Accidentally getting high at work - Special Brownie

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    Accidently getting high at any time isn't great - but when you're at work its a whole new level
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    1. The Mav&Gav show

      The Beatles be like

    2. MantraHerbInchSin

      When he "rose" down the floor and Rowan showed his real self, I honestly laughed xD OH NAAAAAAUUUU!

    3. Matthew Stancil

      Surprisingly there were no massive paycuts all around...

    4. droid34

      In America its more strange when people are NOT high at work.

    5. Beanie Sandals

      I'm surprised Rowan shared the brownie this time lol

    6. Beanie Sandals

      This was uploaded a month ago? I watch these videos like a hawk how did I miss this one?

    7. Michael Childress

      LSD Must Have Been in The Brownie Or Shrooms LMAO...

    8. Jan Sedivy

      One of the best :D

    9. Philip Hultgren

      soo, did they eat by accident a real brownie just before they whent in to filmning?

    10. Evvie Leigh

      How did they manage to perfectly nail what an acid trip is like?

    11. Buffbud96

      seriously though... WTF is Ellie on!?!?

    12. Buffbud96

      0:16 Rowan: You may Rise. Adam: Peace out homie

    13. nethrelm

      That's what you get for stealing her brownies.

    14. HLO freeman

      Lo más raro que eh visto xdxd

    15. charger771

      Love the part when they go OOHH NOOOO....AHAHAHAAHAHHAAAHHAAGGAGAGAAGAA!!!! haha

    16. MR. 1000

      they just wanted to give us weird throwaway footage

    17. DeciNarx N/A

      These niggas did mushrooms.

    18. TheFlyingMage

      I was wondering why VLDL didn't posted anything for so long. About a month I'd say. Maybe more. And turns out I was unsubscribed! And I sure as fuck didn't do it. I would never unsub from this channel. So how is it possible?..

    19. David Samaroo

      an ambulance really what the hell was in that brownie

    20. Osama Ahmad

      Tenet at home

    21. felixantoinetremblay


    22. Aaron

      I still think Rowan got possessed by the Rodney

    23. Tsukino Lyz

      0:31 watching this at 3am kinda scare me you know😅

    24. MemeMorto

      This edible ain't shit

    25. Marcus _


    26. Nazono

      As someone who hasn’t ever gotten high is this really what it is like? Because if it is then i never want to be like that.

      1. Revyi Cross

        Never been high but know people who have been. Being high is way more complex. Different drugs gives different types of highs. As well as different people experience high differently. But weed usually gives a very calm high. Where no matter the pain you in or how sad you was. Now you just calm, and your brains slows way down. So ever little thing seems special and unique to you. Most people don't wanna move or do anything. Just sit there and stare into space. However, a small percentage and usually people who already had paranoid problems. Have them greatly increase until they no longer trust anything. Acid gives you massive hallucinations. That can last up to 12hrs messes with your perception of time and so can be days from your point of view. These hallucinations can be bad or good. However, either way they can massively change you as a person. Because these hallucinations you can feel, taste and smell. They feel more real then dreams. Throughout history these types from coyota and others. Have been used to gain insight and knowledge. Because they open up you sub-conses so you can explore it. Artist, and even scientist have used them to see a problem from a different view point. Then the last common group is meth. This was giving to soldier in the past as well as workers. Still giving to workers in countries where corporations are stronger than the government. Because it gives you a insane amount of energy. You can work for days. Fight for days and keep going. While on meth you feel invincible. People can be shot and it won't even slow them down. Because meth floods your brain with Dopamine. Which is the very chemical that is release whenever you happy. It what makes you feel happy. Without it you could never be happy or feel any type of pleasure from anything. Meth floods your brain like crazy with Dopamine which makes you feel perfect. Really negative to meth is your body adapts and so you must take more to get the same feeling over time. Then it breaks your body. After a certain point your body loses the ability to produce Dopamine.... Which then the only way you can ever feel anything positive is by doing meth. At this point your life is screwed. This is why meth is the very worse of any drug. Cocaine is same type of high as meth but no where near as dangerous. Because it last only mins to a hr and your body breaks it down. Meth can last for days and your body can't fully break it down.

    27. Tranhoang Long

      Hey it seems Ellie is getting lean :D

    28. EDRPS

      Thiss video from deep web,i use this video to brainwash my brother🤣🤣

    29. Christopher Locke

      lol pretty crazy at first... a little corny at the end ;)

    30. Tanjiro Kamado

      Girls: probably he's cheating Boys:


      Loved it❤️

    32. Bazar Medieval

      i was high on lsd when i watch this and i laugh sooo hard

    33. Rich Light

      Lol bake off.... Your brownies vs my cookies.... My oatmeal chocolate chips are not to be taken lightly. You have been warned hahaha

    34. LovesToSpooge

      This is so close to accurate, but with tripping not brownies. My friend even perchs on things like that, lol.

    35. FlipNasty

      You can tell these guys have never been high in their life lol

      1. LovesToSpooge

        This is almost exactly like tripping. Not like brownies though.

      2. Mr Sir

        They could be mocking being high so they can make people laugh? To mention another possiblity, they didn't specify what was in the brownie.

    36. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    37. ejjr 2.0

      Remember kids drugs not even once

    38. necro6767676

      Allan being the straight man is slightly concerning with how his kill count.

    39. Anomen1010

      Wtf lol

    40. Thompson

      This is my dreams


      whatever you guys put in your brownies i want some.

    42. Matthew Tietjen

      Mmmm Mhmm mhmmm

    43. kirill zelianodjevo

      wow! one of your best!

    44. adipati penangsang

      Lol 😂 this is what happen , when consume amphetamine + lsd + budha stick ... In same time 👍 😨

    45. Bo Dasen

      This video deserves so much more views

    46. Mellow Waters

      Yeah.... Imma too high to be watching this

    47. Asobimo Sithlord

      Y'all sure this is not no no snow

    48. partical7

      This is spot on accurate...

    49. Shaun Lucas

      This may be the best one 😂

    50. Ruiming Chen

      I thought they were gonna say: "It's a gurl!!"

    51. Matthew Chang

      Hangover part 4

    52. Godzilla Destroys Cities

      Ohhh noooo!

    53. Marek Lagger

      What comes from right at 0:28? Is it someone spitting?

    54. as seen on YT

      I have never smoked weed but I don't think this is what it's like, this is lsd, I've never had that either

    55. Gaming Boy

      This was the 2nd cringiest video i have ever seen *-*

    56. schissgring

      Did you got some LSD in your water?

    57. Robert Downer


    58. Dan Batoon

      Adam can be the next Doctor who

    59. Herman Wong

      How is this such an accurate simulation of being high lol

    60. tronester teaches

      Getting high is nothing like this. Maybe getting high on acid, but weed? Really. Yall don't smoke very much at all, if you think its like this.

    61. BLITZER

      tbh i would love to have a boss/manager like rowan at work

    62. Wind Walker

      Some of this seems more like an acid trip than just being high off pot.

    63. AryaN_87

      is this dark web video?

    64. darkn1nja01

      I can’t stop watching this 😂

    65. Skizm

      So right when I started playing the video minecraft finished downloading on my pc and started up. The whole time I thought minecraft music was playing throughout the video and honesty it made it 100 times better

    66. Matthew Smith

      WTF was in that brownie?? Haha

    67. Røv da

    68. RustySoul

      This might actually be my new favourite episode of Bored

    69. Disturbed Pyro

      Why would Ellie bring her Meth brownies to work!? Cause those DEFINITELY weren't weed brownies!

    70. Relaxing Patrols

      Deepweb vision

    71. Jacob Ramos

      Nah these are shrooms 😂

    72. fsxelw

      *Boredception Intensifies*

    73. Mike Wallus

      Part II ??? 🤪🤪

    74. fari

      Every dream must have meaning. My Dream:

    75. Friesen 1098

      XD watching this while im high so funny

    76. EonStormcrow

      As someone who has had "special brownies", I can confirm this is accurate af

    77. Zach The Gay

      Let's be real tho, this would make work more fun

    78. Zach The Gay

      Lmao this is so great lmmfao

    79. Bryce Sasser

      I’d hate to trip to this

    80. martijns ark15

      Is ... is this what it looks like while being high on weed

    81. Алексей Аксеенко

      О, мет попробовали?))

    82. Jan Soroka

      Make nVidia / AMD out of stock scene 😉

    83. Clark Clements

      Hash? More like shrooms...

    84. Jonny Hindu

      Bhaang ki Goli khiladi ke ??!

    85. Nathan Spagnola

      You never specified what drug was actually taken here in this situation

    86. fainting__goat

      Well I guess you could add acid to brownies...

    87. Ced

      This IS quality content, and why I'm subbed!

    88. dwayne kill


    89. mike majere

      Would have been funnier if they all did thier epic npc man lines once

    90. westabsupply ebay

      Oh gosh! I needed to laugh like that for awhile 😂

    91. Chris Babbz

      0:45 I burst out laughing LOL 😂

    92. Gadget

      why waste money on drugs when you can have the same effects with sleep deprivation. I'd say about 6 day's for this kinda trip

    93. Fred Nel


    94. MrChiefBroome

      Man the weed in New Zealand is waaayyy better than the shit in Canada

    95. Мытищи Стайл

      They began to suspect that they were on the show. Deny all questions. Don't let them break free!

    96. Teaya Brown

      Honestly, this would be me. My body doesn't have a tolerance for any substance. This is why I can never get high. Had more than a few bad experiences

    97. habib saliu

      I think the camera is stoned

    98. Bronto

      This is me every day the second I finish work

    99. MaSky HUNTeR

      What the heck is this...?!!?