How to get off work - Broom Technique

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    Ellie has figured out the perfect way to get off work - its called the broom technique
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    1. Tianyuan Zhang

      Rowan is like a computer program, and Elli found the bug.

    2. Neil Wu

      Broam teghnik

    3. Greg TheReaper

      Shuffling through items between the same two or three shelves while talking to colleagues is another good one, makes it look like you're tidying the shelves. "The shuffle technique."

    4. mayakayahawah park

      She is evil

    5. Dominik Mačuga

      "Adam i want to punch you", it never gets old

    6. why creepy

      ‌F*** Samsu‌ng

    7. P.W.C. Triforce

      I do this all the time at work. It does indeed work lol

    8. Matthew M

      Sweeping lmao

    9. Techo WinMC

      This just seams like my life, I still don’t regret using the technique though

    10. sleepy snoring puppy

      From now on anytime I want to hit someone at work "I really want to hit you right now, but work won't allow it"

    11. Tsukino Lyz

      0:55 Nice move ellie 😏😏

    12. Orlando Vazquez

      Her technique looks pretty amazing

    13. Charly Falcon

      I tried this. Now I live in a chest in the middle of the trees.

    14. ChilliheadGaming

      We used to walk around with blank paper from office to office so it looked like you are doing something XD

    15. Rich Light

      Hey i learned that during shitty days as a union worker. Look busy even if your not. These days im the boss...... Broom technique doesent work for me but it also doesent work against me hahahha

    16. lolschrauber

      How casually he said the punch bit, lul

    17. Son of Sanguinius

      They finaly found a means to contain the menace that is rowan

    18. Rizky

      Golden Girl episode: We don't have a broom... This episode: Broom technique

    19. Ikmalreza 1998

      Hrmmm Ellie has nice legs. Not meant to be creepy. Just a compliment.

    20. Edward Cullen

      Her voice is so deep

    21. Jesus Man

      I want a compilation of "I wanna punch you but I can't..."

    22. David Smith

      I think it's more the motion of her hand then the broom itself lol

    23. Menroth

      This isn't even funnier because it actually works.

    24. Eric Moore

      Mornin'! Nice day for a break, ain't it? Hu huh

    25. kerflap

      Damn... calling me out...

    26. Bárbara Martínez

      I wish I knew this technique before...

      1. Wojtek Szkoda

        I know right 😂

    27. Don Eagle

      THis show has really gone downhill in the last year.

    28. Patrick Conrad

      Honestly this reminds a lot of my time in the Marines at shop when we had nothing to do. Hahaha grab a broom and "look busy." Haha

    29. The Cellar

      It's my boss!

    30. Fábio Pereira

      I used it with my sheila when it was cleaning time... It worked pretty well.

    31. Nestor Roura

      I'm sorry, it was a cheap laugh but holy shit! Rowan's sudden outburst of anger was top-notch.

    32. Jurisman 1980

      Rowan would be perfect for horror game

    33. Albert Gomez

      1:03 thats one hell of a technique. I wish I was that broom..

    34. ravensburgermaster

      Is the reason Rowan is out on force because Alan finally quit after that workplace mediation?

    35. Joseph Allen

      On a construction site, if your out of work for the moment, you grab a large tool (big wrench, sledge hammer, whatever) and walk around the jobsite in a determined but steady way and you won't be bothered

    36. Jay Kay

      I was really hoping the broom technique was going to be Ellie hitting Rowan upside the head with it.

    37. glbernini0

      True Union worker!

    38. John Paul Ogena

      i sit on the toilet and play mobile legends, each match can last from15 to 20 minutes, i usually do it 5-6 times a day, I shave off around 1hour per day, been doing it for 2 years now.

    39. Grzegorz Kuliński

      Being a smoker also gives you a lot of chilling during work hours!

    40. Xeroeth

      If you have a printer in your office (duh?), just print something once in a while ... you will get prised for your hard work. Than, just before the end of your shift, scrap those printed papers, but remember to use the shredder! You will get prised for keeping your company safe and additionally, you could get a reward for keeping clean environment :) Easy :D

    41. oriwalker

      I wanna punch u :D

    42. Draxiss

      So anyways unions are pretty cool.

    43. linck7up

      "I wanna punch you" the only time he hit him was to bring him back to life

    44. Violet Taylor

      She's the favourite, of course something like that would work. He's probably barely gotten over the "you're a girl" stage.

    45. Chris Flores

      This works I can verify when I worked at Dillard’s

    46. Kôna Fox Official

      Imma try this with my boss! *Gets his ass fired immediately*

    47. szisz120

      0:55-057 that "Broom Technique" tho :)

    48. firefly 1152

      We used to do something like this when I worked at walmart. Walk around with an mc40 and occasionally scan stuff and everyone leaves you alone 😂

    49. Zak thewarcat

      used to do that with a shovel when working construction

    50. sam

      No one noticed that Rowan is a secret wizard he just appeared from no where

    51. Usurper V

      Anybody know the song once the skit finishes?

    52. pirakaleader2

      I used to work in a shop and I had the clipboard technique. If you walk around with a clipboard looking at a shelf then looking down at the clipboard, NOBODY bothers you.

    53. Robert Rosenthal

      She's found an exploit in his manager script AI. Of course the big question is if it will work for anyone else...

    54. Chucky McNubbin

      Did you know....that actually works. The boss sees you with a broom in your hand and boom! Boss leaves you alone....😁

    55. Jenny

      This also works with a shovel. At least it appears to where road works are concerned where I live. Nice job.

    56. Rick Skynight

      Ok that was pretty damn funny!

    57. Brian Kramer

      Rowan wanting to punch Adam is one of my favorite things...though I do feel bad for Adam.

    58. RamadaArtist

      Spent a bunch of summers in college working in factories/warehouses. Can confirm: broom technique is pro strats.

    59. SpartaaYT

      Make a video on Rowan getting insulted by his Playtech employees

    60. Brent Hollett

      "broom" "technique" Ah huh. It's all in the wrist.

    61. ADE K.G.

      I'm so not not guilty of said broom technique 😁

    62. Diogo Aguiar

      You should do one where a guy shoots another but there is no problem because he then claps 3 times and everyone knows that when you clap 3 times after a murderer, that murderer doesn't count. It's funny right?

    63. robert jackson

      Rowen just threatened a employee in front of a witness and used abusive language well some ones getting a call from hr

    64. Derek Dolan

      that face she made at the end lmao

    65. biocdkt

      I feel that this is legit

    66. Zorawar Singh

      poor adam man he should take tips from ellie

    67. SharpY FPS

      Remember when Rowan had long thick hair during, Mac repair episode 27 of bored 😂

    68. Cloud B

      Ok this actually works. When it’s studio clean up day at architecture school, whoever has a broom always looks like they are hard at work.

    69. Olivier Pelletier

      God I love you guys!

    70. Ronan Tam

      Everyone expect rowan uses broom technique

    71. Kyren Boblet

      I love Viva La Dirt League, but this isn't remotely accurate

    72. Staal Hard

      How to get off: work broom technique. Ok.

    73. Apirom samer

      Ellie really doesn't need the white shirt, she's the golden girl after all.

    74. Elfrunner

      I like how Rowan just ascends into the scene now, like a magic word summons him. 🤣

    75. MrCokewithice


    76. GreenZone

      1:00 Looks like she was showing off a different kind of technique at the end.

      1. Tsukino Lyz

        I see ur a man of culture😂

    77. JellyandJam


    78. Christopher Williams

      I love how Rowan yells so hard at Adam that he goes cross eyed! 🤣

    79. Eric Moore

      With Rowan, it's more surprising that Adam thought it wouldn't work... and that Adam didn't get a paycut.

    80. Cameron Brinlee

      Is “I wanna punch you but I can’t because work environment .”? An okay thing to say to coworkers/management? Lmao Man I wish.

    81. John LeCates

      Sadly this method also works in the Navy. My uncle used to tell me stories about a guy that was a terrible worker that would go from end to end of our submarine during field days with a stack of papers and no leader would question him. Often he would be set as the 'example'. I thought my uncle was full of it until I joined the navy myself - and this guy ended up no my submarine. He became a Chief and still used the same method. Leadership loved him.

    82. Luna ShyWolf

      Hi I just wanted to comment to say thank you so much for including subtitles in your videos! I'm deaf and I find it hard to watch some videos on HUgets without subtitles. I've been binge-watching most videos now, still got loads more to watch! ;D Love your vids, keep it up!

    83. Alberto Monge

      If your boss yells at you so loud that his eyes cross, you know you're in trouble.

    84. Deniz Lion

      Nobody: Me: _tries to usd pen technique in school_

    85. Denzu Silvery

      Thank god Rowan hasn't come across employee of the month yet and the 500 dollar bonus and ham you get otherwise he would be on it every month lmao

    86. hungwilliam


    87. C S

      You guys will never be forgiven for the ground crawling

    88. Skay Flex

      Imagine how clean that floor!

    89. Tn Backroads

      I was promoted one time but had a 90 day waiting period before they would move me to my new position in a new area. In the 90 days, it was almost like they tried to punish me for getting promoted and would give me crap work busy jobs out of spite. It was then I learned the power of a clipboard. I would walk around with a clipboard and piece of paper and just watch machines run and act like I was writing stuff down. I had team leaders and supervisors worried to death that I was getting ready to bust them for something.

    90. Raphael Hudson

      Conflicted I like Ellie but hate Instagram :D

    91. Faizal Zainordin

      When are the employees gonna get their revenge on Rowan? I've been waiting for years already...c'mon!

    92. enrique TZ

      Hmm this only would work on ellie

    93. David Meyer

      If I had Rowan as a boss, i would have quit within 40 minutes.

    94. Matias Costa

      Is Rowan exercising his cheeks? .. they are getting bigger :O

    95. Red T

      Yeah, because the "broom technique" is TOTALLY why Rowan isn't bothering Ellie. It's got absolutely nothing to do with favoritism at all. That broken coffee mug thing? Fake news. Totally. >.>

    96. Captain Kundan

      You should make another cookie episode where everyone says they want it so Rowan divides it later on

    97. Kathryn Thurber

      The equivalent to walking around the office with a red file folder. ❤️

    98. Sora Pantsu

      1:02 Im really..really, hate my mind.

    99. MGMakaveli

      I love these so so so much

    100. madzapple

      I love that Playtech is just trying to trick Rowen into not exploding.