When the boss has an obvious weak spot - Weak Spot

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    Trying to figure out the weak spot on a enemy boss usually isn't hard
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    1. Baran [EPIC]

      He is play other gamee

    2. NinjamasterxXx

      This is so good xD hmm maybe when the boss said he allowed it at the end in that whispering voice..... one more trickshot to finish him completely may be more fun ? pls dont take it in a wrong way :) I love all ur videos.

    3. Mathias VAN BUTSELE

      When Hamish imitates him : "Dunno-it-just-seems-like-the-obvious-place".

    4. Jānis Klodāns

      I HATE 2 commercials :@

    5. Tarek Saleh

      These guys are the funniest ever their hilarious they should be making movies and TV shows like if you think they should be making shows

    6. Karren Kuddlesberg

      Should have made a bunch of orbs and make him guess the real one.

    7. Moist nugget

      0:28 gets me every time

    8. Fantasy ON

      No one's not powerful than me lol 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    9. Tobias Burgfeld

      1:17 best subtitles ever

    10. Pushpak Roy

      The best so far😂😂😂😂

    11. Emre Gültekin

      Why rowan is so serious and mad lol ?

    12. Ali D

      I've just realised that Hamish is in movie!!!! Its called 'The hunt for the Wilderpeople' I can't believe it!!

    13. aozen

      Rowan should arrow the boss at the end

    14. DCduels

      How many bosses in zelda games does this sum up in a nutshell? I lost count

    15. Anonymous Unicorns

      Funniest one in a long time!

    16. AkkarinRothen

      Me: Mum i am 27 years old, so treat me please like one. Mum: Dinner is ready Me: 1:31

    17. ExecutorQ3

      Another awesome one with Hamish :)

    18. Dane Lau

      I love this guy we need to see more of him

    19. Shaun Foo

      I'm reinstalling Skyrim because of you people....

    20. Richard Hermogenes

      Did G.V.Z.S. just moan after he said "Unless of course, you find my tiny, little weak spot"

    21. BunnyFett


    22. Tommaso Karolak


    23. richard mooney

      "Run, run boy, run."

    24. Shadow Lancer

      Fair to say Hamish has fallen from grace after his wife left him and he never got his computer. But in all seriousness though, I rate Hamish highly as an actor.

    25. FilipH86

      You know what would be good to poke fun at - 2nd and even 3rd boss forms

    26. schlingel

      Hamish you look a lot like Halit Ergenç. Please look it up.

    27. Eleanor Maya

      ...either Grand Vizier Nyahaha is squishy or that bow's +20. 😐

    28. Paul John Agustin

      Youve ruined me adventurer! Classic

    29. Tyler Jordan

      What game is this?

      1. Sarah Samuel

        I'm pretty sure this is just a random game they made up 🤔, But this reminds me of Skyrim.

    30. ReaperRands

      Boss that talks instead attacks. Hmm...poison speak?

    31. Luna Margaret

      shorturl.ca/allsex උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග4

    32. Artifex Black

      I was waiting for one more arrow to hit him while he was whispering.

    33. Ode to a Grasshopper

      Holy crap keeping up that laughing like that is epic.

    34. medafan53

      It might be just me but the whole 'I Allowed it' part reminds me of the end of Watch Dogs, were you have Maurice in that garage and can choose between killing him or letting him live and he keeps yelling at you, trying to get you angry enough to kill him.

    35. Matthew Malchow

      I just want to see Hamish all day, he’s brilliant

    36. Romen diez

      The boss: you must find my small little weakspot no one has been able to find The weakspot is his dong

    37. AlmosT AlmosT

      This reminds me of the Key & Peele episode with the mirrors when he points the gun at the guy but insists it’s a mirror and everyone he points the gun he flinches

    38. Tholgrim Stonebeard

      He wouldn't need to be an evil mage if you just delivered his gaming PC!

    39. Leonidas24undownhill

      Ahahahaha ehehe Ahahahaha ehehehe

    40. Joshua Maxwell

      I see someone either mastered the console, or was playing on PC.

    41. Chris Robinson

      I was just watching “The New Legends of Monkey”, and I saw a familiar face hanging about. You’re obviously hooked on acting.

    42. Shino Chan

      That sound like joker in the batman.

    43. Zain Wolf

      MY name is Zain

    44. AlustorMorbus

      So I'm currently watching season 2 of the new legends of monkey, and who do I see? Hamish!

    45. Renegade Vixen

      Rowan is looking particularly handsome in that outfit.

    46. RANdom Dude

      1:09 GTA 5 Citizens when you take out your weapon then put it back

    47. Raven 4096

      what a pussy boss just sitting there as his weak spot take hit after hit he was just begging to be beaten

    48. Vicente Villarroel

      Boss: **laugh** Archer: points at him Boss: **tiny laugh**

    49. kingjuy 809


    50. hafizh al ghifari

      0:25 this is the time when I decided to turn the caption on

    51. Garrith Smith

      Love these guys Hahahaha 😂😂😂❤️

    52. Nick Nelson

      Just tried watching Monkey on Netflix. Enter Hamish. Guess I'll give Monkey a chance.

    53. GrimKreeper

      Wait- The arrow is fake? I understand why but I feel lied to!

    54. TW80 Studios

      Wait just realized the boss is the merchant from the other video

    55. Joseph Brodeur

      I see Rowan started playing on PC, archery accuracy is perfect. PC Master Race Bitch !

    56. Horrific eye - records


    57. eggnbaconful

      this needs netflix!!!!

    58. zshock 89


    59. big boychoy

      the boss is an ender dragon the arrow is a bed

    60. remco moerland

      I just hoped for an arrow at the last frame to come in haha

    61. Qian Qif Borinaga

      I like how he acted the boss voice very good (10/10)

    62. froggy gun

      The evil guy is my favorite in this video.

    63. froggy gun

      I love this channel. It is so entertaining. And the best.

    64. IAM MIGHTY1211

      M8... the player is hacking.. surely he will miss atleast once since its a small orb that moves and hes using a bow and arrow!!

    65. winteronice

      OMG, watch it with subtitels.

    66. xchalibur77

      This looks very much like a interaction between me and my ex

    67. MrBrucelee117

      2:06.....I always thought that dude looked like a chicken, and he also sounds like one with that death scream.

    68. Ikmalreza 1998

      Like Dead space vulnerable.

    69. Cameron Mccormack

      "Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh" he sounds like anne from little Britain

    70. Another Generic Gaming Channel

      Whenever this guys in a video its always a treat LOL he does what he does well

    71. Dayta

      im kinda at a point where ive seen this clip so often i can honestly rank it as the favorite out of all available greatness on your channel .... im thinking a 3 houre version of 1:07 - 1:37 looping ... maybe you guys do that if this clip hits 10 million views or something

    72. RecycleBycicleTwice

      Great acting! Hats off!

    73. Pedro Payes

      I thought his weak spot would be his nuts

    74. Fish Po0kins

      4 shots boss

      1. Fish Po0kins

        Very hard

    75. Fighter 2012

      “No one’s more powerful than me” Surrenders to a guy with a bow

    76. Crow Mastermind

      i was like 'for the love of the gods shoot the fucking orb already'

    77. Monarka Marítimo

      This would fit perfectly into a dumb litch story

    78. Mindaugas

      Run boy run 😁😁 he delivered that line sooo perfectly 😁😁

    79. Adam Rush

      Thanks Tim Wells slock master

    80. Eisfotze Sch

      2:50 I would just walk then shoot him in the head

    81. Lakus231

      i need a 10h version of his laughing xD

    82. Tiago Lima


    83. Lakus231

      ma favorit episode, his acting skills are just over 9000 HAHAHA, ehhhee HAAAAAHAHAHA iiieeeehhh AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAHHAHAAHAHA e-eeeeh WUAHAHAHA 11/10

    84. 0-oHIGH0-o

      I like to mess around with my bosses and then kill them when they make me bored

    85. Duane Locsin

      These conventions are second nature to gamers, but also the reason why many non-gamers struggle with these kind of games because it doesn't make sense to them.

    86. Eric Vanz

      Italian subtitles are all wrong

    87. error624

      He hides his weak spot the same way he hid the chest containing all of his family's possessions.

    88. guy strange

      I through he was trying to aimed with a controllers

    89. Weaboo Lokal,

      aaaaaa AHAHAHAHAH aaaaaaa AHAHAHAHA

    90. Cubistiak 89

      I'm still laughing 🤣


      He’s like the tutorial boss that doesn’t actually attack you, he just tries to look intimidating.

      1. Ban

        @GEC GoodPasi ludex gundyr is easy😅😂

      2. GEC GoodPasi

        @SKULPUNCH ye if it was a darksoul boss he would fling like 20 attacks at u while u have to hit this tiny little orb randomly orbiting him and if u made it he would go into phase 2 with 4 fake orbs and an even more aggressiv attack pattern

      3. SKULPUNCH

        Crazy nuki lol

      4. Crazy nuki

        tell that to the boss from dark souls

    92. Luis Martija69

      Did hamish got his computer yet?

    93. The Armoured Duck

      I have meet toxic people online who were like this, not the weak spot but the personality.

    94. Devin Baird

      Haha! "Run, boy, run!" Cracked me up

    95. Mistaa aah

      I feel bad for the guy who did all the subtitles

    96. Nor April Moo

      Wow he is not attacking

    97. Ввася Батарейкин

      Какой мощный босс, он так и не смог нанести ему сокрушительный удар, хорошо хоть живым ушёл.

    98. Jonathan Meyer

      I thought it was his nuts

    99. Dudeman9339

      as usual... your one bit goes on for like 30 seconds too long.

    100. Luis RaSL