Forgetting basic human things - How to Walk

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    Rowan has started to forget the most basic human things... but lets be honest is he really even human?
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    1. Eric Moore

      This is too relatable. I haven't fully forgotten how to walk, but it does seem more difficult when I overthink it.

    2. Elson Wong Hao Bo

      *hmmmmm how do you breathe then* Oh wait noo-

    3. Mo2Fifty

      Ive seen this video before and i couldve sworn the last time i saw it, at the end of the clip, ellie walks by and says something like “what a bunch of idiots”..or am i trippin?

    4. serhat toptaş

      *I remembered breathing !* *HELP*

    5. Xandra Noob slayer

      I don’t know how to walk anymore halp plsss

    6. Aldrin Degasputra


    7. Mbc Nomads

      I forgot how to walk as well 🤣

    8. Red T

      They're walking is dead like The Walking Dead ( joke )

    9. Baasith Mulki

      Sometimes i forgot how to breathe

    10. Levi Gaming

      Fuckkkk, seriously after watching this i actually forgot to walk too dont know what is what

    11. Lazaro Bustos

    12. Azazel Dreciare

      Ah. Fellow alien, i know a potion for that. If you ever forgot how to walk just collect (15) nimble flowers, (25) mandrake roots, (8) essence of life, (40) epere horns, (18) red wolf fangs, (3) elite wolf fangs, (3) darkness essence and (1) great spirit essence. Take that to azatoth who will show you where the machine of the gods which produces the recipe to bind the elements so you could brew the potion but that can only be operated by hephaestus who is imprisoned by thanos and you have to free him from his icy shackles that can only be meltes by a great fire spirit which can only be found in the land of fairies which can only be accessed to if you found a fairy who is injured and needed saving but all of that is pointless if you can't find the key to the realm which the fairy and only the fairy knows where to find. In a DLC.

    13. Shelby Thebes

      This is the perfect opportunity to teach them how to cat walk so that they would walk like it for years to come

    14. Elfen who

      great i dont know how to sit now

    15. Vishnu bk

      The symbol in back of Rowans T shirt looks like Tesla's logo! Did anyone notice that?

    16. Wong Tian Le

      Fact: You tired walking while watching this video

    17. MysticDragonWolf

      Glad to know I’m not the only one

    18. Bux Cap

      Please Don't mess with people's brains

    19. Jim Her

      Lol.. great acting guys

    20. FireUpTheHumblemania

      This is basically whats it like having serious anxiety, excepts its daily

    21. Spawn Of slipknot

      I've never forgotten how to walk, then again I never could.

    22. krishna trivedi

      Every time my controller breaks be like

    23. Pacó González

      Okay now i forgot how to walk

    24. Gamer'n'Designer

      When you start playing Death Stranding

    25. Angeloudaki

      Not going to lie. With all this horrid stuff going on in the world, today I have been binge watching your channel and I can honestly say I haven't laughed so much all year. Thank you x

    26. Zeleni •420•

      Nice damn shirts...playtechno

    27. Del TV


    28. PlainStuff

      After watching this I couldn't walk for 5 minutes

    29. Sean Tan

      Think it’s after playing hours of Among us? walking without hands.. and both Red seems sus to me..

    30. Norbert Schmidt

      :D third to the party got me crying :D

    31. Ghostkeal

      Adam forgets how to do simple things too. Like make a fucking cup of fucking tea!

    32. KaitherBlood

      Now I can’t stop thinking about it.

    33. Aiman Garcia

      Adams entry was the most hilarious thing i've ever seen in my life !! HAHAHAHAHA

    34. La Zia Dwobbit

      So this is Manual Samuel in real life, but without the being dead part? But it also reminded me when 2 years ago I badly broke my ankle and I couldn't walk properly neither with crutches nor without them during rehab

    35. Daveslow

      This is every tutorial that tells you how to use wasd to move...

    36. Nemura Kanata

      I'm actually forget how to see youtube videos...

    37. Jason Sparkman

      I always forget how to walk entering a grocery store by myself

    38. che Alexandre

      if i smoke too much weed it can happen

    39. Egg

      Adam.exe has stopped working

    40. Egg

      when you are a 3d animator but doesn't know how to animate walking animations:

    41. Buddhika Jayalath

      Best shit ever

    42. Cg Random

      they must be hiring Gus Johnson

    43. Not My name

      Jokes on you, I’ve always walked silly, after this video I walk normal now.

    44. Tristin Admire

      Forgot how to wipe myself once.... not proud of it

    45. BouncingCow

      This feels like a hommage to monty pythons "ministery of silly walks" - I love it

    46. Carl Chapman

      I am a functional autistic and I once forgot my own name during a job interview, not good and I didn't get the job.

    47. Deathbed

      this is real

    48. آرمین امینی


    49. Gautham krishna

      I actually had this exact problem as Rowan ...

    50. German Empire Officer

      They are just a bunch of clowns

    51. Renoo 9 Nineoneone


    52. undn_reaper

      Imagine all the people trying this sht after seeing this vid :D

    53. subscribe this channel as a joke

      I can't walk wtf

    54. turtlerr r

      Just daily things

    55. Wolf

      Pff... It's simple just press W to walk forward, like everyone else.

    56. NaldinhoGamerX'

      So that's maybe why zombies always walks the way they walk, it's because they've forgotten how to walk.

    57. NaldinhoGamerX'

      It happens sometimes.

    58. Corsair

      The more you think about it, you more you forget.

    59. FireOccator

      Don't forget to blink, breathe, swallow and hold in that piss.

    60. Chihab Une

      I see they skipped the tutorial

    61. Valonekiil

      At least they didn't forget about how to breath, because it's the first thing that we do as a human

    62. Corrupted Disciple

      This reminds me of people trying to march in bootcamp

    63. Edge of Awesome

      My god!!! Alan walks like a bowlegged zombie. 😂🤣 Damnit Adam, you were their only hope. Now I’m afraid to get up... lol

    64. Lightning Ray

      This is exactly what happens when i starts walking on the street alone

    65. MrBlaztoiz

      we call it goon marching in the Army :D

    66. A-Batu

      Yeah fine i have learn walking again, fuck!

    67. Flexi The Furry • 11 years ago

      If you need to look up how to walk:

    68. D3d_ Sys

      You guys look like dancing group

    69. Camden Osborn

      You ever walk away from a really awkward situation and forget when to swing your arms and legs and further elevate the awkwardness?

    70. Inferno

      You're breathing manually right now

    71. Blazeling

      cya suckers

    72. wildman510

      When you accidentally think "how do we walk"

    73. Burn77oas7

      I've only ever felt this way when I was super high on lsd or really good herb.... never in an average state of every day mind

    74. SPROJO

      Cya suckers. Later bol 🤣

    75. Dang Tran

      Alan was the impostor!

    76. Fahmi Bungsu

      It's the same thing as breathing manually after you read "How to breathe."

    77. Binesh Tuladhar

      Should i get off my computer and try to walk ?

    78. Thompson

      Imagine if you are a customer and see this

    79. Watn3y

      You know when you start breathing manually and then can't go back?

    80. Jon Snow

      This is a real thing when learning how to march in the military.

    81. Thomas Edwards

      For me it is how my tongue fits in my mouth I start thinking about it and it just becomes awkward in my mouth.

    82. Sangeet The Great

      2:26 "Use your shoulders"

    83. Rizky Arief Ramadhan

      LOL when Adam crying too

    84. G R A V I T Y

      Those friends who turn up to work high af

    85. Odette Brock

      Can't walk?! :)

    86. cleggy85

      I am watching this whilst sat on the toilet and once finished I have no option but to navigate some stairs.... Thanks guys... 😆

    87. brainbah

      I got electrocuted when I was a kid and for months after that's how walking felt, like each leg wanted to go first

    88. pulli23

    89. Jacob Martin

      Just like thinking about swallowing once you have thought about it its a hard thing to do

    90. Jacob Martin

      I've legit done this too tbh hahaha

    91. Xia

      The way they are walking 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    92. Chris_Saiko

      Literally me when I was so anxious about how people me walk, drink, talk etc. Now I don't give AF.

    93. Satan

      LOL I forgot to breath So here I am.

    94. Rafael Nunes

      Remembers Monty Python

    95. Nash Yangyang

      LOL that literally happened to me!!!

    96. Beanie Sandals

      when adam comes in it just lights a smile on my face i genuinely wish i was his friend lol

    97. Renno TV

      Adam 😂😂😂😂😂

    98. randompie

      Omaygad!! I experience this alwaaays

    99. Nitro Racing

      Anyone else get up and start walking around in circles just to see if you didn’t catch the ‘dumb’?

    100. Mmfilthy