PUBG Logic Supercut 10 (funny PlayerUnknown Battleground skits)

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    The TENTH instalment!
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    1. David Thapa

      Loved the Terminator part..🤣🤣🤣

    2. Jimmy Ritter

      Can you believe it?! VLDL is guilty of plagiarism! That was an irl real estate commercial from Detroit. The nerve lol.

    3. Tobias Neubauer

      For all those who have forgot it; Skip to the end, Hit replay and enjoy without ads

    4. Der Chronologe

      3:14 If you listen closely, you can hear Adam's post.

    5. Kuliner Gadget

      the windows crashing is hillarious

    6. Funnyfresh420

      The very last one says they killed rowan when they killed ben

    7. Joe Mullin

      That Cyberpunk comment didn't age too well, did it?

    8. Chloe

      What was the one about friends at 20? Even CC didn't understand lol

    9. David Daniel

      I love the back seat gamer one the music you pick for the skits is great

    10. Otaku's Guitar Tutorial

      Why all the bots looked like the same😂

    11. Hans Psalmer Esden

      I like the crossbow when it's early game

    12. ChakraHunter356

      Pubg is dead, u should make new skits

    13. The Inviolable One

      I like how the guy with the UMP has a grip but isn’t using it lol...

    14. Squirrel Master

      Their southern American accents are hilarious. lol. Sounds like me trying to be Crocodile Dundee.

      1. Squirrel Master

        @Nsummer New Zealand, if I'm not mistaken :)

      2. Nsummer

        I thought they were from UK? They use terms usually only Brits use.

    15. díчαn zαrgαr

      kill field is on next level😂

    16. Tom Reid

      13:33 lmfao

    17. Avi Borb

      Arengale is just florida

    18. Elij Kun

      24:22 plot twist:the gun aim was actually trying to shoot at a target behind the enemy

    19. Kyle Brake

      I love your videos!

    20. Kevin

      " Nz killed coronavirus with strong leadership "

    21. Kevin

      Killfeed is worth noticing

    22. Espinosa ezekiel rhine G.

      0:36 Baradun killed eugene LOL

    23. Krooga

      14:32 missed opportunity to have "Ben killed Row-bot..." 😄

    24. noob sniper

      8:52 he is like the uncle who always scold childrens who were fighting near his car

    25. ShadowHunter

      lol that robot XD

    26. Mike Good

      That "robot" must be created the same creators of GTA AI

    27. Hey there

      26:01 accurate, the game was just okay but its buggy as hell and you cant even play it on some consoles

    28. Marcus Chorn

      4:38 ar15 and mp5k, they obviously have a ump45 and a G36c

    29. Gumba

      an absolutly awesome flawless masterpiece

    30. Adventure_Gamer

      25:10 The flip-flap ?

    31. Sherry Kohli

      I loved that bot scene when rowan did that ' bhaao ' sound 😂

    32. Moop

      Swapping the Q and E key is...brilliant.

    33. The RealButcher (Peter from Holland)

      Yeah, we've all had this.

    34. ZeffirRO

      "Teamwork" :))) wtf

    35. KP 2016HD

      Why do their props look exactly like the items

    36. Charles Bordy

      I really want Greg the garlic farmer to get a chicken dinner. That needs to happen.

    37. Rendi Dwi Kurnia Putra

      i love that rowan is the most funniest character in yo team btw where's rory? i missed him so much

    38. vernaxim


    39. Strelok blackburn

      29;31 adam and alan killed rowen......but rowen already dead...they killed ben

    40. heroic adventure

      Sometimes I wonder why does Ben not in the vivala dirt league

    41. Kstina

      Not sure whats wrong with me, but I'd love to live in erangel :D

    42. adad dafaf

      These damn supercuts are awesome! Perfect while working at night!

    43. Winter Gaming

      dont mind me but i think the crossbow is a good weapon... for sniping

    44. Riley EN

      Points at a German G-36 variant and says AR...

    45. Shadow Creature

      18:39 seriously...😂

    46. Mr. Apatosaurus !

      You can be sure it's a bot if it shoots only 1 bullet and crouches when shot

    47. Shadow Creature

      Bots be like😂

    48. MrAwsomenate

      LMAO! "If you wanna see more of THIS!"

    49. the guy the name

      5:10 Seven killed Nine by Eating him alive. A double entendre

    50. Chris Conley

      ...I think we've all learned something here today. 😂 Good stuff guys. Good stuff.


      subtitle indonesia please

    52. PickleFeathers

      "Cyberpunk killed it's reputation with possibly the worst launch ever"

    53. PickleFeathers

      22:40 every game with crates ever

    54. Sebastian Terry

      The back seat gamer😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣

    55. The Dark Wun

      The acting when he was excited about getting something wacky for the golden ones and was disappointed again was so sad

    56. Agam Singh

      at 5:06 there's just a car in the background of this battlefield

    57. sekade

      aahah 5:17 fortnite bloom ina nutshell

    58. Say No To The Vax!

      Damn I'm a backseat gamer I just can't help it 😅

    59. Андрей GGG


    60. Patrick Driscoll

      The terminator scene reminds me of Johnny English on the mind control drug.

    61. Patrick Driscoll

      Is that guy wearing a fast helmet with an ACH cover.

    62. TheOutCast YT

      I love how alan used a scar L with a 4x

    63. Nikki

      "NZ killed Coronavirus with strong leadership" dang this channel is absolute GOLD

    64. Tamás Jenővári

      6:48 the top two rows of bricks under the top of windows are not bonded. not really immersive. thought ill point that out, could be a bug...

    65. r3dasphault

      11:48 Rowan looks like Nick Cage in Willy's Wonderland

    66. Samsquamsh

      Rowan's Bot/Mugger face cracks me up dude. Everytime he juts out his jaw, I know some serious stupidity is about to ensue.

    67. Nielsigne Nissen

      im also eating doritos!

    68. dan Priest

      Has the staircase been there the whole time?

    69. Phillip Halverson

      I see your still playing against Chuck Norris 😁

    70. Kolger Doomsword

      You guys did the revolver skit wrong because revolvers are usually some the most accurate and powerful handguns in videogames, but most people pass on them due to their low capacity.

    71. Skulduggery Pleasant

      C3P0 killed R2D2 after he beeped at him funny

    72. a co2 genius

      You guys need to do like a walking dead kinda thing

    73. Derek4kGaming

      9:28 hey was that staircase always there

    74. Derek4kGaming

      Viva la dirt league should make a funny skit video of The tradgedy of Macbeth, starring the guy that is not ben, alan, rowan, as macbeth... I don't know his name... ADAM THATS IT

    75. Aarondestroy


    76. billybilly man

      "Chuck Norris killed COVID-19 when it tried to infect him." lol 2:24

    77. Tamu

      First one. I was so distracted I forgot they had gotten distracted

    78. A PS4

      3:57 “Terminator9050 killed Buggsie87 with a firm toothbrush” 😂😂😂

    79. Jeffery Gregory

      did anyone notice the fact that no one ever reloaded?

    80. ctvtmo

      You ain't no Scott Brown agent. Let the men take care of real estate.

    81. xPANTHERx

      These are my favourite videos on the channel

    82. YouSuck 1

      30 minutes of some good stuff

    83. emiliano zamora

      Backseat gamer is too real

    84. emiliano zamora

      The sacrifice skit got me dying that's the funniest one

    85. Leopomon

      15:33, you know, since the "bots" all have AKs in this video, wouldn't it be better if the "players" had weapons that used 7.62 ammo (like an AKM) instead of a SCAR-I(5.56), a pistol(can't tell if it's a 9mm or a P1511[which uses .45ACP]), and an UMP(9mm)?

    86. S T

      (๑´•.̫ • `๑)(╭☞•́⍛•̀)╭☞༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽←(*꒪ヮ꒪*)

    87. Ash Scott

      I swear these guys actually live in Erangel

    88. Osia

      3:56 That sus upside down cross.

    89. Roel Ven

      chuck norris killed Covid when it tried to infect him ..... omg ...

    90. Demonprincess

      Chuck Norris killed covid 19 😂😂😂

    91. Patrick von Königsberg J. H.

      I honestly got very cool stuff through Coupons - 2 Weapons Skins, One Epic Car Skin and 1 Epic Facemask

    92. API Asylum for the Politically Incorrect

      can we all agree that naked frying pan Adam is the most terrifying thing in existence?

      1. Retarded SQuad

        No, Psycho Alan is.

    93. DeOmri

      You lost me when you started playing monopoly and everyone smiled, too unrealistic by far.

    94. Bentley Evans

      Does anyone else read the kill feed in the terminator one a guy got killed by a tooth pick it said.

    95. Cyan

      Chuck norris the savior of all!

    96. Martin Rößner

      Chuck Norris. Please do kill covid already 🤣

    97. jason milmine

      4:03 , cheeky !

    98. Bassam Barakat

      Does anyone else realize that the terminator was just a bot

    99. ScareCrow

      I love the kill broadcast I always read them👀

    100. Sam Pharma

      Adam is better model than Rowan for sure ... I subscribed for you Adam, you arethe best.