When the boss has an obvious weak spot - Weak Spot

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    Trying to figure out the weak spot on a enemy boss usually isn't hard
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    1. Four


    2. Moonshadow137

      Shadowsoul: I'm the most powerful mage in all the land Baradun: excuse you?

    3. Ibrahim Hussein

      Sorry but this sucked

    4. Huỳnh Đức Lê

      Pay 2

    5. Bradley Berg

      Before you leave, could ya nock the arrow properly Rowan. What are you level 1?

    6. Sister Bear

      Yokai Watch be like:

    7. Steven Fordelon

      Is ths new im waiting for more

    8. Matthew Murdock

      This is Atreus when he gets older

    9. Julie Rose Olasiman

      It sounds like he was on drugs XD

    10. atrocious _ pr0xy

      love when he says "you're a real piece of shit" under his breath.

    11. Dante Del Banes

      That's his brother i can say that

    12. Electric Rune Games

      An arrow should have thunked into him from offscreen when he said that... Feels like a missed opportunity

    13. Marshall Thompson

      The level of comedic delivery/acting here is super on point


      If you see a weak spot shoot it

    15. Adiel Barrera

      He has the face of a villian XD

    16. Steve B

      These guys need more likes and subs...this is great stuff !!!

    17. Ricardo Pereira de Abreu

      You destroy the orb and the boss changes form with several layers of health, armor, shields and barriers

    18. Drzewko Nazwisko


    19. BedGrinder

      Hahahaha *Æugh* hahahaha *æuej* hah

    20. Latonya McCAIN


    21. cheng

      plot twist : the weak point was d==k

    22. Masked tuber gaming

      Like every final boss be like

    23. Pumpkin Ghost1

      1:18 JUST DO IT!

    24. enrique

      the subtitles are made by a drunk man

    25. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    26. Alan Esk

      Reminds me Seth from DS.

    27. Tizsuyaku

      i laughed everytime he takes the aim ---

    28. Jennifer Beck


    29. Myles Wiebe

      You guys are good at this

    30. Blueblazing Gaming

      That person that chose a sword instead of a bow: Well crap

    31. El Penguino of Mexico

      Ironically, all I can think abt from this is in Super Mario Galaxy (when I was like 6 years old) it took like like an hour or something to fight the first variation of the Bowser fights cuz I had no idea what Bowser's weakness was and everytime I triggered it by accident, I never payed attention to the floor so I didnt understand how and when he got vulnerable lmao

    32. Boris

      A Boss's weak spot; talks too much

    33. Guts Dragonslayer

      The “your a piece of $hit” got me.

    34. Sam Sherpa

      Pay the villain double for the laugh. That guy is the best villain on youtube for sure.

    35. banana daw

      Thats exacty happens when you get a boss as a pet 😂😂

    36. doom player

      Hamish is amazing at acting. He can make us feel bad for him. Angry at him or just make us think of him as a piece of sh*t

    37. Aditya Kulshrestha

      Can you tell me which game they are playing

    38. Cristian Pallarés

      This guy is so good 🤣

    39. Geralt Rivia

      I want to fight this guy with Geralt of rivia. (Grandmaster Cat Armor build)

    40. Gilligan williams

      Reminds me of key and peele

    41. sudiman sudiman

      The laugh is so intimidating

    42. Monkey About

      Id just like to say a thankyou, because you made his name Zain and that is how I spell my name! Please do more characters with me lol

    43. retr0

      Мой смех при гостях 1:10-1:30

    44. derp24 Lordz

      I've killed 2 bosses in dnd hitting the weak spot of every being, one of the eyes, the first boss dies in 1 hit as my arrow pierces through the right eye put the back of the skull and gets stuck in the ceiling. The second is a large demon within an army of demons, again, through the right eye, out the back of the skull, and the spectral arrow disappears before It could go anywhere else, unlike the first one which was an actual arrow I couldnt get back because it was stuck in the ceiling, and I cant climb

    45. kai keet Larry koopa the Movie

      I thought his weak spot was at his private place

    46. wak tak

      You forgot the part where he goes into like 100 different phases all with different weak spots and gets somehow more powerful every phase

    47. 은하

      hey stop abusing a monster...

    48. King OfMemes

      I didn't know you played every 3d zelda game.

    49. En Antagonist

      I don't know why did i laugh with him when he laughed..

    50. TheGamer Bull

      I want to see some add a feature to their game when the boss knows what their weakness is (1:07)

    51. Shadx27

      I will allow you to allow me to leave.

    52. eVoX cY

      Hamish is the best 😂

    53. photographer85

      Hero: "is it the glowing orb?" Grand Vizier Zain Shadowsoul: O_O

    54. El Presidente

      Hamish, so freaking good! Long time since i had a good laugh like this!

    55. guest last name lol

      0:17 pog

    56. Marius Merchiers

      Why does this remind me of Monty Python?

    57. หลังอาน หางดาบ

      I love your Ahhh hahahaha.

    58. Film Fan 1234

      Lol why point out your weak point.

    59. Suraj chand

      Better than any movie😆

    60. Crowe

      I love you guys to death but as an archer....PLEASE THE ARROW GOES ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BOW IF YOU'RE RIGHT-HANDED

    61. Mr. Epik

      I like how uts just a solid minute and a half of laughing and cowering

    62. Олег Петрин

      Guys, what kind of audio soft you using for voice effects? I need it for my DnD campaign

    63. E4syJohn

      He's like Orm

    64. Pierre Tellier-Robert

      I just used the "Tiny weak spot trick" in my D&D 5e campaign and players really loved it. I... Just didn't tell them and didn't make it obvious. The orb is invisible but spottable by its side effects (air displacement and oppressive feeling). It needs a DD25 perception / insight check to be spotted. Once spotted / deduced, it becomes visible and is a 1HP AC25 object, immune to magical effects. Just touch it and you're good !

    65. Cpt. Bilsn

      Doing a bit of archery myself, I've spent time looking at frames where he aims the bow, trying to see what grip he uses - before i realised the arrow is post processed and not a prop :/

    66. christopher miller

      Its the Hamish show!!! Can't get enough of him

    67. Justin

      1:09 Was amazing lmao Edit: and the following seconds after

    68. DerKaiser

      This is Really good, it is just not really good, I pay for this now, I´m content. I get awsome skits and yea, I get what I pay for, professional and fun skits that have good thought out of content that can become even better, if more people pay. It would be so nice to like, play a game that you made, I think it would be hilarious, fun, I mean fun, fun game yea. :D

    69. genaro cero mil

      i think that is arowis CGI (BRUHH)

    70. Monkey Business

      I feel like Hamish had waaaaaayyyy too much fun with this...But then again there is no such thing as "too much fun", soooooo...Nice boss-kill!



    72. stu bennett

      Went on a bit too long......

    73. Valter Cocco Fitness

      That laughter was amazing ahahahah give that guy a cookie...and a pay raise ahahahahah

    74. IrishRepoMan

      Hamish is awesome.

    75. Vladian100

      0:04 begining is awesome 😂😂

    76. Wierd people Other dude

      Oh come on the weak spot should have been the balls

    77. hellaeric10

      The player was fortunate that the Grand Vizier was feeling so merciful that day. Otherwise, he never would've gotten past.

    78. The Potato

      is there anyway to give feedbacks? I enjoy the jokes but I think there's a pattern of them dragging the same thing too much that kills the mood. It happens to most of their videos.

    79. adnan asghar

      Mage is so hilarious

    80. Ism La'maroof

      I think I could've listened to that laugh for 10 minutes straight.

    81. Biker Trash

      That laughing back and forth had me in stitches hahahahah eh hahahahaha ehhh hahahahaah ehh

    82. That One Gai

      I swear that laugh almost made my brain hemorrhage 😂

    83. Logan Spranger

      10 minute laugh = best ringtone ever.

    84. Just Jacket

      Hamish is such a treat to watch

    85. Justin Lewis

      Warlocks from Destiny LOL orb and everything

    86. Yura Demchenko

      Nice))) Like))

    87. Gravey991

      The way he's holding the bow triggers me

      1. Isaac White

        Thank you!!!

    88. TJBUSMC1973

      But did he put down a deposit on that orb?

    89. Msa Ankon

      Oh man, i thought when hamish said quietly rowen will throw a arrow at the end.

    90. Matthew Androus

      This is the Key and Peele skit with the serial killer in the mirrors. Seriously, Google it, you won’t be disappointed.

    91. Khajiit is Dead

      This guys really really need to direct a videogame the dialogue and quest. I would be the funniest game ever. Like a witcher with comedy

    92. Jack Netherland

      This is just that Key and Peele skit with the serial killer in the mirrors.

      1. Matthew Androus

        I was hoping someone would say this! It’s uncanny. I’m sure they saw it.

    93. Daniel Wurzer

      Did the adventurer just stumble upon the evil wizard on his regular afternoon stroll?

    94. Ju Ichi

      HUgets award for Best Actor goes to this guy EZ.

    95. Feanedhell

      His form when using the bow is one of the worst i’ve seen

    96. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for torturin' Hamish, ain't it? Hu huh

    97. Chanel Adriana

      I wouldn’t have thought about the orb lol

    98. First name Last name

      The one big red circle in the chest

    99. Blueskadoo

      Obviously a weak or 1st boss. His second phase was just telling to you to knock it off.

    100. Hawaii Scatpack392

      Hamish my favorite character in these skits 😂