Forgetting basic human things - How to Walk

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    Rowan has started to forget the most basic human things... but lets be honest is he really even human?
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    1. DimlyLitMoon

      i already remember the formula on how to walk, so this never happen again

    2. Nes Concen

      Okay, this is no joke, it really happens. More than once when i payed attention to my breathing, (don't ask me why, just came to my mind once.) Then i couldn't get it to become automatic for like, 15 mins. Those 15 mins, i felt like i was half suffocating, as in, i was breathing, but i was becoming breathless. Now please just ignore this comment, and don't try this.

    3. Kyawe Say Min

      guys, I've forgotten how to breathe.

    4. All In One Entertainer

      I also forgotten like this only How I didn't know but I forgot walking too and running too plz it's really serious problem 😭😭😭

    5. Zachariah Proffitt

      You ever think about breathing? Then end up having to manually breath in and out. Same with blinking

    6. Aviation Nation

      I forgot how to walk

    7. FKR 98

      how the hell do they even own an electronics's store 😂😂😂

    8. Velu Krishna

      K who reprogrammed my rowan

    9. Voltaire Panotes

      Just watching this made me overthink about walking 😂🚶‍♂️

    10. Teodor Markov

      This video is too good for likes.

    11. heikg

      You can tell they're all best friends irl by the matching tattoos they have on their forearms. I find it really heart warming.

    12. Kind Demon

      Wow, i forgot how to breath

    13. Rexu

      now watching this made me forgot how to walk

    14. MrRushSkies

      Yeah its like manually breathing.

    15. KittenyKat

      This is a legitimate phenomenon that happens to people sometimes. I know someone who actually went to the bathroom one day and said he completely blanked on how he wipes his ass. Had to completely relearn it.

    16. Hanako Akamoto

      Ministry of silly walks 2.0?

    17. Controler 2

      I forgot how to walk once lol (im serious)

    18. Shōrisha CZ

      Ai teaching how walk

    19. Maneesh Sutar

      FBI is after you for making people doubt on their walking

    20. Miles W

      We've all done this

    21. Blueberry Car Wreck

      Anyone else ever done this with breathing? Like you just stop and think "when's the last time I took a breath? How deep does it need to be? How many breaths do I need to take???"

    22. Maxim Kortez

      So good. Хорошая сцена)

    23. DJus among


    24. Guggi

      When he said I forgot how to walk I Forget

    25. Sebastian Johannesson

      I'm glad it's not just me.

    26. Christian??

      This happens when i try to Animate a person walking

    27. Salvy 8

      How to walk?

    28. ARC Tv

      Now try breathing, think how to breathe 😅😅😅

    29. Holy lone

      i hate how much this is relatable xD


      This happened to me its awkward walking at school

    31. Darcy Ferrier

      this is a limmy show level skit

    32. TheMikmas

      "I forgot how to breathe"

    33. Pixel Gun

      When you are drunk, you will find out how hard walking actualy is.

    34. Dylan

      Why am i feeling insecure now

    35. Caseys Channel

      Omg lol almost made me forget to

    36. Amrendra Srivastava

      It happens when a girl walk by infront of me

    37. Πάτσης

      Dude... what the hell did I just watch 🤣🤣

    38. Rayzan1000

      I like to imagine this is what the staff is doing when you can't find anyone :)

    39. Ayrat Ars

      Спасибо. Поржал)

    40. Baby Pyscho

      Holy shit if you really think about it you can't do it wtff!!!!

    41. David Jett

      3:00 Rowan making his feelings for Britt known.

    42. Horror-ble Gamer

      This is like a nightmare

    43. Plus1Gaming

      ffs i tried to make sure i still remember

    44. Eimear Murphy-Farah

      I forgot how to walk and now I look like a penguin

    45. MangoShakeMy

      Blinking is worst

    46. Владилен Исаев

      Адам, ты должен был бороться со злом а не примкнуть к нему!

    47. Nate D

      Honestly, is there a wrong or right way to walk?

    48. Icz Kun

      ive done this, also my walking limbs dont work properly, they always try tripping md

    49. T perm

      Why can't I like a whole channel? I have to like every single video this way.

    50. asddfjkkl

      so with the same logic, if you think hard enough about breathing, you'll forget how to breath...

    51. ScreaminGoat BG

      This might sound wierd but this happens to me.

    52. Devin McDonald

      This is just called social anxiety!

    53. Henry Stickmin's Twin

      I legit thought the video was about forgetting about how to move your legs

    54. Exotic Butter

      Make a video about how to forget basic human things - living

    55. jacob bragg

      Bahahaha 👍🥇

    56. ZUESO Gaming

      "When i forgot something" Me:

    57. Jay B

      I can walk, but I always forget something. Like, I forget to swing my hands, or when I turn I stop and do a full 90 looking like a stupid robot. I am unnatural

    58. BeBearo ugh

      Plot twist: this is actually a new disease

    59. Виктор Головин

      Ахах бляя) прикол конечно)

    60. Johnny 925

      I think its left foot 1 stomp, right foot 2 stomps. Hands on your knees.

    61. chicken nuget

      Dam not again

    62. haden636

      That would be me 😂

    63. Byron Armijo .G.


    64. 고강호

      I really don't know why I really forgot how to walk

    65. Churck

      You are now breathing manually, your chair is now uncomfortable, you don't know anymore where to put your tongue and no matter how hard you try, you just can't yawn satisfyingly.

    66. Smol brain human

      Wait. No seriously how do I exist?

    67. DesignIncase

      Worse when you forget how to swallow.

    68. Dafi

      Oh a fashion show 🤣

    69. PleasentDddd

      This video was brought to you by the Ministry of Silly Walks.

    70. dixievfd55

      Where is the Ministry of Silly Walks?

    71. Regulator

      I literally got so high once I started having a bounce to my step I couldn't get rid of and I thought I had something bad happen to me I laid there for like an hour wondering if I was going crazy or I had a serious problem, turns out both lol

    72. Opadein Roblox

      I lost braincells

    73. Waa! Key CardBoardMouse

      Idk why but i forgot iphone password...thank goodness my mom know the reaction was totally Legit

    74. Frantz

      everyone who joined the army knows that feeling!

    75. Neevasha Rampersand

      Now I'm thinking about breathing. I've forgotten how to breathe... Ok, in, out. Easy I'm breathing manually now... (and so are you)

    76. Shmeme ‘S

      Just make sure to not think and overthinking about breathing.

    77. SatoriSoul

      The Ministry of Silly Walks has some new recruits.

    78. techie tyfoon

      Yes happened with me too Forgot Capital ' Q ' to write that was when i realised it can happen

    79. Yosafat Kushariandi

      Now, for those who read this, start breathing manually

    80. M e n h e r a K u n

      They forgot the most crucial thing in walking, technically they can walk.. But they're swaying their hands the wrong way.

    81. SirDreiko

      Monty Python - Ministry of Silly Walks - reunion :)

    82. Christian Klarich

      5 months later! How do you walk??

    83. Requiem Arrow

      I lowkey think about a lot of weird shit. But I have never forgotten how to walk. I can literally be thinking, and I'm fine. Right arm, left leg, left arm, right leg. Dunno how you guys do it.

    84. DVantage


    85. pesidas kyth

      Funny thing is this happened to me once....

    86. Gallezra

      This always happen during a school march

    87. CradlePen

      Wrong, he's still walking 🚶‍♂️.

    88. matteo falso

      Lol for it actually happen sometimes🤣

    89. Emrie

      You people are monsters.

    90. RaphAlreadyTaken

      You should ask Monty Python, they know a lot about that

    91. Danny Owens

      This hurts my soul...

    92. Crusader COD

      I forget how to breath sometimes.

    93. zToxic Anime


    94. Enes Akbulut

      After watching this video i also forgot how to walk

    95. Anime Official Amv's

      Me after lockdown 😂💯💯

    96. Blade

      I was thinking how breathing works and now i.....

    97. Damien Leigh

      I really feel that Ben needed a spot in this.

    98. Roger Plays

      Just pretend you forgot to breath

    99. Kappa kim

      Now think about *blinking* You cant blink normally now cant you?

    100. hadrian javas

      Now you start manually breath