Epic NPC Man Supercut - Season 27

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    It's all in there
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    1. Mandy Paulissen


    2. nanomega studio

      At this moment 12:20, I think in game, I would literally kill this pretentious neewbie and take my loot back. No matter about banning, It was just not fair. Or if the neewbie is honest and understand that he couldn't kill the boss without me and share the treasure with me, He would become my friend for sure. (Sorry for my bad english) Your videos, guys, are so true. I really like your videos.

    3. ʆƠƧƲƝԼƤ


    4. DebtSlave


    5. Michael Kisiel

      "... Our escort is here" Knight - Heavy breathing.

    6. Nine Breaker

      Mornin'! Nice day for fishin ain't it? Hua hua

    7. Brendan McCormick

      During the posing thing i was expecting them to do either praising the sun pose or a jojo pose

    8. Aaron Mazich

      Lol the flip flap

    9. Aaron Mazich


    10. KevStorm

      Silent hero is the best that one cracked me up

    11. that one knight

      tbh allen just actin dumb, he legit campin until orc had 1hp left lmao

    12. Jorj Marquez

      I thought the "kill steal" was a warcraft 3 parody where an infernal falls down.

    13. HeatherMills' PhantomLimb

      I still think you guys need to do a skit about when MMO’s and other games glitch at the most inappropriate times. Like when you’re timed for something and the person you have to turn the quest into glitches into a wall or freezes in a position where you can’t select them. I guess it could just be a curse on me personally, but I find that it happens way too much.

    14. S L

      Poser short is black desert in a nutshell

    15. thatQuártz

      I watch your every video 100000 times over and over again


      Seeing that old man cy at the last of the video,literally killed me.

    17. Keifer Mills

      Just throwing this out there. You need to make a coffee mug that say " Let's MUG 'em". I would buy a set for sure.

    18. Frederico Pagotto


    19. Tim C


    20. Flixet

      Rough being an NPC

    21. The Viper

      “I will!!!” Smash that like button.

    22. Dana Noble

      Ben joined the flip flap xD

    23. Moon Triskele Tribe

      Guys I love youuu :'D I... I can't... anymore... ahahaha xD

    24. DMCherry

      What is the name of the game

    25. Faron Silverfang

      Truly the greatest man I've ever seen that Issac. What a hero.

    26. Нурбек Ибрагимов

      Please more epic contents

    27. Arcadium 6


    28. caleb leach

      I wonder how long it took to record flip flap, I'd be dying if I was there

    29. akilmilo

      His gaze and stature say more than words could ever say.

    30. WillBill


    31. PercyKqvØwØ

      The kill steal sketch is better than most video game cutscenes

    32. Tom Lyle

      All these guys keep losing their grandfather's stuff

    33. fa elger

      i.......NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to see more of DARKWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to do that urder family quest!!! how did no developer get onto this idea et??? it's AWESOME!

    34. Brianne

      Lol the first clip was me in Skyrim when I already picked up the needed item

    35. Christopher Corbett

      I gotta see the outtakes from evil twins 😂😂

    36. Gus Themaras Jr

      I crack up every time I see Rowan with his underbite in the video where he’s got all skill points on charisma and zero points on intelligence!

    37. Pickle

      Love this series. Can't believe it's still going strong for 4 plus years

    38. Carpet Creed

      Love these

    39. jc4jax

      oh God you are in my bubble :P

    40. Joshua Le

      Honeywood be like: Adventurer i need you aid (sobbing).

    41. Gurtington

      20:37 that blonde girl is reaching for his head 🤣

    42. Gurtington

      10:13 a sketch I haven't seen?! That's why i watch these super cuts, incase I miss anything.

    43. Martin Shillitoe

      Love the subtle Fight Club reference in the “accidental punch” scene

    44. Moem x

      It's the tongue for me 21:31

    45. Linda H

      They should be making a TV series.

    46. Gibz

      We need an actual 60 minutes movie of an actual story of Honeywood.

    47. Danny Lowery

      Awesome stuff!

    48. D W


    49. Mihai Copac

      Why they dont do a movie!!

    50. Rowan Weis

      I would killed the kill steal guy

    51. Nico Wagner

      Blur fail on the Adam penis at 23:10 lol

    52. Manfredas Borm

      Posing with Rune Gold set

    53. Kanan Fadani

      14:00 is this guy's a p**nstar? Lol

    54. Wyatt Horn

      Why he pressing F in the middle of dialog dou

    55. akash chaudhury

      Last one 😂😂

    56. I'm underrated

      How the heck did Ben's sword parry an axe?

    57. dead jocinger

      7:41 XD that face

    58. Mirko Goerendt

      niceeee fighting scene !

    59. Marc Johnsyl Babatu-on

      3:43 the noob watcher, but he made it far lol

    60. Lloyd Edwards

      VLDL should definitely make a video game based on NPC man, Honeywood, Dark Wood, the muggers, nice day for fishing guy. I would play the hell out of that game.

    61. Henrique reis Paulino

      Or put subtitles

    62. Henrique reis Paulino

      Please translate for PT/BR

    63. DCduels

      Is it me or is Adam's crying NPC noise a perfect ringtone?

    64. Vessel of Mercy

      Was Rahul some kind of mutant or something? He has a lot of skulls...

    65. EZ ROB

      I love all the work you guys do!

    66. Lee Shallis

      3:20 area, not gonna lie, I'm curious to see how many poses they have :D

    67. ali Sfaah

      On what game this is based on?

    68. Devis Rakita

      HELP- I'm looking for a game that has that Darkwood vibe, any suggestions?

    69. Chappy

      I love this video


      1:12 he was afraid to skip🤣🤣

    71. ELAD

      give me like, peasent!

    72. TxDani

      A comment for support 🤗

    73. Eureka Adang


    74. Oliver Rösslhumer

      „Outch!.. damn, why the ear?!“ I see what you did there, quick reference to fight club, nice 😅

    75. Isaac Martinez

      Hey can you guys actually make this game so I can play it. It would be pretty cool

    76. Thomas Clark


    77. Isaac Naftz

      Did he forget about the skip

    78. Chad Mank

      Love these, reminds me of my kids and all there stupid fortnite add-ons.

    79. Creamy

      Women: I’ve developed feelings for you Me: DESGUSTANG


      You should make a adventure video game set in this world

    81. Nemesis Mihawk

      i kinda wanna se Viva La Dirt League direct their own open world rpg or something

    82. Bapho

      I want to replay so many games just from watching this. How comes you guys aren't yet on the paylist of hundreds of game publishers? Make a movie! I'd pay to watch more of this epic stuff!

    83. Taavi Leinonen

      Make a epic npc man hypercut

    84. MinerFox

      Do somebody know good multiplayer game like this?

    85. the person with nothing to do

      What game is this referenced off of because i really wanna know it seems like a good game

    86. Manfred Gesink

      Viva La Dirt League [unpronunced]: Will you follow us through the years? everybody [somehow worse]: We WILL! 🤣

    87. Moredhel83


    88. Kasumi Goto

      2:33 wat are u doin' on my cornaaaa', PESANT??!

    89. Offensive Bias

      Silent hero is still one of my all time favourites. lol

    90. Elfheimr

      6:58 we need more of that shit

    91. Barokai Rein

      Evil Eugene is still my favorite thieto come out of these seasons. I just love how openly evil he is for no reason and the laugh is perfect.

    92. rafael xky

      87 australians liked this video

    93. MusteyOne


    94. Swly FC

      What game is this lol

    95. Silver Tongue

      I won’t lie I’d love to play this game if it were real XD

    96. Rio Zaki

      please do rolling actors 🤣 rowan do crying npc, etc

    97. ariana petrova

      Adam’s darkwood laugh is really good

    98. D'Angelo Martell

      Wa wa we wa

    99. TheMrFriendly

      nice video