Mugging a Kickstarter

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    1. Shelby Thebes

      0:28 Rowan sounds like startled Finn (Adventure Tine)

    2. Happalula

      finally they get mugs

    3. Peter Pacheco

      We're Beggars lol

    4. Former Auror

      I. Love. T-shirts. Charles!

    5. Sean MSW

      Welp, there goes all the wagon money =/

    6. Prophet of the Pan

      1:04 My brain halfway through finals be like

    7. Johann

      I hope they got the mugs they wanted

    8. Paints, Points, and Pointy Ears

      This video has singlehandedly given a new meaning to the word "muggers." When the Kickstarter guy blurts "mugs": Had me in stitches even before the two reacted. XD XD Good one haha!

    9. Hanka Janíčková

      I love the English subtitles 😂 Ben: "We're....we're bbbbb we're buudnfonasodnfjn a;sodnf;kjga" 😂

    10. DRAGO_ CV

      0:27 so cuuuteeee

    11. Lawrence

      Where's the "What are we" mugs :

    12. Renan Monteiro

      Venom Snake: "Speak" The soviet soldier I'm interrogating: 1:13

    13. Marco

      i love the muggers!!!

    14. Brett K

      Had to literally rewatch this that they said backers and not beggars due to all the comments below!

    15. John Bernard Cabras

      Rowan:I love t-shirts Charles! Ben:I love gold! Im dying in this part🤣

    16. FrozenShadow 007

      Did a mugger NPC just change the game’s code?

    17. ARMYALEX

      i will never understand how they can do this without laughing

    18. Farid


    19. Maximilian Vihava


    20. MC Venne

      Rowan's tongue at the thought of getting a mug is priceless.

    21. Riverfox237

      This is an abusive relationship, someone save him from Bernard

    22. Cat Bru

      I pretty much lost it when the subtitles for their incoherent argument is basically 'askkjkjashdkjhas;kjah'

    23. God

      I thought the muggers would get scammed.

    24. Benjyi Breeg

      "Quite the opposite in fact" ahahahahahahaha xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    25. The Observer

      Good thing I got the captions on.

    26. Nev Ermind

      Getting the feeling that guy has some serious inert telepathic powers, or he mugged a helmet of domination once.

    27. Vallarick Firemaw


    28. 029 20

      Nice day for mugging aint it? huhah

    29. Pampos Michael


    30. john mark sesbino

      We want a series of these muggers

    31. Zhenay Kuznetsova


    32. Zhenay Kuznetsova


    33. The Nappalorian

      So is did they just give all of the gold they took from the cart, to back the kickstarter? XD

    34. medexamtoolsdotcom

      But he didn't force them to give him all their gold. They just did that because they're so stupid I guess.

    35. Martin H

      I fucking love the muggers. :)

    36. 点墨的科幻空间


    37. Paşa Gültekin

      1:15 were minute? Where are you?

    38. Seumas MacKinlay

      🌄 👌📆 🎣👍?

    39. Grouvee Voxel

      Сложно, когда система ломается, и из грабителей люди превращаются в спонсоров

    40. Stefan Dingenouts

      "We have... mugs?" Muggers: MUGS!!!!!!! ROFL

    41. Rylan Moore

      Turn on subtitles

    42. markjvp

      Was the money from the wagon? XD

    43. Vixx Celacea

      "T-shirts?" "AHHHHOOOOOOH" Brilliant.

    44. Жека

      Rowan the best!


      is there ever someone normal for them to mug

    46. 9Pasha 9top

      I russian

    47. Waz Ko. OL

      That's what happened what you pump Charisma, but ignored Intelligent and Wisdom

    48. TheDeathmail

      Rowan is actually free from the programing...

    49. Rick pastry

      I LOVE T-SHIRTS, Charles!

    50. RionE23

      You’re a beggar after you’ve been a backer

    51. Aimee M

      The subtitles at 1:04 and such xD

    52. Sn0wbearYT

      What an excellent plug

    53. QaLeQ

      god Charles. HE LOVE T-SHIRT!!!

    54. cael cordova

      rowan when he said mugs.

    55. Random Argument

      Muggers got mugs

    56. Nikitos Zahar

    57. Nikitos Zahar


    58. Sofija Sofy Grebnarovic

      So - no "Kickstarter"?

    59. Ren Ookami

      "A mug for the Muggers" could be the name of a play. xD

    60. Pourya Azimi

      Is that me or they did a coin cumshot on him

    61. Oblivianos

      I love how rowan uses his own arguement against ben even when ben is right :P he short-circuits him

    62. InTheZwn

      I want to Win 2m $ so We can make this a video game 😂😂😂

    63. Cragmortis


    64. Dar Sedigh

      If throw mugs at them, then you are mugging them !

    65. Seleuce

      Wonderful acting! :D

    66. Destined2348 Howared

      We’re muggers needs to be a t-shirt

    67. Gbraith

      Do you have a mug product that says we are muggers with your logo or your 2 faces on it?

    68. adam lane

      kickstarter is garbage.

    69. Kim Christensen

      am fucking crying x) I LOVE T SHIRT! I WANT T-SHIRT NOW! WE ARE BEGGARS! xD

    70. Sh!n3


    71. Justine Alicia

      so laughtrip to the part where rowan says "I LOVE T-SHIRTS!" XDDDD

    72. Harl Windwolf

      "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no." This is even more hilarious at 0.5 playback speed.

    73. Luna Finch1

      Why did he sound like Finn? XD

    74. AdelraM II

      О, боже! Это великолепно =D Особенно игра слов про "кружку", проорал в голос =))

    75. Uncreative Sparks

      and they just made so much gold to.....

    76. IanGametion

      So Ben's Character is Charles, what is Rowan's character Name?

    77. Komi Shouko

      So that means the Kickstarter is better at mugging than the Muggers

    78. Zero Nine タチツ

      0:28 *HOOOOOOOOO*

    79. Lukas Van Holle


    80. Ironclaw XII

      Yes, of course.

    81. Evan Stanley

      Please never stop making videos of Bernard and Charles.

    82. Johannes CT

      Give me a proper mug with "Let's mug em!" written onto and I'm on.

    83. Homicida

      Спасибо VLDL в любом случае, но так же спасибо тем, кто пишет русские субтитры. Без вас эти ролики не выглядят настолько смешными и атмосферными, как если бы смотреть их в оригинале.

    84. Some Dude

      This got me laughing pretty good. And I never laugh 😐

    85. Jet Phantom

      Muggers getting mug...nice touch guys

    86. Mary Light

      I'd actually like one of the mugs.. I love mugs ^^

    87. Connor Shadou

      that Rowans scream when he heard tshirts lol the best

    88. Bonnie Capps

      Can someone tell me what game this is based off of. I know skyrim and wow but what else because its inspired me to want to play games again, and honestly if Viva la dirt league made a game like this i would so buy and play it

    89. Deathy Kat

      1:59 this is not ok XD

    90. Tomiwa Aina

      That was weirdly sexual

    91. unfoldingspace8

      I love Rowan’s screech.

    92. Srithor

      Smart writing, I'd say. Kudos to you!

    93. Kezato

      seriously who gave this npc administrator privileges to change charles was of thinking by asking what are we

    94. nuclearping

      I'm also a Mugger. I backed the Kickstarter and chose a Mug.

    95. Jaxcraft 28

      PFT! Is this another promotion for your Baelin's Journey kickerstarter?😆

    96. neshannockfez

      What's name of the actors?

    97. Pan Darius Kairos

      This was brilliant. Cheers from the Star Citizen squad.

    98. Billy Smith

      new 1s are crap

    99. Billy Smith

      straight beggers

    100. April Matthews

      Who wants them to make the epic npc man game