How The Last Of Us Part 2 should have ended

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    If The Last of Us Part 2 had a happy ending...
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    1. WarpedPlanet

      Wish it ended this way:)

    2. Nikita Lesproux

      the best ending for us

    3. Venom Neff

      This is what I called it Canon

    4. hyper Sonico


    5. Marius Boss

      I swear this guy was in the RDR2 Logic and he was Arthur.

    6. James Ludwig

      🤣 fukin Hamish

    7. Alerts Nayton


    8. Tyrant Lizard King

      I mean, it’s not like Ellie is the only person in the world that’s immune right?

    9. Not Ganjo1111

      This is wrong The best ending should be Joel said he is Jeff

    10. MegasTeque

      I'd rather watch this than play the game

    11. Cronikas

      Way better!

    12. Shuchin Taher

      i would like to see hishe's take on this.

    13. Юрий Самоенко

      I cried and laughed

    14. Mohseen Lala

      Isn't using a white person to play a black meme engaging in black erasure?

    15. Adam Efimoff

      the way it did end was excellent

    16. Zane eX


    17. Esha Pillaridha


    18. BadgerBear

      "Joel your leg!" "TIS BUT A FLESH WOUND"

    19. Coenie Oosthuysen

      I only found your channel a week ago. I have been loving your content but this one really put a big smile on my face and repositioned you even higher in my imaginary rankings / ratings. Please accept this Barney award for best ending to a game.

    20. CatMan DO

      Nice job guys. 10/10

    21. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng‌

    22. Jason Skerrett

      Shouldn't it be how it should have started

    23. Paulo Henrique

      the last of us 2 should have ended the way it should ended

    24. Aleksandr Rakowski

      Imagine, the game stops here and cost you 79,99. Wow....

    25. Ευαγγελος Ζερβας

      Is this a leaked sceme from the hbo series?

    26. hesam babaee

      بلدی فارسی حرف بزنی واقعا جالبه چرا زیرنویس هات رو فارسی نمیکنی دیگه

    27. みっちー・バイリンガルGames

      Amazing satire 😆 Something for both lovers and haters of the game.

    28. Conman Gaming

      Damn right. This is how it should have happened. Not quite like that but he should have survived. New Canon. Also with the shit ending. Abbie should have been drowned. Don't care what you say she deserved to die.

    29. Adrian Veidt

      😭😭😭 this is canon now ✌✌

    30. Justawannabe


    31. Xx_gamerproxx mk7

      Wow this is the best

    32. Omun

      Ok this is just stupid unrealtistic shit joel wouldve kick her ass but not like this maybe tommy helps him out and then joel destroys them all but i dislkike this video

    33. Protokon

      Joel:"We should cut this out before someone gets hurt!" (Charisma: 100%) Abbie: "I see I was mistaken. Your words have moved me. You may go." (Success)

    34. Petr Kruger

      Нихуя не понятно , но интересно !)

    35. Abriel Robertsson

      "Actions have consequences"...Not for a trans bodybuilder apparently. That is simply...justice.

    36. Andrei Jedidiah

      Love this ending

    37. danosworks

      Blasted knee cap?! who needs it anyways? ahahahha XD

    38. The Irish

      So, you are saying that it should have ended without forcing the players to go trough 357293 nonsense, atrocious and gore murders of basically all characters besides Ellie, leaving him with a sense of dirtiness and possibly with a PTSD...? Yep, you got it right! I agree! 👍🏻

    39. Ol Eg


    40. Gabriele R

      The Last of Us, Except is Disney ahahah

    41. Jacob

      Now remember kids, always remember, Dont smoke crack,

    42. Lupito Soleh

      Game of the year

    43. Ali Al Remeithi

      Well... I wish I could have seen that in the game!

    44. rafael502

      Fake and gay, Abby is supposed to be a man.

      1. No Commentary Gaming

        Atleast he got rightly punched in the face here. Kudos to VLDL.

    45. Crazy Train

      This is the real ending.

    46. Ricky Ricardo

      Worse video they have ever done. Abby's arms were not even close to the giant size they are.

    47. Денис Кузнецов


    48. Hi -_-

      0:36 Abby said time to die... No, JOEL GRABS THE HOCKEY STICK AND HEALS HIMSELF LIKE A ANIME PROTAGONIST...Sorry that just shocked me😌😱

    49. Gehn

      The ending we all deserved.

    50. Andrzej Grabowski


    51. eXplosiveua

      AHAHAHA ... .. . NOPE.

    52. Сremenka BS

      А в деле джоэл не прожил и 2 часов

    53. outrider gaming

      This is best ending for game

    54. Charles Teran

      Now that's a good ending that's what I'm talking about

    55. rocky aoki

      Directed by Tommy Wiseau

    56. Arthur Gazitdinov

      Rowan looks like Nikolas Cage

    57. Some Random Guy

      The canon ending

    58. Rudransh Agrawal

      I wish it would end like this🥺

    59. Proven Sawlid

      Yea, they could’ve went in a while another direction with this game, rockstar isn’t really good at story telling, especially with endings I mean RD2 had a horrible ending. Joel gave his all to that little brat and she begged him in part one not to leave her only to get mad at him for doing everything in his power to keep her alive and safe. I’m sorry but she’s selfish. Highly disappointing

    60. Jim

      I wish this is what happened

    61. Miguel Padron

      TLOU2 game: 5/10 This video: 10/10 This video deserves video of the year award

    62. TraceguyRune

      Hamish saved the day. What a good man

    63. buster studio


    64. dequince38

      FINALLY I CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT AGAIN!!!!! You know what i think you should start work on the rest of us (the beginning of a new era) yes!!!!!! GOTY AWARD HERE YOU COME!!!

    65. Tony Tan

      Meanwhile, Tommy is just lying knocked out on the floor.

    66. Alrightylol

      Last of us2 ended just perfectly, it doesnt need other ending.

    67. Arhum Tariq

      Idc if this is the part where the game ended its better that tlou 2

    68. King Wavy

      This really would've irritated me

    69. RedDot Gamerz

      Abby: time to die! Joel: N0 Hhahaha Awesome Man 0:37

    70. Just Couse

      Вообще-то там был чел с дробовиком...

    71. christopher cheok

      'Joel, Your Leg !!" 'Ellie, what have i been told you, always craft bandages first'

    72. The Spidercat

      This half assed video is still better than the actual story of part 2.

    73. Captain Fantastic

      I hate tlou 2 but it was cringe...

    74. Mr. Sarcasm

      this is terrible and unwatchable, and unrealistic. joel and ellie wouldve watched a movie immediately after the cure.

    75. Rene Heckmann

      you forgot the proposal of ellie to dina at the end

    76. Rob Mailman

      3 mins and a lower budget and the story is better than the original TLoU2 lol

    77. Dinis Grayson

      No kidding, but that moment Joel stands up brought me tears.

    78. Dmal d

      So much better... Love this ending... 😄👍👍

    79. Billy Xiong

      But then the game would've only been 2 hours long

    80. PetiteCaptain

      "Call an ambulance, but not for me." - Joel, probably

    81. zachary price

      I so wish it ended like this man..

    82. Leo Gardiner

      Too Hollywood.

    83. Sunny Jim

      It should never have started.

    84. Хотабыч

      Сделайте рус субтитры, полажуйста

    85. Conrad Bekondo

      Wow. This is actually more awesome than the real game. Thanks a lot Niel Drunkmannnnn

    86. Conrad Bekondo

      I click like before the video even finishes to load

    87. Evorkos

      As much as I like this alternate ending, it just dosen't fit to TLoU world, period.

    88. Gevork Babayan

      Who else repeats 0:53 Over and over again?

    89. Purefoldnz

      Better quality than NZ On Air funded crap lol.

    90. Md Tausiqul Islam

      Joel: I'm Jeff. Nice to meet you. Abby: Oh Okay. Credits roll...

    91. Cashbanucita 00

      That's literally worse in every way

    92. Yavuzhan Sivri

      0:52 the most satisfying thing I've seen in months

    93. Brad Loyo

      This is exactly what all those spoiled entitled gamers wanted... LMAO!

    94. Messirve


    95. Samael vonHell

      Whos the transvestite? Never played, but seen that famous scene with male chest guy in chick clothes taken from behind by by bearded guy.

    96. Eccentrik Hat

      I'd pay $60 for this game easily.

    97. Cavers

      Holy shit that was shot for shot!!! The actor's voices matched so well!

    98. Trenton Mooney

      90 % of the comments "this is my new cannon"

    99. Bailey Lee

      deus ex in-response-to-degenerate-gamers

    100. keith Mcbeef

      Now that was the real 10/10 Masterpiece I wanted from that terrible game! Good work making a 3 minute video a million times better than the entire game 😊