies were comited. America sucks.

    20. ZiPPo

      No man i absolutely don't want to be your best friend's guy's 🤣

    21. Josh Lewis

      I really need Adam to gain a backbone soon, these last few episodes with David have been infuriating

    22. Nitroplpl

      only i thought he will move back? :D

    23. Glen Sangalang

      I havent seen that guy since the pubg vid lol

    24. Dante Deloach

      Hamish is in the new tacobell ad😂

    25. matty cefai

      "I'm just trying to rob you and you're guilt tripping me". Gosh Adam why would you do that. Must of had a good day to be left with $80. According to prototype Ben 😉 playtech keeps $500 in the till

    26. Carcajou

      "Description of the robber?" "No mask, garden gloves and a garden tool"

    27. KNOWARE

      Oh shit... David needs to go down

    28. Levi Powell

      He’s standing on the other side of the counter with his arm fully extended. A child could disarm him

    29. Untamed Artifact


    30. mark bomback

      I wanna see another robbery one but with Rowan being Rowan and scaring the dude off or something else to your creation

    31. DarkStarFuri

      I feel like the punchline should have been something like, "So, we still on for this weekend?" "Sure, see you there"

    32. Corey

      That hairstyle is amazing.

    33. Jason Lowe

      I love David's roles

    34. Michael Nicholson

      Yep. I hate David.

    35. webassasin

      He is not that good of an actor guys,come on. He is a shitty character,not a good actor. I do not care for him,never did.

    36. Anthony Stovall

      Just stopped by here to say I believe I saw David in a Taco Bell commercial

    37. pendragen

      should have ended with him going back to casual convo "so how's your day been mate?"

    38. D 5

      I dispose Hamish!!!!! That dude's a damn good actor!!!

    39. t newfie

      Was that Canadian money or are they just very very similar

    40. Entrope

      Great to see davids actor again!

    41. MickeyNZ

      Their KIWIS?

    42. paladin181

      To be fair, 6 months of Adam's pay was not enough to last 2 weeks.

    43. Naufal Yasin

      I am waithing the supervisor will came

    44. Yize Dai

      Please make more video including David, plz!!!

    45. Yize Dai

      David is so awesome, I'm his fans now

    46. thud93factory

      This character is so annoying. In the future I hope to see him suffer.

    47. João Pedro Mateus Pena Teixeira

      Adam I love you!!! You are the real thing!! Your life will get bigger and better!! We support you 💕!

    48. Fate Breaker

      He is a perfect psychopath

    49. ma2ci

      I really hate that new guy (his character)

    50. Xander Younger

      He still had that punchable face though... Rowan where were you?

    51. Алексей Marksin

      He turns arond this fork on any switch between cameras

    52. TheTerranscout

      Dude, just fix his car again lol

    53. Josef Fiala

      Rowan comes in: Did you judt give that guy 80 dollsrs? Adam: It was a robbery Rowan: You are getting a massive paycut.

    54. Chris G


    55. DJ DAVIS

      I think I just saw the one with glasses and the black beard and hair in a Taco Bell add (not Adam)

    56. Adam

      somebody needs to confiscate the bowls that dude uses to give himself a hair cut.

    57. Rasleigh Gaw

      These videos are really saddening I don't know why you make these ones in particular.

    58. Starblursd

      oh God..... David finds the white shirt

    59. Starblursd

      David vs Ben

    60. Melanrick

      When your best friend is a psychopath lol

    61. powerlinkers

      the evil character

    62. G Cential

      Did David already blow through his quesalupa money?

    63. Caker Baby

      That guy’s not a very good friend

    64. vegeta

      eeeeeeeeee i really hate this new guy

    65. Ricker’s Homestead A Hobby Farm

      I saw David in a Taco Bell Commercial last night.

    66. JeremySolo

      Did I just see this guy in a Taco Bell commercial??

    67. Gabriel Chavarria

      Adam needs to be cast as Luigi asap.

    68. Pajcho King

      Rowan and David got pretty much the same personality, but not the same feeling. For instance, when Rowan makes an appearance, you hate him but you love him at the same time, because he's funny. But this "David" guy, you just can't stand him, you wanna punch him in the face. It's not the actor's fault, he is a brilliant actor, if you can make somebody hate you in 1 episode, then that's a sign of good acting. But it's you, the writers' fault of how you put him into the story and his role of being a manipulative "friend", some things just don't fit sometimes. For example, this guy David is perfect for a horror or a psychological-thriler film.

    69. Amanda Kristine

      I saw David in a Taco Bell commercial...and it made me love him more

    70. Saima Absar

      i dont like David

    71. Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE!

      2:33 what cute gay couple they real do go well together!

    72. Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE!

      Is the asian maori wearing a bowl cut wig?

    73. Zach South

      Shame this is another episode to skip. Cash in on the hate built up on this character because they're not worth the time of day.

    74. brandon Ibes

      Congrats to David on getting a speaking line on a taco bell commercial

    75. Tears_Of_Asariel

      i love VLDL, i love characters that can be a bit of a dick (Rowan, Ben etc..) but i have absolutely 0 interest in any video that has David in it.. any time i watch a vid with him, im honestly angry at the end, it makes me not want to watch VLDL in general worried that he might pop up some time.. to be clear, i dont mind the actor, he is playing his part well, but the character is the problem.. David needs to be ended, re introduce another character in his place if you want

    76. Melissa Dunton

      Dude!! I just saw David in a Taco Bell commercial. 🌮 🔔✌🏻😊

    77. SaberofSpades

      This would make sense before the age of cameras. Also, where the hell was Alan with the baseball bat? Does he only respond to Apple gamers?

    78. MrBeans

      I fucking LOVE David!!!! I cant believe he already spent the 10K he made for fixing Adams Flux capacitor.

    79. Johnson Shaw

      whenever that other guy says "Best Friend", I can imagine the air quotes and sarcasm in it, lmao.

    80. greatsdren

      What ARE we? We're MUGGAS! And WHAT are we going to do? MUG 'EM!

    81. William Jeske

      Might anyone know whether David appears in a currently airing Taco Bell commercial? I think he appears at the far right of the screen yelling "Yahoo!"

    82. Coruja Biruta

      Now we know why Adam always get the "would you rather" questions wrong, his "friends" screw his mind up so much that he can't tell what is bad and what is good for him.

    83. Reação Animada

      I just jump the videos when this dude appear, he is really not funny at all.

    84. Jesse Paz

      Anyone else see David in the new Taco Bell ads? 😂

    85. Colin Groot

      I'm just trying to rob you and you're guilt-tripping me... That is just fantastic writing right there

    86. Nuno Veiga

      Im sorry I hVe to say this, but this new character isn’t funny whatsoever, and you’re losing credibility for your channel, can’t keep up with this!

    87. Nuno Veiga

      What is happening to this channel.... this is utter crap....

    88. Justin Y.

      Thanks, now I will never be able to trust anyone!

    89. Steph E


    90. 日本のスカイライン

      Imagine being mugged on the streets and you like "Yo David, that you?"😂😂

    91. Beltalowda

      Worst friend ever

    92. em m

      Damn tho, david nails the dark stuff

    93. Osia

      Damn.. the weapon he’s using is depressing.

    94. Saku Hey

      Is he in a tacobell commercial... I seen someone lookin like him

    95. Glenn Skiba

      Is that the guy from the Taco Bell commercial?

    96. Gufran Ahmad

      Adventurer I need your aid! I have been robbed! Ahuh ahuh ahuh ahuh!

    97. Tom Tharp

      So uh. Is adams friend in the new Taco Bell commercial? The guy who goes wooo at the beginning?

    98. Sand Man

      2:30 - "And we're best friends! ... If you want to be our best friend as well, subscribe!" Uhh, no offense guys, but given the rest of the video, that does not sound like a reason to sub...actually, that sounds like reason to *un*sub....(not that I'm going to unsub, mind you.)

    99. W T

      Anyone see david in the new taco bell quesalupa commercial?

      1. Cordell Murphy

        I've been trying to figure out if it was him or not for two weeks!

    100. Dr. A.I. Kryptanical

      no audio