Grinding for levels in Souls games - Level Up

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    Dying to the same guy in Dark Souls over and over? Don't get mad. Level up.
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    1. Boolean Illogical

      I'm sure one day he'll learn to put that stupid ass shield down and roll. Doesn't matter how much damage an enemy does if they aren't hitting anything lol.

    2. AfterMyReawakening

      Imagine using a shield in Dark souls 2. Even daggers go through shields, so dump

    3. Steven Ross

      Ahhhh that ended just as I hoped it would. Fantastic. Maybe he should've upgraded his health? Dies in two hits rather than one...

    4. talgis

      it's true :))))

    5. Rab Hall

      I was crying this whole video it's so beautiful

    6. Charles Kenney

      Wow, nice scenery!

    7. R. Xader

      And then you found out how to dupe Boss Souls

    8. Shyte Fack

      I was grinding for souls in the dark root basin and didn’t realize I had been killing my allies over and over again since I joined the forest covenant before entering.

      1. Shyte Fack

        Fuck em tho that 2000 per kill was worth it

    9. Juan

      Not so accurate to be honest :/ 🤷🏻‍♂️

    10. Boston Corbett

      These guys have clearly never played a souls game. A real souls player just watches tutorial videos on HUgets. 0/10 Gwyn died for this.

    11. Apollyon

      That drang armour tho..

    12. Felipe Ángel

      Absolutely true

    13. Angry Wrath of the Raging Fury

      lol he just got counter attacked. poor guy

    14. PierreLucSex

      Everyone has a plan until he meets Big Boi Havel I remember my first encounter with his knight in DS1. My so-called "Shield Knight" would be flattenend into souls in one light kiss from the Dragon Tooth. Memorable. I knew it would took more than a little grind to knightly block the mighty blow. Having your full clad heavy paladin doing a backflip while bearing a demonic or godly blow was a feasty reward. Learning heavy rythm with two-handed stance was the second best thing. When you switch to light armor, you're a slitherin basterd.

    15. Jordan Hallmark

      This guy looks like a cross between Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Little Finger (CIA Guy), and I cannot unsee it.

    16. Yamado Yato

      Get Gud

    17. Steven Wynn

      They are trying to teach you important life lesson. Dont dwell on an obstacle. Just figure it out instead

    18. Kobie Jones

      2:09 Hoho so you approach me rather than flee.

    19. J. Vinton

      Oh yea, from the looks of it that’s a Cathedral Knight. Them dudes are fuckin’ TANKS!

    20. Przemek AAA

      I'd level up to 36 strengh in second location (Lothric) becasue I was so pissed

    21. Marco da Costa Rocha

      Is Dark Souls grinder than Phantasy Star 2, which is the grindest RPG I've ever played?

    22. MrErosgt

      0:28 Legit good acting skills mate.

    23. atrocious _ pr0xy

      "..both my strength and dex are at like 20." Those aren't confident words. They're famous last words.

    24. Anna Sommer

      When the new player goes melee and never heard of 100% shields and poise in DS1... Rest in pieces

    25. KING Cr. N

      A big knight one shots you that's it im leveling dex

    26. Normy Ocete

      Unrealistic, the knight doesn’t continue attacking even when the player is dead.

    27. Uvedevaca

      He didn't praise the sun... That's why

    28. Maddog VR

      He might have survived the hit if he wore a helmet, full armor set gives a buff so anything does.

    29. Kachi

      I knew it was coming and it still mad em burst out laughing lol

    30. Armando Carromeu

      Honestly,the Berenike Knight (looked like him on the vid) might be the easiest enemy to deal in the game.His tells are kinda obvious and he is not very fast.Just don’t get greedy with hits,and you should easily kill him.

    31. Anthony Burgess


    32. Larry Zeka

      This is hilarious. And also why I don’t play any of the souls games anymore. Lackluster weak ass non existent story with an irrelevant main character with an endless amount of grinding and souls framing. Games not worth the time and effort. Plus I simply don’t have time to farm in games. But great vid.

    33. metalnat27

      LOL I never played any Souls games but I already knew where this video was going 🤣

    34. Aris Ibrahim

      Big boi reminds me of big chungus

    35. Henry Buxbaum

      The cosplay gear looks great, where did you guys get that?!

    36. David Perin

      Should have leveled health my friend get that vigour (if ds3 terms) to 30 my man helps a lot. Btw good strat in game use your initial souls from gundyr and crystal lizard to crank vigour at the start of the game.


      "...and dex are like 20" Me: What r u? casul?

    38. Ruinwalkers

      Praise the Sun!

    39. Erwin Clément


    40. Alex Lala

      Why did I knew how this is going to end?🤣

    41. sum 1


    42. Neil M

      This was awesome lmao. My wife's like that's exactly what you do when you can beat them.

    43. Cachorro da montanha

      Nao importa q nivel esteja ainda um cachorro pode te matar em ds kkkkkk

    44. Ethan McMaster


    45. Pizza

      "Both my strength and dex are at like 20" Ah I've identified the problem lol. Hybrid builds man. They'll get ya every time.

    46. domi saso

      The trick in souls is not be stronger, is dominate the roll art.

    47. Vinicius Lima Santos

      Just like that.

    48. Fog's Kiss

      Repeat this like 20000 times and you've got a from soft game

    49. mst 4891

      In souls games you must level up yourself not your character

    50. Jacob Rayburn GristlyCupid74

      Bonfire Lit!

    51. SunGEOoL

      That’s me when I got stuck on Father Gascoine

    52. Gun Guy

      So true on so many levels. 😔

    53. Cameron O'Quinn

      I use my PvP build for PvE... It's almost unfair. Humans are much harder to kill then big bois. And I'm human...

    54. Cole Wentworth

      learn how to roll ye fuckin pleb. great vid lol

    55. Matěj Stejskal

      Forgot Vitality

    56. Chocolate Soup

      Git gud

    57. TheHolyDarkness

      Um, in Soulsborne games, it's really the equipment quality that does all the heavy lifting...yeah he's just going to get slaughtered again isn't he?

    58. Zion M

      Must have been playing Demon's Souls with Dark World Tendency.

    59. Kronik_1332

      False you must dodge roll backstab rinse repeat

    60. Adolf Shekelberg

      Hahaha funny a game I've never played but heard sooooo much about it's difficulty oof

    61. Ancient Carnage

      He upgraded everything except his skill xD

    62. shimmerine1

      Where do they film these? It's like the LOTR set or something.

    63. Thiago D'Ávila


    64. ɴᴏ ᴏꜰꜰᴇɴꜱᴇ

      He should really learn to dodge

    65. Imda Jesus

      Me against Sister Freida

    66. Davide Pagano

      He need adaptability cuz ds2 is crap

    67. Mr Graz

      That appened because you didn t learn his moveset

    68. It's Just Fashion

      You know that the game is good when the only video my boyfriend ever posted on youtube is a "cheat move" for this game! I think that he would be an amazing gaming youtuber but he doubts himself so please, give him some encouragement as a holiday present!

    69. David Samaroo

      please never stop making these. These are by far my favorite logic videos

    70. Edmund Loh

      "My powers have doubled since the last time we met." "Good. Twice the pride, double the fall."

      1. dillpickle59

        @XxyjmaxX It's from Star Wars when Anakin fights Dooku

      2. XxyjmaxX

        What Is?

      3. juan reyes

        @dillpickle59 I literally just watched that last night 😂

      4. dillpickle59

        It can't be a coincidence that yesterday I randomly decided to watch that scene and picked up that quote just because of that 🤔

    71. geminilius

      At 20 ?!

    72. Daniel1987

      I had to laugh. 😂😂

    73. Solaireofastora 599

      "Horse but hole"

    74. RTL

      Should have bumped hp to 20 instead.... great vid bro kudos!

    75. Josey _

      Where'd he get the pushup emote?

    76. Diablo Blanco

      La poya bro

    77. roshiron 18

      Stupid git shoulda used his shield!

    78. RRGS_Omen

      Technically, think of Dark souls like one of you siblings, you can't win that easily 😂

    79. Trusty_ Blues_092

      damn that was amazing hahaha

    80. Forward Spots

      This is so silly with nice costumes.

    81. Charles Richardson

      Hmm..gotta watch out for them fog walls.

    82. Hit Man

      Unrealistic: If he really leveled about 10 hours the enemy should have not be able to onehit kill him.... ...but kill him with the second attack from a 6 hit combo.

    83. alexxander94

      Your mistake was leveling up Dex, dark souls community knows that Dex = Casul

    84. Gabriel

      That only happened because he upgraded dex. And dex gay lol

    85. TronCat

      just git gud

    86. Stanislav Priesečan

      And this is why i love Dark souls

    87. realMilkBandit

      Have you tried rolling?

    88. Blobby Thing

      Should've just replayed a clip of him killing the same enemy a bunch for it to be really accurate

    89. Stefan Cadenovic

      Should have rolled to the left

    90. Ian Reddy

      This is me all over.

    91. MrValgard

      Not grind enough

    92. Aetherius Prime

      1:24 I died lol

    93. Kage Reaper

      1000000000000% accurated. Jajjajajajajajajajjajajajajjajajajaja.....

    94. William Diniz

      Muito bom

    95. Ernst Mittelstein

      Well, dark souls doesn't really require and good stats, it's almost only skill.

    96. zac garcia

      Only lvl dex and strength? Ahh thats why he gets one shotted gotta lvl up health as well

    97. claimingagate

      does tjis guy jus always have humanity

    98. Usagi Poutine

      Dodge, just learn how to dodge, please.

    99. Hanamichi85

      True sad story

    100. Rated- R

      Lol OMG, Good stuff!