Looting random chests in games - Chest

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    You ever wonder where loot chests in games come from?
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    1. Nicholas Trzcinski

      Whos the red and why doesnt she have more parts!!! Get her in there!

    2. Fantasy ON

      Poor husband 😂🤣

    3. Ryan Gibson

      So this adventurer sells all these items to this merchant, who only wanted a single copper to buy medicine for his dying child. The merchant puts said items in a chest for safekeeping, possibly for a future investment. Adventurer then finds chest and steals all his shit back. What a dick!!!

    4. The Randomizer

      that dirty talk tho 💥🌶️♨️🔥

    5. QueenShireen

      Awh Poor guy

    6. Shireknight

      Oh jeez is this one a sketch or behind the scene's footage 😥

    7. Kathryn Free

      You look like a baby wearing a costume of a sad old man

    8. Вячеслав Мальцев

      Can’t watch it... so sad...

    9. Armin Nakhjiri


    10. Pandaguan

      The Legend of the Mimic

    11. mario carlos

      i feel sorry for him

    12. Luciano CB

      I feel so sad for this guy 😭😭😭

    13. 咲空•Weide


    14. GizziT RYTP

      And that's how first Mimic was made.

    15. Kinan Jarjous

      Never looting anything again

    16. Michael Hackfeld

      Well no more raiding chests in Minecraft villages. :(

    17. Mark Bauer

      That redheaded girl is beautiful! Those eyes, that hair, her smile, and that accent. She's gorgeous :). Love the videos guys! Keep it up! -Mark (NYC, USA)

    18. Gunawan Putera

      Now im rethinking my self everytime i want open some random chest on skyrim or the witcher

    19. Jak Dexter

      The birth of the first mimic

    20. Arun Raj

      So his name is Capt. Alf Possywater ? 🤣🤣🤣

    21. 忘祀陵

      Oh no,how can l still play the game

    22. Sensible Studio

      ngl was expecting chest to just despawn after he gets in

    23. BelowAverageLuke

      I wonder what chest she was referring to..

    24. Jenn Lewis

      Sold the the "children" its all because the adventurer wouldnt buy more fruit for 1 copper.. lol

    25. Nicu Cotet

      i felling so sorry for last npc all time have bad reputation in those video , i wish guys to give him a chance to revenge on those adventurers

    26. ilaria vitali


    27. Tenma

      thats what i liked about fable, actually digging up chests.

    28. TubeNut Nuttington

      Captain Alf Possywater?

    29. Rhavaeries

      So sad!!

    30. Віталій Повар

      Этот лысый - талант

    31. Naveen Kumar

      Lol man i love this bald guy in every single episode

    32. Red T

      He should have locked the chest

    33. Atolk

      How born a Mimic

    34. Mystic Rośe

      I wish somebody would've walked by at the end and been like "Oooh! A loot chest!" 😂

    35. D Milan

      Dead by daylight players when digging to a chest.

    36. Ратко

      Обожаю как этот мужик играет!!)

    37. blazen710420 blazen710420

      I love it the whole I saw one of these The gold skulls the other day to emerge for 50,000 gold The merchant that was trying to save his kids 🤣

    38. WhiteDatura

      You aint fooling anyone. I'm still going to loot those random chests

    39. Serujio Raiton

      Epic NP semen

    40. Feito Puns

      atleast adam bought a banei nei or something like that

    41. Sumi

      I was kinda expecting the chest to despawn after he got in it lol

    42. Rob Kry

      Next movie, Monster Chest Mimic.

    43. Miguel Suarez-solis

      Ok I need this guy to show up on the NPC dnd show lol

    44. Scott Matthew Robison

      Сука, аж слеза навернулась...

    45. bousan the bill

      Poor fruit farmer

    46. Portubed


    47. LotsOfBologna2

      Nah, real gaming logic is you burst into a random person's house and go rummaging through all their possessions to find some trinkets.

    48. Maathus Narr

      Hamish needs to win one guys, seriously.

    49. Mr.HalfNHALF

      Omg it's the fruit merchant!

    50. Angel Castro

      i came here to laugh not to feel.... :(

    51. CorruptedPlayer

      Huh? Which game is this video from like is there a real game like this.

    52. fettered1

      The couple are amazing actors. Would love to see more skits with them.

    53. Lauri Mäntylä

      I'm now sad I hatte tuo se players

    54. SSP AMV

      This was the poor fruit merchant.

    55. Wumpo

      I was waiting for the other dude to find his chest a golden badass looking one that has a legendary lock where he spends 25 lockpicks just to open it and inside that chest there is a fork and 5 coins.

    56. César Erasmo Rayón Núñez

      I wonder: is this how angry New Zealanders are like? Calm yet incredibly firm and menacing? If so, I'm moving there first chance I get!

    57. peterlai0166077

      Stop saying mean things to me😂😂😂

    58. Nuggets Nuggets

      That was sad nugget might cry

    59. Vicente Valdés

      so, this is the backstory for a future villain that goes around the world killing adventurers or something like that? xD

    60. The Sharktocrab

      The cheest

    61. Chuck Sees

      o my... that was so funny.

    62. Павел Чуйко

      Sorry for the fruit merchant, I shed a tear 😭

    63. CrazyAlaskanCoDShot

      This one hit deep for some reason made me cry 😭

    64. Stacey Barton

      What the fuck is Alf a captain of???

    65. Danny Schoofs

      Lol, the same merchant, who bought the skull, in the other video (last time I sold a skull for 50000g, to a merchant) :p

    66. deathsdoor07

      That is a nice chest.

    67. lechukem

      Assim nascem os mimicos

    68. Daniel Hague

      Wow I actually felt sorry for him

    69. Hanoch Lee

      I genuinely feel bad for him

    70. Fire Line

      The lady was quite beautiful.

    71. Lucas Santiago

      im a pussy

    72. NY000ooo

      soooo.. this is how create a mimic chest....

    73. ShadowKnight

      Теперь ясно,как появились мимики из Дарк Соулс...))

    74. Erik Ploski

      redhead is gorgeous.

    75. Tadas Čanovas

      I really fell bad for the merchant.Fuck those players.

    76. Daniel Buela

      Who else put two and two together and realised that was the merchant chest from the fruit stall, who the adventurer sold the golden skull to... 🤯

    77. BloodTroller

      Poor guy... 😔

    78. Hovado Kozel

      Dude I want to give something to the poor guy who just lost everithing... except the chest

    79. Ad SJB

      >Another player finds the chest. >Opens it. >Finds bald crying adult. "Aw... Man. That's all it is, a man. This guy looks like he could be worth like- 1 copper?" >Major crying ensues. "Nevermind, loud and annoying. Maybe 45 wood coins." Other player: " Wait, there's currency below copper?" "Yeah, it was just added because of weird, disGUSTANG items like this."

    80. Funky Monkey

      Wat game is this

    81. Reggie

      This guy is hilarious!

    82. J. A. E.

      Now I’m gunna feel bad when I find a chest in a forest

    83. John Dennis

      Now I'm going to feel bad looting random chest...

    84. Levi Erickson


    85. gateship2

      I was waiting for the chest to despawn.

    86. Kajan Petit

      "Costume? It's clothes". That killed me lol

    87. Swaggy Mc Flabby

      This poor man

    88. skinny jason


    89. Connor Ross

      Poor poor man.

    90. Proxym

      This is really sad

    91. Johnny

      When the guys collected the chest it was filled with merchant clothes and a skull and blablabla and in the ending a merchant went in the chest

    92. Mr Hutchinson

      " You look like a baby wearing a costume of a sad old man". LMAO, im CRYING laughing!!

    93. Eric gonzalez

      I feel she could go to the last boss and make him rethink his life

    94. Lord Livur'Like von McComment del Subscribür IV

      AHM... I thought that this should be funny that whole scene made me feel bad. I didn't like the actress.

    95. Hellomynameisnevermind

      This ended up being a top 10 of all time VLDL video

    96. Kaos Taishou

      This maiden seems to be natural in her role. I have a bitchy feeling from her already! (that means good acting - I hope)

    97. Ahmet Timur

      and this is how mimics spawned :D

    98. Scave

      Can we get 5,000,000 gold for that merchant? Surely some high end player has that.

    99. farcow

    100. Daniel Carvalho Silva

      only I was sad?